Upstreaming in Radio UserLand

The most common source of confusion for new Radio UserLand users is upstreaming, the process that turns a bunch of text files in Radio's www folder into Web pages on UserLand's Web server.

If you can spare a couple minutes, I'll show you a simple exercise from Radio UserLand Kick Start that makes upstreaming easier to understand:

  1. Open Radio's www folder and create a new subfolder.
  2. Copy the file #template.txt from www into the new folder.
  3. In the new folder, create a text file called countdown.txt just like mine. Don't leave out the blank line after the #title line.
  4. Save the file, then check Radio's Events Log to see what you did.

Radio upstreams countdown.txt as countdown.html, using the file #template.txt as a template for the Web page.

You can use your new folder to experiment with page creation and template editing without messing up your weblog. Changes to the template and the text file will cause the page to be upstreamed again automatically.

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