Rebuilding the bridge from Radio to Blogger

Radio UserLand's Manila-Blogger Bridge tool can be used to mirror weblog posts to a Blogger or BlogSpot site.

The tool stopped working last month, as described by several frustrated Radio users on the software's support forum. The problem was caused by a change on Blogger's servers that moved it to a new URL.

To fix the problem:

  1. Open the Manila-Blogger Bridge preferences page.
  2. Change Server from to
  3. Change Path from /RPC2 to /api/RPC2.
  4. Click Submit.

New posts should start appearing on your Blogger site when they are published.


Hi Rogers.
I have spotted something with Blogger.
Now that they have 'relaunched' it, the blogger id is now attached to the href of the 'view' profile link.
I don't think it was there before, but I could be wrong.
I thought you might want to put that info in your (as usual) excellent explanation.

Best Regards,


Has anything else changed recently?

are the specs still the same, or have they changed yet again?
port 80, /api/RPC2
username, ID, and password?

(Having trouble with the ManilaBloggerBridge)

Dear Rogers:

I just found out that changed my ID numbers on both of my weblogs. My ID numbers
for my weblogs were changed by
after August 12, 2004.
They did a reorganization of the blogs
and that's the reason my upstreaming had stopped.

So, now it should work. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks for all of your help.

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