Changing comment servers in Radio UserLand

Radio UserLand tip: If you offer comments on your weblog, your pages will load slowly when UserLand's comment servers are experiencing high usage. One way to eliminate this bottleneck is to change comment servers to Pycs, an open-source clone of the Radio Community Server.

Pycs can be used as your comment and trackback server even if the rest of your weblog remains on the UserLand or Salon servers. Because Pycs.Net hosts dozens of weblogs instead of thousands, the response time is usually much quicker.


Is Radio Userland planning on upgrading their capacity to keep pace with server usage? I am hesitant to renew my license next year if the capacity is going to remain lower than the demand.

UserLand has a new management team that hasn't been on the job for long. I think they're currently evaluating every aspect of the company and how they can keep customers around.

a humble suggestion: the Userland mgmt could start by communicating to us (ie their customers) more. Do any of the new mgmt team have weblogs?

That's what I liked about John Robb as the CEO - he got involved in the community and so was able to understand the things people wanted. Pity he left before he got a chance to deliver them.

Even if the new mgmt team just get involved in the information flow of the blogosphere. Fair enough if are not ready to make announcements yet, but they need to keep their customers in the loop IMHO.

They do have weblogs, but I don't think they've publicized them much yet. Scott Young talks about UserLand a bit today on his site.

Scott Young

Scott Shuda

Peter Winer

Hmmm, is there a problem with trackback from other Radio users? I pinged this article with a post to my 'blog, but no trackback link showed up...

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