Publishing Multiple Sites with Radio UserLand

I'm using Radio UserLand to publish several Web sites: Workbench, Orlando Vacationer, and the Bizarro-world news site Drudge Retort. The latter two sites use Radio's categorization feature -- posts sent to Orlando and Drudge categories are upstreamed to their destination, the former as rendered HTML files and the latter as RSS feeds.

This system works pretty well, but one drawback is that posts sometimes end up in the wrong place, as a few did this morning. I'm beta-testing the UserLand editor SmartManila and have found a bug that causes edited posts to rejoin Radio's Home Page category when they shouldn't.

I've been in discussions with UserLand programmers to improve Radio's ability to support multiple sites. If anyone else is using this feature, now's a good time for us to work together.


For starters, let me know what obstacles you're running into. The problems I have are detailed here.


I'm trying this, but not with public stuff yet. Let me know how I can contribute.


I'd love to be able to send a category to a Manila Site as a News Item but don't think that is possible yet. Since I'm more a writer/reporter I haven't even tried to work it out. I've read the book but still aren't game to try to work it out.

That ought to be possible, since Manila supports the metaWeblog API. I'll poke around and see if I can find any people who have tried that.

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