Translator converts Atom feeds to RSS 2.0

The RSS portal site 2RSS offers an Atom-to-RSS translator that enables Atom feeds to be read by RSS software that hasn't been extended to support the new format yet.

Here's an example that turns Anil Dash's new Atom feed into an RSS 2.0 file.


What happens if too many people start using the atom converter service (without the cron job script), will it be pulled? Should everyone try to implement the cron job in order to lessen the demands on 2RSS's servers?

At this point, that would be... Radio. Every other major aggregator (NetNewsWire, Bloglines, Feeddemon, Sharpreader, and a myriad of others) supports Atom.

For all the work that Dave puts into complaining about Atom, wouldn't it be easier just to support it? He added support for 0.1; why is it the end of the world now that more than 6 people are using version 0.3?

Dave's working on Channel Z, some kind of new content management system, and hasn't to my knowledge done anything with Radio or Manila in a while.

There's an issue with Radio's callback mechanism that is making Atom support harder than expected -- the callback is invoked before feed items from a defined namespace populate the feed, leaving callback scripts with a lot of missing elements.

On radio-dev, Marc Barrot is developing an aggregator extension that makes it easier to support Atom and other formats in Radio.

Using's nifty atom-to-rss converter, a ron job, and a shell script, I was able to RSSify a friend's Blogger-powered site in a matter of minutes. You can find the source for the shell script here.

While the bickering about formats makes for mildly interesting theater, I prefer to nullify these issues with technology.


Yes .. is great. I've been using for about 3 weeks now; placed a number of RSS links there myself and have found dozens of others that are very useful. And the atom-2-rss converter is a life-saver!! Thanks folks at - great service - keep it up!!

Yes... It is great... is great service...

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