Rogers is twice as nice

In an interview with Jayson Blair, Joe Strupp writes:

One other thing I learned about Jayson Blair from interviewing him that I haven't seen anywhere else: He changed his name from Jason to Jayson in eighth grade, but gave no reason why. He said he did not change it legally so, in a sense, even his very name is a lie.

By that melodramatic standard, my very name is a lie too. When I began writing newspaper stories in college, I adopted Rogers Cadenhead as a byline instead of Roger Cadenhead Jr. and have been living as a plural ever since.

I don't think dad was too jazzed at first, but he wasn't the one going through life as the lower-ranked Roger.


I always wondered about the name 'Rogers.'

I was afraid I would mistakenly say 'Roger' if I ever spoke of you...

Hmm, I knew it. I always wondered about the shiny white hair on someone so young. IT'S ALL A FRAUD, ISN'T IT, CADENHEAD, OR WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF!

For obvious reasons (me living a lie, and all), I've been pretty tolerant of people who Roger me.

Wait, that didn't come out right.

well, obviously it's none of my goddamn business, but is your name RogerS in conversation as well?
Like, "Hi, my name is RogerS."
I've always wondered about people named Colin who pronounce it colon. It seems like if my name was Col(o)n I would stop correcting people on the pronuncificationism of it after the first few times and just be Colin...
Anyway, that's all assuming you are a real human being and not an electronic cyberconstruct...

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