Feedster bites Chris Pirillo in the RSS

When Chris Pirillo demonstrated the RSS search engine Feedster during his keynote speech at ApacheCon 2003, he ended up sharing the following weblog entry with the audience:

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much I dislike Las Vegas and am bored with ApacheCon 2003. The biggest challenge so far has been keeping myself from packing up and heading back to the airport and then flying back to Chicago.

This dig, which wouldn't be possible without the magic of RSS, was noted by Todd Bishop on the Microsoft weblog he writes for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.


Actually, I was there, and you've misconstrued what happened. Chris had found that blog entry earlier (via Feedster) and explicitly went to Feedster live during his keynote to try to find it again. He almost couldn't find it at all; it had already scrolled to the 3rd page of a search for "ApacheCon" (the first two being filled with other entries saying how much it rocked, which it most certainly did).

BTW, the fact that *this* one little thing is what got written up by the mainstream press was the point of the *other* big keynote, by Doc Searls, who theorized that mainstream journalists only have one story.

Thanks for the clarification. Bishop made it sound as if Pirillo went looking for a different ApacheCon post and found the critical one instead.

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