New editor for Manila and Radio UserLand

SocialDynamx is developing SmartManila, a Windows program for editing Radio UserLand and Manila sites:

Once setup, you can quickly switch between different services and not lose any data retrieved or the connection established to communicate with each unique server.

SmartManila brings the same benefits to Manila that FM Radio brought to Radio. Some of the highlights are: Drafts, Spell-checker, Seamless image support, Integrated multi-tabbed browser with undockable tabs, Increased writing-surface area

The program, available now as an early beta release, serves as a friendly non-browser interface to UserLand's weblog publishing tools (screen shot). It requires an existing Radio or Manila site in order to function, and Radio users must have the software running while SmartManila is being used.

A full review of the software will appear on Workbench after I've tried it out for a few days. One quick tip: To switch between your weblogs, click the small i button on the title bar, then choose Services.


Thanks for trying out SmartManila. I've posted a response to your comments on this post:

In our next build, we'll be adding support for managing your pictures. SmartManila has the same one-click image upload feature that FM Radio has. You simply point to the image file you want to include in your post, and SmartManila does the rest. With picture management support, however, you'll be able to view all pictures, change the title, delete them, and associate text to them.

BTW, our second Beta build is scheduled for March 8. What is available at is still the first beta build.

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