Best Buy, worst customer service

If you try to call a local Best Buy now, you'll get a national call center that refuses to redirect the call to the store because it wouldn't be fair to other customers, according to Matt Haughey:

Best Buy: "Well, sir, our employees are very busy this time of year and can't answer phones."

Haughey: "I called this number a month ago and spoke with someone on the floor."

Best Buy: "Well, that's not really fair to the people that walked into the store."


Good for them: the customer who is in the store ready to spend money is, and should be, the primary priority of shop-floor staff.

Should the person on the floor be the only priority, though? I wouldn't buy something from a brick-and-mortar store I couldn't call on the phone. That's such a crappy standard of customer service it makes online merchants look good by comparison. And they're usually cheaper.

The mutants who work at my local Best Buy won't give you 2 seconds to peruse the aisles before they jump all over you. I *Wish* they would leave me alone to shop in peace and go answer the phones. If I need you, I'll come get you!!!! BTW: Good job on FP 2003 in 24 hrs.

I have experienced poor customer service at Best Buy in Torrance, CA in 1998 where I was told to go F2#K myself when I asked a question about a computer because this little twit was unhappy about a decision his boss had just made.
In Henderson, NV, my wife and I attempted to purchase a digital camera for her vacation in 2002 and we were besieged by a crstal meth queen, who simply would not sut her speeding mouth, and the supervisor retorted "oh well".
The final straw came last week in Douglasville, GA where I waited for telephones I had ordered and was told to pick up, but were not in the store. I finally got nasty enough to have them agree to ship them to me, which I suggested originally and they would not listen to. My animosity carried over the cashier where I was purchasing a $600 electric piano and simply did not want any more of their protection plan etc. BS and told the cashier so. She took everything personally at that point, and my wife pointed out that she had a poor attitude, which of course the cashier and her assistant could not tolerate and started a row while a manager stood and watched.
Brad Anderson, CEO of BestBuy, has been contributing to the decline in service for several years by poorly training his employees as well as inciting a policy of harassment , not unlike the old used car sales approach.
This man has gone as far as to label customers "devils" in a Wall Street Journal Article, and I see him as the antithesis of good business.
I am finished with these people as well as with Lowes. Both companies have exhibited extreme ineptitude at various locations throughout the country (the Lowes story is simply too long). I never had high expectations for either organization; however, after they lied to me (and yes I mean lied to me) I finally decided that I should find another place to spend my money.
It is a shame that these people betray the public trust in a retail environment, but I believe it was bound to happen. I suppose we should be thankful Donald Trump is not selling retail.

"My animosity carried over the cashier where I was purchasing a $600 electric piano and simply did not want any more of their protection plan etc. BS and told the cashier so. She took everything personally at that point"

Why would you shit on someone trying to do their job?

And then get mad because they take it personally??

I am posting to bitch about Lowe's service, too. I bought a faucet there and they said they could install it. Fine. The guy gets here then says he can't do it, I need a plumber. Well, I thought HE was a plumber. Jerks. So, I took the day off work for-nothing.Lowes-lies. Don't shop there. I'm telling everyone I know about their crappy service

Best Buy Lost $8000 sale today

Couldn't reach anyone about finding out if a couple cameras and lenses were in stock.

Called Samy's Camera, got the answer in 10 minutes, dropped my cash there.

Best Buy. Worst bet.

Does anyone know where the Best Buy call center is located?

To Bill:

Trafalmador worst, customer service I have seen in my life.

Waited 60 mins on the phone, no response.

1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.
1-888-bestbuy sucks.

im sorry i mean falsely imprisonned

I'm an employee for Best Buy. When you call the store it doesn't go to ntional call center. It goes to an automated system that gives you options as to what department you need. At no time of year does it do that. I've worked there for 3 years and I can tell you I've personally answered the phone to speak with customers the entire Holiday season. If you're calling a department and no one is picking up it's becuase the store is packed with people and the sales people might just be a little busy dealing with what's in front them. Consider this: If you were being helped in the store and we kept telling you to hold on for one minute so we could pick up the phone to speak with another customer, wouldn't you get mad?

Best Buy does suck I worked there for ten years pusching service plans the customer did not need because if you don't you would be fired ... I could go on and on about how best buy screws it's customers .

Agree with the above. Steer clear of Best Buy even if you have to pay more at another store. Never seen such customer abuse!

The person who posted this has obviously never worked in retail, let ALONE retail customer service.

Did you ever even stop to think that the person you're complaining to and yelling at over the phone is just the poor customer service rep who, quite frankly, gets paid less than those on the sales floor that DON'T answer their phones, to do a much harder job?

That's right, they have to deal with people like YOU all day. On the phone, AND in person. Especially people like YOU who think that you're somehow more entitled to service over the phone than the people who actually made the efford to come out to the store to do their shopping?
Think about that for a minute, sir.

Right now is the holiday season. No, our employees don't work on commission, but they are pushed to sell just as much as someone who is on commission. They are pushed to contact every customer within ten seconds of them, whether or not they have any intention of buying anything. Even when it is NOT the holiday season, the store is just teeming with people coming out from every corner...everyone needs help with someone.
Now, throw into the mix the telephone. How can you provide excellent customer service to ANYONE if you have to continuoulsy excuse yourself to answer the phone?

How would YOU feel if you were working with an employee who kept leaving to answer phone calls? You would do exactly what you are doing right now, you'd bitch and moan about the service, because you are THAT customer, who is never happy and can never be pleased.

Would you like a foot massage while you wait for checkout as well?

If you want to shop from home shop online. Leave the poor kids working the floor and the customer service desk for less than ten bucks an hour alone.

Best Buy is soooo crappy, wish that I knew of it before I made my purchases there...F#*kers keep giving me the run around!!!

Everything at best buy is retail price. You have to be stupid to shop there. Best buy
makes most of its profits on impuse buyers.
Shop around and compare prices. If you want to pay more and have crappy service shop at this store. They should be banned from the USA.

this is a multi billion co.a year no matter how much people bitch only a hand full of people do this and still for some odd reason, show up at best buy after swearing them off or is on a web site like this all this site is doing is adding fuel to the fire when you shop wal mart and dont say you have not no one there ever ask can i help you and they are the number one retailer ahead of best buy complain all you want but at least have valid reasons best buy does not actually make products they sell what manufactours make like any other retailers it was and s your choice to spend your money and make your own grown up mind where ever your heart desires and if you have enough time to read stuff or add comments to this web page then take a little advice and do consumer reasearch online before going to a retail store and then you dont have to dpend on any salesman cause you already know your stuff wow how far we have come along think about it and i know this will get negative feed back and thats expected but keep in mind everthing is your choice no matter what

Best buy has been the worst place I've ever encountered in the thousands of dollars I've spent on electronics over the years. I'd rather pay more some where else than put up with the terrible service I've experienced with them. They've also lost thousands of dollars worth of busines from me, simply because they have no one at least delegated to handle "just" phone calls Only. Terrible service, useless warranties(they'll fix it but it takes 3 months)They've had my home theatre system in repair, longer than I ever had it in my house. The answer is simple... DON'T BUY FROM THEM & tell everyone you know not to. Maybe that way, there floors will be so empty that they'll have time to pick up the f***ing phone!!!!

To the "long" comment before mine from "what what" Obviously you haven't been doing your own research when buying your keyboard. It seems to be missing the (.) period key.

Angela (6 comments above) deserves a high five. Until you've had to answer the phone and deal with a line of customers all at the same time, it's outrageous to complain. Before I started working at Best Buy as a customer service rep, I probably would be complaining about my shopping experiences at stores, but now when I'm put on hold or have to wait in a long line I take into consideration exactly how difficult it really is to be behind the desk.

Best Buy could afford to hire more people but they are cheap bastards! I work at Best buy as a cashier and on some saturday nights we have only two cashiers and one person at customer service. We need atleast 3-4 cashiers and 2-3 cust service reps to keep things flowing. I ask why more people are not scheduled and they say they cant afford it..... our store sold over a million dollars the day after thanksgiving..... i think we can afford to hire someone to answer phone.... as a worker i cant even call in to the store because no one answers. So yes Brad Anderson you are cheap son of a B**ch.

LOWES and BEST BUY SUCK!!! I bought a service plan on a computer. It died with one year left on the service plan. Cool, at least I have the service plan, right?? WRONG!! The technician has been to my home 6 times and I have made 17 phone calls to the customer service line - with an average hold time of 33 minutes. They will replace my computer (as it says in the service contract) IF they have to come out one time, AFTER the case has been reviewed extensively by their home office personnel, AFTER someone from their home office is dispatched to my HOUSE to examine my computer. I have been told by phone service personnel that supervisors are "not available" to talk to customers on the phone, are "on vacation" or would "agree with what I am telling you anyway - so you really don't need to speak with them"


I will not ever spend a dime at that store again and I will make sure to spread the word far and wide.

DON'T even get me started on LOWES! We are soon going to wish for the old "mom & pop" stores back so we can get some real service for our hard earned money.

Search Best Buy Lawsuits. There are several lawsuits that have been filed against Best Buy for 'unfair and deceptive business practices'. I bought a laptop and got the platinum warranty along with it (which didnt include a complimentary tube of KY jelly). I had some motherboard issues with it and took it back. They never sent it out to get it repaired or get the ok to issue another laptop to me. They said they were making a full backup of my hard drive as I had a lot of sensitive information relating to an invention/patent that I am applying for. They lost the hard drive! All of my information is gone.

(fyi...I had full backups of all of my information that were burned in a car fire 2 days before this)

The kid who initally looked at the hard drive said there was nothing wrong with the hard drive and that a full backup was going to be able to be made. Later I was told that the backup was over half completed. (I had over 15 gigs of info stashed all over the hard drive in hidden folders). I made a point to tell the manager (Dave) that if any of the information cannot be retrieved, I will pay a professional data recovery specialist to recover all of the data contained on the hard drive. Long story short, I was handed one 4.7gig DVD what they claimed to be my full data recovery and they dont know what happened to my hard drive. A lawsuit is in progress. I have copied Anderson and several people in corporate offices every correspondance between myself and Dave and Tony (Best Buy Torrance GM)

My suggestion is: If you want to buy something that could have problems, do not shop at Best Buy for it. Best Buy is good for buying blank media and video games. They buy in bulk and sell mass quantities, so it is hard to maintain some sort of quality control. The problem with best buy is their lack of customer service. They are avarage in price compared to other electronics giants like circuit city and comp usa. I keep my eyes on sales and buy what I need wherever I can fond the best price.

To the workers and customer service reps who dont get paid much to deal with a-hole customers like me, a few things. The reason they dont pay much for those positions is because they know it is a job where there are going to be a lot of complaints and they know that there is going to be a rather high turn-around for those positions. The customer is always right. If the customer has a problem, that is what you are there for. It is your job to deal with pissed off customers. Deal with it. That is the company you work for. If you dont like that, seek employment elsewhere, dont say that the customer shouldnt call up there to complain. Best Buy should hire more people dedicated to telephone support. The next employee team meeting, you should bring that up.

As of now, I would not reccomend Best Buy to anyone!

Mr Johnson,
I'd like to know when you became a General Manager for Best Buy? Because you certainly don't know your ass from your armpit when you're telling me what "My Job" is.

We actually have an entire corporate office dedicated to telephone support. It's not our fault (or theirs) that the majority of you are too stupid, too impatient, or have too much of a superiority complex to listen to a menu and push the correct prompts. Do you know that employees at the store call the same exact number and use the same exact menus to contact our corporate office. If you had a minute to listen, youd get through. But since you obviously feel too good to make use of whats provided for you, here's your shortcut: once you call 1-888-BestBuy, all you have to do is push 3,then 4, then 2. You'll be prompted to enter a phone number (a fake one if you please since most of you assholes that we like to call "Barry" don't like to give yours) and you will be directly connected to a corporate customer care representitive, who no doubt makes ten times what my employees do and has far better power to solve your problems.

You certainly don't know me or my way with customers, either. You would actually want to interact with me when you come in with a problem, because I do understand how much the company screws up and screws over the wrong people. I see other retail management bend over for all the wrong people and send the people who really do deserve help packing.
I make it a point to go out of my way to make my own decisions and do something to compensate for every inconvenience people like you have encountered. Because I see mistakes and how some leadership tries to cover it up.

It is my job to facilitate training to the customer service representatives and set an example, and I think I set an excellent one as far as helping people is concerned. Thats why when "Customer X" comes into the store with a defective $700 product that he has purchased 8 months ago, and we still carry the product, I let him go and get a new one, no questions asked, even though its printed in bold at the top of his reciept that he only had 14 days to bring the product back.
(Apparently people like you are too superior to read as well, no?)
Don't you think I have a hard time justifying decisions like that to my manageres on a daily basis? I still continue to do it, because contrary to what you believe, I do care about your experience and I DO want you to come back. (Even though there is absolutely no incentive to me doing so).

With that being said, I stick my nose out to stick up for customers no matter what, especially at the end of the month when management winces on making exceptions because taking money off of product means less gross margin dollars and risks THEIR bonuses (which we hourly peons do not I said, no incentives, I'm just a good person)

As far as the phone is concerned, do you know I have to write up my employees at customer service if they don't answer the phone within three rings???
They are only doing their job, cleaning up everyone elses' messes and on top of that, they have three rings to answer the phone. (They have three phones also, often all of which ring at the same time.)

It is the job of customer service to assess situations and make decisions regarding our policies. Anything after that and they are required to call on leadership to make exceptions. They don't have the power to give you what you want, even if they want to. This is a luxury I have, but one I worked hard for.

Sir, you're right...a majority of the time. I will aggree with you that more often than not, the customer IS right, and should be taken care of. But not always.

Do you know that I have had customers physically assault me, pushing and shoving and throwing product? I have had customeres belittle me "Get an education and we'll talk..." and so on, with out even listening to me while I was trying to figure out a way to help them?

Education...I have a great one. Ivy-league, in fact. But I have so much debt from student loans from that education that I'm working for a while so that I can afford to go back and get a masters/doctorate degree. I'm there partly because I have to be (I do need the money...) but I could be at a lot of places out of necessity. I stay where I'm at because I think its rewarding to help people out.

So don't tell me what my job is, and don't speak down to me. I'm doing the best I can and if you're respectful to me and my employees, we will take care of you, or at least fight with other management while trying.

And when I'm done with school and fortunate enough to have a disposable income to spend frequently on large-ticket items at best buy, I'm going to pride myself in NOT being like you.

and one more thing... people like Matt Haughy are the reason that I dread customer service. They don't pay me enough to deal with scum bags like you.

suck my johnson, don

I believe it. I purchased a computer on 10/02/2005. I just received the 25 cable modem rebate last week. I am still waiting for my reward zone points. Best Buy applied them to the wrong account. When they tried to reverse the transaction they double billed the best buy credit card. Entering the sixth month after purchas and I still dont have a definite date when I will receive reward zone points.

Angela has a lot of answers. I waited through the promts. I pushed all the right buttons. Yet six months later no reward zone points. Everytime I call in to 1-888 best buy I receive a different response. Yesterdays response was the computer didn't post. This does not explian why my 2/4 purchase that post to my reward zone account has been reversed to pending points. It also does not explain why the 10/02/2005 purchase has not posted. Walmart, and Office Max, and Circuit City receive my Dollars. Two cameras, and a notebook. I wish to purchase a PDA, will probably purchase at Circuit City since Best Buy cant get their act together. Former Best Buy custor. JPB
P.S. Surprising no better contact number for Best Buy corporate.

Trust me, we all dread 888 Best Buy. I will not dispute that with any of you for a second. They are HORRIBLE. They get paid ten times more and its easy for them because they're merely a call center that doesnt have to see the dissapointment in someones eyes when they get screwed time and time again.

JPB...Im surprised there's not a better contact number as well. The shortcuts I wrote down work...for now...but once corporate figures out that we know a shortcut and don't listen to their godforsaken menu, they'll change it so we have to work to find the shortcuts, again.
And rewardzone is one hundred percent corporate. I used to be able to call on customers' behalfs to fix those issues and add on they require the customer be present for such transactions...its a terrible inconvenience.
At the "contact us" portion of best is a minnesota based number that I've never tried personally but you might have more luck with.
All I'm saying is that the representitives you deal with in the store can't control corporate and there's only so much we can do. Many of us spend hours with individual customers (managers hate that by the way) just to solve these very issues. Most of us are genuinely good people with genuinely good intentions, and it just hurts to see people dispairage us, when most of the corporate system is to blame. We hourly employees share 90 percent if not more of your frustration with our corporate system, but it's really not our fault. It's like a parent blaming the janitor for their kids' D in math...
Most of us bust our butts on a daily basis and many of us stick our necks out for whats right...
I really hope that you get your situation fixed because you actually do seem like a good person with problems I see daily, not the pompous asshole Mr Johnson. As far as your Best Buy Credit card, demand that a Supervisor pull up your "Electronic Journal" reciepts, and search "Green Screen" to check out if any unauthorized returns/exchanges were preformed. If anything was done, like the associate returned your purchases to a gift card to re-ring them, you wont get credit for gift card totals. This can be argued, as you did not tell them to do it this way. Hope this helps and feel free to post any other questions so that I can help you.

It's really sad how they treat you in the store. I had a problem returning opened software that wasn't the program needed. What the hell? They directed me to 1888 Best Buy. Called the corporate office up before I got a chance and had them deny me my return. I don't care what the policy is. This is a customer service issue, and working in retail myself. I know they can override that decision. It's sad that this company cares about their employees more than anything. To think-without the customers there would be no employees. This shows me the integrity of the company. And we wonder why it is so difficult to get a hold of anyone who's somebody with their company. They probably recieve millions of complaints that the CEO knows jack about...If anyone can give me any contact information about best buy pleas e email me at

I went to get my ipod repaired 2 months ago, and i have no seen it since. I went to best buy and they told me that it got lost during transit and that they can't do anything about it. Also, the cashirs and the customer service people are extremey rude, have a bad attitude, and have poor customer service skills. They get personally angry and unhelpful if you want them to enter a rewards card or refuse one of their damn service plans. sadly, this is the only electronics store around where i live. I hate best buy and i hate the people that work there with a passion.

You all obviously have never worked in consumer support, or management. Nor do you have the brains to anyway so thank you for not tring and making us look bad. It is people like you who make our job horrible and difficult. Best Buy and their reps. work very hard and long to make sure people like you aren't created. Most of you are too impationt, stupid, or mentally ill to figure out how to work anything and probably broke your equipment yourself. And most time when we finish stuff and call your houses or CELL PHONES (directly to you) you dont answer and after multiple trys we do have to give up. (Usually a week to 2 weeks later). We can't keep your piece of junk because that takes up space for other consumers who will pick up their product. Then its people like you who a month later, comes storming in and raising hell because you haven't heard anything about you're product. Well A. we tried for 2+ weeks and B. if we have the wrong phone number then you are just one dumb F*#k because you wrote your own phone number incorrectly. So all in all its your own fault for making consumer service what you think it is. So from all of us hard working employes at Best Buy thank you for staying out of our stores and off our phones wasting our time yelling at us for YOUR STUPID MISTAKE. Continue to stay away because our job is hard enough without you retarted people.

Whoever said Best Buy cares about its employees...
all i have to say about THAT is


no one cares about the employees. not managers, district staff, human resources, or corporate.

Best Buy hires Moron's. The Managers are mostly high school drop outs with GED's, "Street slugs with attitudes." Best Buy Senior Management will all be in prison soon. The CEO will get many years of prison time just like the Enron scandal. I can predict the future. I just can't wait until it happens. Seek legal for the crude treatment. Legal costs can be costly for big Companies so don't be afraid to call and get advice. Remember, Best Buy and there policies work against you. As consumers we need to stick together and bring America back. We all need to start to fight back and bring down criminal corporations that continue to rob us of our hard earned money. Seek Legal and bring these scum bags to justice.

I agree! Can't wait until Best Buy falls. There is so many stores out there that sell the same products for less and have good customer service. My son who is 4 years old can run a better business. We all must stick together and fight the evil Corporate Best Buy Management.

here's my little story at a Best Buy in Queens, NY:

I asked the salesperson to sell me a 19" LCD Samsumg monitor ($329). He says "we have it in stock...would you like a-"
"Is this a service plan? Because I don't need one, thanks" I said.
"Well, this is a very expensive sale ($329?), so I think you should get a service plan to protect-" he continued. I replied "No, thanks, I really don;t want any plans. I just want the monitor." He suddenly stares at me like if I just told him to go FUCK himself. I stared back at him, speechless. He *finally* resumes: "well, I HAVE to recommend ther service plan...". "You already did" I told him. Again stares at me as if ready to slug me out. At this point I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but I told him once more: "I just need you to sell me the monitor, please". AND THEN HE SAYS THIS:

"Well, I need to understand why you don't want the service plan". Un-fucking-believable!

I told him: "No, you don;t need to understand why I don;t want your service plan. You only need to sell me that monitor". Another stare down between us. Then he finally types it in his compiter and tells me: "you have to pick it up at the front of the store".

"No, I don't" I told him. "I will just walk to Circuit City and buy it there, thanks!"

Before leaving the store I talked to a supervisor (a nice latina). As soon as I said to her: "Miss, I just wanted to buy a monitor from you guys but your sales associate wouldn't sell it to me unless-" at this point she cuts me off and finishes the sentence "-unless you buy a service plan?". I guess this MUST happen all the time at their stores. Another lost sale. Also, I'm telling EVERYONE I know NEVER to spend money there if they can help it. Good luck, Best Buy!

After several years of being loyal BB customers, my husband and I are saying goodbye and shopping elsewhere. BB is a great place to buy things that are really valuable, but it's an awful place to get big-ticket items that require installation, years of operations, and perhaps replacement. Case in point -- last summer we purchased a refrigerator, w/d, and new dishwasher all from BB. Every single item has presented a problem at some point. Fortunately, BB resolved the refrig and w/d issues after several phone calls and a 10% discount (thus our d/w purchase) ... but the d/w purchase has been the "straw that broke the camel's back."

When we bought the d/w, we were told by the sales person that "it will dry just as well as the KitchenAid, even though it doesn't use the 'heated drying' technology." [In legal parlance, that is called an "express warranty."] We purchased the 2-year PSP with our d/w and took it home. Got it installed about a week later and realized immediately that our dishes were always dripping wet after d/w cycles. We called BB who said they'd get the repair co to send out a tech. We tried various rinse agents, cycles, etc. No results, and no contact from the repair company.

Last week we called again, and began the 3-ring circus known as BB customer service; we were shuffled between 4 different "managers," from corp to local store, and then to the repair shop. We've always been very respectful on the phone, and yet it took 2 hours just to get a BB manager to finally *agree* that we either need a repair or an opportunity to exchange. That manager was supposed to contact us again -- he hasn't called yet.

Contrary to many of the prior posts, I simply don't think that customer service quality ought to hinge upon the salary of those personnel. It is incredibly easy at many other businesses to simply present a receipt/PSP/service contract and get a repair or a replacement. BB seems to be making superhuman efforts at the run-around game even in the face of legitimate complaints with simple resolutions. It is altogether baffling.

Just to clarify my prior post -- we purchased the d/w in Jan 2006 and the other purchases were last summer. Apologies.

Why Can't you pay on your account at the best buy store? That's just STUPID any other company in the U>S> you Can!

which part of service does the person that thought this up come from. Kmart

i bought a 360 at my local best buy in december. Just last month it started to freeze every time i turned it on. So i called the 888 number and they told me to mail it in. i didnt want to deal with it so i just decided to go to the store. However, the best buy didnt have any. for the past 3 weeks i have been calling my local best buy and some near me. My best buy only answers the phone when i dial 0 at the prompt. Any other extension and i will have to sit at the phone for an hour. When i tried to call other best buys near my house, no one picks up! I mean NO ONE. WTF is that? Even if you are busy you can at least answer the phone once. Best Buy is not so jam packed with people every fu#king day that no one is available. Best Buy has the worst customer service ever. I regret buying my ipod and 360 there.

The "warranty" thing is getting out of control with best buy. They never fix or repair an item and forget about a replacement. I have had my 57" TV "repaired" by them and it has not been right for 11 months. I finally asked for a replacement after 6 "repairs" only to be told that they were reviewing the request. That was two months ago. I filled with our local consumer protection but Best Buy does not care. Boycott them go to CC or Target or the internet. Businesses like this need to go out. Oh and to the people who work their that are defending the store, nice, worked there and you are nuts they will drop you in a heart beat and replace you. Dont defend someone who could give a crap less about you. If they cared they would give you benifits and pay you a real job.

BOYCOTT them they need to go out of businees for they way they treat people. I feel sorry for the people that work there because they have made it so they can not help the customer. BOYCOTT !!!!!!

Best Buy..All they want is your money and they do that with interest. $100's trust me. I bought a laptop there and they did me wrong by putting a 12 month payment plan instead of my desired 36 month plan. check your receipts. As for me, I purchased the comp without knowing, but I came back around when I noticed that it said 12 month payment plan, so I went to customer service and they made me sign a form correcting the receipt. They said it was okay but it never went thru. Now, Best Buy doesnt want to cooperate. They want you to call a number that cant even help you. Talk to the admin they said,admin: well Im off work so, can you reach me at a better time. What the F**k. Screw best buy.

I myself have 4 computers that all came from bestbuy and I have got the plans with them.And I have had a problem with just one of the computers.Now the computer went to them twice and on the second time they replaced the computer.The whole problem here is that the people here that are bitching here have to much money and they expect for some to kiss the ass when they walk in the door.I have worked in retail and I am a shopper.I worked for Kmart for years and as long as you give these people what they want when they want it they are fine but the very minute they don't get there way you become the worse thing that ever walked the face of the earth.For years at Kmart all I heard was how bad we were and people saying I'm going to walmart.Now they we kmart is closed I see the same people and they tell me oh we miss kmart wish they were still opened we hate walmart and I feel like telling to bad you wanted it you got it deal with it.

No we don't all complaint about them not kissing our asses. In fact, all I wanted was for them to sell me a monitor and they wouldn't unless I heard about their damn service plans. Pay attention: people who buy them do not get what they pay for and people who don't want them still have to battle you salespeople to purchase an item. I couldn't care less about them kissing my ass. Just sell me the stuff, ring it up , and leave me the hell alone. Is that too much to ask?

I own a laptop (toshiba)purchased from best buy which needed repair under my service plan. they have you sign an agreement that they are not responsible for data etc. the computer was to go out the evening i brought it in but did not leave for two days after. when i got the unit back six days later they had wiped the hard drive clean, and reinstalled the operating system. the repair was on the power plug in on the back of the unit. in speaking with dec(data exchange corp) their repair depot for the unit i informed them that a password was on the unit and told that the unit should not have been formated, that they should have called me or at least utilized the mirroring program to download the drive check the system and then reinstall the data. my data files had been backed up but not the programs, this unit was the unit i took with me for my evacuation from katrina and all my program cd's were destroyed in the storm and i did not have the numbers that went with it they said evidently oh well tough luck, even with the intervention of their vendor on my behalf

angela is WRONG the call center employees do not get paid 10 times more (heck as a supervisor of 160 people i only made $10 an hour... Having been one I know this and question wether or not if she is even a manger of a store as claims.... In fact at the call center there is very little we can do besides updating cust. info, reissuing certs, and adding transcations. The biggest problem we have is because of the poorly trained store employees giving the customers wrong information. I have had to agrue on the phone with store mangers about how the program works (mostly they are idots, including angela).... But here's an intersting tid-bit of info for all of you ( which angela doesn't seem to know because of having her head stuck up to far in her own ass) but all the rewardzone call centers are located in CANADA!!!! We don't even have the progam here!!!

Wow, $10/ hr. supervising 160 people? You're an idiot.

Anybody that has any intelligence whatsoever will do their homework online before they go shopping for electronics. Don't get pissed off when a non-commissioned $8/hr. college kid asks you for help. He/ she's just doing their damn job. Would you rather not be helped at all? Why call Best Buy to see if something is in stock when your lazy ass can go to the Best Buy and check the same thing in matter of seconds. Anybody that complains about phone support at a store like this has clearly never worked retail, at least not at a store as busy as theirs. Bottom line, do your homework, read the fine print, ask questions, and stop bitching when you forget to do so. Some of you idiots on this post really make me sick!

I've moved on james.... and you're an ass

I had purchased a HP computer Pavilion
and Printer.It had a rebate policy with which I was to recieve over $300.00 back. This was purchased in Dec. 2005.
I have called them (HP) a number of times after recieving a letter fromthe
rebate co. that they could not read the numbers on the rebate reciept. This is after they already had my money they were collecting. Pretty feeble excuse.
When I called them about it the woman that answered the phone told me they
could'nt read them. So I told her that
I could read them. Then I read them to
her. Three different times I had to send
my reciepts to them. I finally went to see the Atty. General who were nice enough to submit the problem to them
(rebate Co,) HP called and left amessage for me to call the number they
left on my ans. machine. I called the no. and they said to leave a message as
they were away from thier machine. I
waited for them to call for two hours
and they did not call. I then called the no. back they gave me and told them I would be out of the house for a couple of hours. I then left and sure enough they called knowing that I would not be there. I returned thier call the third time guess what they were'nt in the office again. I told them I was going back out again. Sure enough they called again this time I picked up the
phone and talked to a woman who said her name was Ginger. We proceeded to
talk and she wanted me to send another copy of everthing. Afer I told her I would contact the A/G she thensaid she would send me the rest of the rebate
BUT BUT BUT it would take another 3 to 4 weeks before I got my money.
They should be made put that
right the reason that your reciepts
were not warranted. Thank you for reading this .It is the middle of April
and I still have not yet recieved all
my rebates.

Paul: what does this have to do with Best Buy? You should look for an HP forum or something...I've never had a problem with the rebates, but that's because BB has nothing to do with them.

I just want to let all you best buy complaners know you all suck. You are proboly old ass people who have nothing else to do with your worthless lifes but complane so shove it.

P.S. Just to let you know with your purchase today you get 8 free issues of sports illustrated entertanment weekly or time magazine, which one are you going to get.



I have to say that idiot who ended his comment with a stupid offer for a free subscription to Sports Illustrated made me laugh my ass off. On the other hand, it is typical of the subhuman behavior BB fosters with their ridiculous policies and meager just know
a) that moron actually works for BB, and
b) they know they are bugging the hell out of us by continually offering their bullshit plans and subscriptions.

Look on the bright side, people, at least we don;t have to work there (like that idiot does! (who's laughing now?)

BestBuy is indeed the worst company. Instead of litesning to customer
complaints and actually try to solve their service issues, they hire more people like that B**CH Angela to try to discredit anyone who complains about this shitty company.

Everyone always has complaints, I used to hate BB before I worked there. I didn't like being "attacked" by employees to see if I needed help... But, now that I have been employed there for over 2 years (while in college), I must say....customers like y'all are what can make the customer service employees bitter. Do any of you have any idea what it's like to have a customer open a CD, replace it with an AOL CD, and try to return it? Then, they get mad at you, assault you by throwing S**T at you and then tell you how uneducated you are????

The customers need to be informed customers. It is YOUR job as a customer to educate yourself BEFORE buying a product. As employees we try to inform you, but most customers think they are smarter than the employees (who take special learnings on products and usually know what they are selling)

WE have NO control over the manufacturer's warranty or how well they make the product. If you buy the cheapest product we sell, you had better buy that service plan you hate to hear about, because in 91 days when it stops working, you will be in there throwing it across the counter at the customer service employees you feel don't treat you nice enough.
FYI - our customer service employees try their hardest to give the customer what they want. Most BEG their supervisors to do whatever it takes, even if it causes us to take a hit (eat the cost of the unit) to make the customer HAPPY. The customer service reps do this all the time (they want you happy), UNLESS it is obvious the customer damaged the item, or UNLESS the customer was extremely rude or abusive.
We do have some flexibility to make "exceptions" to the policy, but don't expect to get something for nothing. We are a business. Last time I checked, businesses are not in business to lose money. Sure, we're profitable, but we're not shady, we aren't a scam and we DO care about the customers.
When you shop at BB, know that you are not shopping at Walmart, where they stock the shelves high, let it fly and don't have ANYONE to help you. Quit complaining - unless you wanna come in and give it a whirl for a few days!
If you have a problem, the only advice I can give is to take some time out of your day, NICELY go to a customer service representative and ask NICELY to speak to a manager. Have ALL of your information with you (or don't get upset that it takes us a while to find your cash receipt from last year for you) and the management team will bend over backwards to resolve your issue. Hey, they will probably even give you an additional discount.

The customers need to be informed customers. It is YOUR job as a customer to educate yourself BEFORE buying a product.

It's our job? How much do we get paid? Is there a health plan?

I have a unique perspective on many of the postings on this page. I have had the opportunity to be on both sides (customer & employee), so I feel as though I am more than justified in voicing all the opinions that i have. First off, I agree with many of the customers on here that scoff at Best Buy's customer service. I purchased a Home Theater system there a year and a half ago, and it has spent a collecive 3 months in service (2 seperate stints). The latest scenario involved me taking the unit to my local Best Buy, and letting them know that I was unhappy with the prior service experience (2 months, damaged upon return, and still was not completely fixed). They assured me that the unit would be put on a "rush" and i would get it back in a few weeks. Well that was 5 weeks ago, and no one can give me an exact date as to when it will be back. I have insisted that i recieve an in store credit for a new product, but I have had a Senior, Manager, and Customer service rep tell me that "there is nothing they can do for me". At this point, i feel as though I am at Best Buy's mercy, and all i can do is sit and wait until I can use a product that i paid $900 for.

What upsets me the most is the fact that A) Best Buy does not promote nor allow its employees to exercise empowerment, and B) Once a person in the store makes what could be deemed as a poor customer service decision, everyone else (customer relations included) sticks behind it.

Now I can agree somewhat with the employees that have posted comments. Yes, there are plenty of customers that want something for nothing, and love to yell at customer service reps for problems that aren't Best Buy's fault. However, associates cannot let these customers jade their perception of other customers legitimate issues. As a consumer I have done nothing wrong. I purchased the service plan as a safeguard, yet I feel as though I am getting a level of hassle that was not promised when I was paying for that service. I know that "policy" does not allow for a replacement product, but policies are put in place so that customers and associates do not abuse the system. They are not in place to be used as a scapegoat for underlying motives such as bonuses or bottom line. I say this because I actually had a geek squad senior tell me that the reason why they cannot replace my product is because it's the service center that dropped the ball, and the store does not want to take the "hit".

Currently I work as a store manager in retail. We deal with unreasonable customers all the time. I encourage my associates to listen to all customer concerns, and make good decisions based on each circumstance. My goal is to ensure that I nor my employees ever treat a customer the way i have been treated at Best Buy.

Well I had my thrill of best buy today with a tv warranty but it will never happen again just wish the warranty card was softer and I could use it to wipe my sorry ASS.I hope to find a mom and pop store so I won't have deal with the big box stores

I currently work at Best Buy in Lincoln NE. Personally i dont give a flying fuck if you buy anything from my store. I get paid the same, either way.

To caglisotro,

Maybe if you had let him finish, and hadn't started yelling at him first, he would have lay off. Even though BBy's Service Plan's are not the best around, they are there to protect the customer's purchase. I have had three cellphones, and two video game systems replaced sans problem. And yes I do realize those are replacement plans, but the idea of an extended warranty is to help the customer not cripple them. If you don't want a service plan, then say it politely, or maybe listen to what they have to say for once because chances are you don't know everything about TVs and defects, otherwise, you would have just bought your TV online where it is cheeper.

I have had nothing but good experiences w/ Best Buy, and you know why? Because I am nice to the employees and realize it is not their fault that something breaks.

The funny thing is that the comment posted by Reid from NE basically serves as confirmation for what many of us already know - Many Best Buy associates "don't give a flying fuck". I know this doesn't hold true for all of their associates, but for many of them it's just a job. They're either doing it to get through school, live off their parents, or don't have a respectable work ethic. They could care less how we are treated when we get to their store, because all they want to do is collect a check. As I said before, this isn't the case with all employees, just ones like Reid from NE.

As far as the comment posted by Nice Customer is concerned, I am happy that you have had your needs met by Best Buy. I would encourage you though, to not be oblivious to the fact that not all Best Buy stores are as customer focused as the one you recieved your service. I guarantee that if you were to visit any of the stores mentioned in the previous posts, you probably wouldn't recieve the same level of service that you have been getting. Vice Versa, i know that i may recieve a totally different experience if i were to go to the store you mentioned.

Jaded- you are definetly right, but your point is also a perfect reason why boycotting a big box store- be it Best Buy, Circuit City or others is just dumb. Yes it makes sense to boycott your particular store, but as at any retail outlet, every store is different. That being said I'm willing to bet that *most* of the people who experience problems at any store are generally not nice. (I'm actually drawing from retail experience here). Why would a CR rep go out of their way and try to get around corporate policy to help an asshole? They would much rather tell them the policy and help the next person in lin who is smiling.

I am glad that we have an intelligent angry customer in Jaded who can speak with dignity. and as for Reid- he is one of those people you'll find at any store, he could just as easily work at McDonalds, Walmart or CVS.

Jaded I understand where you are coming from but you have to realize that Best Buy is THE biggest electronics store in the US. I am currently employed with them and I don't mean to start this as a rant filled with hate for my job, because if it's that bad I could just go find another job. Like all retail stores, it's filled with it's uneducated, cock socking neanderthals who think they are big shit because they are managers and who were too lazy to go to school and do something with their lives. Best Buy feeds off the ignorant customer very badly, and most customers don't realize this. Their employees go through A LOT of bullshit with numbers, and blah blah blah brainwashing. Here is a wake up call for the people who don't know this...BEST BUY DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE, THEY WANT YOUR FUCKING EXTRA DOLLARS TO BUY THE SHIT YOU DON'T NEED!!! They want you to think that you are "cared" about but it's just a deception to build "trust" with the customer. Best Buy's "customer service" policy is something called CARE+. They begin by starting about building this large amount of trust with a customer, and once you got them at that weak level, you hit them with a barrage of sells attempts. I personally don't do their stupid corporate propaganda selling strategy, I give my own customer service, in which I have received recommendations from customers directly to our own corporate office!! But guess what, I got a fucking pat on the back! All they want us to do is get a number out of you, and that's it. A lot of us do want to help the customer, but best buy doesn't want to HELP anyone, they want to close the sell so you don't go to circuit city or office depot...and closing it by all means necessary. But I know there are a lot of employees out there who really don't give a shit, and I understand this. But before people start criticizing how a company runs, they need to understand how it works.

I see I am not the only one that thinks Best Buy sucks and treats it's customers unfairly. I had XM Radio installed at the Baltimore City location on Pratt Street and it took EIGHT visits back to them to get it right. During this couple week ordeal my car broke down and had to be towed because they didn't wire it correctly. On one of the visits back to BB I had an appointment and when I showed up they said they didn't have the proper tools there to fix it! The 800 number is a joke. After all was said and done (labor, parts, tow truck reimbursemet and gift cards they used to pacify me for my trouble') the install cost THEM about $1000! Idiots ... ...

i bought a tv from best buy and the contractor they hired to give it a tune up broke it . i have called best buy more times that i can count. i guess i am going to have to take best buy to court. i call customer service and all they said is we are very sorry . if they are so sorry why am i going threw all this shit ! just do the right thing and fix it! or better yet replace it. so much for my extended warrenty!i bought it.

my letter to best buy! they suck ! don't waste your money on the warrenty!

Best Buy:
This letter is in regards to a television set I purchased from your company in 2003. I bought an extended warrantee from your company. I called the company to have the TV serviced because the leads were loose and it needed a tune up.
I am really displeased with your customer service.
To begin with your company doubles booked two different companies for the service. Four flags electronics and Alpha electronics. The Alpha Company called me at least 5 times that day to arrange pick up. I told them best buy already had someone scheduled to do the work but they told me that they were the contractors for best buy and they were taking over all the accounts. Had I of know that was a lie I would of stopped the other company from coming out. Four flags were very understanding about the mix up, considering the drove from Michigan to Indiana to do the service on the TV.
The company that did the service work was Alpha electronics. The reason I am explaining all this is because during the service some damage was done to my television by the Alpha Company. The company from four flags called me and wondered why they were in trouble with best buy for the damage to my television. When they never had anything to do with the television other than to show up to service an up a TV that was already gone .I explained to the people at four flags about the damage done to my television. They said that the repairs were minor and should have been done in my home. I also called best buy to resolve the issue with four flags as far as I know four flags was compensated for there wasted trip.
I have called your company at least dozen times about the damage done to my television. Every time I call I talk to someone new and what I m saying now and what I have said since the begging are the same. Yet your company still can't seem to get it straight. They call the wrong company to service the repairs. They noted that I refused service, which I absolutely did not. I keep hearing were "very sorry!" I don't want to hear how sorry you are any more I want my television that I paid for fixed! I keep getting basically the same response from best buy that it the contractors responsibility to repair the damage but after several attempts to resolve this matter with the contractor I am not getting any results. I still am unable to get the contractor to replace the unit he damaged. Should I call 12 more times? At what point is best buy going to step in and resolve this matter?
Alpha electronics arrived at my home to pick up my television. They drove a beat up mini van. Before the loaded my television I asked them are you sure my television will fit into the mini van? They told me "sure no problem". They said "the reason we don't drive around in commercial vans is because if we do our vans get broken in to". They laid my television on its back side without wrapping it in anything to protect it. I thought it was strange but I know very little about the service of electronics. It didn't seem right but I figured they were professionals. They brought my television back the next day. They drug it threw the grass and onto the concrete. It wasn't until went outside to say don't you have rollers did they put the television on a roller. At this point the bottom was full of grass and scratched from the sidewalk. As soon as they walked in the door I saw the scratches on the screen. The scratched were so big my 12 year old son walked into the room and said "oh my god mom looks what they did to your television!" I told Alpha look at what you have done! It was a lady; I believe Connie was her name and a gentleman. I did not get his name. She said I am very sorry. We will replace it. Later that evening I got a call from the owner around 10 pm., he yelled at me, said I was a liar that my television was not in that good of shape to began with but that he would repair all the damages. He was very threatening in his phone conversation with me. That's when I decided to call Best Buy. I explained I did not want this person that called me a liar and threaten me back out to my home. They said I had to use the same company that did the damage do the repairs. I did not hire this company best buy did. So why I have to put up with accusations and threats is beyond me. The company scratched up the screen as well as damaged the back sides and top of the television. It almost looks as thought they tried to fit it into a door way that was too small for the TV or maybe it was damaged from the ride in the mini van on its backside. I called best buy again today because I did not get a call back even know the last person I spoke too was a supervisor that assured me I would receive a call back with in 24 hours. I never got the call back so I called again. I spoke to a person named Angela who told me I would have a response by Monday. I have heard this before many times. I explained this to Angela. I told her I was being more than patient considering how many empty promises I have had from your company. I don't like being called a liar. I am very protective of my belongings. Angela told me that the Alpha Company said I had cigarette wholes in my television. I don't know why they would say that. to this day there are no burn marks on my television. The only damage done to my television is from the alpha company. I think they are very unprofessional. By making that comment it shows me they have no intention on doing any repairs. The repairs they agreed to do in the beginning. This will be my last attempt to resolve this matter before I take legal action with
Best Buy and Alpha electronics. I hope we can resolve this matter before it gets to that point. Enclosed are the picture of my television and the damage done to it. I hope to hear from you soon. I would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

The United states best buy call center is locaed in Winnipeg manatoba Canada, or was until they found a small town close by in which they could pay even less.

P.S. If you speak english as a 2nd language, just do your best, If you attempt to use one of the other languages on the phone service, you get put on hold next to forever, or if you are lucky you get hung up on.(it take less time)

700 19th Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20431


Good day,

Your Long overdue Payment. I saw your name ( in the Central Computer among the list of unpaid contarctors,inheritance next of kin and lotto beneficiaries that was originated from Africa, Europe, Asia Plus Middle east, Americans ) among the list of individuals and companies that your unpaid fund has been located to the Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC ,Barclays Bank and Bank of American.

Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive a part-payment of $5.7million and has been approved already for months. You are requested to get back to me for more direction and instruction on how to receive your fund.

Once again, I apologize to you on behalf Of IMF (International Monetary Fund)

failure to pay your funds in time, which according to records in the system had been long overdue. pls Reply through my privte Email;
Yours Sincerely,

MR Rodrigo de Rato Figaredo
Managing Director, IMF

I called Best Buy Customer Service today at the 888 number to try to change one tiny aspect of my existing order, and the customer service lady asks me for my order number and I gave it to her. Then, she proceeds to ignore me for five minutes without putting me on hold while I am supposed to believe she is checking on my order (when she is clearly doing something else). I finally ask her if she's still there and she asks me if I had the order number besides the BBY number. I explained to the lady, I'm looking at the e-mail right now and that BBY# *IS* the order number. At first she says she has to e-mail somebody else in order to "see" if my order has been changed. Ten minutes later after another complete silence (no being put on hold, just complete silence), I ask her again what she's up to, and she said she has to now e-mail somebody else to see if they can contact that other department about changing my order. I work in customer service and this was the WORST customer service rep I have EVER experienced. You always get your bad apples, and I surely got mine today. After reading others' stories, I think I'll run back to Circuit City and stay there!

I bought a 50 inch RCA Scenium HD DLP Television from Best Buy on 6/11/2006 - it broke within the first two months. Having bought the 'Platinum Warranty' I thought great - all taken care of! Right? WRONG. Then the nightmare begins. I have been lied to at least 6 times by different people on the phone - each time a supe tells me oh I am so sorry you were lied to but I can't do anything else for you. the parts are on perpetual back order, but after a month you would think they would want to replace the TV instead of losing a customer? Of course not - they couldnt care less. I'm at the point I want to take the TV and throw it through their window.
One month - still sitting in my living room dead as a doornail.

How do you reach anyone beyond the store manager - I need someone who can make an executive deciosion - getting a hold of someone at Best Buy is harder then speaking to President Bush!!!

My dauaghter purchased a computer at Best Buy ON 8/28/06 and returned it on 9/19/06 as it was not working. They sent it out for repair and it was returned on 10/3/06 and still wasn't working properly. Took it back to Best Buy and they stated that the service department did not put all the drivers back on and it had to be REPAIRED ONCE AGAIN but they had to wait for the parts. Have called corporate several times and have not got anywhere with them. They were suppose to look into the matter and get back to me but didn't even have the common courtesy to call me back. Have talked to the store manager several times and her comment is I know youare upset. Upset doesn't even describe how ticked I am. Am getting no where with them. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND WILL NOT TRY TO HELP YOU AT ALL. This computer has been in repair longer than it has been used. Here it is 10/7/06 and still don't have the computer back and who knows when they will get the part in and I doubt that they will even fix it right as I dont think they are experienced enough to make reapirs. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS

I am a bit slow with computers but I do know that I turned my laptop in for repair to worst buy and it came back to me yesterday, about three weeks later still broken. I also received someone elses computer with packing slip in antoher box. I called the person whoes name was on the packing slip letting them know I had their computer. They were quite surprised. We were even more surprised when we found out the computer was not hers. Her packing slip - someone else's laptop. So I called Best Buy and tried to get ahold of a manager and finally I called back for over three hours and got through to a jerk of a manager who proceded to try to make me feel like I am complaining for no reason at all like I had no rights at all. I told him to have the regional manager call me, then we can talk about picking up the laptop that belongs to someone else and getting my laptop fixed. What a joke. I will never purchase from them again. Not even a stick of gum. Anyone know how I can get this pc powered up so I can try to find out who owns it so I can let them know I have their laptop? Anyone missing a compact?

Here is my best buy story as I have presented it to the attorney generals office in MN. I will never spend another dime in that store anywhere.....ever.

Hi, my name is Renee

I am writing in regards to my experiences with the best buy in Maple Grove.
I bought a lap top from the best buy in Woodbury on 2-26-04. I started having problems with it in November 2004. I purchased a 3 year service contract through them because this laptop is for my on line university and I needed to be sure I could have it fixed if necessary.

On 11/9/04 I went to the maple grove best buy to have it serviced, and was told by a geek squad person that all my problems were spyware and they would remove it for about 100 dollars, I explained to them that the colors distorting etc were a system board/hard drive problem, (I am not completely computer illiterate, my brother builds them). They insisted that they would not work on it until the spyware was gone.

I took it home and "f" disked it myself, and brought it back on the 10th, they were surprised but took it. They called me the following day and told me I had spyware...I asked to speak to a manager because the computer was empty. He apologized and sent it out to be fixed. I received a call within a couple weeks to come get it, waited for the weekend to start updating it and it was exactly the same as when I had brought it in, unusable, I brought it back on 12-13-04 and they sent it out again, this time I also called HP service center and they said that this was the only service order they had for my laptop, this time it was delivered to my door within a two week period. On 12/13/04 there was also a man in line behind me holding a box with an entire desk top system in it, he had paid for the geek squad to come to his home and set it up, the geek squad agent could not get it working and told him he would be right back with another agent .....3 days ago....

On 8/25/2005, I again brought my laptop back for the same reasons; I was told it would be expedited because it was my entire education. It took 3 days for them to even send it out. It took 2 months to get it back, almost my entire term. I called daily to check, I was repeatedly told lies...turned out it was "lost" for a while and finally after the 5th time I had been told it was on its way back I called a "main" office and they located it in St. Louis...still in the warehouse not even checked in yet to be looked at, this had been over a month at this point...they made the people in ST. Louis pull it out then and fix it, still my term was almost over by the time I got it back. I have to mention here that one geek squad member actually told me that I should just be happy I was not in New Orleans and my computer problems were not that big. My laptop had been taken in to be serviced long before Katrina.

Now again on 10-18-06 the same problem, I took it back and requested a lemon replacement as per my service contract. I again was told it would be no big deal three days for the ok to replace it, so it should not affect my schooling. Well on the 25th (7) days, I called to find out why it is taking so long. I am told that again, they replaced the hard drive and denied the lemon request and it is on its way back.
I told them I would not accept it. They said I did not have to, after three hardware problems, they replace it, (this is my 4th). HOWEVER, it has to get back here from Kentucky and then sent back AGAIN with another request. No one could tell me how long it will take this time or if it will be denied again.
I asked if this was going to require an attorney and they could no longer talk to me.
On 10-27-06 a store manager contacted me to say he was looking into my issue and found that what I have been telling him does not match the service orders on their computer, I assured him that I have all of my service orders. He asked that I bring them in and then he proceeded to tell me that he would like to meet with me to "explain" my service contract. He said that it needs to be the SAME hardware failures, (nowhere on my contract does it state such a thing) I read to him the line that says" 4 hardware services" and he changed the subject. He then proceeded to tell me that key board replacement is not considered hardware, I told him I was aware of that and the only time my keyboard was replaced was when they also replaced my system board. He again asked if I had my service orders and I told him yes and I was leaving immediately to show them to him.
Miraculously they were found by the time I arrived there and he told me that he did not call me because he figured I was on my way. I personally believe that he wanted to see that I really had them, if you do not they do not have to honor the service plan.
That same evening I was called by best buy to come get my laptop, I explained that I would not accept it and that it needed to be given to the manager to be shipped back.

On November 1st, I called again to find out why it is still taking so long to get a lemon order, I was given the 1-800-best buy number because the store said that their hands were tied, I called and talked to an associate who told me that at this point it still had not been okayed and the fact that the service center did not ok it means that corporate will need to and they may not because the service center did not. He suggested that I buy another one to use in the mean time and as long as everything is in order, they would take it back once this is resolved.
I am in no way interested in buying anything from them again and I am sure this would be an "open box" laptop in which potentially thousands have played with and now I would be responsible for any problems that occur OR I'm sure I could purchase another worthless service contract for hundreds of dollars.

I am finding their service contract unacceptable and feel like they have made every attempt to find a way not to honor it. They know I have my service orders and the typical 3 day turn around for junking a lemon has turned into two weeks of complete hassle in my opinion in hopes I will give up and take the lemon back.
In the mean time, my term is ticking away and I am borrowing computer after computer after spending all this money.

I feel like I am being taken advantage of and that their service contracts mean nothing. The laptop I am on right now was also purchased from best buy, the "free" trial word program does not work, will not uninstall and a new office program will not load. She has had it less than 2 months and she was told by the Coon Rapids best buy to go home and keep trying....again not taking responsibility for the errors and issues associated with their products.

I find it hard to believe that I am alone with my poor customer service with best buy and am hoping that this letter will spark some interest in looking into these issues with the best buy. I have included copies of my service contract, service orders and all my documentation.

I have also noticed that when they return ones computer they do not give you any info on what was replaced, I have had to ask each time (except when HP did the service, they tell you exactly what has been replaced.) I still have no idea what was replaced the first time because when I asked the geek squad agent did not know what the numbers meant but said "basically the entire insides where replaced".

I think this practice gives them way too much power to lie about what has been replaced, as the store manager trying to tell me that only my key board had been replaced. Had I not specifically asked each and every time I would not have known the difference.

Thank you for your time.

Am I alone here???

I would first like to start by saying to everybody we are missing the main point of what Best Buy is: A company looking to make a profit, after all they are not the Red Cross. Also another thing that you need to realize or take into perspective is that Best Buy is the largest and most successful specialty retailer in the world, with this being said there are going to be complaints and the larger the company and larger the customer base is logically the more complaints there are going to be. The problem comes out that when the problems grow exponentially this is a greater indicator of a problem and this is when you should truly be concerned. (think about manufacturing standards a 1% product defect rate on something would result in 1 out of 100 products bad this doesn't seem all that bad only one person is going to complain about what you screwed up; now look at it this way 1,000 out of 100,000 is still 1% defect rate, but now you have 1,000 people complaining)

There have been many complaints listed here that attack the employees, yes there are employees that just plainly don't care. This is a problem no matter where you go and what your job is. Think about going to a restraunt and the crappy service that you recieved or the food that was cold when you got it. Also think about the co-worker of yours that comes in late and puts in a half days work while you bust your ass. Their is also another point of view that needs to be taken into consideration and that is how you interact with the employee, if you present a hostile nature to the person they are going to react with a fight or flight reflex which as cited above may be percieved as "taking it personally". This is explained by basic psychology and could also in fact drive some of the "unprofessional attitudes".

The other main psychological perspective that needs to be address is the "if I make a loud enough noise someone will fold", seriously what the hell is that all about? Were you truly that spoiled as a child that when you complained and cried enough you parents caved and gave you whatever you wanted? Do you treat your children that way too? This is creating yet another problem with society; that is the lack of respect for your fellow man. What makes you better than single mom that is working her way through the world by working at Best Buy, or the college student that is working at a place that seems cool and fun while paying the bills to better themselves? Again I ask the question what makes one man better than another? Especially here in the US where we believe that all men are created equal.

I do feel that as a couple of people above have posted sometimes the wrong person gets screwed. I have seen people over the years get raked over the coals by policy or proceedure, but the rules and policies are there to help treat all customers the same and fairly. Now I cite the problem from the previous paragraph who is usually the ones that get whatever they want? The ones that make a huge scene in the front of the store, not the customers that keep a level head and remain respectful. This is the injustice and one thing that I do try to keep in mind when I make these deciscions. I am more inclined to help and potentially bend the rules for someone that does not take their frustrations out on me personally.

The point on this you also have to look at is that it is not practical to "just replace a computer" that was bought six months prior. Think about it this way the average shelf life of a computer is between 3 to 4 months, the cost of the technology continues to decline at the same time as new tech rolls out onto the shelves. Now you replace the said computer and lose the $50 margin from the previous machine to exchange it on a new model on the shelf that cost a $100 less than the previous one and may have a profit margin of $50 again. Now when the said computer comes back from the service center and needs to be sold as an open box unit (also a markdown in price since it is not a new product) you have already lost the original money invested in it, but also the cost of selling the unit in the first place. Now you need to incur the cost of selling the product again and at the same time technology has progressed so that computer that may have been $1,200 is now worth $500. If the company were to just replace every computer that was sold that came back as problematic it would be very costly and eventually put that retailer out of business as it is not financially sound to do so. Also you do have to remember that Best Buy did not manufacture the product and they do stand behind the product by offering to send it out under the manufacturer warranty which is no cost to you, the probelm is that if it is not a manufacturer defect then it is the customer's problem not Best Buy or Toshiba, Sony, HP, fill in the blank __________.

I would like to address one last point here as well and that is the one of the "lesser educated morons" that they have in management or for that fact all employees. I am a manager with Best Buy and I have been with the company for about 6 years. I started while going to college and have been there ever since, I live in an area of the country that is still suffering from an economic downturn and well honestly its one of the better jobs (most stable) in the area right now and as I do not wish to move to another state; it just makes sense. I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science I personally do not feel that I am a R-tard employee or manager that doesn't have a clue or even listens to a custoemr, but I do have my days that I feel that I fail at giving outstanding customer service (I am HUMAN!!! I have feelings and emotions just like the rest of you). I do try to work with the customer and I have broken a policy or two to take care of a customer that was in need of help that still treated me with the respect that I as a humanbeing deserve. I too have also dodged more than my fair share of products being thrown at me when I tell a customer that the DVD player they bought two years ago is not returnable because it stopped playing discs.

Either way the underlying point is that we are all different people with different perspectives and opinions on what makes good customer service and why we should boycott one place verses another, but remember thats the great thing about the USA, its a free country that you can choose to shop wherever you want and not shop where you do not want to.

I have no clue why some of you hate the replacement/service plans. I think that they are a great deal! Something like $30 for a replacement plan on a $150 ipod. If you look at it like it is insurance... you can't find a better deal on the market. People are always bringing in broken products and saying... Man I should have bought the service plan. Most manufacturers today make their products with the cheapeast stuff they find. Therefore, the chances of you having a problem in three years is huge. Protect your investment.
Anymore, especially with a laptop or desktop, if one thing goes wrong with it in three years the service plan is pretty much paid for. BB even sells a 1yr accidental damage plan for $99 on most laptops! For those of you who had lost merchandise because of shipping, every single time where that has happened at my store, the customer has received a new product. Most of the time its a better product! No one on this planet is perfect. Remember that.
Don't forget that Best Buy employs thousands of people. Some of those people would be without jobs, or be stuck with lower paying ones. A lot of 20-somethings learn PROPER sales techniques there that they carry onto their careers. A lot of people learn what management is about. As with most of my co-workers, we will be moving on to something else as we grow sick of dealing with people that have no clue. Once in a great, great while there is a customer that has a real, legitimate explanation as to how BB screwed them. Guess what man, I feel like I got screwed with the tires I just bought, and oh ya they should have given me a better deal to maintain my yard. Blah blah blah, I didn't make an investment I couldn't afford so I'm not too worried about it. Lesson learned. I won't be stomping into their stores or harrassing them on the phone. I will suck it up and deal with it and hopefully make a more informed decision next time.
An informed, relaxed, and open customer will way more than likely be satisfied. Those rushing in to see how they can take advantage of anything Best Buy's offers will be turned away. Shop online from wholesale places if you want to deal with the manufacturer yourself when your camera or computer messes up. You won't be able to just walk into one of their stores... no you have to pack it, ship it. Then wait at least twice as long for the product to get back.
With computer repairs, our average turn around on everything, including when having an item serviced, is around 6-7 days. Most, and by that I mean about 90%, of the customers that tell me how long it took for their computer to be fixed were lying to me. All I do is look up their sales info and inform then that that information is not accurate and I hand them a copy of their receipt. I do not do this to agitate them, but it is an effort to make people be responsible and honest.+

i work at a best buy in canada, and after reading like 4 of these experiences it's not hard to tell the people that post here are just pissed off people who think their time is more valuable than anyone elses. i don't know what you people think, but its not as if best buy is the only retail company that deals with upset customers. i do sales in the computer department, and i get calls from people on the phone all the time, who don't want anything to do with the store, just information about products. why the hell should i give a damn about phone customers who are wasting my time when there are tonnes of customers in the store who validly need my help. as for whoever it was that complained about best buy employees being "all over him" within 2 seconds of his arrival; is it so hard to say "no im just looking". god forbid a retail store should ask you if you need help. its not as if the sales staff is a race of demon people spawned from hell with the sole purpose of ruining your shopping experience.

and as for the people that complain about the pushing of the performance service plan, get over it. some people DO need extended warranties, for example in computers, people who know absolutely nothing about computers. what difference does it make to you if a sales rep gives you information on a service plan? it takes what, a minute to explain what it covers? you would be surprised at the amount of people who come into the store after the manufacturers warranty expires and expects best buy to fix their product for them.

its a god damn store, if you don't like the service don't buy your stuff there, but there is no reason to be an ignorant asshole and assume the company is out to get you simply because you had a bad experience.

As a response to Angela, I too worked at BB for 4 years at the tech bench(pre-geek squat), and I understand what you are going thru. A couple of quick notes however. One, some higher volume store locations, including the one I worked at, had our phone service routed thru a call center, designed to reduce the amount of time we spent on the phone. So , yes, if a customer called our store, they had to leap through some amazing loops to get one of us on the phone. Two, blaming 'Corporate' for not being able to take care of the customers, is simply a cop-out. The COMPANY as a whole, should be dedicated to taking care of the customer, and when you separate one aspect of the company from the other, you have a problem. That is the root of all the customer service problems at bb, the separation of corporate and bricks and mortar. Part of this is due to individual managers and district managers that are more interested in sales than customer service. I worked for several stores within the same district, and all fell into this category. I was in charge of sevaral tech benches, and constantly fought with management to allow me to work on the equipment that customers brought in to fix. Yes, that's right, management wanted the income, but did not want to pay for staffing to fix the equipment. We were also expected to ring all packages for the computer department, in the hopes that as 'geeks' we could bully the customers into buying more accessories and service plans. Unfortunately, this management mentality seems to be what they are looking for in hiring new managers. Do good managers slip through this filter and make it into the stores? Yes, on occasion. However in several cases I have seen these same good managers go bad, due to the pressures and the expectations of thier management. And this is not going to be fixed, because this is how upper management thinks. So, although I applaud your attempts to be a 'good' manager, I still have to recommend that nobody shop at bb. Maybe a drop in sales may force them to reconsider their management techniques. But I doubt it.

Best Buy has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I paid for a service to have an appliance intalled which was not necessary. The service was never provided and thus I simply needed to get a refund. You would think that it would a vey simple task of getting a refund. I've spent hours on the phone with various customer care associates who keep on transfering me to people that don't have a clue on what to do. I'm tired of getting transfered and I still have yet to get someone on the line to help me. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I wouldn't recommend ussing their installation services. It would be a big mistake.

Bought a TV for inlaws along with the extended warranty. When it comes time to use the warranty, no one can help us. We have asked to speak with the top management and they do not seem to be able to help. I personally will not buy anything large appliance or expensive electronic nor will I buy the extended warranty. It is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
For the person that said that we just get the poor customer service rep..well we have asked to go to the very top, knowing full well it is not the person behind the phone..but can not get to them. How convenient.
I wish something could be done to change this.

I placed an order online on BLACK FRIDAY (7:00 A.M.).....very soon after, I decided to cancel my order. I spent THREE HOURS on hold (1 hr. before I reached a human who then transferred me to the "correct department!). I was told my order would be cancelled (while I was on hold, I sent an EMAIL to cancel it as well. Well, the very next day I received an email stating my order was ready to process! I emailed back AGAIN and explained that I had cancelled this order and that they had better NOT charge my credit card. Then on Sunday, I received an email saying that my order HAD BEEN SHIPPED!!!!!! I immediately got on the phone and this man with an accent (which was difficult to understand) told me that it was too late to cancel my order...TOO LATE????????? I cancelled my order TWO DAYS AGO! I asked for a manager - who was on another call and "couldn't come to the phone" besides he would tell me the same thing which was that they would refund my bank account after I RETURNED THE ITEMS TO A LOCAL STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again!

BEST BUY SUCKS DICK!!!...FUCKING i bought a fucking trimmer..and fucking shit broke the next day.. and i went to return that bs..and the stupid fucker best buy reps saays that the trimmer is fucked..and i hav to take that shit to some bs service center.. so i fucking got pissed and punched one of the fuckers...i got fined for that shit..but still it was fuckign worth it.. FUCK U WORST FUCKING DICK BUY!!!

I'm sorry, but no one is worse then Apple. My iTunes constantly locks up songs and there's so many ridiculous restrictions. I hope those bastards rot!

I made my purchase online tried to change it, waited hours (!) on the phone with their stupid music, finally spoke with someone on the other side of the globe, couldn't solve my problem, spoke with someone elese, couldn't either. Asked to speak with a supervisor and they JUST said that he/she was busy, I said I could wait. They basically told me I could not speak with a supervisor. Is this even leagal?

I hate this company and will never buy from them again!

Work retail sometime and then come tell me how I should act. It's like juggling and something new gets thrown into the mix every few seconds. When you open your own store, let me know.

I had real bad experince at Best buy on 11/24-black friday. I purchase a 42" Plasma Panasonic, the cashier told me to pick up the TV in the back of the store outside. My sister was picking up the TV for me due to my car being too small. One of the managers came out,took the receipt and said he is coming with the TV. He came back outside and told my sister she already picked up the tv. He didnt even give my sis a chance to speak. We did not get the TV that we purchase. My paid receipt of $ 1059.99 was not stamped because I never pick up my Plasma TV. My sis call the police, and a report was filed. I returned to back to the store, and the police took a statement from me. I purchase a 42" Plasma TV and went home empty handed and $1059.99 is now gone from my checking account. The general manager had told me on 11/25 that they'll get back with me on 11/27 after an inventory is done. Of course i didnt hear from them, so i called them about 1p and was told the same bull shit that "you're not getting a tv, the inventory count is right. They know i never picked up the tv that morning, even their loss prevention manager confirm that he never gave me a tv or saw me in the back of the store and they're stil not giving me my tv..Totally stupid and ignorant people. Best buy corporate was suppose to get back with me on 11/30 after a second inventory, but never heard from them. I will be calling them tomorrow. I paid $1059.99 for this tv, they have my money and the tv..This has been a total nightmare. I will never never step foot at BestBuy nor will my family incl my 12 year old son or my little nieces. I will keep spreading the word about how bad they are. They stank...They need to be boycotted at the height of the season
One way or another i will get my tv even if i have to go to small claims court...Customer service means a whole lot to me and dictates if i will shop at a store, best buy need to rethink about how they do business and treat their customers. A training on customer service and communication wouldnt hurt at all.

I am so sick of customers treating the employees so poorly. If you have such a complaint, go to a manager. If they don't take care of you then that is their problem. The average person that works in the store is only allowed to do so much.

I have been threatened in MANY ways by customers. The #1 complaint is advertised things out of stock. They will go absolutely insane. I had one customer want my full name and address so they could report me to the police for false advertising. I told them I had no control over what was ordered and that I can only do so much. I called for a manager and they left angry. I had one guy tell me that I better watch my back because he was going to kick my a** when I least expected it.


Please anyone who reads this, think of it when you are mad at the situation at the store. Take it out on those that make the policy, not the ones that follow it.

Best Buy has the worst customer service of any company in any industry period. I'm not even sure if it the corporate policy that is terrible or it is just the idiot kids they hire - but do yourself a favor and avoid Best Buy at all cost. They have horrible people skills, will keep you waiting forever if you are lucky to even have someone help you, and they will flat out lie to benefit the store. Also you can tell they are not too bright with this example, the other day I went in and they had a regular poor quality dvd playing on their top of the line elite 1080p plasma and blu-ray player ... great way to show off how crappy a $8000 purchase will look when you take it home. I will never shop at or waste my time at Best Buy again! Take your hard earned money elsewhere and you will feel better.

Dear Best Buy not Best Service.

I would like to start by saying I am very disatisfied with your online

customer service reps and supervisors. The first persom I dealt with

was Latasha on I believe was the nov 18th or 19th I explained that I

wanted to buy a frontload washing machine online and then do a store

pickup the product I wanted was advertised on the front page of my

local best buy flyer stating free delivery and pick up of the old washer I

decided I would purchase it online and do a store pick up so I could

pick it up the next day when I tried this it said not available in any of

my nearby locations kinda odd since it was in the flyer so i called

latasha very nice lady said she could wave the shipping fee I said great

she asked if I wanted the service plan for $139.99 I said I was'nt sure I

would ask my wife she was slepping for the night latasha said I could

call her back after 2pm the next say she would be working I called and

asked for her they connected me to tasha (real name latasha) which I

explained the situation she stated she could help me in the matter so I

said lets order this with the plan we went ahead and got to the end and

she stated that the computers delivery system was down and she

could not process my order that she was in at 10 am the next morning

and she would call me to complete the order I said If you dont call me

can I call you she said I was top priority so I asked just in case can I

call you she said she was on michelles team and just ask for tasha no

call at 4pm 11/21 so I call back and get someone else asked for her he

said could help I told him of the situation he said he could process the

order free of shipping I said great well I placed the order with him dont

remember his name but I know you have phone logs of each person I

spoke to he was third. Well on 11/27/06 I checked my credit card

statement it showed I was charged for washer, delivery, and service

plan on 11/21/06 about 770 dollars (guesing)and also on 11/26/06

another 136.49 both pending I called and asked Mark on 11/27/06 why I

was charged twice for service plan and also charged for delivery (A

few days later the second service cahrge was taken off) he said he

would create a case # 3198625 said I would be contacted 48 hrs put

on hold and got the beep beep beep hung up on. no call in 24 hrs so I

call again the girl I talked to said they the case had been closed how is

that possible I havent had a call or resoloution she set up another case

# 31957114 said online service could not authorize a refund corporate

customer care would have to. So I asked if that new case # would be

available for them to look at she said yes and transfered me to them

which I got put on hold and again disconected called back and asked

for corporate services talked to a lady who said she would look into it

put me on hold and again disconected called back and talked to a

different lady she said they can not do anything because they can't

look at online purchase info so I asked who can help me she said

online services I said I would ask for a supervisor she transfered me

back to online services where I was asked if they could help I said no

please let me talk to your supervisor so she got me Martin Abal on

11/28/06 said he could not issue the refund that a case rep would have

to he gives me another case # 31928375 and I would be contacted in

24-48 hrs by email or phone no contact again mind you by this time

you have my email my home, cell, and work #.
I wait the 48hrs and call back give all my info and story again and the

lady wants to give another case # because martain abal did not make

any notes on my last case # I said no I do not want another case # the

last 3 have not gotten me any results please let me talk to your

supervisor I get supervisor Mark Smith on 11/30/06 I tell him my whole

story I believe for the 10th or 11th time by now he reviewed the info I

had given him and said rest assured I will take care of this please hold

a moment I said are you sure because I have put on hold on several

occasions and get disconected he said we have been having problems

with our phone lines that if we get disconected that he would take care

of the problem and apoligized. As I predicted I was cut off again

hoping his sincere apology that he would take care of this matter. Well

its 12/04/06 now and i'm writing this email because frankly I'm tired of

talking to your online customer service reps, your corporate customer

care and your 2 online supervisors I can not beleive it is that difficult

to take care of one of your customers that is only 29 years old and 3

stereo systems, standard def tv, high def tv, computer, games, music,

all kinds of computer related items, dvd players, a gamecube an ipod

and accesories and now a washing machine all with good experiance

until I had to deal with customer service unless you can rectify the

situation you may have lost a life time customer all over $90 on a

delivery charge that I was promised I would not be charged for quite

frankly you have probablly spent that much in payroll alone speaking

to me and wasting my time and your people who really can authorize a

refund because no one can tell me I work in retail as a manager and I

know you dont care but I cant believe anyone would have to go thru

this much for a resolve and I hope no one I deal with in the future will

have to go thru what I have with you guest service is our #1 mindset.

Mind you I have not once swore or raised my voice to a single person I

have dealt with and I must say that has gotten more difficult as I speak

to more andd more of your people that dont know how or are not

willing to help me I will probably continue to email and call until

someone can give me an answer. I love your store but wow! By the

way it would be great to hear from you I will save this email so I can

resend And If I call I can just read it to the next person that can't help


When an elderly couple I know had problems playing tapes on a DVD/VCR deck they bought at BB, I offered to help them troubleshoot the problem. The video images were horribly "snowy" from video noise on any tape they tried, After extensive experimentation, we concluded the problem was in the video heads. This was 4 months since the purchase on a unit with a 3 month warranty. I accompanied them to the store (@ Superstition Springs Mall, E. Mesa, AZ) they bought the unit from and got into line at the Geek Squad service counter. A tech diagnosed the problem as dirty heads - had a head cleaner ever been run thru the machine? he asked. It hadn't but one was available. He then carried the deck up to the front of the store into the Customer Service area and proceeded to take the cover off the unit & clean the heads himself, then he tested the unit with a store tape to show us it now worked OK. Wonderful, we thought.
Took the machine home & reinstalled it. A couple pre-recorded tapes played just as badly as before we took it in.
Back to the store the next day. Wound up with the same tech (he remembered us even with all the people he must've dealt with). This time we brought along one of the tapes that was playing so badly. He again met us up at the CS counter where he repeated the cover removal & head cleaning, But when he inserted the customer's tape the video "snow" was evident. When he played the store tape the picture looked fine. He concluded the new TAPE was bad. We told him every tape we try to play looks like the "snowy" one. He tried playing with the mechanism, but was baffled, so, to our amazement, he offered to exchange the bad deck for a replacement one. We grabbed a sealed carton of the same model, they processed an even-exchange transaction, & we were on our way. I never expected that kind of response after all the horror stories I've read on Best Buy's service. By the way, when the replacement deck was reinstalled, it played any tape beautifully, including the new one that was taken to the store to do the testing. The heads really had gone bad in the problem unit.

when i go to best buy theres a ton of people just walking around, and this was trhe day after thanksgivng so i think that they should have enoguh time

I bought a TV from Best Buy, and I find out later it was the worst buy ever I done on my life (over charged by $800). "best buy" store is an over charging store and I will never buy from them again

I recently returned a problem xbox 360 through Best Buy Product Replacement Plan. My son waited daily for the mail to get a replacement voucher which came within 2 weeks. Immediately his mother took him across town to Best Buy but after hassling with the cashier and her surpervisor for about an hour, found out that the gift card (voucher) had never been activated. The store spent much time on the phone with the Replacement Plan people who assured them that a replacement card would be sent to us within another 10 to 14 days. I also phoned that evening and the Plan people assured me the replacement card would be coming. After a week, I again phoned to check the status only to find that nothing had been done to process a replacement card and that in fact, now they would soon be activating the first card. That was Sunday, so I called back Monday to speak to a Supervisor. She told me that action had only been initiated by my call Sunday, so now it would be 10 to 14 days from now that I should expect the original card to be activated. You can imagine my confidence in this process after going through this circle jerk. You can also guess how many more products and plans I will be buying from Best Buy. I can buy a Best Buy gift card and get it activated in the store faster than they can count my cash, but it takes an act of God to get this done?
Oh, as you may have guessed, there is no one higher up the ladder that can take a phone call about this, nor is there any one that can actually push a button, make a decision or basically do anything about it. My email to Best Buy Admin also remains un-answered.

As a Customer Service Associate for a retail store, I have to stick up for us. We are people too, believe it or not. If you're mad because someone REALLY treated you badly, then corporate, if you were really mistreated, it will be dealt with. But don't you go around mistreating us. You'll get the same in return.

it's amazing...the people that are patient and understanding with us usually tend to end up getting what they want and more and will definitely shop with us again. However, the second you start being demanding and mean with us, everything that we could potentially do for you gets thrown out of the window and we will stick to policy until our face is blue.

don't like it? try treating us with some respect if you expect to get some in return. we'll start the ball rolling in regards to respect because it is our job, but we're not robots...treat us well too.

this isn't to say that every single person is perfect in retail, there are "bad eggs." but generally, as a whole, the company and it's employees are trying to provide you with the best customer service possible...but you have to let us try to help you before you start freaking out.

also, there ARE policies and the policies are everywhere in stores, printed on receipts, and each associate in the store knows each policy. I'm not sure I understand why you think you're above the rules and above everyone else that has had to deal with the same policies. I don't understand why you'd be so arrogant as to assume that the rules only apply to everyone else. if the associate feels (and yes, believe it or not, we DO try) that your particular situation is different, unique or special in someway, we'll take care of you accordingly. but if you try to return something 2 years out of the return policy because you "never got around to it." don't bitch to us about how our policies suck. we're over it.

I have never experienced bad customer service at a retail store...I always wondered why, because you hear about such horrific experiences. But since I've started in the retail business, I've realized the reason I've never been treated badly, is because I inform myself of policies before I make a purchase, their return policy, and any other questions I may have and then I act accordingly. I don't just assume that because I can cry the loudest means I'll get what I want in the future. I also have never walked into a store disgruntled, demanding or angry. I am patient and guess what? I have always gotten what I wanted...I may have had to follow policy to get it, but I've always gotten it.

Think twice before you start getting irrate. Be understanding and patient. I expect you'll be treated a lot differently.

first of all, SAR, your just a dumbass.. you buy an electric razor, it "somehow mysteriously broke" so you punch a worker from the store you bought it from, lets think about that one.. and GP, no shit putting a regular DVD in blu-ray is retarded, ya ever think twice that maybe you could ask an employee, "why?????".. we're given by corporate merchandising a specific blu-ray disc that is only allowed in that player, NO BLU-RAY MOVIES THAT WE SELL CAN BE OPENED.. maybe thats a reason why we have employees there for people to get help from and answer questions.. just a tip


ammar G A.. way to research your prices before going to one store and buying an expensive TV, or maybe you could wait for A "SALE!!", see thats when the company decides to lower a price for a "certain amount of time".. AT A BOYYYY!!!


heyyy michelle from 11-28 come on downnn...

so you placed an order online, 1st wrong step, get off your ass and come to the store and pick it up.. 2nd thing, now why in gods name would you place an order, after you go through about 3 pages until you to get to checkout that ALL OF A SUDDEN change your mind!!.. so ridiculous haha

WHO IS NEXT !!!!????


Jessica from 11-29!!



Linda from 9-17..

an RCA SCENIUM?????.. prrrrobly THEE worst TV in terms of picture, quality, and every other category that you could possibly think of. You saw a CHEAP large tv and said, "ah f'ck it, ill take that crappy tv in the corner cuz thats what I can afford".. Best Buy employees or anyone who knows what a DLP tv is, which is most likely every one of you people complaining about a crappy MULTI-BILLION dollar a year store, would NOT recommend an RCA SCENIUM..

you know why its a MULTI-BILLION dollar store, becuase the other 98% of the sane people outside this website understand that best buy ONLY cares about employees, thats the whole purpose of the store, which is PREACHED every single day by managers. YES, some people get screwed, but you know what, you know what you bought, YOU KNOW things break BYYYY YOUR USE, you also know what the policies are, becuase theres a 15ft x 15ft sign saying what the policy is right at customer service, its EVEN IN SPANISH, store employees follow them because then WHAT THE F'CK WOULD BE THE POINT OF THEM!!. YES, some people who actually had the brains to get the SERVICE PLAN, NOT WARRANTY as it is CLEARLY STATED, send out there broken product to be serviced and be one of those small chances that something got screwed up in the process, F'CKING GROW UP AND WAIT THE EXTRA WEEK OR TWO..its getting sent out for a reason, the service center is not next door..


Now ill just have to wait for "that guy" to tell everyone that mispelt a word or something, so that MUST MEAN im a typical bone-head bestbuy employee right..

listen, i love helping people find what they need and helping people findOUT what new product there is and watching there reaction and actually purchasing it for there son/parent/whoever.. so dont come back telling me that im one of those disgruntled employees.. i just hate people who think there better than everyone else and think there the only ones thats ever had a problem in there life and that we have to stop the world for them, i would much rather have nine out of ten people walk out the store happy that they have what they want and got the service they wanted, then that one out of ten who was pissed off about something ridiculous or out of control NOT get what they want and leave the store and never come back..

screw you 1 out of 10.. work in retail for a weekend than best buy employees wouldnt have to waste our time with a 1 out of 10, we have to help the other 9 who have a CLUE..



As a former employee of Best Buy, I have to agree with most of you. There was usually the only person working in the camera department until someone else came in. And i had to deal with customers in person and on the phone. Usually when the phone rings while i'm with a customer I tell the customer, "Here. Why don't you look at this while I answer this call," and hand them the camera. My managers didn't really approve of it, but what else can i do? Either you'd have the angry customer trying to get through on the phone come in the store and personally talk to you (which has happened to me), or you'd have the customer upset and kind of left standing there because you left to answer the phone.

We were also pushed to greet the customer as soon as they enter the department and sort of "stalk" them as they shop. If they were just looking, we say, "Mind if I look with you?" We had to exchange names and see if they've been to the other competitors. The manager would come up to me and ask,"What's her name?" or "Have they shopped at Circuit City?" like if it was our business.

Even if I had a $1000 sale, the "team" would come up to me and point out what i did wrong. I offer everything we had to offer: RewardZone, Best Buy credit cards, and the service plans. If the customer didn't want it, i left it at that. I may mention it again at the register, and tell them about the benefits. Sometimes they have a change of heart, and sometimes they don't. But that's all up to them. But my manager would always come up to me and ask why they didn't get the Rewards card or the credit card. Simple answer: THEY DIDN'T WANT IT. I never really received a "way to go on that sale" or
a "good job." Always criticism...everyone's a critic I guess.

But I do agree that some customers are hard to deal with. I had this family come to me. We were talking about some camera. When they asked about the return policy, I told them it was 2 weeks, which it was. What else could I do...lie? They got really upset at me. Cussed me out. I took it. They went to the manager who told them it was 2 weeks. They ended up buying it anyways. But the manager told my supervisor to "have a talk" with me. But he told me that I didn't do anything wrong and don't worry about it (which I already knew).

The thing that made me quit was one day I tried to get through the phone lines to call out sick. I was feeling like sh!t. When someone finally picked up, I asked if someone can fill in for me. I figured since I've done so many favors for them (worked about 7-10 days while this guy was "stuck" in Vietnam, which I didn't really believe; covered for this one guy when he had too many hours for the week; came in when my supervisor was feeling sick; covered for this other guy who got fired; closed with the new guy Charlie b/c he didn't know what to do, which wasn't his fault...just another favor I did for the "team"; stayed longer when they asked; there's more...) they could do just one thing for me. But what did I get? "All of us here are depending on you...blah blah blah...I thought we were your friends." I took a deep breath in and almost-almost-snapped on her @$$ (catch me in a bad mood and see what happens). Almost said what would've went down if we were really friends. Almost told her that if we were really friends, she wouldn't be using the "I thought we were friends" line. Almost exploded over the phone with all the favors I've done for them, but they couldn't cover for me one day?? But I didn't. That day I turned in my 2 weeks.

So, as a customer, before you start complaining, just think that maybe-just maybe-that that employee that you are speaking with, is being mistreated not just by you, but by the corporation as well.

I have to say...the best thing about working there was the discount.

A 32" HD tv was advertised for sale at my BB store. I bought it at what I considered to be a fair price. The next day, it was advertised on Best for $300 less. When I called for an explanation, I was told to come in with my receipt and the web page printout and that the difference would be refunded.
Came in the next day, was given the run around by 2 rude empoyees who refused to believe the conversation I'd had with customer service. They walked away. I asked for the manager to complain.
He apologized, said he would order a TV at the sale price if I would pay for it. I said that I would come in the next day with the TV and return it for credit then he could order the replacement television. Came back the next day with my TV...was told that the one I'd seen on sale was a different model, that it was no longer available....did I want to upgrade to a more expensive model? After looking at the printout from the website, no one could explain how the sale TV was any different from the one I'd purchased for $300 more. Before I left the store, a salesperson came up and apologized...said that the sale TV I was looking for was only a "door buster"...that there was only one per store and that they were sold out in an hour. I believe this is called "bait and switch."

no its called "your a moron", model numbers are stated very clearly in store and bout you make sure you know what your buying before you spend money on expensive shit.. and "door buster" is an actual retail term..


I have had a variety of experiences at Best Buy. I'll lump them:

1. When I was helping my mother research to buy a new computer, we visited several stores. At Best Buy, we went straight to the department and looked around. Four staff members were standing at the end of the aisle talking. We saw one we liked and looked in their direction. Nothing. I waved. One rolled his eyes. I pointed to the computer and then to my mother's wallet. They laughed about something. Another customer came up and asked if we knew which computer was best and we said, "We don't know, no one will help us." The staff smiled at us. Finally I asked them if they worked there (as if the blue shirts and nametags wouldn't say so), they said, "Yeah," and kept talking to each other. A man walked into the aisle and the four guys were suddenly super eager to help him out. So we left and told the guy at the door on the way out that no one would help us.

2. We bought a microwave at Best Buy, with a four year warranty. After a little over a year, using it would start the smell of burning rubber and a little smoke came out. We took it to the store and were kept waiting, first in line, for 30 minutes. Finally a guy came and said he had to ship it out because they aren't capable of plugging in a microwave to watch is smoke. This process took another 15 minutes. Meanwhile another customer was talking to a Geek Squad guy about her computer and had apparently had to have her computer sent off FIVE TIMES for a defective cd drive. Poor woman. So we did without the microwave for almost two weeks. I went to pick it up and had to wait 20 minutes again because, out of the four computers in the Geek Squad area, only two worked (how's that for irony?). After 10 minutes of wrangling, I got the microwave and the repair sheet said there was nothing wrong with it. It smokes. But there was nothing wrong with it. And of course it still smokes. Since the microwave was bought with a gift certificate someone gave us we're going to just trash it and buy one somewhere else.


1. Needed memory for my computer (this is about two years after the bad experience looking for a computer for mom). No other store in town had any in stock so I went to BB. The guy in that area fell all over himself to get me the right card at the best price and even managed to finagle a discount for me. I filled out a card saying he was very nice. The memory fixed my problems.

2. I needed a cable for some speakers and no other store had the exact right ones. I went to BB and the guy I ran into listened to me describe them and then personally let me stay and look at music dvds while he ran and got the cables, then shook my hand. I filled out a card for him too.

I've never called 888 Best Buy so I can't comment, but since I had a few different views I figured I'd share them.

I dropped my ocmputer off at Best Buy (Antioch TN, just outside of Nashville) over a month ago. I picked it back up at the store to find the CD writer didn't work--the next day the hard drive crashed.

5 weeks later BestBuy still possesses my computer. To recount, I dropped of my 'puter to get it fixed BEFORE the warranty expired.

Their service center twice left messages telling me it would cost me $474.07 (this number is etched into my brain) to fix the problem THEY caused. I went straight to the store. The Geek Squad basically told me there were sorry the computer now had problems the day after I picked it up from them, but those things just happen sometimes. I'M NOT EXAGGERATING OR LEAVING ANYTHING OUT. I DID NOTHING TO CAUSE THIS COMPUTER TO FAIL.

After I protested, angry but still polite, the Geek Squad manager, Tony, finally volunteered to escalate this problem to a higher group at the service center.

I later found out from that center that he had escalated nothing.

Two days (Friday) later I continued to get voicemails on my cell from their repair center, still wanting money for repair.

I shouldn't have to beg for help, it should be taken care of before I know anything is wrong. I called the store manager, Melissa M. and told her what was going on. She's failed to call me back the next day as promised, and then on Monday, as also promised. Both times I had to call and request her.

I can't believe how difficult it is to get someone to do the right thing. However, I finally was able to receive a call from their repair center yesterday. I explained the problem to that woman, Bobbie, and what had happened. She called back 3 minutes later and said it was taken care of, that the issue would be fixed and the machine returned to me promptly. Wow, 3 minutes. That's when I found out Tony hadn't "escalated" anything.

I still haven't been able to speak to the store manager about this since Saturday, but her time is nearing.

I dropped my computer off at Best Buy (Antioch TN, just outside of Nashville) over a month ago. I picked it back up at the store to find the CD writer didn't work--the next day the hard drive crashed.

5 weeks later BestBuy still possesses my computer. To recount, I dropped of my 'puter to get it fixed BEFORE the warranty expired.

Their service center twice left messages telling me it would cost me $474.07 (this number is etched into my brain) to fix the problem THEY caused. I went straight to the store. The Geek Squad basically told me there were sorry the computer now had problems the day after I picked it up from them, but those things just happen sometimes. I'M NOT EXAGGERATING OR LEAVING ANYTHING OUT. I DID NOTHING TO CAUSE THIS COMPUTER TO FAIL.

After I protested, angry but still polite, the Geek Squad manager, Tony, finally volunteered to escalate this problem to a higher group at the service center.

I later found out from that center that he had escalated nothing.

Two days (Friday) later I continued to get voicemails on my cell from their repair center, still wanting money for repair.

I shouldn't have to beg for help, it should be taken care of before I know anything is wrong. I called the store manager, Melissa M. and told her what was going on. She's failed to call me back the next day as promised, and then on Monday, as also promised. Both times I had to call and request her.

I can't believe how difficult it is to get someone to do the right thing. However, I finally was able to receive a call from their repair center yesterday. I explained the problem to that woman, Bobbie, and what had happened. She called back 3 minutes later and said it was taken care of, that the issue would be fixed and the machine returned to me promptly. Wow, 3 minutes. That's when I found out Tony hadn't "escalated" anything.

I still haven't been able to speak to the store manager about this since Saturday, but her time is nearing.

Best Buy needs to revisit their return policy and customer service. Circuit City across the street in Lafayette is opening their doors to alot of unhappy BestBuy customers and laughing all the way to the bank!! Hope BestBuy corporate office reads these comments on this website and is concerned that "hey wait a minute we are losing good customers" . I have purchased TV, Laptop, many,many DVD's and CD's /etc. By the way, while I'm typing this I'm on the phone with the Corporate office with Best Buy Customer Relations Dept. I Have been waiting 15 minutes 48 seconds. I think their phone is off the hook!! I'm hanging UP !!

Best buy was fixing

Final payment....on 6 month free interest. All of our first 5 payments...were no problem...Then our last one was mailed early and guess what happened. It was late and all the interest was accrued for the whole contract. What to do ? They did wave all the fees except for $33... Should have been $0.00. They made there money. Good luck to the next person buying this way.
Make sure you take your last payment in to a local store to pay your final payment on a contract like this one with free interest.

Going on 2 months waiting for our 61" samsung TV to get repaired. Still in the shop. Best Buy- Worst service I've ever seen. Never again will I buy anything from Best Buy. Samsung TV isn't getting a very high rating also.

Best Buy Customer Service sucks! They do not have enough people to fix all the problems the products they sell have. My refrigerator (less than 4 months old), both freezer and refrigerator sections, has been out for more than 10 days now and still do not have a resolution. The parts took more than a week to arrive and then I go down in the list to schedule an appointment to get it fixed.

It is absolutely idiotic the way the customer service operates. Cannot talk to anybody who has any iota of authority to make decisions.

Don't buy the extended warranty and expect any service soon. They take their sweet time to get your equipment fixed.

Bought home theater system last year for family Christmas gift. We rarely used it because we really don't watch much TV, but thought that the system would be nice when we do. Last night we put in a few Christmas CD's to listen to and it quit working. Hubby took system back to BB today to have repaired. Oops, guess we are about 2 weeks past our 1 year warranty period, of course they wouldn't even consider repairing it. After reading many of these posts probably wouldn't have done any good anyway. Yes BB's customer service sucks. Luckily I have choices and will be off to spend my money elsewhere. I LOVE Costco's return policy and they carry QUALITY merchandise.

As stated before, if you are polite, kind, and patient, we will help you in any way we can. If we don't answer the phone, it is usually because we are completely swamped! Do you realize how frustrating it is when you are trying to help a customer in real life, and someone wants to shop on the phone? That's why we have the store, or!

I had one guy buy a Television from me not to long ago, we didn't have it in stock, and I was busting my butt trying to get it DELIVERED to his house the NEXT DAY, so that he could watch the big game. It ended up taking me an hour, but I got it done. He chewed me out for 10 minutes about how I took to long. Mainly because I was ANSWERING THE PHONE. Also he was mad about the "Add On Sales" I was trying to do. I don't get commission. When we "Add On Sales", like HDMI cables, Power Centers, or Service Plans, we do it to help YOU. That's my job. I try my best to excel at it. I can only do so much.

If something is getting serviced and it's taking forever, don't blame the In-Store employees!!! We can do nothing! It is not our fault if something breaks and it is taking a while to get a part in!

All in all, just please be kind to the employees, a majority of them (including me) want to help you. Please let us. I do know it's not the same for every store, but come in to the one in Edmond,OK and I'll take care of you.

Since September I've been trying to get the battery on my Gateway laptop replaced. Within a month it started failing, and the response I got from Best Buy (after buying the 3-year plan), was to call the Call Center. The answer I got from them was that the battery was too new to be in their warehouse. I then went back to the store and was given the run around, being told once that the battery was in Europe. I looked online and found that the battery was readily available, so I went back to the store and found a sympathic custome servie rep who called. She was told the foudn a battery and would be sending it out that week, they asked for me e-mail so they could tell me when to expect it. 2 weeks later still no battery, so I went back to the store and went back to the same rep who called again, then said she would send it further up the line, that was over two ago and still no response. After Christmas, I'm contacting the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division and filing a complaint. Maybe they'll listen to the State.

haha, all of you can complain about Best Buy as much as you want, but the fact of the matter is, at Best Buy we are the best at what we do, Best Buy is the #1 electronics retailer in the world for a reason, as we continue to crush the competition and grow rapidly, you will begin to notice Circuit City locations being boarded up, as this happens try Best Buy again with a clear head because we are all about pleasing our customers. We practice a little something called "Customer Centricity"( customer at the center of every decision we make. you dont even realize it but each individual store tailors to the most dominant demographic in the stores area ). If you have ever come into one of our stores during the holidays, you would see how busy we really are, the customers that are in our store have made the trip to come into our store to get what they need, if any of you were in there getting helped by a Blue Shirt, and they continiously walked away to answer the phone which by the way is usually to just to answer some pointless question, you guys would be very upset. So that being said, when you come into our stores ecspecially during the holidays, you all need to realize that it is the holidays, there will be lines, there will be waits, stress levels will be high, BUT, if you come in with a good attitude and show that you are being patient, I PROMISE you will be greeted with a smile and have an awesome experience. Now, if you will excuse me im going to purchase some more Best Buy Stock!

In reply to Dale, Best Buy is doomed due to it's lack of customer service. I won't go there any longer due to one horrible experience that Best Buy could have easily resolved but instead wanted to call me a liar. But you know the real problem is not that your customer service stinks it is that Wal-mart is entering the electronics market big time. Before you were pretty much the only game in town, now I get to make a decision. So let's see, both places have poor customer service. The 16 year old at Wal-Mart knows as much as the 16 year olds at Best Buy so how do I make my decision? Very easy, price. Sadly, Wal-mart will devour you when it comes to price. So continue to be arrogant at your success and soon you will be second rate like the other major retailers are now.

I recently came into the store to buy a movie as a cristmas gift. The store associate told me I would receive it the following day, since I was paying overnight shipping. Wrong i did not receive the movie untill 4 days later. I am on the phone right now as I am typing this comment. I have been on the phone for 32min and still holding. I have called several times and havent been able to get through to a supervisor. All I want is my money back on the shipping. I was promised overnight shipping and DID NOT GET IT. SHOULDN'T I GET MY MONEY BACK ON THE SHIPPING? Wow an operator just finished telling me 38MIN is not bad... CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS????

i bought a microwave 4 years ago, it has been repaired by best buy every year..this year best buy claims the microwave is not covered..and was never covered..they have sent me on a wild goose chase to get an answer..i have a document that says the micro is covered...i will bring them to court and let the judge decide!!!!

I'm generally satisfied with transactions in-store at Best Buy. For the most part everyone is nice. However, I dread having to call them on the phone. It doesn't matter whether it's Christmas or not, the phone systems seldom work right, phones don't get answered, or recorded messages hang up on you.

I mentioned to my cousin that I was going to call around to see if any stores within 40 miles had the PS3 now that it's the week after Christmas. That's a bad situation already, but to my surprise he said "why bother? You can't get through to anyone anyways." For the most part, I agree.

I called 6 Best Buys in the last 2 hours. Three of them say "press 8 for information on Play Station 3." Pressing 8 just makes the phone system repeat itself and state again that pressing 8 will get you PS3 information. In those stores, I continued past and tried to get customer service. In two of the stores the line just rang and rang and no one picked up. In the third, someone nice did pick up and transfer me straight to the department, who helped me promptly.

At another one I got the department, but the guy put me on hold and forgot about me. I heard him talking to a coworker about a hot customer he helped a little while ago. Apparently, she had a nice arse.

Another one dropped my call three times while working through the phone system. The final one never picked up when I tried to transfer to customer service.

If staffing really is an issue, as others have said above, it is shameful that Best Buy doesn't hire more phone support staff in-store. If I have another round like this, I won't be trying to talk to them anymore about my purchase. I'll buy it from someone else and will be reluctant to try them again in the future.

Been dealing with the Indian call center on a web order that got messed up. After several calls and a couple of calls begging to speak to someone in America that could actually solve my problem, I'm giving up. Circuit city, you've got my business from here.

In August, 2006, I bought an Insignia (Best Buy own brand) receiver on the strong recommendation of the sales clerk. In December, 2006, the receiver literally blew up. When I returned it the store, the Customer Service Representative Amanada said, "Well, you didn't buy the extended warranty and our warranty is only for 30 days so you are just out of luck."

I left the receiver on the counter and bought a Sony 800 from Circuit City. The Sony has a TWO YEAR warranty.

Moral: Buy at Best Buy at your own peril!!

I think all of you are a bunch of whiny bitches.

Best Buy has the WORST customer service (call center) I have ever encountered !!

The Best Buy store I usually shop at is the Mall of Georgia location. In the last year and a half I have purchased from this store the following items. All costs are approximate at the time of purchase.

HP Deskjet 3820 $150.00
Epson R300 Photo Printer $200.00
Epson R340 Photo Printer $200.00
Sony Vaio computer $1300.00
Sony Dsc75 Digital camera $650.00
Sony DCRTRV330 camcorder $1200.00
2 each Nikon D70 digital cameras $1300.00 each
Extended warranty for both cameras $300.00 (150 each)
Toshiba 19 inch flat panel TV $350.00
Toshiba 42 inch plasma TV $2600.00
Extended warranty for the plasma TV $150.00
Sony projection TV 50 inch $2000.00
Extended warranty for TV $150.00
HP laptop computer $659.00
Cannon SD 600 $214.00
Bose GSX series home surround sound system $2200.00

All together this comes to a little over $13,000.00.

This past Sunday 12/31/2006 while watching a football game on my Toshiba plasma TV (LESS THAN 1 YEAR OLD) the screen went black and the power button started flashing. I turned it off and turned it back on but it would not power up. I called my local Best Buy store and it took 6 calls before I could actually speak to someone, their phone system after putting you on hold would hang up. Anyway I asked to speak to the manager who told me to call 1-888-Best Buy. I called that number and after going thru the drill of entering all the info they wanted it told me they were closed! Go figure, why not just say that up front?
The next day I called again and after going thru the same version I spoke to a woman who told me it would be January 10th before someone would come to my house to service my TV. She apparently thought that was funny because when I complained about the amount of time that it would take and she started laughing.
I got my neighbor to help me lift it into my vehicle and I took it to my local Best Buy store, the manager there simply does not understand good customer service. He filled out a ticket and told me that in about 2 days they would send it off for repair, when I asked how long it would take he said "Who Knows".
I tried calling Best Buy corporate offices and was immediately transferred to ......Guess what 1-888-Best Buy, The same people who gave me the long wait time.
To make a long story short if I had bought the TV at Wal Mart I could have simply taken it back and got my money back but since I didn't, I'm stuck with Best Buy's excuse for customer service.

I just want someone to tell me why you treat customers this way. I realize I am not the largest purchaser of electronics at Best Buy, I also know that I am nobody special to your company, however I have purchased quite a bit dollar wise in this local store.
This TV was less than 1 year old and the correct way to handle this would have been for the manager to have simply let me return this TV and given me a new one. That is the way most retailers would have handled it.

I got a 3 yr service plan on a laptop that I bought from Best Buy. I have needed it twice now. The first time to replace where the power cord goes in -- that repair took about 3 weeks.
The second repair took 4 weeks for a LCD inverter repair (screen).
I'm glad I got the service plan (the computer cost about $1400). The repairs were done but service is really S L O W.
I've decided to only buy laptops less than $500 -- these are now equivalent to my 2 year old $1400 model. I will buy it online with a credit card that will extend the manufacturers warranty to 2 years --no more $300 service plans.
I will have two $500 laptops-- one for back up if the other one has to be sent out.
I'm also going to buy from an online store where i don't have to pay sales tax.
So even if I buy a $500 laptop every two years (with a 2 year warranty) I will still be ahead of buying a $1400 laptop plus a $300 service plan/ 3 years.
BestBuy, I wouldn't be taking my business elsewhere if you weren't so SLOW with your repairs.

Some Best Buy employees in Jacksonville Florida are incompetent. I dropped off my digital camera (which was a replacement camera because the original camera broke also and since we had an extended warranty we were able to get a replacement camera) to get fixed and the girl at geek squad said that it will be sent out to get repaired and to give them 21 days to get it fixed. I waited 23 days to call and I was told that the warranty was for the original camera purchased so they had to send it back again with the correct warranty for the replacement camera. This was around Oct 20th 2006, it is now Jan. 2nd, 2007 still not have the camera.

I went there a few days before Christmas to talk to the people at geek squad because my camera had been there for over a month. I tried to get a refund or a loaner camera. I was told by a supervisor that once its been fixed, he will give me a call and he will ship it to me over night. He said it should be back within 5 business days. I was going to be gone from Dec 21-Jan 1. I never got a call. I went there today to find out what is going on and the supervisor was not there. I talked to another supervisor and could not really help me. I lost my trust to Best Buy because i feel that their employees are not very well trained. This whole thing could have been avoided if the girl from geek squad had told me that after it was replaced, the warranty gets voided out. But yet they still sent out my camera and i waited and still waiting. They gave me false hope, and they lied to me. I feel that they had taken advantage of me by not doing anything about the camera and lieng to me. I am still waiting for the camera. At this point, I lost all my patience. NO MORE BEST BUY...

I am frustrated with Best Buy. I bought 2 Ipods for Christmas from Best Buy. They had a promotional offer of gift cards with your purchase. I was to receive 2 gift cards in the amount of $20, and $30. I received the ipods but no gift cards. Upon contacting the company, I was told that since I did not "click" on the free gift card offer that my purchase did not qualify. There were no instructions to that effect. Has anyone else out there had the same experience with deceptive offers by Best Buy??

Am I the only person who's never had a problem with Best Buy? I shop there all the time! Maybe I just research products better...or something? I just finished an application to work there. Retail does suck but sometimes a college student has little options. Hopefully it's not all that bad.

I cannot begin to discuss my dissatisfaction with the service at Best Buy. I have been dealing with a Samsung digital camcorder that never worked correctly from day one.

To their credit Samsung has been trying to do the right thing, but Best buy is holding them hostage, as they probably many of their vendors.

After reading all of the complaints, I am now totally convinced that best buy is buying manufacturers rejected products and passing them off as "passed quality control".

Let's face it, it's a numbers game.
Most people don't have the strength to complain or defend themselves. My experience with the Store Manager (Amber) at the Pratt Street in Baltimore is this; She has obviously been trained to back the customer down, and to communicate in a subtle way that BB could care less whether you spend more money there or not. They have my money therefore, mission accomplished.

To understand why this model is working so well you merely have to analyze their Best Buy's recent financials.
(a) They had the best December on record this year.
(b) They are going to pay out a .47 cent dividend to their stockholders this quarter.
(c) Their line employees are the worst paid in the industry.
All, a great recipe for increased profit, and maximization of shareholder value, albeit short term.

They numbers are in their favor. They are winning, and the customers are losing.

PREDICTION - Prediction - It will probably take 8-10 years but I predict that BB will experience the same fate that as the Chrysler before they where bailed out by your tax dollars and mine.



My research and this website have given critical feedback that will substantiate the result of my 5 year findings. I welcome any feedback from fellow economist. I also welcome feedback from Best Buy Corporate to discuss my findings.

Best Buy is terrible. They have a concept store in Chicago (Escape) I wanted to exchange a gift bought there but they did not have what I wanted. They said they would get it in a week and, if not, they would refund the money. Came back a week later, they don't have it, they are closing the store and won't get it and they won't give me the money back (though they will credit the account it was purchased under- not helpful as it was a gift, why would I want to credit it back to the purchaser?) I called customer disservice. They actually told me I have to go to the Escape Store, return it, get a gift card, send the card to Best Buy corporate and wait for them to send me a Best Buy card. Besides the hassle (and my concern I would never get anything back) I do not want to benefit these people at all. Do not shop there. They have no interest in customers. I also suggested to them they take some customer service tips from Nordstrom, a much superior organization.

Just to give a heads up When your offered a PROTECTION PLAN, GET IT. You all bitch about people trying to sell you one but im sure your one of the customers ive seen at the Geek Squad wanting to fix your piece of crap you broke nad you have no extended warrant. I personally dont make and extra money off selling it to you. and if your worried about calling a store and no answer, Quit being a fuckin lazy ass and drive to a store. Fuck never seen such ridiculous comments in my life. LAzy fuckers

I read your statement and in agreement with most of what you stated.
But, there are a lot of overseas people who say more "thank you" and "please hold a minute" then actual statements of help.

Since you are a manager for a call center, maybe you can comment on this recent happening:

Purchased a computer in December/2006. Two weeks in the running, tower failed! Called service, spent three days (from 9:00 pm to 1:30 am with broken english guy named JIM who finally wanted to send me a refurbished unit in five days! I called Best Buy and manager said to take it down to his outlet and I did. One week later, similar problem experienced and contacted service with same results except this had to be handled over the phone and not at the Best Buy store. I wound up paying shipping for a new modem that I had to install myself after calling for assistance when the modem was received and system works fine. Now, hooking up phone/fax/scanner, two days in use, it too went out. Called HP and they sent me a refurbished unit! During these events, at the store, I addressed the special price and rewards with him and he added the program to my slip of sale. It took a friend to tell me I had to apply for it at the counter when paying for unit! I called store, explained I was not told this till that time and they obliged by reapplying purchase on another code, I signedmy name and got the reward system.

Bought another unit complete and used the reward card about two months after the first series of problems on my original purchase, was fixed. Both were paid in two months of purchase and started to receive dollar off cards if buying $100 to $150.00 mimimum cards but did not use them and discarded. December rolls around and I realized I never received any reward dollars due to the amount of points accumulated for the two purchases paid, so I called rewards and got a message that they were sent to me in groups or increments!
I said that I only received sales incentives and never had any reward dollars. The rep put me on hold to check something and got back saying that no rewards showed up being used and he would reapply $60.00 back into the system and thanked me for my patience. He also told me to check back on the rewards site within two weeks to down load the coupon. During the two week deadline to check, I saw nothing on site. Called the rep again and a woman was checking and said it would now take an additional two weeks for it to show up on my site.
Today, I received an email from another lady named Vallery from customer service and said that once the rewards were sent and the deadline for use was not used, they were discontinued and cannot be ordered again, so that is that. I wanted to call the main phone of Best Buy with the hopes of getting intouch with a manager or official that can review this incident and hopefully reactivate what was discontinued. Any suggestions on a phone for Best Buy, or what state are they in so I can possibly check on obtaining this number.

thanks, Ed

On Dec. 23rd 2006 my significant other and I purchased 2 TV from best buy, 1 was in stock 1 was not, close to 4 k worth of TV's and service contracts, we took 1 home that night, on dec.24th Christmas eve we decided not to get the one that was not in stock but was paid for, so we went to exchange it, but the girl messed up and returned it instead, however the credit takes a while so when we went to pay for the exchanged TV with the debit card we were told we were over our spending limit for the day or something with 3.5k on hold. So we used the credit card... 1549 for TV and 299 for extended service, don't forget uncle sams cut. We got it home opened it up and the glass was shattered...spider cracks on the top and center only, but all I saw was a shattered TV at the time. It was Christmas can't let it get you down especially when you have a 5yr old son to make happy, it was still a sad day, after all I can return it on the 26th its not like we broke it in any way. On the 26th as I stood in the store lobby close to tears, angry that this manager was telling me that there was nothing he was going to do, return or exchange, he even told me I broke it, or dropped it or something like that. And very rude to me that I would dream of asking for his name and the number to customer service. A little bit worried at this point I am calling customer service from here I know its just a misunderstanding on his part, so while I was on hold with customer service he called the police to escort me out of the store. After getting home and finally getting threw to customer service to no avail I have contacted every possible source legal I know of or can find I have moved on to the media, even had a television interview, the newsman even said on the news I was on my own with best buy per corp. in a phone call (personal call from the reporter) he told me of similar reports to best buy but the people who reported the similar problems had all said they had dropped the TV I never dropped it! But the guy from Best Buy would give me a call... That was 3 days ago. My girlfriend was there with me from store to house we have been together for 5 yrs, just bought a house together 4 days prior to buying the TV. I have contacted media all around the us its a good tell us your worst shopping experience story, or the nightmare before Christmas story If I have a case great, if I don't at least there is 1 more person who possibly will not make the mistake of a purchase there. I think that's it. Oh yea the kid brought the TV from the back on a hand truck on its side there is video of this for now, until it is erased... Thank you for your time, Sincerly

About three weeks ago my mother brought her laptop in for repairs. The Geek Squad told her that it was going to cost two hundred and fifty dollars to re-install windows. (Windows takes 20 minutes to install & she had already purchased the copy) I'm not sure why it costs two hundred and fifty dolars to install soley windows. She paid for it because she is a very trusting women and not very electonically inclined. A week later she complained that the keyboard was not working. She took the laptop in and they called her back about 10 days later. The geek squad told her that the computer had water damage (which is not covered under warranty) and she would either have to buy a new one or trash it. So like most trusting customers she went out and replaced the 4 month old laptop with a top of the line brand new laptop. The buying price of this computer was around twelve to thirteen hundred dollars.
The following week I came into town and heard about the situation. I asked Best Buy to have the broken computer back and after maybe two weeks of bumbling around it turned up. I took the laptop home, saw that it had the trojan virus, removed it, and in the ten minutes of having the computer home it was running fine. The geek squad (best buy) had told my mother that the computer had water damge just so they did not have to pay for damages. Which in this case there were no damages before she sent the computer in. (Just a nasty virus which they should have detected) I also noticed that the computer case was still half open and there was something rattling around inside the computer. I opened it up and they had ripped a mounting bracket off and left it inside the computer with screw still attached. This in a matter of time would have shorted out the board. (Destroyed the computer)
In conclucion I'm furious with Best Buy and the Geek Squad. There is no doubt in my mind that they took complete advantage of a sweet women who knows nothing about computers. Furthermore, instead of assisting with the problem they just created more. My guess is that this happens all the time and that they are making a killing off people like my Mom. I really hope to stop this and will do anything I can to shed light on the problem. These guys are crooks.......


I have never in my life had worser customer service then this. I was promised a callback as I never received the promotional items listed in the offer for a digital cam. The digital cam arrived damaged and I returned it on dec 14th 2006 and I am yet still to receive my refund. They keep telling me I received it. Furthermore, it would be nice to have an "english speaking person" on the other end. I got told these things....

Customer service rep:

I will send this to a special department that handles this,they will call me back within 48 hours (never called back)

Customer Service Manager:

I am taking this in my own hands I promise to call you tommorow..(never called back)

Customer service rep:

I am sending this on to the Credit Departments special team they will call within 48 hours...(never called back)

Customer service rep:

Why don't you just stop calling us. You never paid for this camera! Just leave us alone! (I did not now Best Buy gives out free digital camaras....hmm)

Manager in Minneapolis Headquarters:

The money got deposited it will show in your bankstatement within 72 hours.....(never received it)

Customer service rep:

The supervisors are all on the phone and can't talk to you(after 70 minutes of trying to explain) And the Managers do not take phonecalls.

I called back the Minneapolis Headquarters and asked for the manager I spoke to before:

We have never heard of him here.

Now they want more faxes from Bankstatements all over again which allready I have paid $15.00 in prior faxes for their mess up. Furthermore I had to call numorous numbers that were not Long 800 numbers. I wrote the BBB and the Chairman of the Company. The only response I received was from the BBB. Today I received an Email from the manager in Minneapolis Headquarters telling me to fax this by 01/12/2006 or the case is closed! How dare they do that! I want my money back! That is all!
Here the mail I got:

In order to get this situation fixed up could you please fax in a copy
of your bank statement showing the dates from the 12/13/06 till
01/09/07. This can be faxed to 1-888-228-5254 attn: Sandee. It needs to
be faxed in by 01/12/07. Or this case will have to be closed.


Best Buy Customer Care Team

I called them every day so far and most the time it took over an hour to get to someone. I faxed in everthing I am at ends wit.
I am thinking of getting a lawyer,

To whom it may concern,

Last Monday 8th of January I went to the following store and was hosted by Solange in the computer department.



Tel: 201-5561321

After attempting to build an effective customer-seller interaction, Solange's impatience to my queries about computer (un)availability resulted in a regrettable response:

"if you want, I could check on your face"

Her general rudeness, lack of manners and absence of finesse is a sincere insult to BestBuy's reputation for first class service.

Her response was indeed upsetting. She is an embarrassment to your reputation.

The result of her attitude is that I went to Circuit City and spent an amount of money that would have otherwise been BestBuy's.

I really regret that the aforementioned employee has failed miserably to gain anything from BestBuy's award winning customer satisfaction training programmes.

I had good service at best buy when I bought an expensive camera from them. I also had great service buying online. Buying my car stereo from them was another issue. They cracked my dash and hid the crack with a plate, saw it a few months later when the plate fell off

AND then they did not install the main part of the radio- the selling point of the radio was being able to play an ipod through it- they didn't install it and said it would cost extra (was supposed to be free install). Geeze- the big selling feature in the store was that part of the radio. Didn't have time for them to pull everything out and fix it. SHould have had them remove the stereo and get my money back.

I would never buy or have them install a radio in a car that I cared about.

First of all, I'm glad that there is a site like this.

My experience with a customer service person a few days ago in regards to an online purchase is probably the worst CS experience I've had (serious note: ever!).

It all began with a teenager who clearly didn't listen to my issue. He only asked for my order number, full name, and credit card number (wtf?). Obviously, I didn't give him my CC# since I knew it was not necessary. Eventually, after waiting a few minutes with him mocking my first and last name, he found my case # and just said, "call later" and hung up.


Good job BB. If I only knew beforehand that your CS department is so helpful, I would have bought millions of dollars worth of overpriced electronics.

I like bestbuy. I scam it very often. I purchase broken stuff on ebay, and a working electronic at bestbuy, switch it around and return it no problem. I have never had any problems other than being asked for my phone number.

Here's the body of a letter I just sent to Best Buy's CEO. I now realize I've wasted my time and ink. So, here's yet another tale of BB outstanding customer service.

122706 I drop my laptop off at the Best Buy West Hollywood store. The estimated return date is 010807.

010807 I call the West Hollywood store to get information on computer. Holly states she will call back in 45 minutes. She doesn't call back, I go to store at 3 p.m. because nobody answers the phone at the West Hollywood store. Holly states she will call me back first thing in the morning. She has never called back.

0109087 After repeatedly calling the West Hollywood store with no answer, I call Best Buy Customer Service. Darla states the computer is being shipped back and it should be in the store by 011207 and to call back then.

011207 After not being able to get through to the West Hollywood store, I call the Atwater Village store to see if they can help with service order. I ask for a manager but never get to speak to one; he stays in the background giving directions. Armand says the Atwater Village store will call the West Hollywood store and have the manager call me. I never receive a call back.

011307 I call Best Buy Customer Service and speak to Nicki. She states she will call the manager at West Hollywood store and have them call me. I never receive a call back. She states I can use x2180 to get through to the store.

011507 I call West Hollywood store using x2180 and get someone named Smitt. He cannot get the Geek Squad to answer the phone and keeps sending me off to voicemail hell. I give up at the store level, call Customer Service, ask for Nick and request a call back in her voicemail. I never receive a call back. I call Corporate again at the end of the day. Homer says only that the computer has been shipped out. I ask for a Supervisor and speak to Shirley Renkert at x20115. She states FedEx tried to deliver my laptop to the West Hollywood store on 010907, 011007 and again on 011107. There is no answer and the computer has been returned to Hewlett Packard. Shirley states she cannot get a response from the manager at the West Hollywood store and since she leaves in 40 minutes, she'll email the manager and call me in the morning with some resolution. I ask for the regional manager's name and am put off.

011607 I call Shirley at leave message in voicemail at 10 a.m. I never receive a call back. I call Corporate again at 12:15 and end up speaking with Eric at x20056. He says Shirley may not even be in, he sees the computer delivery was attempted 5 times and he will get computer sent back to West Hollywood store and it will take an additional 3-4 days. I again ask for the regional manager's name and am put off.

I have recently become victim of a Best Buy Scam. See the entire complaint with images from the following link.

Or, I guess I could just post it...


Denver CO 80210
January 16, 2007

Best Buy Corporate
Dear Best Buy Corporate,
I have just been victim to just about the worst example of customer service that I have ever experienced and unfortunately I am forced to write about this very unprofessional and legally questionable experience.

Because of the low prices, I have decided to purchase a new large screen HD television for my living room. After shopping around for several days and speaking to many sales reps I decided on a 61" JVC HD-ILA Projection TV Model: HD61FN97. My sales rep, Cory, pointed out that one of the great benefits to purchasing this TV from Best Buy was that this model came with a "Free JVC Stand (RKCPRM7)" and that Best Buy was offering a $500.00 instant rebate as well. Just like Cory stated, the Best Buy ticket promises a "Free Stand" with purchase and shows the "As Advertised" price of the T.V. for $2649.99 and $2149.99 after instant rebate. I decided this was a great deal so I paid cash and had the television delivered to my house later that day.

The television was delivered on time and the delivery personnel were prompt and professional. After they sat the TV down on the floor the delivery person asked where we planned on setting the unit. I advised him that the purchase was to include a free stand but to no avail the driver didn't have it on the truck. Not a problem, Best Buy is 2 miles up the road I can go get it.

I walk into Best Buy store #211 4011 E. Mexico Ave, Denver CO 80222 and go back to the Magnolia Home Theater section and spoke to the person behind the counter. This gentleman was very friendly and we explained to him our situation. He hit a few keys on his keyboard and then told us that they did not have any in stock and I would need to go to the warehouse (40 miles away) to pick it up. He proceeded to call a manager over to assist with setting up the transaction.

This is where for the most part my very positive experience turned quite ugly. The Assistant Manager by the name of Rinad Abdul came over and was updated as to the situation. She examined my receipt as well as the flyer posted on the TV for several minutes before telling me that unfortunately Best Buy would not honor the free stand offer. (Image links will be provided at the end of the letter).

I advised her that it was false advertising to make an offer on a posted flyer and then not honor it. She proceeded to explain that I received a $250.00 credit because I opted to receive the "Home Theater Setup" which was an additional charge of $200. It appears as though when a customer opts for this service, Best Buy applies an internal discount and the Television rings up for $1899.99 and then an additional $200.00 charge for Home Theater. Ms. Abdul explained because the television did not ring up for the advertised price that Best Buy would not honor the offer.

Unfortunately at this point our conversation got a little heated as I explained to her that it wasn't my problem that the charge didn't ring up in the system correctly. One of the reasons I purchased this television was because of the free stand that came with the purchase.
I told Ms. Abdul that this was unsatisfactory and that I would need to speak with her manager. She advised me that she was the manager and point blank Best Buy will not honor the offer. I again asked Ms. Abdul for her manager and she proceeded to tell me I could call the Corporate Customer Service telephone number. I told her again this would not be satisfactory and I wanted HER manager's name and number.

She advised that she IS the manager and if I wanted to speak with someone else I would need to call the 800 number. .
As I told Ms Abdul that, No, her manager would actually be the District Manager. But she again refused to provide to me any information. As I looked at Ms. Abdul's name tag I noticed "Assistant Manager" as I pointed that out I asked her again for her Store Manager's name and number at what point she refused to give that information. I find it quite unimaginable that an Assistant Manager would not provide the name of the Store Manager when asked by a customer who has just spent over $2000 on a purchase. But without fail she did not budge. Ms. Abdul again advised that her manager was the customer service telephone number that she had already provided.

By this point several other employees had gathered and some where in the exchange of words I pointed out that this could potentially lead to legal issues.

It was at this point that, until now, an unknown employee spoke up and told me if I was going to threaten legal action then he would be forced to ask me to leave. I explained to him that I was not threatening legal action but that Best Buy was legally obligated to provide the stand as the posted advertisement did not contain ANY restrictions to receiving the stand.

The Geek Squad employee (Marc Barela) again spoke over me and told me I was becoming hostile with his associate and that he was going to have to ask me to leave if I was going to be hostile or threaten his associate.

From this point forward I never heard a word from the Manager Ms. Abdul. Mr. Barela from this point forward led the conversation and was rude, unprofessional and kept telling me that I could leave the store and call the 800 number if I wasn't happy with my purchase. I'm not sure how Best Buy works, but in my company an employee of a division NEVER goes and interrupts a dispute between a manager and a customer of a separate division. That is horribly unprofessional and to be quite honest unacceptable. To make matters worse, Mr. Barela continually referred to the manager as his associate.

By this point Mr. Barela was not allowing for any further discussion between the manager and I and it had become quite obvious that this situation was not going to be resolved in the store. I proceeded to gather all the documentation for my transaction as well as the names of the two employees who had been so rude and unwilling to assist. As

I asked Mr. Barela for his name he replied with a very smug and pompous comment "Make sure you note that Barela only has 1 "L". It was at this point that I left the store quite upset.

I am very upset with this transaction as I feel as though I have been a victim of a false advertising scheme that Best Buy operates. Had I not opted for the additional service that Best Buy provided then I would have received the TV stand without any issues; It is only because I purchased this additional service that Best Buy altered the price of the television. No where on my receipt or the posted advertisement for the television does it say this exclusion. Nor did our sales rep ever advise us of this or any exclusions with this offer.

Also, I feel as though the management staff was horribly unprofessional as the Assistant Manager was rude and refused to provide the name and or number of the Store or District Manager as well as offered no resolutions to my issues other than "No, We won't honor it".

I also feel JVC should become aware of this practice as this Best Buy scheme is having a poor showing for their company as well as possibly violating contract agreements.

Additionally, the unprofessional interruption by Geek Squad employee, Marc Barela, worsened the situation to the point of no return. I can't understand why this manager allowed this employee from another division to interject into the conversation and then allow for this employee to completely disrespect and belittle a very well paying customer.

Furthermore, the failure and blatant refusal to honor this offer is probably legally questionable therefore I have no choice but to inform certain oversight officials such as the: Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and possibly others as to the existence of this practice.

I would expect to receive a very prompt response as well as a timely resolution to this issue. You may find images of both my receipt as well as the advertised flyer from the store from the following internet links.

Advertised Flyer:

Receipt for payment:


Jorge U
Phone - (303)***-****
Email ********

cc: Federal Trade Commission
Better Business Bureau
Attorney General - John Suthers
Geek Squad
Tom Martino - Fox 31 News

I say its hard to please ppl and half of you guys come there and act like you are better then them anyway. I mean you never know what the last customer did who what happened to that person earlier.Its hard working in customer service when you have ppl who have sticks up there ass who take every little thing to the heart or when you have a problem like when something you paid for should have been there you guy take it out the cashier who doesnt have nothing to do with that.I mean this is life just get over it. Just how you guys say these ppl take it to their guys are doing it or this site wouldnt be up..this go back years.....c'mon ppl get a life here

I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with my Best Buy purchase!

11-17. I specifically purchased a television from Best Buy online although it was the same price as Circuit City because I felt Best Buy offered the better Holiday promotion- a $400 massage chair. At the time of order, it did not say the chair was on back order and said that the chair would be delivered on 12/5- in time for Christmas (as this was going to be a Christmas present).

12-6 I receive an email saying the chair is on back order and every effort will be made to have it delivered by 12/24. It also mentions my other options:

* Finding a store in your area with the item in stock
* Selecting a similar item that is available for delivery by December 24

12-6 - 12-20. I call Best buy several times between 12-6 and Christmas, to follow up on my other "options" only to find out that those options really don't exist, but that my issue will be forwarded to a special department that is supposed to contact me, but never does. I realize I am not going to get this chair in time and instead purchase a different Christmas present.

1-10. I follow up on my order and realize the chair order status has been changed to cancelled with out any notification. They say it was an error, the chair order will be reinstated, and it looks like the order will be fulfilled in the near future.

1-28 I check the status of my order and realize it has been cancelled again, without any notification. Again.

I believe that if the chair had been on backorder at the time of my initial purchase, it should not have allowed me to include the chair in my purchase, nor should it have provided a 1 week delivery date. Would this information have been provided to me at the start, I would not have purchased this television from Best buy and instead would have purchased it from Circuit City and received their gift card promotion.

It has been 2 months and I am extremely frustrated with the lack of accountability and responsibility with resolving this issue!

I could not believe Best Buys Return Policy. I know what their "policy" is now, but some things have to be taken into consideration. After purchasing a $99.00 item that was un-opened because my son wanted something different, I went to my local Worst Buy in Auburn Hills, MI. I was two days late on returning the item...32 days vs 30. Manager Derek tells me that "There has to be a cut off somewhere". I would rather lose a customer then give me a credit on an un-opened item (had reciept). Derek says he is "sticking to the company policy". I advised Derek that I would no longer do business with the company. His reply was a sarcastic "Have a nice day" as I was walking out. That outraged me more then anything. For those of you sticking up for this company, just remember that there are actually real claims here by consumers.

Wow, there's so much love in the room. Paul reminds me of the selfish type that just wants what they want and damn what anyone else has to say. Look, concerning policies and whatnot, you have to think about it in a different term, because apparently you don't think that rules apply to you. If you buy a car(we'll say a Saturn), and you decide that the red just isn't your color, but you've already put 4000 miles on it in less than a month, they will send you away. If you are pulled over for doing 57 mph in a 55 mph zone and the cop gives you a ticket, guess what? You're paying a fucking ticket. Is it lame? Yes. Does it suck? Hell yes. Are those the rules? Yeah, they are. And unless you get buddy-buddy with the people holding your money, they aren't obligated to give it back to you unless you fall within the parameters written down for you on paper.

Wow- I'm not even sure where to begin- I came across this site on accident, I was searching to see how much GM's of Best Buy make since I'm on track to become one. I'm ashamed at some of the ignorant comments Best Buy and Geek Squad "Employees" have made on this site, no wonder some of these customers, or former customers don't have an enjoyable shopping experience at Best Buy. I see it from an employees point of view- yes customers can be very ignorant and rude and it gets tiring dealing with the same thing over and over and over- but at the same time- it's your job, you get PAID to do it, if you don't like it, or don't want to do it to the best of your ability, then you need to find another job because it's not just a waste of everyone else's time, but it's a waste of your time to work at a job you hate. I can also see where customers are coming from- reading through some of these responses seems so unbelievable I guess just because I'm privelaged to work for a Best Buy who truly DOES put their customers first. We've marked so many TV's and Computers below cost this past year that our hourly employees are probably not getting their bonus. I know there are bad Best Buys out there- there are over 800 Best Buys in the U.S., not every one of them will be concerned with taking care of the customer. Even though it should be since that customers are basically the ones signing our checks. There are also bad wal-marts, bad circuit city's, etc. etc. It's disappointing not to be treated like the only customer in the store or to be disrespected when all you want to do is purchase an item but it happens. To the employees- don't bitch about your job- if you don't like it- quit, lifes to short to waste it doing something you hate. I truly apologize to everyone of you that have had a bad customer/employee experience and I only wish I could meet some of yall and show ya that there are still employees who care about customers needs and wants :).

FEB. 6, 2007







I (sadly) work for best buy, yeah the employee discount is great but i'm tired of this place, most of my coworkers are like the ones described in these posts (asshats who don't really care and just cram stupid shit down your throats). My department looks like shit because nobody else cares enough to clean anything and our display system is horribly outdated (much like the rest of best buy's infrastructure) and simply looks delapidated and old. I'm going to work at the new Circuit City across town as soon as they open. I've heard people starting there on regular sales just the same as me making 2 to 3 dollars more an hour. f best buy.

Well, atleast I think they should be able to get a place just for answering phone calls... it would be much better

I bought an iPod photo from my local Best Buy back in October 2005. I love it, it's the best thing I've owned. I bought the protection plan too thinking "just in case". This too came in handy. About 4 weeks ago my iPod really started acting up, it would freeze during playback, not respond in menus, and make really weird sounds from the harddrive if you tilted it in any direction. On top of that, it failed the diagnostics that are built into the iPod itself. So I thought "hey i have the protection plan, I'll send it in and they'll fix it". Well they sent it in, and the people at the second Geek Squad agreed something was wrong and it needed to be fixed or replaced. the first geek squad i talked to wouldn't even try and diagnose it on the spot, they kept giving me the "it takes 4-6 weeks" bull. they wouldn't even explain what my protection plan meant. Which btw, when i bought the protection plan, it was sold to me as a "replacement plan" which is exactly what the guy said it was and he told me "If for some reason it breaks or isnt working right, bring it in and we will replace the unit." Well I instead was given a protection plan where the only thing they can do is repair it. And please dont argue with me, I know what I heard and saw, and this is exactly what was said to me.

Then after waiting the 4-6 weeks (it actually took 3 weeks, so i was excited) I got my iPod back. I turned it on and started looking at it. At first glance, it had a huge scratch that was not there before i sent it in right across the middle of the screen. I said "no biggie, it doesn't affect performance and it has thousands of other scratches too". So then i start scrolling around and... wtf? My stuff is still all on my iPod? It was exactly how I last used it before i sent it in. I connected it to my computer and it instantly recognized it as my own iPod, name and all. It's like I got my original harddrive back with an extra huge scratch and a dead battery. I didnt even get a letter saying what they did to it, if they did anything to try and fix it. The only reason I can think of why they didnt fix it is because it still actually plays music and works, but it WILL freeze over time, and no matter how many times i run the built in diagnostics tool, it still fails the harddrive read test.

Now I know this is not good customer service. I work at the computer repair center for my college and I am certified by HP to repair the laptops we own (thousands). The least that we do when someone says something is wrong is we sit down with the laptop and we run all the built in diagnostics. Then we asses the performance after the diagnostics and order parts as needed to repair it. Not once have we left a computer alone and returned it to a student saying "it's fixed" or not even giving them an explanation of what we did or why we're returning it to them.

I will be going back to Best Buy this weekend and I will plead my case for a brand spanking new iPod. Hopefully someone will see an error in Best Buy's ways.

Moral of the story... DON'T buy big ticket items from Best Buy, buy things like an iPod, or computer, or appliance straight from the factory/store/company or a non-chain authorized dealer. Sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes it isnt, but you will have better luck with customer support from anyone but Best Buy. As my dad always says "Best Buy at elsewhere!"

My Husbend and I purchased a new sony 23"flat screen at Best But and a couple of months after we installed it something went wrong inside w / the electircal we purchased the warrenty it is covered well they fix it but it was in flawless condition no SCRATCHES on it at all we had to wait 7 to 10 days for them to return it to us so we did, no problem. We went to pick it up and the whole front of it was SCRATCHED they said to us that that was unexpectalbe, BUT the needed to contact the escaltions dept first before they could do anything so they said a couple of day this was on a thrusday night so we waited until wednesday to call them back, they never called us we had to call them and then they told us that it e-mail to escaltions was ingorned so they had to re-email again and that it would be another 7 days keeping in mind 10 days plus 7 days allready now we are still w / out our t.v. all we want is our money back or a new t.v. they say that even Managers can give the OK for a new t.v. that is Rediculous. well 21 days later we still have no T.V.

Becky, are you drunk? Because I am, and I still type better than you.

There is an interesting comment by a BBY best employee above
"I just want to let all you best buy complaners know you all suck. You are proboly old ass people who have nothing else to do with your worthless lifes but complane so shove it."

Replace the "complaners" by "Customers"
Accurately depicts bestbuys customer service policy

Have worked in BBY corporate office in minneapolis - The "Blue shirt" as the guys on the floor are called, dont get much respect internally either.

Stay away from an employee/customer UNfriendly company!

oh shit...that was kinda hearing a secret message by playing a song backwards lol

and...when reading becky and lawrence's comment...i pictured the skit from mad tv where mo collins and ares spears were playing the crack whore and the pot head lol

but seriously...I can relate to those who have been accused of trying to steal merchandise from the store. There was even this one time where i bought a plasma tv for my aunt and uncle...but it wasn't in stock. So i went ahead and paid for it in store and waited for it to arrive. I worked there, so i had a better advantage of tracking it down than most customers do. When it arrived, they said that I already picked it up. Clearly i didn't, since i had the claim ticket with it wasn't even in stock for me to pick up when i paid. I tell my cousin everytime i see that tv, "You guys better enjoy that tv after all the hell i went through getting it."

I was once a slave employee for Best Buy. I posted a couple unbiased comments above on 12.14.2006. Best Buy is a major fascist corporation that will do very little possible to barely meet the needs of customers. Best Buy customers are mistreated and often scammed because Best Buy employees are mistreated and underpaid. I took a serious paycut when i left RadioShack for this. and right new job pays $4.15 an hour...but i'm making well over $100 a week than what BB was paying me. Sad thing is...some of these teenagers working there do not realize there are better jobs out there, yet they're sticking up for probably their first job ever. I mean, now I can afford a store like Best Buy - that is, if i were to set foot in one. Actually, i don't think i'd even take a crap in a Best Buy.

You can't judge a book by its cover...but i've read this novel cover to cover. It deserves to be burned.

Reading these comments I've seen that some people have legitimate complaints, and others may not be able to understand the situation they're dealing with. I too went from customer to employee, and I understand both sides of this. I'll try to cover several areas of what has been addressed here.

Calling your local Best Buy store:
Yes, there are problems with the automated answering system. Depending on which location you call, you may get a badly designed call menu and have difficulty reaching the department you want. In my store the majority of the calls seem to end up going to Geek Squad because they're advertised on the main menu, and I can tell you for certain that the busiest people in the store are in Geek Squad. Adding the job of redirecting calls to their plate is a huge mistake, but GS and Customer Service may be the only people who can redirect your call correctly. I say they may be because it's entirely possible that they haven't been trained even in how to direct your call or use the telephone system.

The truth is that on many occasions calls are directed to a department and no one is answering the telephone there. Often to save money on overhead and pass the savings on to the consumer, stores are run by small, underpaid crews, so chances are they're helping a customer and not quick to answer calls. I've had similar problems with other big retail electronics chains, especially Fry's Electronics.

At Best Buy there is no training center or boot camp. They arrange for new hires to be trained by other employees on the floor, which can work for a lot of positions, and then add e-learnings, which are poorly designed computerized training sessions. There are many problems with e-learnings at Best Buy. The employees are expected to complete them in their spare time at work by logging into a computer (all the point-of-sale terminals are basically just computers) but will be reprimanded if they aren't zoned correctly (standing where they're supposed to be in the store) or helping customers, and very often an employee will be kicked off a terminal by a manager or another employee to complete a higher priority task, like clocking in or out, looking up an item, etc.

There are some formal training sessions that include videos on the subject of internal store policies or presentations from representatives for large vendors like Samsung, Sony, Monster, HP, Sprint, Cingular, etc. These are scheduled events that employees must attend. Low paid teenagers will probably pay less attention than higher paid, older employees.

The company is very customer-centric, and they push this ideal to the employees in e-learnings and in store policies for the most part.

"All they care about is making a buck":
This is not true, actually. I've seen several people here say that Best Buy only cares about making money, but on the whole Best Buy is not a very profitable company. They make almost nothing on computers and many other large ticket items, which is part of why they push service plans (not warranties, by the way) and accessories. They will make a higher profit on the cables they sell than on a computer. Sometimes they sell computers below cost! This is part of the "loss leader" concept, where you compete more effectively by having the lowest price on an item. If you see a Best Buy deal on a laptop computer in a weekly ad, I seriously doubt you will find a better deal even on the internet on an equivalent laptop somewhere else.

I've seen Best Buy give away tons of product just to promote something. Personally, I think that's a stupid policy that costs the company far too much money.

Service Plans:
Yes, we are told to push service plans. This is something like social security. It's a gamble. What we're betting is that you won't need to use it because our quality of product is high enough. In some cases, especially with certain brands, we lose that bet. I've seen several of certain specific items returned. I've seen a lot of X-Box 360 stuff come back. I've seen certain DVD player models come back frequently. That's life in the post-industrial world.

Someone on here complained about being assertively offered service plans, but (believe me) when your product breaks and it's after the grace period and you can't buy a service plan, you're going to be whining at the Customer Service desk and trying to convince us that nobody told you about service plans and wishing you had bought one.

Best Buy employees buy service plans on the products they buy in the store because they know the benefits. We don't buy them on dinky little crap, but we do buy them on game consoles, televisions, etc.

Geek Squad Service:
This is going to vary WIDELY from store to store. At one store you may get excellent service, and at another you'll find an under-trained staff getting swamped by an oppressive workload. Many of the best Geek Squad "agents" will end up leaving the Geek Squad due to poor retention policies. They usually end up going to higher-paying positions sooner or later, either in Best Buy for Business (BBFB for short) or with another company that won't make them deal with the unwashed masses. People bring in their disgusting, ancient, dust-filled, virus-infected, porn-laden computers and expect GS agents to be perky, friendly, helpful, and fast. Sometimes there are so few agents in a Geek Squad "precinct" that all they can do is take new orders and stack them in the back, hoping that eventually there will be enough staff to actually work on the computers instead of just making excuses when people call about how long it has been since they brought in their PC.

Geek Squad could be an efficient operation, but it's not because the agents are overwhelmed. They have to complete a large number of e-learnings by a due date, fix computers, do backups, upgrades, learn to use only the software tools Best Buy has licensed, learn to sell services instead of just fixing computers, handle shipping and receiving on products being serviced, check out returned products, answer the phone, talk to their customers about their specific service needs, check out new computers as they are purchased, and quite a bit more... and all for less than they could make in any starting IT position at any corporate hive.

To help with this problem the Geek Squad has recently added the "Jonny Utah" system. This is when a customer's computer is hooked up to a device that will allow someone thousands of miles away to remotely work on it. Obviously it can't be used to do upgrades like putting in a new hard drive or more memory, and it can't be used to do data backups or to handle anything that renders a machine unbootable, since you have to be able to get connected to the internet to use Jonny Utah. Unfortunately, in my experience the Jonny Utah system is often very slow, sometimes not responding for hours after being connected, and doesn't fit into the workflow of a typical Geek Squad precinct very well. On the whole I think you'd find that most Geek Squad agents don't really want to use Jonny Utah, favoring their own abilities over the X factor of some unknown person thousands of miles away maybe connecting in time to get the job done, maybe not. If an agent expresses concerns about this questionable method of doing things, even if it's only for one specific system that demands personal attention, they may end up being fired by the services manager, no matter how experienced or efficient they are. They are seriously pushing the Jonny Utah system.

I have also seen a customer come in with a perfectly functional laptop asking for routine software maintenance only to come back to find their laptop much less functional than it was before they came in. Understandably they came back angry, wanting someone qualified to work on their system and get it functional. The most experienced tech there apologized for the shoddy work done by whomever the other agent was who had handled their system, offering to work on it personally. This seemed to satisfy the customer, but when this agent sat down to work on it, he was reprimanded by the services manager for not connecting the laptop to Jonny Utah. When he tried to explain the situation the services manager didn't want to hear it, and said, "Everything that can be hooked up to Jonny Utah will be hooked up to Jonny Utah. No exceptions." This isn't a service to the customer, clearly. Later this agent was given a bad employee review by the services manager and his position was eliminated.

Best Buy survives or dies on the strengths of its people. Some of those people aren't cut out for what they do. Many are.

Returns and Exchanges:
Believe it or not, in the store where I work we generally will take a return or exchange on just about anything. The problem comes in when someone doesn't understand why they can't return something.

You can't exchange an open CD for a different CD, only for the same one. Why? Because you could have just taken it home and made the whole thing into MP3s and then brought it back. You can't return opened software because you could have just installed it or copied the CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs and brought it back. That's called piracy. If Best Buy had different policies they could face charges as much as the consumer. If you don't want the western world to be like third world nations, you should appreciate these policies that help ensure that our high level of quality in entertainment and software is maintained.

If you buy a camera or laptop and break the LCD screen and you haven't paid for the Accidental Damage/Handling protection in a service plan, you can't return it. The ADH was added to account for this problem, and I don't know of another store that offers this.

On another note, I have seen that an angry customer will not get the service they deserve. I've seen a Customer Service manager get into it with a woman who was upset because she sent in her digital camera for service several times under her service plan only to have it sent back in the same non-functional condition. I can't control what the service centers do. If I send off a camera to Chino, California for service, I have no idea who will work on it or what they can do. One thing I know for sure is that if the camera is brought in for a fourth time (which this one was) the service plan is supposed to offer a replacement under our "no lemon" policy. The problem was in how this woman handled things. When she was offered that we could do the return if she would call our corporate offices on Monday to clear up a problem with her receipts, she started swearing at us, at which point it escalates into a situation where a manager is called and security is alerted. Then she got to talk to our bitchiest manager, and she wasn't going to take it well. Honestly, I'd like to be rid of that manager because she's a huge pain in the ass for EVERYONE to deal with, and she doesn't do her job well. When she's the Manager on Duty, you could call for an hour to get a key to get something out for a customer and she won't show up, and in general she has a very bad attitude. She makes the schedules at our store and is incredibly unwilling to change them, no matter how much it makes sense to do so. People like this are clogs in the gears of efficiency in any store, and should be eliminated.

When you think of customers you're probably thinking of yourselves, and thinking that you're reasonable people who just want what you pay for. We get plenty of those at Best Buy, but we also get people who come in for other reasons. We get shoplifters, scam artists, prank callers, and people who have no people skills at all.

You think I want to tell you that you get eight weeks risk free of the magazine of your choice when I ring you up? You think I give a shit if you choose Time, Entertainment Weekly, or Us? Do you think I'm trying to rip you off when I offer you the Reward Zone card for free? You're going to get certificates from your purchases to spend in the store just like cash, and you think I'm a jerk for offering it to you? We give customers a ton of free stuff just to try to earn customer loyalty. We sell new DVDs below our cost and take a loss on it every tuesday when they're released. Employees don't get commissions on sales, but we are judged on whether or not we do our job, which means contacting customers and making sure they know what we have to offer them. Not everyone does this. The pay isn't high enough to get good people at every store. That's part of how you're getting this stuff so cheap at a retail outlet.

All that said, I think Best Buy could use some serious restructuring, but I also think they're the most likely retail chain to actually do that. One of their core values is "learn from challenge and change" and that's what we try to do. If you see problems with a store, write a letter to corporate about it instead of just venting on some web forum.

Yeah best buuy sux...all the shit & stuff.

Best Buy is the worst place, never ever I will spend a cent in that store in my life, ever, the service is the worst too,

Best Buy is the worst place, never ever I will spend a cent in that store in my life, ever, the service is the worst too,

Best Buy is a great store if you go in with the right expectations. I recently purchased 2 open box dishwashers at a deep discount, as well as 2 on-sale microwaves. They prepped the units for pick just as promised. When I needed service, the call center expeditiously scheduled an appointment with the manufacturers service rep.

Good business relationship are based on the personal relationshipsyou forge with the associates. If an associate is useless, simply don't deal with them. I now have good experiences with Home Depot and Lowes by dealing only with specific people in Doors/Windows, and Kitchens. If I need something, I make an appointment, and get the job done.

You're better off if you figure out how an entity (such as a business or government) really works, and figure out how to use it to your benefit.

That being said, I purchase most big items from local dealers that have more control over their whole business such as sales, delivery, installation, and service.

Best buy is actually worst buy. I will never shop in Best Buy in Ames, Iowa any more. Two managers (one female, one male) I met there were so rude. They would not take care of a bad DVD recorder I bought from their store. The third male manager was not rude, but he said because the DVD recorder was not expensive, so I got a bad DVD recorder.

Ok, I work at a Bestbuy... this is rediculous... you try being the only one in the department and having the phone ring while your helping 3 or 4 customers at a time. Every best buy has a different call setup.. the one at my store moves the calls to customer service if its not answered in a few rings and they take the name and number down


I am connected with my local best buy right now over the phone and I am going on my 1000th ring in about 30 seconds... wait she just picked up.................................................................................................. ................... okay now i am on hold. this is fuckin cool!!!!!!!!

I will never give Best Buy my money. I have two stories. I once attempted to purchase a computer there. I say attempted because after lurking around the computers for a half hour trying to get the attention of an employee, I gave up and left. On the way to the door I stopped at "customer service" and told them about my experience. They simply shrugged...didn't care....

Story Two. Had a camera sent out for service at Best Buy under the extended warranty. When I sent it out I asked if I should send it with the new $10 lithium battery I had recently installed. They said to do so. Later they called me and told me it couldn't be repaired and they would let me pick out a new camera. After picking out a new camera I was told it didn't come with a battery.....the very same size battery I didn't get back with my unrepairable camera...and Best Buy would not give me a replacement. I complained to the store manager who just blew me off and said they wouldn't do anything for me....

Never again will they get my money.

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We are investigators looking for anyone with complaints/information on best Buys buys in IOWA for 'unfair and deceptive business practices'. We will also contact the Iowa Atty Generals Office and local BBB


Serious problems there at bestbuy. Don't shop Best Buy.

Thank you for getting the word out about the practices of bestbuy and their affiliates.

They do not stand by their products.


Wow I read all the complaints, recognitions, and so on. You have people complaining about not getting help and then you have people complaining about getting help to fast and to often. What's funny about this web site is i found it trying to find my best buy employee benifits website (bought a new computer from best buy) and like most of you I'm to lazy to go to my file and look up the website.

These websites are good and I hope all of you have fun bashing and bashing away, because isn't that what makes this country great. To all the people that aren't going to grase best buy with their presence ever again we'll miss you, but soon you'll have another bad expreince somewhere else and we (retail employee's in general) will be one step closer to getting all the idots and morons off the streets.

Just a note in case you do come back. The employees that are quick to help you have to follow rules, just like everyone of you do, at work.

The one who posted the comment about the 15ft x 15ft bannar about the policies on returns and (pay attention: the guy who payed $800 more then somewhere else) pricematching. Hi five.

P.S. Just know that the best way to get respect from someone you don't know is by giving that person respect. take care and have a wonderful day. Have fun while being the best.

I worked at 3 different Best Buy stores for a total of almost 3 years, and I can tell you that if you work there, your entire experience will come down to numbers. It does not matter if you are a quality person, only that you can sell a PSP or get an in-home install. If you want to survive at best buy, I would suggest working in the non-sales departments (Merchandising, Inventory). Just don't expect to feel special at all, when every day the sales manager holds contests to see who can sell the most PSP's, so if you are non-sales automatically you feel left out.

In my time there, I worked in Merchandising, later in Geek Squad (I was a college student in Computer Science). I personally saw many customers get pressured into buying service plans, especially with misrepresenting them. I observed many times floor employees saying that "anything happens to it, bring it in." This is far from the truth. Also, they were told about the no-lemon policy. What they forget to mention is that if an item was brought in and there was not a 'repair' done to it, it doesn't count as one of your 3 times. The managers, because of the pressure put on them by the home office, only care about the numbers, even if they have to use Illegal bait and switch, and misrepresentation.

The worst I ever had to deal with was when a customer went to bring back a Camera a couple days outside of the 14 day return policy. It was obviously broken and needed to be repaired. I was told by a manager to inform the customer that we would only exchange the item if they bought a PSP on it. This is because if the store returns it, they have to pay for the repair. If the customer buys a PSP, the service plan then covers it, which is paid for by an insurance company.

I'm not saying here that the service plans are all that bad, just be aware of what they cover. They do not cover any kind of damage, dropping, water, etc. They do cover when a unit stops working. Also be aware that if you do get a unit to where it has to be replaced by the 'no lemon' policy, they will replace the unit, but it voids out the remaining time on the PSP.

In short, if you go to best buy, I would say go in knowing what you want, and getting it yourself. While some employees do know a lot about the products, the majority do not. They are given no materials on the products, they know only as much information that you can get yourself by reading the info on the price tag. If you want a service plan, I would suggest directly contacting the manufacturer, as many of them offer similar plans which cover accidental damage, at the same price as one of best buy's PSPs. If you want neither, just look on the price tag, it will tell you how long the manufacturer's warranty is. On 90% of the products in the store it is 1 year. Be sure to keep your receipt, otherwise they won't service it (even with a valid manufacture date on the unit).

You go to WORK to DO YOUR JOB!!!

For you customers and employees who cannot grasp that simple phrase. Then DAMN!!! For you customers who feel pressured into buying a PSP/PRP, G.S./ HT Install etc. understand that its our job to do so. You should expect that kind of thing walking into a 'retail' store. We are there to do business and build an experience for you whether it be good or bad we learn from those experiences.

This is for all you current/former employees.

For you former employees who feel under paid and under appreciated sorry guys/gals but what do you expect to get paid with a HS Diploma limited hours and more than half the time never had customer service experience before

Stop bitching. Best Buy now has designated operators to answer calls and questions. As for never being helped, they have designated roamers in addition to zoned associates that go around the store looking for people to help. If you're bitching about being contacted too much, then too bad, it's the employees sole priority to contact customers and inquire for a sale. If you're complaining about not being helped then move your lazy ass around and find someone, they're most likely tied up with someone or zoned. Bad experience from a manager or customer service? Tough shit, to them, your money doesn't make a dent in the days margain unless you're dropping over a thousand. One pissy little customer who's looking to vent because their product is fucked up doesn't mean anything to anyone at Best Buy because they make enough each year to not mind losing you. No matter how much you bitch and moan on here or be assholes in the store it's not going to matter; Best Buy will continue to be the number 1 electronic retail store in the nation. Comp USA and Circuit City are going out of business in the next two years thanks to Best Buy. Unfair prices? Best Buy price matches anything. Not to mention, if you sign up for a credit card thru best buy, you usually get 10% off anything, and can cancel the card within 60 days with no change to your credit score. The number 1 priority to best buy is the customers in the store, not the morons who call in and are too lazy to come in. If youre calling in, your money isnt going to go in the register that day, but if youre in the store then youre always a very potential sale. deal with it. nothing will change, bashing it gets you no where but looking like a douche bag on here.

I've had a lot of experience with best buy. I bought my first PC from them back in 95 or 96, cant even remember it was so long ago. That computer had many problems with monitors going bad and the like. best buy never failed to replace the broken unit promptly.

I've also bought numerous televisions from them with no problem (no service plan either).

But now to the employees. First off, they just couldn't be more rude. My friend had a problem with something and requested to speak to a manager. The employee flat out refused to get any help and said that they are trained to deal with customers. Sadly this one was not.

This is just sort of a random spattering of thoughts, I know. Bottom line is that Best Buy is hit or miss depending on the location and what you've purchased. Also your attitude. I am very fair and respectful to people and usually have found the same level of fairness and respect returned by customer service reps. Screaming and acting a fool will get you nowhere.

I agree, I have experienced totally unacceptable service on the $3000 TV I bought at Best Buy. I think a boycott is a good idea and even a more organized approach such as a presence in the form of a protest. I would agree to spend some time in front of a store. That seems about the only thing that will make them place any value on our plight. That would attract news coverage and that would affect their bottom line!!!

Mad in Houston, TX

Placed and order online and called to cancel 10 minutes later and was told that I could no longer cancel the order! Of course that took me 15 minutes to understand because of the HEAVY and I mean HEAVY accent on the other end! I called back and got someone in Minnesota....I asked if BB has a call center in India and got a round about answer to the question. I believe they do and not that I care, but you really need to speak english if you are providing english speaking customer care! Anyway....after asking what the policy was to cancel an online order, I was told that you must cancel within one hour of your order. OK, so I looked at my confirmation email, looked at the clock and guess what? It was less than an hour and no they still would not cancel my order!
Best Buy deserves what it gets! NOTHING! I will refuse package, call my credit card company and charge back the order! They wasted money on shipping "It was free shipping" and can deal with my CC company - The sooner they go out of business, the better! BTW- I wanted to cancel the order because I found the same item for 1/2 the price.

Best Buy is NOT a Best Buy! Learned my lesson!

BEST BUY will be out of business soon! They SUCK!

Pissed in NYC!

I had my 56 inch samsung delivered the other day. First of all the salesman at the Bestbuy store told me if i PAID $50 it would ensure they would take it out of the box, set it up and make sure its working selling me on the idea that that way i could send it back if something was wrong right then and there, so i did pay the $50, they called and said your window of delivery was 1:00 to 5:00 or so so i scheduled half a day off from work, a very busy schedule, they called as i was getting ready to leave said they were early an hour early, i told them i would be home in 20 minutes to get my neighbor mr. allard to let them in so i could be home to verify delivery, my neighbor has a key, they did not do that they tried to leave it with him he said no and then they took a $2200 Television and left it on a front porch and left. just left, what did i pay the $50 for? Huh answer me that? When i told this story to the young lady in the store she acted like she didnt want to help me buy the speakers i was looking for, matter of fact i stood there looking for over an hour and they wouldnt come near me, when i ran into a friend who works there he said well unfortunately we use outside contractors so theres nothing WE can do and he acted like he wanted rid of me, this is the store on drew and U.S. 19 in Clearwater Florida, this sucks. I went to circuit city and they were friendly, nice, kind and helped me out even took back two stands opened that would not fit my wiring. I cannot believe the subpar service, i have always had good service until now, I plan on giving circuit city allllll my business and recommding it to my friens, best buy my butt. I want my $50 back or i am writing the ceo of this jip joint.

Granted, 888-BESTBUY is a pain in the ass, just sometimes the reps cannot handle certian things in the store. so they have to tell them to call that. I am a customer service rep at best buy, and ive had people say ive been the best theyve had, and others the worst, we dont make the policies we just enforce the back of the recipt for christs sake and youll be fine....and i have the numbers to prrove that best buy is exactly that...the dont hold youre breath for us to go down..

I would love to tell you of our experience my wife and I add with the Big Blue Box (Best Buy) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Trust me if I would have know of your Web site I would have heeded the warnings and advice of others that have had just horrible experience with Best Buy.

Well here goes:

My wife and I decided to take some of our Tax Return to buy us a new Washer, and Dryer. Well as usual we went to BB as we have done for in the last (9) years to buy all of our Big Price appliance items, as we have bought our (3) Desktop Computers, (2) Refrigerator, (1) Dishwasher, (2) TV's (3) DVD Player's, (2) VCR's, (3) Surround Sound Systems ... . etc ... well you get the picture, close to $10,000.00 over those (9) years.

Things seem to go smoothly with the purchase of both of them till the arraigning of the FREE delivery that was with the package deal. But the sales person worked out the glitches an made the delivery on Wed's the 14th of February in the late afternoon. I informed the sales person that we had some serious plans made, and could they arraign it before or after the 14th. "No" was the reply that it was the only day they could make the delivery. Well ok I said, "but let's make sure it happens". No problem was the reply; a they would call us the night before to confirm the time in the afternoon. "Great", I said, let's do it.

The night of the 13th we waited till around 9pm for their call. Nothing, no call. So I called the store a talked to the sale person that sold us the Washer/Dryer, and asked when they would be delivered. I waited on hold for over 20 minutes. Finally I called back and asked for the Manager on Duty. Waited other 10 minutes till he came on the line. I explained the situation to him; he stated he would check into this. After other 10 minutes he game back on the line. He stated that the Order for delivery was CANCELLED and that there was not going to be a delivery. Well my jaw dropped to the floor. "What the Hell was going on", I asked, I know we didn't cancel the order for delivery. I informed him of this and said this was not acceptable and that they would need to make the delivery as promised and that we would not be available for any other day. And why the Hell had this had happen. After waiting for other 15 minutes on the phone he finally came back on with " it will be delivered tomorrow between 4pm an 6pm" OK I said great. As I was about to thank him he hung up, without an apology of any kind, or any explanation of what was going on? Well this should have clued me into Best Buy's customer service policy of SCREW'EM AN LOSES'EM. Well as promise they did deliver the machines on time, but not with out some hassles there too.

Where comes the good part:

The following week my wife an I decided to buy a new laptop computer, and of course BB was having a Package Deal on a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista installed and also with Mini mouse, and carrying case. This sounded great, and in our price arrange too. So we went into the Store and as usual we had to hunt down someone in the computer department to help us with the purchase. After finding a fresh Snot Nose Narcissistic Kid barely out of high school to help us, we decided to ask a few questions about the New Windows Vista system. We wanted to know if this laptop would be able to communicate with the other (3) computers we have in our home running Windows XP? And would it work with our Linksys Network Router System? And will we be able to share files, and to use our Lexmark Printer with this new Windows Vista, and our Network? " Well of course it would ... was his reply, with no problems. " Well with that, and the blind trust I put in people we bought the laptop, and the extended service plan. And back home with our new toy.

Well we got it home and started to set it up, and everything was going as smooth as silk till we tried to set up the Network to share files/folders with the other computers, and the printer. Now I am not illiterate when it comes to computers, nor am I an expert, but I knew something was a miss, and something was not right. Well it was late and we decided to wait till the morning to finish the setup.

The following day was the Worst Frkin Nightmare I have had in 35 years (showing my age of 55) of dealing with any big business, and of course the worst day I ever had with Best Buy.

I kept trying to make the Laptop communicate with the Network, and my other (3) computers. I would keep getting a Microsoft Windows Error of "not finding a Network". After spending an hour on their web site I could find nothing, so I called them. I spent over 45 minutes waiting; finally I spoke to someone about the problem (because I thought since it was a Windows Error the would be able to help) no such luck. They said I would need to contact Toshiba about this since this was an OEM (original equipment manufacture) problem, and not theirs. "Great" Called Toshiba, nothing, this were their service person informs me that the new Windows Vista program will not work with the network, router, a printer if my other (3) computers are running Windows XP. "HOLY COW POOP". This was Frkin Peachy. Toshiba suggested to call Best Buy to see what they can do for me, buy asking someone there if they could help set up the network to communicate with the other computers. Sounded like sense. So I did.

So I called the Big Blue Box (BB) and spoke to same manager I had dealt with on the delivery problem. Wow that was the most stupid mistake I ever made. This manager was the biggest "DICK" I ever spoke to. I calmly explained the problem to him, an how I was led to believe that there would be no problem with this Laptop running Windows Vista to work with my computers, network, and printer. He told me point blank told me that his sales person would have "never would have told me such a thing". God I was outraged, not only was He calling me a Lair but also it was quite clear that this worthless manager was not going to help me at all. I asked to speak to his Boss, (the store manager) SHE was not there. Then I asked how to get in contact with his District manager ... . guess what ... that's right, he refused to give me that info also stating he did not know how, an even if he did he would not give me that info, because all customer concerns, and problems are handled at the store level, and that this problem did not warrant any further attention. What a worthless piece of human waste. I asked what was the name of his store manager, at first he was very hesent, and then he gave me her name.

Well for the next (4) days I spent calling the Best Buy customer service line, (what a gdamn joke this is), calling their Corp Office, calling their District office, trying to get someone to listen and care about my problem. Again No-one gave a Royal flying Rats Ass about what was going on. Only to inform me that all the customer relation problems needs are handle at the Store Level. "My God, don't they understand that here in lies the problem the Store Management and the rotten little peckerhead that sold me the Laptop. "NO>>>HELL NO". So after nearly going to the Hospital because on my Blood Pressure I decided to give it up. Knowing that Best Buy had SCREWED ME IN THE ASS AN NEVER USED ANY TYPE OF LUB TO EASE THE PAIN. Then out of the Blue the lousy Store Manager called an gave me the lamest apology I ever heard but still would not help me with my problem only offering to send out the GEEK Squad to make my Laptop work with my other computers, an network. But of course this would cost me other $200.00 for their service. God what kind of sick joke these folks live under, what kind of CON-Game they are playing on the costumer, what kind of people believe they would have me come BEST BUY GO TO HELL YOU ROTTEN MOTHERF___KERS.
back an waste my money in their store after this kind of Bull Sh___t.

God I pray, and beg anyone reading this not to buy your need's at Best Buy, they will Lie, Cheat, an screw you up the behind so hard, that you will see stars. If any one reading this and still believes they will get good service from BB, all you will get is a Stroke.

I bought a 50" TV from Best Buy and they bulb blew in 2 months of having it. Best Buy would not replace the bulb or take the TV back. They wouldn't even provide us with any information on what to do next or how else to call. This is under complete warrenty! but still no help. What crappy customer service Best Buy is.....I will be contacting the Best Buy Corporate Office for further inquiries

Yes, their customer service sucks. We have an exteneded warrenty on our laptop which they have honored, however we have had to wait extended period of time for them to get the simplest things done to it.

Originally I thought the hard drive was going bad....there was terrible sounds coming from the hard drive area. We took it in, explained the symptoms and the likely problem and they returned it to us 2 weeks later with a clean fan and said the hard drive was fine. Booted it up at home, same noises from the hard drive and it crashed 2 days later. They've now had it for 3 weeks when I could replace the hard drive myself in 5 minutes!

Phone service is terrible also, have never been on hold for less than 10 minutes when calling them. Boycott Best Buy.

There is not a single thing sold at Best Buy that you have to have to survive. If you walked into the store and no one talked to you, you would get pissed. Now you get great service, you get pissed. If you really needed that I-Pod that bad, you would walk yourself into the store instead of calling. Do you you call ahead to see if the grocery store can answer all your questions about milk? You live a life of luxury. Get off the coach and get the thing that you must have at the store.

I just got off of work at Best Buy, and I feel like I've entered one of the most pathetic conversations ever. You are complaining about phone service. I've got an idea for ya, COME INTO THE STORE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Of course you have a busy schedule. We all do...and guess what else, we are busy 90% of the time with people that are right in front of our faces. Look at the numbers. Best buy is destroying the competition in electronic retail. It's because we know what we're doing, not because we "take advantage of idiots".

I personally help everyone as soon as I can, and so do my co-workers, which is what ticks me off so much when I read stuff like, "I didn't get any help...they were rude to me!". I'm there to help you with your purchase. We have a 10 ft, 30 second rule at Best Buy. That's difficult for us to do without having a phone nearby. We are busy, because we have a lot of customers. We average selling to 50% of people that come through. Boycotting a whole company isn't going to help. You can sure as hell boycott one store, and that's all fine and dandy, but quit putting down a whole corporation's employees that get paid less than you but probably do more work for people's assistance than you ever have. So next time you want to shop somewhere else because you feel like we're stupid or an ass hole. Go somewhere else. Studies show that we do care about our customers more. NUMBERS SHOW THAT.

Today I had a customer come in and ask for a Playstation 3 for $585. I told him that I couldn't do that for him, because it's already a great deal to begin with. I proceeded to tell him that blu ray players alone usually cost well over $500. He told me that I'm trained to bullshit. Here's the thing, people need to quit being so paranoid. We have to educate ourselves to make your life a little easier. Now if you don't mind, educate yourselves as well on products. If you're interested in something, you owe it to yourself. If you get suckered into buying something that you feel isn't up to standards, then that's not good...but the blame can't be soley on an employee. We aren't clones, we are all different. Just because I had a bad run in with a cop doesn't mean that I go off spouting about how a whole police department doesn't care about me or my needs. Be mature about it.

In response to Tyler:

There may be some Best Buy employees who care, but in my experience, for the most part, its all about the all mighty $$$. You said it yourself: your extremely busy selling to other people. Why?? To make yourself $$$. I haven't read through the liteny of posts on here or, for that matter why, but I get the jist from your post that someone's complaining about phone customer service. I'm sorry, but whether it's over the phone or in person, good, pleasant customer service shouldn't end after the sale.

How would you rate my situation for customer service that I've had to deal with for 3 months now because of my PSP for a 61" DLP TV that someone at Best Buy did actually sell me IN THE STORE.

Here's the scenario: TV looks like an Xray or negative when you watch it and we call in mid-Jan. to have the tech come out. Mind you I purchased the TV in Dec. 2005 (Not even 2 yrs. old). Well, because there is only one technician in this area who comes ever 2 wks., I had to wait 10 days for his first visit. Best Buy said oh, sorry he's the only one who works your area that works for us and there's nothing we can do. This same guy, due to that fact has been out to my house count them 6 times for the same problem. To me: "No Lemon" kicks in right? (6 divided by 2 =3 and Samsung got the pleasure of coming 6 months after I owned it so that's #4).

Nope. Best Buy wants him to order a part. Well in order for techn. guy to order a part, he has to get a number from me. He calls me at 12:00 pm on a Wedn. (when I'm at work), asking me for the number. TV's in my house. I ask him for a number that I can call him after 5:30 p.m. He says he doesn't have one. He turns his phone off at 3:30 p.m. I asked if he can call me btn 7:30 & 8:00 a.m. the next day because I have to drop my daughter off at school. Same thing, don't turn my phone on until 9:00 a.m. He tells me what he needs and so I call and leave a msg. w/ him when I get home that night. However, apparently I've given him the wrong number, but he doesn't call me back until Friday. My choices are now, wait another week until he can be in our area, or keep trying different numbers on the TV. Excuse me isn't it his job to do this. Best Buy isn't paying me to do his job are they? I call customer service. Obviously w/ my type of PSP I can't go INTO THE STORE. I relay the scenario, and express extreme frustration that the Best Buy technician will do absolutely nothing to help me out other then "tell me what he needs to order the part." I'm sorry, but he could have made an exception and picked up the phone for 2 mins at 5:30 p.m. so we got it right the first time. Eventually a supervisor got this guy on the phone to tell him to call me and he did. Again, I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to jump through hoops like this to get some guy to order a part when he should have done it when he was at my house the other 5 times.

Maybe now you can understand why people are complaining about poor customer service, and it really shouldn't end once you leave the building. I shouldn't have to "COME INTO THE STORE" to get it.

We don't get paid on commission. So it's not really about the almighty "Ka-ching". I get paid just as much, whether you buy something or not. The department I work in which is media gets the most phone calls throughout the day. The problem with that is that we are the busiest department by far. I'd love to have the time to answer the phone, but I simply cannot. Today I got into work at 7 am and had to pull over 2,000 cds off the shelves. While I was doing that, the employee that came in had to stock new games/dvds/cds...all that good stuff. It's just not as easy as picking up a phone when you have all of that to do mixed in with customers that are actually in the store.

Regarding the whole television issue. I don't work in Home Essentials or as a Technician, so I don't really know what to tell you about that. I do know that our technician is very very busy, as I have gone on a few road trips when his "side kick" wasn't there for him. We have had customers bring in a non-working tv numerous times though. I help them unload it and then we take it to Geek Squad, at Geek Squad we plug in the tv and do a few tests to make sure everything is working properly or not. As far as a tv not working after 5 times in a row...sounds like a bad batch. It happens, especially once a newer tv or any new product is released. I'm sorry that that happened to you, but it's nothing new. One faulty component on a newer television can permanently fry the TV. I guarantee you that if you came to our store, that we'd do our best to help you out though. Our Home Ess and Technician have won many awards for customer service. Don't let a bad experience drive you to a grudge match against us. By all means though, don't shop at that store if they suck. Out of 800 stores, there's going to be a few bad eggs.

I purchased a reward zone card at the Macon, GA Best Buy location. After purchasing a new laptop, I went online to check my reward points and found out my account information is wrong. I called Best Buy Member Services four times over a four month period regarding this issue. First they told me it would be corrected within a month. Four months later, they told me the "case was closed" and "under investigation." I'm a patient person but this is just getting ridiculous. How long will it take for Best Buy to correct their own accounting mistake? It's time for some corporate responsibility.

Well did not have time read every post, but I did read enough to get the general idea those of you that complain are the trouble customers to begin with.
I work for Best Buy as a second job in the Geek Squad on the weekends. It is truly amazing to me the unrealistic expectations people have. They do not want to purchase the service a plan, but expect to receive the same benefits as a customer that did purchase one. I have seen many managers bend over backwards to help a customer in anyway they can, until the customers gets rude or belittles an employee. The managers will not put up this type of action from any customer. I have seen a number of people forced to leave the store for physcial and verbal abuse of an employee. If you want to get your way within reason, ask for a manager and be kind. They will help you. Remember it is a business and as any business they are in business to make money. So please understand that they are not always going to give you a replacement product when your item is out of manufactures warranty and you did not purchase a service plan. Believe it or not, Best Buy has made arrangements with many vendors that does allow them to replace an item instead of sending it in to repair That lovely word DEVO - cheaper to replace then to repair. If you are sending something off to service, the store has no control on how long the repair takes. Give the agent as much info as possible. Do not expect the service center to repair anything not reported. Before you sign the agreement, read what the agent typed in to verify all the info is correct. Above all else read your contracts, the service plan, the star tag, your receipt, and do not be a jerk. On a side note, about opened software, music and movies, there is a law in place to prevent returning them once it is opened, it can only be exchanged for the same item.

1. Customers are spoiled brats .
2. Have no Idea how to shop in a store .
3. Think there the only ones next to jesus that need waited on.
4. rudely interrupted you when helping another customer then gets pissed because you can't help them right away .
5. calls the store and say is this @#$@@ after you told them who you are.
6. never understands the refund policies .
7.Talks on the cell phone when your trying to talk to them or ring them up.
8. Don't know where they are and says where am I again.
9. Cry's because the item is not on sale.
10.Demands a free item because they shop there all the time and spends millions of dollars. NOT!
11. Babies unattended while cracker mom rushes the store for a 10 dollar TV.
12.can't believe there is a long line on the weekends at check out and there in a rush after being in the store for 2 hours.

13.Tell them sorry sold out then they keep saying are you sure and repeatedly says you don't have it! and why?
14.ask for ink for a printer and don't know what printer they have.
15.the list goes on and on
and you wonder why we act the way we do besides what do you expect from a low paying job a dinner and a movie?

My wife and I had a great experience purchasing a fine 42 inch Panasonic plasma tele at Best Buy last month. The sales person was agreeable, and pleasant. He helped us make what was for us a rather large expenditure, guiding us in the right direction, making the right choice on the right model. Ultimately we came to the decision to take Best Buy up on their offer of 18 months interest free to finance. We were pleased with our shiny new tele. What Fun.

...Until we received the second bill for the shiny new tele.

My wife had decided she was sick of sending out the payments for all those bills through snail mail. "It just gets more and more unreliable", she said. In order to circumvent this unrequited tediousness, we were going to adopt the smart practice of ON LINE BILL PAYMENTS for Best Buy and a few other companies to whom we owed vast sums of our daily toils- Smart thinking, we thought. So ahead she went, paying the bill through the on-line payment process, one day before the payment due date of the 6th of the month, but alas, at about 5:30 in the afternoon. Because they would receive the payment acknowledgment BEFORE the due date, she assumed it would be taken as paid that day and all would be well.

The second bill arrived promptly, subsequent to initial on-line payment efforts. Strangely enough it had what appeared to be a "late Fee" in the amount of 35 dollars in the itemized charges column of the payment history info. My less than docile wife then took it upon herself to Call Best Buy customer service and ask them to remove this erroneous charge post haste! They refused. My wife asked them "why would such a thing happen to a customer who had clearly made the payment on time?" "Ah, but it WAS NOT paid on time", according to the already flustered customer service woman, "it was made the day before, but not counted until the day of, because the payments for any given day have to be in no later than 4:30 pm. (I am not making this up). Our microscopically printed terms and conditions state it clearly in section 145, paragraph 23, page 2456. Surely you would have seen that one, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, of course" replied my wife. "But, if it is to be considered paid on the very 'due date' the payment is supposed to be made, is that not considered paid on time?" "Well let me tell you how its done miss", the customer service woman clamored, "it isn't 'processed' as a completed payment until the [fat lady sings] the payment has sat in the 'system' for something in the area of about 24 to 48 hours after the said payment has been made."

"In some cases it could take even longer". Said the increasingly disgruntled woman. "Then what is the point of the on-line payment process?" asked my wife. "I spent an hour on the computer setting up an on-line account with my already established account only to be hung up with the very same issues I would have with snail-mail. That makes no sense!" My wife was starting to feel frustrated.

"That is some pretty terrific scam you have going on there". My wife Furthered, Goading her newfound adversary... "Can you please remove the charge, as I don't really believe you can call this payment late." "I am sorry ma'am, but I can't do that?" "No, you are going to remove that charge, and I will most likely discontinue any and all business I might be inclined to do with Best Buy in the Future." "The best I can do is forty percent" countered the woman. (I am not making this up).

"You have to be kidding!" My wife exclaimed.

"That is the best I can do... Ma'am, it clearly states this in the upper right hand corner of the statement on page 137."

"Oh for Chrissake, can you at least put me on the phone with some one such as a manager that can do the right thing here?"


Someone did, after more than 15 minutes of wrangling, finally agree to remove the bogus charge, but all I can say is...


As a former Best Buy employee i have many things i could say in defense of most of the employees, but also in defense to the customers. Best buy teaches thier employees to be "Salesmen" I remember managers qouting the movie "boiler room" many many times "ABC always be closing" i remember them telling us "you cant handle selling some moron a camera here is your taco bell app" i was fired by best buy way way way unfairly. I would allways go out of my way to satisfy my customers, i would always be fair, i would always be honest (even if it meant losing a sale) i was written up once for telling a customer that what they wanted and what they wanted to pay was totally opposite they wanted a computer that would run way advance programs but didn't want to pay over 300 any one who knows computers knows you can't run high speed gamming on a 300 P.O.S. machine its just not gonna happen when the customer left sadly unsatified i got in trouble my supervisor told me i should have just sold him the P.O.S. computer and let him have problems then he would have come back to get geek squad services cause the guy was "retarded" and "had no common sense" but don't get me wrong their are some employees that work very hard for you like in janesville, wi there is a kid named mike in appliances that is great, and a kid in madison named kieth really nice kids that really did help people. but as an employee i must say people expect everything from them they expect them to bend over backwards and break rules. i remember being on the floor in computers and literally running around trying to help 5-6 buying groups at once, and trying to answer phones. when its busy i'm sorry but answering the phone is damn ner impossible. those stores stay very very busy! so my advise is try to remember this when your talking to them especially at the customer service desks 9 out of 10 customers come in already mad at them and yell at them the store i worked in we litterally had to call the police at least 3-5 times a week because of customers goin nuts and throwing things at us or taking swings at us. i remember a young girl sitting in the break room crying because someone went off on her because another associate sold him a bad camera. well it wasn't her fault it was defective. Best advice don't go off on associates go directly to management start out nice about your problems if they give you attitude skip them go to corporate. cause depending on who the manager is they will either bend over for you or they wont they are either gonna be really nice people or a bastard one or the other, be nice and they'll be nice if their not its not worth getting mad over go to corp. threaten lawyer and they'll do anything you want. but don't take it out on the nice little girl behind the desk or the busy kid in the computer department that couldn't get to the phone

Why dont you all grow up and deal with life, and man up to everything instead of bitching about it

Ok I suppose we've all had some bad experiences with Best Buy... its fair to say any retail store I've shopped at I've had one bad experience or another, but I've had plenty good ones. I think its all about who you are accompanied by on your journey.

I've worked for Best Buy, I worked in the PCHO department on non-comissioned sales. I helped setup a store as a GEO in San Diego. I've done all the necessary training, and I hated it. It just wasn't for me, it wasn't my type of work environment, I felt like I was a Drama Kid in highschool. Thats just who they like to hire, excitment, customer centricity!! not me.

Guess where I work now? Yep, the national Call Center. And guess what, guess where it is? San Diego, CA. Amazing huh? Oh and there is one in Houston, TX too... their name is NCO and they put a HORRIBLE name on Best Buy. Our tiny team of 16 individuals, both sales and support agents out perform all 100 of those NCO people. They create problems, and make us look bad. I'm telling the truth, I've heard everything happen, fraud, lies, cheating... its sad.

You guys all have valid points and probably deserve better treatment next time you go to the store. I take a lot of passion in what I do, and address every problem as if it was mine. I hate when a customer calls in with a bad experience in the store, I immediately take the blaim, apologize and work towards a resolution. Also, if people would please start realizing that call centers are not incompetent retards brought in from the local rehab center. We are trained, actually pretty exlusively, just like any other BBY employee and we CAN handle your problem, and in the event that we can't... we WILL get you to someone who can.

ALSO what people need to understand is the fact that there is a reason why we are here, and guess what? its not for the inconvenience of the customers. Best Buy scored extremely low on customer satisfactions over the phone... no one was answering, still no one answers sometimes (YES IM TALKING TO YOU GAITHERSBURG, MD). Anyway, because customers could have been helped easily if addressed, they used us! And we do a damn good job for the most part, I mean I am at work right now, and right next to me a friend Mike just took a call and said "not a happy customer." The majority of the people are not happy, and do not want to hear a holding tone or a ring tone, and sometimes its as simple as just canceling an order or getting some information on inventory. We can do everything here and if you want an extensive list to test us, just let me know, or call any of the MD stores.

Sure, we can't do schedules, we can't do returns, and we can't give guarantees, but we do quite a bit. I'm not asking for respect, its not worth it, i'm asking for trust... and if you see that you don't find the service on the phone helpful, email us or call us and let us know so we can make it better. We all want to keep this job, it pays great!

Boycotting a business is like being racist... You're holding the actions of a few individuals against an entire retail corporation. Just let your wall down maybe once more and try us again, let us know that your experience last time wasn't good and we'll attempt to make this one worthwhile and mind changing.

:D put a smile on people, you're alive. i apologize if you've have a bad experience, i'll make my efforts to insure that everyone I personally deal with gets the service they want.



In other news, Rosie O'Donnell anounced that she is leaving "The View" to work in the Best Buy customer service department. "Radio Shack is responsible for 9/11," she claimed. "They are in cahoots with Bush and Popular Mechanics to dumbify the sheeple. Best Buy, on the other hand does not sell guns and we are working to make sure that any movies of videos with Tom Seleck speaking ching chong will no longer be sold. All floor personell will be required to yell "You luser" in response to any customer complaints. I'm really looking forward to it."

I bought a computer from best buy a year ago and the thing has been broken since dec 06, which was six months ago. i bought the perofmrance warranty and they cant fix! they refuse to utilize the lemon policy and are giving me the run around! go to frye's electronics instead. best buy is a rip off

I purchased a Gateway notebook from Best Buy in Plattsburgh NY in August of 2006. Within one month the entire system no longer turned on and had to be repaired for a system fan error. I brought it out the first day I could (September 16) It was sent out and did not come back in for nearly three weeks.

The SAME DAY I got it back, the machine turned itself off and refused to start again. I brought it back the next day I could (October 2nd) and was told the memory was fried. They replaced it in store.

Over the next few months, the computer refused to get online, "lost" all of its sound devices, and began to pop up a blue screen which satted that my new hardware and/or software was causing compications and shutting down my computer.

I brought the computer to Best Buy in January about its problem getting online and was told to call Gateway. Gateway fixed both the internet problem and the sound device problems over the phone.

In March, I took the computer to Best Buy again and asked about the increasing frequent blue screen. I was told they couldnt do anything for it unless I had the screen showing when I gave them it. I left and within a month the computer was no longer turning on.

On April 4th I brought it back to Best Buy AGAIN and had it sent out for repair. They replaced the memory AGAIN and gave it back declaring it fixed. I brought it home and didnt turn it on for a day and a half. When I turned it on, the same blue screen was still on and shutting my computer off.

I called them back and was told I had to bring it back in before they could consider doing anything. I might add I live over an hour away from this store and that it costs 15-20$ per trip out there.

I waited for the next day I had off from work and brought the computer back in on April 20th. I asked them to do a diagnostic under my $300 Best Buy warranty. They complied, disassembled and inspected the computer. It was returned to me with the promise that whatever the problem was, it was gone.

On April 27, I brought it in again for the SAME PROBLEM. I brought a list of the messages on the blue screen and asked that something be done. They did a system diagnostic and I had to leave the computer there overnight. I called the next day and was told that my operating system was not working properly and I'd have to pay $129 to have it reinstalled. I was then told that I'd have to pay for data backup ($99). My boyfriend got on the phone and within 5 minutes they had decided they'd *only* charge us $49.99 for data recovery and "generously" would reinstall my operating system for free.

We told them we were not satisfied with this offer and would be at the store. When we arrived a manager came to tell us about the great deal we were getting. When I explained to her the I wanted to back up my data for free, she told me this was not reasonable. I replied that if my computer had been fixed on any of the three trips I had made so far for THIS SAME PROBLEM, I could have backe dup my own data before the computer could no longer get passed bios. I told her I felt that in selling me a computer that has not worked properly since the time of purchase it was her problem that she sold me a broken computer. She replied it was "not her problem" and that it was "Gateways fault" that I had a broken computer, not hers. I told her I did not purchase my computer from GATEWAY, I bought it from BEST BUY.

They at this point offered to back up just My Documents for half price at $30. When I replied again that it was unacceptable, the Geek Squad employee behind the counter said "You can't afford thirty dollars?" Not that it's any of his business, but no, I cant. I have spent over two of my measly miniumum wage paychecks driving out to the store to have it fixed.

I am suspicious of the fact that they could not tell me what the problem was until the computer had reached a point that it would cost me money to have it fixed.

I am planning on filing gender discrimination charges on the basis that they immediately took almost $200 off as soon as they spoke to my boyfriend.

I am very displeased at their refusal to accept it as a lemon because it has not needed 4 service repairs requiring parts (its only had three + all the other issues). I feel it is obvious that this original product is defective and am in the process of sending my complaint to the Attorney Generals office.

In the end, I told they I would not pay for data backup and to reinstall the operating system for free. I lost all my data information and am not only writing the letters above but also to the local newspaper, Best Buy headquarters and Gateway Computers.

I hope they are satisfied with the $1500 they got out of me for this computer and warranty. I am more than happy to say that I have now deterred 4 students heading to college from purchasing a computer there as well as deflecting a friend from buying a stereo system from them. So they cost me 1500+ about 200 in gas, andI deflected nearly $8000 dollars worth of business from them.

I will NEVER return to that store other than for the future repairs under warranty that I anticipate for this computer.

I bot a FullThrottle and it was FLAT!! .. Best Buy wouldn't return it! SUKZ!!

I just bought a Refridg. from Best Buy in Bangor, Maine. I'm in love with it! Had it installed by the Best Buy installers! Now, after 4 days the door won't close!called the 1-888-jerk me around number several times, only to find out that the repair guy was an hour away and they have no one in the central Maine area to fix the problem!I have a Daycare in my home and need the refridg.The repair guy can't make it here until at least Thurs. and Today is Mon. I started this whole adventure on Sat.
I wish I had found this site before I bought from Best Buy!

Best Buy Geek Squad Service --- Purchased a Cannon SD700 Camera and the extended warranty, the strap broke where it attached to the body of the camera and it fell. They made me pay $200 to have that screen repaired 4 weeks later I was told it was ready to pick up. I picked it up and as soon as I got it home tried to used it and it did not work. Called the store immediately and they said they were sorry bring it back and they would fix it. Now they say it has corrosion damage and want another $400 to fix. Spoke to a manager and he said that they should replace it but need approval of the Geek Squad Manager first, next day he called and was the rudest individual and said they are not replacing the camnera and if I want it back I have to pay for it. I contacted the Corporate Customer Service who told me had I not removed the camera from the store they would have fixed it but since it was removed from the store they are not responsible. Bottom Line make them hook it up and prove to you it works or you will be out $800 and have a useless camera!!!

Having the worst customer service experience to date.
Took in my laptop with the extended service plan, for a mother board. I was told three days later to come & get it. Walk in the store, to be told, needed the invoice copy, to send it out for repair.
HP/Compaq laptop....well its three weeks later, and im being told it could take up to 90 days, but if i dont get it back within 60 days, they will replace it. (so they say?)

Had the same type of problem with a Del laptop.

They sent UPS to pick it up at my home & it was delivered back with 4 days, working great.

Before you buy anything at bestbuy...pray it doesnt break.....

Best Buy is terrible. They have a million workers walking around, and no one to assist customers. Every time I went into that store I had an issue. I closed my credit card there, because I vowed to never shop there again. Ever.
The deferment plan they have in place is a scam. They have a bunch of hidden charges. So far I had recieved about $150 worth of credits due to the continual mishaps that happen to me when I'm there. I don't want any credits of any kind, just give me decent customer service.

Instead of bitching why don't you get off your lazy ass and do something about it. Start a new business that competes, do something. Stop complaining! I don't care - no one does.
Stop wanting more than you need and there won't be an issue.

Angela (who works at Best Buy and has pounded this board with defensive posts), please dial these numbers right now (or at any time you feel like it):

Burbank, CA - 818.845.5121
Glendale, CA - 323.912.9288
Woodland Hills, CA - 818.713.1007

who'd you get? that's right: no one. absolutely no one.

go ahead try again now. or in 15 minutes. maybe even at the end of the day. and please, by all means, let it really ring...and ring....and ring...and ring.....and ring....and ring....and ring....

you'll still get NO ONE.

THAT'S what this discussion is about. it's not about the pay of the employees (because we don't care - we have jobs). it's not about bitchy customers (because we don't care - we are the customer). and it's not about how many things you have to do and/or deal with simultaneously during the execution of your job (because we don't care - it's not our job).

it's about Customer Service -- on the floor AND on the phone AND on the Internet. period. end of story. and Best Buy's truly does not only stink, it wreeks. walked out of a store today because i stood needing help for 5 or so minutes before someone came by, i indicated i needed help, he said "ok, i'll get someone" (what? how 'bout YOU help me!!), walked back by again to tell me someone was coming to help me (what? no, REALLY, how 'bout YOU help me!!), and i stood another 10 minutes with no help. and SEVERAL employees saw me standing there...waiting.

if it makes you feel any better Angela you should know that your company is not the only poor provider of customer service: nearly EVERY retail company in America right now is just as poor. "customer service" these days is just a vanity tag meant to help the company appear as though they care....they only care when we pay, and that endearment often ends with the close of the register drawer.

but we all...that is, the buying public knows better.

it's about Customer Service, Angela.

(i wonder if corporate knows about boards like these? i wonder if they know an employee such as yourself is out here trying to justify the company's poor performance in this area...while villifying them in matters of employee relations? i wonder...)

Best Buy's customer service is nothing short of pathetic! In the store, on the phone - anywhere!

I bought a computer from BB with the promotion of a free Windows Vista upgrade. I got home with the computer, filled out the forms according to the instructions and sent off for the upgrade.

Months later I get a letter saying that Microsoft has received everything but an order number. There wasn't any mention of an order number when I applied for the upgrade, so I returned to the store, thinking they forgot to give it to me. Nope. They don't have them. The store's customer service rep said I have to call the 888-BESTBUY number and they would give me the order number. Well, 2 transfers later and 10+ minutes on hold (while I'm in still in the store) I get told by the phone rep that I have to call the computer manufacturer for that. They give me a toll number, no 800 number.

So I call the manufacturer only to be redirected to yet another 800 number for a rebate center. To make what seems to be a never ending story shorter, the rebate center is closed and is not issuing any more order numbers!

BB, I'm sure, was able to increase sales based on a fraudulent promotion of a promise of a free upgrade. I filed for the rebate following all of the instructions and within the time frames BB specified, yet they won't stand behind their promotion! The only thing I've ever received from any of BB's customer service reps has been a lame "I'm sorry". Furthermore, looks to me like they push off their customers to some 3rd or even 4th party to give "customer service". You really want to deal with a place that treats their customers that way?

This is one customer that will NOT be entering a BB store ever again!

A while back I bought some blank DVDs- I usually buy a supply and keep
on hand so as not to run out. By mistake one of the package was DVD+. I took it back to Best Buy to exchange for DVD-. The package was brand new unopened, but because it was over 30 days they refuse to let me simply
exchange it. I could understand their policy, in some cases they can't return after 30 days' There are always exceptions to the rule, they need to be smart about it. I wasn't returning only making an even exchange I tried to explain I buy in bulk and sometimes they sit there as needed, It was no loss to them and it would have made me a happy continued customer. Instead I now rarely ever shop there, only as a last resort for small items. For a few lousy dollars they lost a valued customer who have spent thousands on TVs and appliances elsewhere, hard to believe!
This happened over two years ago. Customers don't forget. I would never buy a large item from them. Without looking at their sales ads I toss them into the garbage every week, it's my way of getting even. I tell all my friends not to shop there, even got rid of my BB stocks.I'll
forget how unimportant they made me feel!

I can understand that it could be frustrating for everyone; however, there is more likelihood I'd consider buying from them if I could get info first. If I can't do that, given fuel prices, I'll say forget it, perhaps even forego purchasing the item, but likely go on to another store who will answer the phone.

my husband and i bought a tv,the day after thanksgiving sales, in 2005. and it was insigna name brad 30 widescreen, it was nice tv we love it. This was replacement of other tv that we had for 18 years. no joke never had problem anyway. about two week we watching all of sudden the screen went balck and were pop and there was a flash, and smell like electronic smell. so we unplugged it and we had hook up to upc for computer so if power it would be protected well. there was not a power surge at all. so i call our local best buy. he said
warrarty was out and would NOT matter we would not able to replace it becasue we don't carry the parts and we wouldn not honor the extend warrarty. buyer beware i will never shop at best buy again. we also had our reciept to. so don't buy the extend warrarenty either.

my husband and i bought a tv,the day after thanksgiving sales, in 2005. and it was insigna name brad 30 widescreen, it was nice tv we love it. This was replacement of other tv that we had for 18 years. no joke never had problem anyway. about two week we watching all of sudden the screen went balck and were pop and there was a flash, and smell like electronic smell. so we unplugged it and we had hook up to upc for computer so if power it would be protected well. there was not a power surge at all. so i call our local best buy. he said
warrarty was out and would NOT matter we would not able to replace it becasue we don't carry the parts and we wouldn not honor the extend warrarty. buyer beware i will never shop at best buy again. we also had our reciept to. so don't buy the extend warrarenty either.

i read all the review and post one myself it just comes down to this

I think it very fair to say most posting here aren't happy campers. From my experiences I feel the problems might be related more to the individual stores and their managers and additudes, than the company as a whole.

I have never been connected to any type of call center in over 10 or 12 years. Just called a couple of days ago, I did get the automated system, but I even get that at my doctors office where my calls can be infinately more urgent than any I may have with Best Buy.

I can state I should qualify as a high use customer as we have purchased 3 projection TV's, 4 computers, 1 lap top, 2 cameras,untold movies, music cd's, 4 vcrs, 2 dvd video recorders, and more.

From these devices I have had great success and total failure. In fact a Sony lcd projection TV I bought 3 years ago just failed, to the tune of $1300 to repair. This problem is not Best Buys, but rather Sony's.

A new computer I bought 2 months ago, had issues with making too much noise, and just not booting up consistantly. I went back in before the 14 day period asking if these were normal issues, and was promply told to just bring it back they would replace it. This is what I did and the replacement is working as expected.

I can't state the number of times I have purchased things and had them go on sale the next week. Just went in and asked, they looked my reciept up on the computer and I get the sale price.

Again I really think the issues have as much or more to do with the store or district you may live in and the attitude of those employees and not the company as a whole.

While I know most of the post here have been negative, I felt I had to let you know there places where they are by far the best thing in town.

You whiny ass customers lol. I work at a best buy and the customers that come in are just retarded. I had a lady try to return a t.v. becuase she could figure out how to power to it. After spending twenty mins on the phone with her, and listening to her swear at me for selling her "a useless tv with no parts" she finally let me explain that if she would look in the manual, it would explain that there is a converter that must be hooked up, that is included with the tv. Well what do you know, it powered up, oh my god. So she does'nt say thank you or anything, just hung up. Stupid customers like this jade us and make us think every customer is iq challenged. And don't buy a cheap ass tv, its not going to last you, you get what you paid for.


Learn to read. It clearly says it all over the reciept, if you can't bring a product back before a month, then don't expect a refund.

In response to Stephanie, I also brought an insignia TV and an insignia DVD/Surround sound system. After one year the DVD/surround sound combo stoped playing DVDs. I purchaced the service plan on both items. I took my DVD player in with some DVDs. The man at the tech bench was polite. He hooked up my unit right there and noted that indeed it did not play DVDs, not just mine, but theirs as well.

He mentioned to me the BB does not have repair facility for insignia- the policy then was to replace the defective product. As stated in the plan- if they can't fix it, they replace it. If you have the service plan you should take it back in to the store and speak with their manager. I am sure they will honor their plan.

I have found that there is not one rep in the store that knows "everything about everything" so sometimes you have to speak with a few different associates to get issues resolved. Having worked retail for 10 years (in a mom and pop pet store no less), it pays to have paticence and to treat the associate as you will have them treat you. As a polite, concerned, and "intellegent" human.

Has anyone been quoted the "NO FAULT" policy by Geek Squad?

I purchased a 30gb iPod from Best Buy two years ago with the 3-year extended service plan. I use it regularly at work and though I treat it carefully, the hard drive fails every six months or so (which I simply put down to normal wear and tear). The Geek Squad techs have sent it off to be fixed and I always get it back in working order. (though once I was offered the option of taking a "refurbished" model instead, which would void my contract).

However, this last time I took it in I was called back into the store a couple of weeks later and told that they couldn't find anything wrong with it, and that I would have to pay a $25 charge since it was a "NO FAULT." (???) I was confused by this and the tech pointed to a statement on the policy saying that the customer may be charged for repairs due to the customer's misuse of the product or by "acts of nature."

I explained that the iPod was indeed broken when I brought it in - it lost all my music in mid-use, gave me the "bad disk" icon, and when I tried reloading my music collection on iTunes it got halfway through and then reported that it couldn't read/write to the iPod.

He demonstrated that he could load an album onto it, and I explained that I was trying to load much more than a single album. Unfortunately they only had the one album on the computer for testing, and he seemed to adopt a "this isn't my problem" attitude. I have to admit I started feeling a bit flustured at this point, but tried to maintain a calm demeanor (I've worked in customer service myself).

When I asked a manager for clarification on the "no fault" policy (which didn't seem to mention that the customer would be charged for bringing back a "functioning" device), he said "oh, that's just for shipping costs."

To make sure I understood the policy, I asked "So if you HAD found something wrong with it..."

"It would be covered, yes."

"...but since you didn't find a problem, I have to pay for it?"


I explained that I was not going to pay that cost (as far as I knew, the thing was probably still broken) to which he scoffed and said "you don't want your device back?"

I said that if they could demonstrate that the iPod was capable of storing the amount of data I required, I might pay to get it back. However, at this point that's probably just good money thrown after bad. I guess I can't complain about two years of use out of the thing, though I hope they don't offer it as a "refurbished" model to someone else.

I purchased a side-by-side refreigator/freezer at best buy in 2005 with a 5 year warranty (PSP) for $250 extra money for the PSP. The unit has been repaired/ serviced 4 times now, and when I called the store-the person in appliances told me I was due a new unit. We have lost 2 loads of frozen goods, totaling over $700 dollars. We were not told about any food replacement program that they do have, the 2nd time, and finally on the 3rd time,I asked about this loss, and was told they would indeed replace up to $200 dollars for food lost, and after several months I did recieve compensation for the 3rd lost load (not enough to cover the loss though, & nothing for the 2nd load of food). When I told the store manager what their appliance manager told me, she replied that I was not due a new unit, and my only choice now is to seek legal aid (I am severely disabled, and feel like I am being deliberately taken advantage of). I did not receive any compensation for the 2nd lost load of precious food. In trying to get this unit fixed/repaired for the 4th time now-the store manager was very short with me, and I was told I would not get a lemon replacement,after being told in-store that I would, and after several attempts, my only option is to contact a lawyer (I am on a fixed income-poverty level, I used my inheritance from my recently deceased mother for the purchase of this unit). Best buy will not honor their aggrement with me, telling me they would only fix the problem again-after the service technician who replaced the computer board in the unit the 3rd time told me that if I did have a PSP to get the unit replaced, as this problem would persist ( and it has). Makes me wonder why these big corporations will take advantage of a disabled person they know that they can toss around anyway they see fit. I asked the store manager to talk to the appliance manager, who told me how to handle this, and I was told "he's not here anymore". I have not shopped there since, and advise the public to do the same, as these PSP's are not worth the paper they are printed on. How shameful to continually do this to a person, anyone-especially when we have spent thousands in their store, they might think they are pulling a good one on me-but I will not spend another dime at best buy.Since then, they have lost over $6000 that I would have spent at best buy-the dimes went elsewhere, & you are not the only game in town. Good bye best buy forever!

I contacted 1-800 best buy to try and peacefully resolve the problem with my side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. I was very pleased with the person I talked to-who sincerely apologised for my problem with the unit. He immediately put me in touch with a supervisor, who explained to me that the 2nd attempt to resolve the problem with the freezer going out, did not constitute a "repair", even though I lost a lot of precious food, as the tech that came to my home could not find anything wrong with the unit, even though it went completely out 2-3 weeks later, and the motherboard had to be replaced on the 3rd visit to my home. I did not ask for compensation for the 1st food loss, as it has been over 1 year & I should have read the PSP in it's entire content. He promised to go over this problem with his team, and will get back to me to see if it will be repaired. I was pleasently surprised by this, and pray that they will fix my fridge ASAP, as I don't want to lose any more food. Some people might think that this loss of food is no big deal, but when you are permantly disabled & on a fixed income, it means everything in ensuring your family's nutritional status. I thank the good Lord I found this nice person, who had the dignity to really apologize for any inconvienence my family has suffered. I realize that store managers have their hands full, but I hope that the in store manager I spoke with was having a bad day, or was not feeling well theirself. I will just wait and see & give them the benefit of the doubt, as they did seem sincere.

People seriously waste their time saying how much Best Buy sucks. I'm an employee at Best Buy and I bust my ass trying to take care of every customer that needs help. Labeling the entire company as shit is rather stupid don't you think? Why would you people waste time in writing about someting you hate? Makes no damn sense. If you hate Best Buy, STFU and go shop somewhere else. Simple as that. While many employees are young adults who don't give a shit, they alone cannot cause for such a harsh label on the company.
You hate BBY b/c we don't help enough or are on your asses as soon as you walk in the door? Make up your minds. Best Buy follows SOP guidelines and we stick to them as best we can. If you hate us so much, go buy your POS camera at Walmart and suport those fuckers. Stop bitching about your experiences.

I have filed an action with the consumers affairs division of the attorney generals office for the state of Illinois. I ordered my upgrade Nov 2, 2006. When I went to the Best Buy where I had bought my computer and asked about my upgrade the manager in the Bloomington, Illinois store asked me to leave. I checked and they are a private business and can ask anyone to leave especially if it something promised (as in the "free" Vista upgrade). Does Microsoft really need the money? What about Best Buy? I guess so.

Posted by: Ed | 14 Jun 2007 03:37:12

I would be interested in joining a class action suit as this problem (no Vista upgrade when promised)appears to be widespread. Please post any info on such an action.

spent 7 weeks trying to get best buy to repair my times , the sound card just disappearss on the motherboard but it doesn't really go anywhere they replaced the motherboard and now they tell me that the software that came with my computer does not work with the motherboard that they installed and it is my problem. at one point in time , they spent 2 weeks looking for a driver for a usb card that was working because they could not figure out what was missing.(a chipset driver) that worked when i took it in. i even went so far as to completely reinstall xp and i installed vista and it didn't make any difference. even ask to speak to a manager about a rude employee and was told he was the manager. i work on air conditioning and appliances and i will tell you that a local business would already been driven out of business by poor service. keep this in mind.... they really don't care if you are upset or not. even the 800 number

your a litle bit of a mouron and u havnt worked in retail have u? they make a valid point. those peoplein the building got up off their assess to go in and talk to somone. u picked up the phone. u r no their to buy, do u have any idea how many phone calls a day they get from people like u that r too lazy to go in and aske your questions. they dont have the time to talk to one idiot on the phone for an hour when they have people in the buildin to help. the other thing is the reason they ask if u need help is because its their job and best buy lost 2 billion dollers to theft last year. they contact u because u probably look like somone who would try to steal somthing to get back at them. i wont talk about this any more. i would suggest that u all do your home work before bitching like children. u should all work in retail for one day so that u can see how many peoople a day will bitch and complaine about somthing they dont understand like the most u do. get a life u losers.

I purchased a Sony tv online from Best Buy it came with an offer of a FREE massage chair, free delivery. Well I had to pick the tv up from the store, per the customer service rep, I did. NOW they did not and will not give me the explaination, except this is a complicated matter ?????? ( the tv went on sale I was offered a refund ) Help.

Best Buy does suck and that's coming from an ex employee. I worked there for almost two years. The people that work hard and go beyond there job get screwed and all the brown nosers who don't know anything and always stand around are the ones that get rewarded. I hate service plans but sold them all the time to people on TV's. This company is too political and I know a lot of work places are like that but I mean this place is bad. The pay is horrible and I did work that my supervisor was suppose to do. I understand when people say how horrible customer service is in that place, they're right but it's because the company pulls back labor and has no one working all day and the people most likely working are idiots that really don't know anything. There was so many times I had to get into someone else's sale because I would over here them lying to customers! Don't ever fall for all the attachment bull! All there accessories for products are WAY over priced. If you knew what cost was on things that's where they really make there money on cables and services. They sell an HDMI cable for $65 when they only cost $4!!! And please don't ever buy Best Buy exclusive brand products, they suck!!!

Best Buy sells cheap shit
there is no quality, only quantity
I feel awful for the employees that work there because they get treated like shit, don't get paid enough, and are subjected to verbal abuse from their superiors on a regular basis
however i feel more sorry for the customer, who thinks they are getting a good deal, only to get screwed over when their new electronic device from china or vietnam breaks or short circuits within a month

boycott best buy
boycott wal-mart
boycott exxon mobile
boycott apple

Best Buy SUCKS big time. I bought a 46" TV, a Samsung side-by-side fridge, a vacuum, a DVD player and a bunch of other things at once from Best Buy, West Kroger Centre Dr, Richmond, VA ... At first, I wanted the extended service plan for the TV but not the fridge, since my old Kenmore from Sears lasted us 18 years without a problem. But the appliance sales person convinced us to buy the expensive extended plan since this was a high tech, top of the line Samsung fridge. Also, that with their lemon law replacement with any 3 completed work order for any part of the fridge; we would get a replacement or credit to buy another fridge without a question asked.

First issue: After 1.5 year, the compressor went out and in hot summer month; not only we had to threw away everything but also, didn't have a fridge for a month.

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th issue: The ice maker would not stop making ice which meant every two days; we had a bunch of ice falling all over the kitchen floor as we opened the freezer door ... . Then the ice maker started leaking water and the ice would get clumped up and no ice would dispense ... and now the water leakage is so bad that there is ice on shelve below and the freezer door will not open easily because the ice leaks over the sealed area and door is sealed to the body.

Best Buy's response is that they tried to fix the issue by changing the temperature and changing the ice tray ... Also, Samsung's response to them was to dump the ice out every night.

Finally, we called the local store and asked for a manager's name and hours. We quickly found out it is easier to jump off of a cliff than to get a hold of a Best Buy manager. It is their policy not to release any manager name or hours of work ... . There is only one way to talk to the main store manager ... Go in as often as possible and hope to God that he is there and not in a meeting or out at that time.

Finally, we got a hold of assistant manager. After many phone calls to the store, he told us that the support center did not want to change the fridge because the extended warranty clearly states that the freezer issues is not included in three completed work order and fridge replacement policy.

He suggested that we go in that day during lunch and he would get the main manager to talk to us ... My wife and I both left work to meet him. After waiting for 40 minutes, we finally got a chance to talk to him (by this time, my wife had to leave and go back to work). I told him that the 3 year old fridge was about $1550 and we would be happy if they credited us with $500 towards a much simpler fridge. He made a copy of our original extended plan and a copy of the latest store extended plan. He promised that within 24 hours, we will get a call from him. After leaving a dozen messages for him and after 3 weeks, we got a call back with bad news from his assistant that the corporate decided that they will not change the fridge.

Just to compare Best Buy with another retailer ... I had an issue with Dupont laminate floor install. The store sent an employee and we didn't hear anything back for a few weeks. But after one call to their customer support center, a 3rd party installer came by and acknowledged that the floor was not installed properly. Within a week, a professional installer came by and installed an entire new floor ... . THIS IS CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE.

MY SUGGESTION: Before you make any major purchase ... try calling the store and ask for the name and hours of the manager ... You can go one step further and ask them to have the main manager give you a call. Then you will know how good the store policies are to deal with customers. Also, try this with your local Best Buy store and you will find out that it is easier to get to CARTEL DRUG LORDS then a BEST BUY MANAGER.

F#ck customers. F#ck best Buy. I make over 18 dollars an hr at Best Buy I could care less about it or whomever shops there.

I have nothing against the phone system - it is their extended service plan. They're saying the stuff they sell is sooo bad, you need the service plan cause it's going to break. With the service plan, they're basically admitting that they don't stand behind the crap they sell.

If you don''t have it, then you were stupid to not get it is their response. At Worst Buy, the customer is never right.

Purchased a Gateway computer in March 2006 - since then its had the hard drive replaced twice & the motherboard replaced.
When it goes to Minneapolis - they must reach into the trash to get replacement parts - cause it only last 6 wks at most until it needs to be repaired again.

When customer service calls after the repairs are completed - I've given them an earfull - telling them that they say its only going to take one week & it takes 4 wks to get computer back.

I've asked for reimbursement on my cable bill cause why should I pay for internet service when I use the library machines. Also ask if I could get mileage for gas used to go to library daily to use machines.

I've told everyone I know to stay away from Best Buy - I am even tempted to picket the store & tell the customers they sell lemons not computers.

I love people who whine about their computers breaking and claim its the retailer's fault. Guess what people, unless you build it yourself, it's going to break. It isn't Best Buy's fault, just like it wouldn't be Circuit City's fault, or CompUSA's fault. You're buying RETAIL. These companies put it together on an assembly line, in India, or China, or some other godforsaken third world communist country because Gateway, HP, Sony, Apple, and Acer want to cut every freaking corner they can. That's also the reason that there is AOL, Blockbuster, Google, and all this other crap on a computer when you get it, because basically they don't want to pay for cardboard, plastic, and Styrofoam to package the computer. But the prices on computers has dropped because of this. Now even people who make less then ten thousand a year can afford one.

Did you know, Ann, that we offer a free service to make sure that computer isn't a lemon before you take it home? It takes twenty minutes, but it saves you a trip. Is it my fault if it breaks and could have been detected if you had taken advantage of it? It's my fault if it wasn't offered, but if you didn't take advantage of it, then that's yours.

You people who complain about computers breaking? Think how lucky you are to afford to be able to fix it. Does it suck? Absolutely. Is it annoying and should better business practices be put in place even if it means the cost goes up? Absolutely. But there are people who wake up every day hoping that they don't die. That they aren't eaten. That they find food. That they find clean WATER.

You want a computer that lasts? Take some time, learn how to build the thing, and make it yourself. I've been building computers for fifteen years, and I've only had my first one break from when I built it in high school back in 2000. If that's too hard for you, then spend two grand (which shouldn't be a big deal, as from what my customers have told me, their last computers cost that much) and get a Sony Velocity. Good luck finding one, because they're about the only hand-built machines left, and with low demand, stores don't get a whole lot of them.

Consumers are like an annoying house guest sometimes. They demand everything and complain about it when it's not done right. There is a trade off for everything, nothings perfect, and every demand has a consequence.

"I don't like carrying around a ten-pound laptop! I want it to be lighter and I don't want it to be slow!"

All right, here you go. A notebook computer that weighs five pounds and has to have the battery replaced every freaking year because now it can only hold so many charges (look up any tech site, such as CNET, Wired, or even Apple, they have great articles on Li-ion batteries. IPod batteries are Li and they can't even be replaced, you have to buy a new IPod when it goes dead); that's even assuming the computer lasts that long, because now it's so small and portable that you sneeze on it and it breaks. But hey, it doesn't weight ten pounds, downside is it isn't built like a tank and it can't support NiCad batteries because they aren't powerful enough. NiCads didn't need to be replaced for four or five years, but they suck for power. Lithium is the most reactive metal on the periodic table so they went to that. Chances are all your portable devices are lithium now.

You know, I'd love to have a car that's not a hybrid and gets thirty five miles per gallon too, but I'm not going to be surprised if I hit something and it turns into a paper cup.

"I don't want to go to a computer store to buy a computer, it's all high pressure because they're on commission." I realize this isn't a relevant quote, but it leads into an issue that's been complained about; customer service.

Well, Best Buy was one of the first to take its computer sales off of commission. But since their pay (crappy as it is) is no longer linked to their performance, is it going to bring in the people who don't give a damn about you? The ones who take advantage of the fact that they get paid the same whether you buy or not? You're damn skippy, hippie. But guess what, there are some people who actually know what they're talking about and care about you, not just at Best Buy but at any retailer. Good luck finding one. But you didn't want pressure, so now they aren't on commission. They don't give a damn if you buy or not, and they sure as hell aren't going to go that extra mile for you. Why should they?

Now, there are people like me, and I'm not going to brag. I worked for my grandfather in the print shop that he owned every summer since I was nine. It was boring, tedious, menial work and I hated every moment of it. I was basically by myself in a back room, putting printed papers into brochures, making pads, or other stuff. It was called binding, and basically everything you own on paper came goes through that process, even if it was basically shrink wrapping it. I burned my hands, I put staples through my fingers, and I was by myself for eight hours a day doing something I despised.

But you know what? I learned that I wasn't getting any special treatment, just like everyone there, I was there to do a job. I learned that people count on you to do the best that you are able to no matter how crappy a situation you're in or how bad the job is. I learned that if I did a lousy job, or I made a mistake, it cost money because they entire thing has to be done again from scratch. I was working on twenty or thirty year old equipment because for a small shop in an East Texas city, that's all that they can afford and stay profitable, as long as the machines kept working. And the reason I kept doing this even though I was hot, and it sucked, and it could mean collating or folding thousands and thousands of pieces of paper by hand, because I knew that my grandfather, my BOSS, and his BUSINESS, was depending on me to do it and do it right. I complained, especially when I was young, but I did every bit. And I did it on time, on a deadline.

Basically I learned work ethics. And that's stuck with me ever since, and always will. I have people who come into Best Buy to see me personally. Some I remember, some I don't. Some come in weeks after our first encounter, some come months. But they always come to me, they tell me how happy they are with their computer, how well its performing for them, and I actually have several who tell their family members to see me personally. They listen to what I have to say and they know I'm not trying to scam them. They know I know what I'm talking about. I may get ten dollars an hour, when I'm used to forty or fifty, but I still take it as seriously as I did making forty or fifty. Hell, I nearly made seventy grand a year when I was twenty one waiting tables. I moved and couldn't do it up here until recently.

You know what? I don't talk about service plans at all on desktops unless a customer asks. On laptops, I think it's a necessity. So do most consumer reports if you do some research. On printers as well, because they're made with freaking plastic and the manufacturer doesn't even bother to give you a cable to hook it to a computer.

Moral of this long story? It isn't a retailer's fault that something breaks. Except in the case of private labels, they didn't make it. Could they be doing a better screening job for their new hires? Probably. Most try. I'm sure most would like to get rid of the twenty percent of employees that steal from them too, but there's no way to know until after they're caught who's doing it. Likewise, there's no way to know who's giving poor service and who's giving good service until after they're hired. But to blame a blanket company because of a bad experience or two, or because you don't want to listen to people who are just trying to do their job is the cry of a spoiled child. Guess what? There ARE people like me who want to help you. Try to find one, and maybe, just maybe listen to what we have to say.

You might actually be surprised.

By the way, just as an addendum, the retailers are fully aware of the problems with their products. That's why they offer service plans. That's why the manufacturers offer service plans. In some cases yes, they're trying to make extra profit. I'll tell you there isn't much on computers, maybe twenty bucks, at least for a retailer like Best Buy.

But in other cases they're actually trying to help you out. Like I stated, I don't offer it on desktops because parts are much cheaper and easier to come by than on laptops. On laptops, its a definite necessity and I make my customer aware of it. But if they say no? I let it go. I tried.

Sometimes they want to know why. I ask sometimes. Its because maybe if you told me, I could talk to my supervisors and uppers and just one person's input could change the product to make it better or more relevant to our customer. I'm not popping an attitude, I'm trying to gain insight into how, if any way, to make our products more relevant to you the consumer, so that we CAN stand behind our product.

Do some research, and figure out for yourself if a service plan makes sense for the product. Compare the cost of parts to fix it should the entire thing break. Make the decision for yourself. But don't assume we do it because we have to. Sometimes, like I said, people are out there who know what they're talking about and it might pay to listen to them.

My wife and I just currently moved to Billings Montana from Kentucky. She is the new manager for Walgreens opening up here very soon so we are getting resettled. Before we left Kentucky, I had started up my small repair business for computers. Since the move, I have had to of course start over. Anyone who has ever attempted to get a business going knows that there is no money at all for at least the first year. Keeping this in mind, I went and applied for a job at my local BestBuy. I have to say I am a little less then thrilled by what I have seen so far and I have only been with the company less then a month. Here is a small list...

During training I ran into this question on my exam

"A customer comes in for a wireless router, they have no brand preference and just want an easy to set up router with basic security features. What router would you suggest that meets the customers needs best (LINKSYS!) --and here is what killed me--


That of course is the D-Link router which is a pain in the ass to set up, is a hassle to maintain and is a generally useless router.

Sure they want to help the customer... to a point.

Another thing I have learned to hate very quickly is the whole GeekSquad services thing. Keep in mind my background as a technician for many years. I know what the average customer can probably handle with a little assistance, or some advice.. BUT BestBuy does not want you to talk them through a basic install of software, Nor do they want you to mention the fact that most router (and PC) support are happy to walk you through installs that you need help with any time you purchase thier products. I have been written up for this. So much for helping the customer.

I had a customer last week.. He bought a copy of Microsoft Office. He asked me if we needed to install it for him. I told him, "no sir, its fairly easy.. Just put the disk in the computer and keep hitting Ok until its done." ... By not selling him a 130.00 suite install I have just tonight earned my FINAL WARNING write up.

I come to work, I go above and beyond for my team mates, customers, and try to do the best I can to maintain my department. I am always getting complimented on helping others and doing more then I need to.. and yet I am on the verge of being terminated because I can't lie to customers.. no I won't say can't... I could.... But I choose not to. Let them fire me. I would rather be doing my own repair business where I can actually take CARE of my customers then to be forced to fleece them..

My GM has told me over and over.. "We aren't here to be nice, we aren't here to be helpful.. We are here to make money"

Maybe I am just not normal.. maybe there is something wrong with me.. Heck I have Adult ADHD.. I am a little different.. But I will be damned if I will be a crook and a lier.



I'm posting because I just sent the following eMail to the (please note the childish titles he gives himself in his intra-company emails) "*Harmony *Maximizer *Adaptability *Includer *Futuristic *Andrew Kon Deputy of Counter Intelligence Precinct 51 PH (316) xxx-xxxx". Kon is in Wichita's North Rock store.

I sent this to his attention in the wee hours of July 15 after having driven nearly 40 miles round-trip to get my laptop. I also copied others of the Geek Squad involved to see if Best Buy's "Customer Care" Policy means a damn thing to any of them.

I doubt it.



I just wanted to update you on this issue:

Two days ago I was notified by phone call that my hard drive had arrived at the store here in Wichita and was available for pickup. My wife took the call and asked if my Sony Laptop computer was also ready for pickup. The caller said they would look for it. She asked them to check for sure and call her back. After some time, someone called and told her "the computer is apparently still at the Center". This was contrary to what I had been told days earlier when a lady called to tell me my laptop had been repaired and had been shipped to the store for pickup. So, I called the store and was told that the hard drive was in but the computer was still at the "center". I questioned why the laptop was still being held at the center when its hard drive replacement should only have taken 3-5 days turnaround and the Geek Squad has now had my computer since June 24th! That's far too long a delay in replacing a hard drive in a laptop, which by my worst estimate of time would take 2-3 hours at the most to R&I the drive, format, and reload it to Sony factory specs.

As I said, that was two days ago. This evening I called the store in response to a call from Best Buy that my laptop was now in. I asked about the hard drive, too, and was told by "Michael" that it was in as well. I asked him to be certain before I launched and drove in to the store to get them. He said definitely the hard drive is available and the computer was in but its new hard drive had not been formatted and the OS had not been installed. He asked me for discs for the OS. I received no discs when I bought the computer because it had all been pre-installed by Sony. He said they would use OEM discs and set up the hard drive and it would take about 2 hours to do that. I asked him his name and was reassured he would be there when I came in to pick it up this evening. This was at 4:15 P.M. this evening so I figured it would be ready by 8:00 P.M. for sure, right? WRONG!

When I arrived at the counter at about 8:00 P.M. there was only one Geek who didn't have anything going on. In fact, he was staring off into the yonder blue and was darn near asleep. No one acknowledged my wife and I at all... not even so much as an "I'll be with you in a moment, sir." I just stood there in front of the black man behind the counter (no name tag so I have to just refer to him as the black man) and finally I asked "Is Michael here?". He said "I'm busy at the moment and will help you when I'm finished here." and he pointed to a computer monitor and went back into his daze. Again, I asked for Michael. He condescendingly said, "Which one, the tall one or the other one?" Now how the hell should I know how tall he his because I just spoke to him on the phone. So, I explained to the black man that "Michael" had told me to come in to pick up my laptop and my hard drive.

From here on, it went to hell in a hand basket. The black guy just ignored me and left. Then a "Michael" appeared who said he had not talked to me about a computer... so where's the other Michael, I asked? He's not here... well, that was a given, like I should know he left. So now, I explain I came to get my laptop and my hard drive. They look at the computer in front of them and ask me my phone number and verify my order, then without uttering so much as an "I'll be right back" these guys both just leave us standing there unattended and go behind the wall. No one comes back to acknowledge us or say anything else about my laptop and hard drive. They just leave us standing there. They never told us the laptop was ready or not. They simply go hide behind that damn wall.

My wife waits about 15 minutes and then goes back behind the wall and sees they're looking for something but she didn't know for what. So I then stepped around the corner and see there are 3 Geeks back there doing little to nothing other than clicking the mouse on a computer back there. The black guy then orders me to go back to the other side of the "line". I tried to ask him a question... and he says "Get back to the other side of the line and I'll talk to you." I persisted another moment, but then moved back to the "other side of the line" expecting him to come on out and talk to me. He then wheels and disappears again. So much for customer service!!! That condescending ass needs to be fired!

I demanded to speak with the store manager. In a few moments another guy shows up and now there are 4 or 5 Geeks who have not a clue how to deal with me. Yes, I was loud. Yes, I was upset. Yes, I wanted to know why did "Michael" tell me my computer would be ready and it and my hard drive could be picked up in about 2 hours. Yes, I was not a happy customer. But your manager, Brett, put me in my place all right! He ordered me to pipe down or leave the store. I then mustered all the strength I could to hold back and I just asked him where is my laptop and my hard drive? The black guy then said matter-of-factly "right here's your laptop" and he pointed to it on the back counter. Now, why in hell didn't he just say that in the first place when first arrived and asked if it was ready, instead of ignoring me and disappearing like he did without a word? He could have avoided angering me if he would have just said, "Sir, here is your laptop but we aren't quite finished with installing the systems on it. We need "X" amount of additional time." Instead, he chose to ignore my wants and needs and continued whatever he was doing like I wasn't worthy of his attention. Good grief, I thought they were trying to find my laptop back there... but it turns out they couldn't find the damn hard drive! So, then Brett said "he would get my hard drive for me and give me my computer and then I would have to leave the store!"

Then, they all go back behind "the wall" again. Not another word from anyone! After about 10 minutes of being left standing there again, wondering where they went or if they were still serving me or were they now just standing around back there, I realized that my laptop was just sitting over there. It wasn't installing anything, the pointer was just stationary (no hour glass, no drive light blinking, nothing!) and so my wife decided it's time for me to leave because I was boiling over again. DO YOU GUYS GET ANY KIND OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SKILLS TRAINING? Apparently not. RULE ONE: Always acknowledge your customer as they arrive. RULE TWO: Never walk away from a customer until s/he indicates that it is okay for you to do so. The black guy doesn't give a damn about customers or customers' needs. His attitude is one of "Don't interrupt me. I'll do it when I'm damn good and ready! I only do one thing at a time, so don't bother me!" He won't ever have the chance to put me off again, of that I am most certain. As long as he's employed there, I damn sure won't bother him for anything.

By this time I had enough of their disregard and it was very apparent that they couldn't find my hard drive. It was painfully obvious that "Michael's" offer of 2 hours had now become 4.5 hours-plus and my laptop was still not ready!

So, here are my questions: Don't you think you would be also frustrated and greatly disenchanted if you were the recipient of such gross neglect and disrespect? Do you think you can step up to the plate and take hold of this and get the Geeks off dead center so they can take care of my needs?

I certainly hope so. I would appreciate a call from you, Mr. Kon, or from the General Manager, or the CEO of Best Buy, whomever you think wields the power to get things on track so this gets resolved quickly.

I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx between 10:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M. seven days a week.

Once you've located my items and verified they are indeed ready as pledged (per Shanthi's pledge, my laptop should be back to Sony's factory-delivered OEM specs) I do hope you will consider having one of your Geeks deliver my laptop and my hard drive to me so I don't have to drive back into Wichita a 4th time. Your service contract, for which I paid handsomely, says absolutely nothing about giving your "expert" Geeks the right to disrespect, or treat condescendingly, Best Buy's customers. My visit to your store this evening proves that apparently some of your Geeks think they hold all the cards and be damned your customers. I'm rapidly building a case to question your ability to serve your customers' needs, as most likely so is the gentleman who was at the counter beside me with a problem with his video camera. He, too, was obviously also dissatisfied with your service although he was not as forward about it as I.

As I left your store, I asked at the door to speak with the manager, not a department manager, but the store's manager. Two men there attempted to call him... they asked "him" to respond to their page. He did not. After several failed attempts to get him to respond, one of the guys at the door called another (probably discrete) number and then told me "Brett is looking for your hard drive." So I can only assume then, that Brett was the manager I mentioned above.

I expect nothing less than that which Best Buy's customers all expect and should receive. This evening has demonstrated a total lack of customer satisfaction skills by the Geeks I've mentioned herein. They have nearly slammed the door at Best Buy in my face. If this is the normal way you treat customers, you apparently don't need repeat customers any longer. I don't think your CEO would be pleased to hear this, do you?


Bill C.

After previously posting, I found an article that is very interesting but from this site's posts I don't think the article is altogether accurate. If Anderson's job performance/bonus was truly based on customer satisfaction, why then is he still CEO? Anyway, it's an interesting article:

Best buy has the worse customer service. We spent 1 hour closing a deal on a dishwasher that had a been return for a great price to be then told sorry the price is wrong ITS 200 dollars more.... Then we ordered another dishwasher and waited 3 weeks, we called the day before installation and they said what we don't know anything about it .....asked for manager and she said oh well it will be 3 more weeks ...... Called store Director and he said sorry its not our fault its the warehouse's problem they are a different company.. You can get a refund.. SORRY YOU STINK BEST BUY AND I WILL NEVER BUY FROM WORST BUY AGAIN. This is a store located in The Woodlands Texas.

Bought a 60' Sony tv with stand and surround sound, also bought 4-year extended warranty so I would be covered if any happened and of course it did. the bulb went out in a year and 6 months, contacted Best Buy, they in turn contracted the work out to a local repair shop. Repairman came out and told me that the bulb went out and the bulb would be ordered and contact them in a week and the bulb should be there and could set up appointment to come back and install it.

Well, I contacted them back in a week and was told by the local repair shop that the bulb had not been ordered because with labor and cost of the bulb it was going to be $ 50.00 over what the warranty allowed. I was assured that the request was sent to have it approved. Well it has now, a month later and I again contacted Best Buy and was told that they would send in the authorization but was then told that he spoke to his supervisor and was told the local repair shop would have to do it, WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE THREE WEEKS AGO. WHICH WAS SUSPOSED TO HAVE BEEN DONE TWICE ALREADY. ALL I AM GETTING IS THE RUN AROUND. THEY CANT SEEM TO COORDINATE WITH EACH OTHER.WELL I BLEW A BIG WAD OF MONEY FOR NOTHING


Feedback From Past Employees Wanted

Our employees at Best Buy make us who we are, and the company is committed to listening to past and present employees for feedback. We are looking to hear from Best Buy employees who have quit. We would like to know their story; why they quit, what they liked/didn't like about working for Best Buy, and how we can improve as employers, etc.

Best buy not only has dumb sh!ts working for them, but when i took my computer in to have a cd with lite scribe installed, they messed up the entire computer drivers missing corrupted files and what not. I never go online on this comp as it is for a recording studio, only. I called to tell the head guy and he said that best buy geek squad would not do this... i was like but they did, he then says your just trying to get free work done. I was like no I am telling you that your guys are stupid and that I will never use you again and only buy something from you if no one else has it.

I completely agree with the employees on here that a lot of
customers are a-holes. But i can honestly say you can no where
being nice either. I rarely, almost never complain or want
to talk to managers. I tried to get my issue resolved in the store
and was nice to everyone, didnt cuss anyone out or ave an attitude.
They wouldnt budge at all, i asked if i could have a number for

Again, with corporate, i didnt treat any bad didnt raise my voice
cuss etc etc. Nothing. My issue involves like a $30 difference from
a service plan, i have talked to 2 supervisors and basically told
that thats the policy and there is nothing further to discuss.

I'll try some more numbers before i give up and never shoop there

By the way, i am not some idiot who doesnt know about retail, worked
it for years, or doesnt know about electronics, i guarentee i know
more about electronics then everyone in Best Buy, besides a couple
geek squaders.

So Best Buy is basically willing to throw away the $1000+ a year i
spend there over $30! Which, i dont feel like going into the whole
story, but they really are in the wrong.

Any retail store i ever worked out, besides for the customer being
a complete jack@ss you had to give them what they want
NO MATTER WHAT. So me going about it in the nicest way possible
and still not having my issue resolved is absurd.

I tried calling best buy to find out why they are still sending me a bill after i canceled and paid off my credit card and they had this person go thru all these options and then i was put on hold and they hung up on me twice . that really made me mad.and then i was told i had the wrong dept and needed customer service i told the lady thats who i called and she said i willtransfer you and when she did they hung up on me believe i am glad i am done with them and hope i don't have to buy anything from them for along time or if ever.i think there prices are to high anyway i will make sure i have the money to pay for my purchases that is for sure.thank you

Just an update (see my earlier posts)... another week has passed and the Geek Squad still has not returned my laptop to me.

Please note that a week ago, they said "it would be just a couple of hours and they would have the new HDD formatted and back to Sony factory configuration". They still haven't found my old HDD either. I sent an email to Best Buy Corporate also a week ago, and have received no response. So much for extended service plans and the expectation of prompt and reliable service!

It's now going on 5 weeks, just for a freeking HDD replacement. They said they had to send it to Tennessee to the "Geek Squad Center" because they couldn't remove a screw, pop out the HDD, insert a new HDD, reinstall a screw, and reformat the drive to specs at the store! Their excuse was, they didn't have that same size drive in the store. So, instead of ordering the same size drive into the store, they shipped my whole laptop down to Tennessee! That's efficiency, NOT! They risked damaging my laptop during shipping instead of having a little tiny HDD shipped up to the store!

I could have replaced the HDD myself and been up and running WITH my old HDD still in my own hands to try to recover data but I was tricked into thinking their service plan would take care of me. They just wanted to get me on the hook so they could try to force me to pay $1750.00 to recover data from the old hard drive! If I refused to have them recover the data, they said they couldn't return the old HDD to me, that they would drill (destroy) the hard drive instead. Now, isn't that extortion? So I had to go to great lengths to get them to agree to return my old HDD to me without drilling it so I could try to recover some files myself with the help of a friend who builds computers.

Now, apparently they have conveniently "lost" my old HDD, likely to cover their ass that in reality the data recovery would be much easier than they tried to make me believe. They just don't want me to discover the Geek Squad is a big fraud... that their "Level 3" is no different than their "Level 1" except for ballooned extortion-level prices. They just hold customers hostage and try to scare the hell out of us with their "expert jargon" so we will opt-in and pay exhorbitantly for what would otherwise be basic service.

I'll never do business with Best Buy again!

This is new at BEST BUY. I took my laptop for power failure issues and was told that they needed to get into my hard drive. They mentioned that I would need to also get my hard drive backedup for $99.00. Which I refused, The Manager of the Geek Squad told me that it was synonymous with HP that they format the hard drive irrespective what the issue is. (NOT TRUE). He just threw HP under the bus.

I got the diagnostic tool from HP's website and would need the battery to be replaced. If I needed the hardrive to be formatted I could do that myself and dont need the Geek Squad to do it.

This happened at the Best Buy at Howard store in Chicago.

Way to go Geek Squad!!!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that there's a new Blog called on the Internet,, which is dedicated to publishing and disseminating information about bad customer service experiences at Best Buy stores. We're looking for people to jump in and share their stories and comments.

Thanks and good luck to everyone!
Jerry Sharp

I bought a Sony Vaio laptop from best buy a year ago for over $1200. Since I am in college I figured I should buy the $330 warranty. The computer was great, and it worked just fine for over a year, but the left button on the mouse started to stick. I brought it into best buy and they said it was well under their psp warranty and they would fix it and have it back in 2 weeks. I started classes in a month so 2 weeks would have it back with 2 weeks to spare. They had to send it to California to get fixed. A week later I get a call from Geek Squad in California and they tell me the mouse pad was fixed but they had to replace the LCD screen because it cracked on the way down. I was a little but upset but I was just happy they fixed it. A few days later I was out shopping and decided to stop by to see if the Laptop was back in. They then informed me that it came in 2 days earlier and the screen had been broken again. At this point I was angry. I was then instructed to call customer care. they told me it would take 4-6 weeks to fix it and I was out of luck. I then went back to the store so I could see the laptop. One of the geek squad employees accidentally showed me the file where they had taken pictures of the box and the claim with UPS. UPS had actually denied the claim because the packing was ruled to be substandard. So this mouse pad problem turned into a 8 week wait time. Because of the damage taken during shipping I was concerned about the condition of the motherboard, hard drive and other internal parts. They told me that everything was fine and I would have to wait. My question is how can a stupid uneducated geek squad worker not pack a laptop correctly when underpaid sweat shop workers in overseas countries can ship items to the US with no problems. So I had to sue best buy. I won and I went to Circuit City to buy one. And get this the Fire Dog employees are all A+ and Microsoft certified. Think any one at geek squad is.....NO.

So they say a satisfied customer tells 2-4 people about their experience, while a dissatisfied customer tells 8-10. Well here is where my job as a computer tech in charge of a dorm on my college campus comes into play. I fix any software problems that our students experience on site in the dorm. If we encounter any hardware issues we usually outsource to geek squad. Now We Will Outsource to Fire Dog. So one upset customer will be telling over 2000.

So here is a shout out to those Worst Buy employees that screwed me over. James Root (Tacoma Area District Customer Service Rep.) , Mary Olsen (South Hill, Washington Store Manager), Fely (South Hill, Washington Store Service Manager) and of course Ryan at 1888bestbuy.

Best Buy = Worst Lie

I have had a terrible experience at Best Buy. I would rather spend and extra dollar for better customer service. The customer is never always right here. Getting the manager to talk to you is nearly impossible. I was told I couldn't leave him a message, get his last name, or get information on when he would be in the store. I have purchased a 60 inch plasma tv, washer/dryer, and 2 fridges from this store-why am I not worthy to have a couple minutes of his time. Good luck in the Geneva, IL Best Buy with Jason.

14 year old son purchased the extended service plan with his iPod. When it stopped working he returned it to Best Buy and has now been waiting over 2 months to receive it back. Numerous times on hold longer than 30 minutes and bad attitudes by the snot nose sales brats. Tomorrow, Dad is going with him to get the iPod, either his or one from the shattered glass case in the store. F@ck Best Buy!!!

I do not have a comment.I do have a complant.I bought a Compaq tower. Window Vista,about a month ago,from Best Buy in Savannah Georgia.Now the window mail want work for me.It is stuck on the out box, and stuck in the inbox.I had a technicial to come out .He could not fix the window mail for me It is still stuck.Unusuable.could you refer me to, who to call are what can I do to get the window mail unstuck.It is a big problem for me.
Please help me out Thanks

I bought a washer from best buy with extended warranty and the best buy can't fix its vibrations and it had been four months and no one return the call or come fix or reimburse if I get it fixed from outside. It is not best buy but the worst buy. I will not advise even my enemy even to buy anything from them.

I forgot to give my email address while writing my complaint about the purchase of a washer and I wonder how can best buy be so deaf not to hear and what the regularity agencies like BBB is doing.

Best Buy of Maple Grove, Minnesota (Arbor Lakes Area) is one of the worst for installing car audio. I took my vehicle in on August 22nd looking for advice on what type of speakers would work best with my Truck; a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD. The guy in the install bay came out and looked at my vehicle and recommended what he thought would be good.

At this point I had told him that I was considering installing them myself; the "install tech" carried on barging about how he has been installing car audio for the past eighteen years, and stated how great his work was. So with all of this I thought what the hell, I'll have them install the equipment. This guy seemed to know what he was talking about.

At this time I had decided not only am I going to get new speakers; I am also going to get a decent amp to go along with these speakers. About $1,100 later the "install tech" said that it would take four to five hours to install everything. This was at approximately 11 AM. Around 3PM I stopped by to see how close they were to being done; at this time my truck was still all torn apart, I asked how much longer it was going to take and the guy said about two more hours. I was fine with this.

Approximately 5:30PM I returned, walked into the install bay and noticed four people hovering around my vehicle. At this point I knew something was up! One of the guys said "oh we cannot get your passenger side power window, or door lock to work" at this point I was getting a tad ticked. I walked over to my truck. It was still torn apart, at this time I noticed that the inside door dome light was not working either.

I ended up sitting there and waiting till approximately 6:30PM, at this point I was about to blow steam out of my ears I was getting so mad; I demanded to speak with the store manager. I told him that I wanted my money back for the install fees that they charged me; his response to me was "we cannot refund install fees" and then carried on stating that all he could do is refund some of the money from the products that I had purchased. So at this point I was getting even more upset, I told the manager okay.

Later he comes to me saying that he refunded $80 off the total price of the merchandise that I had bought. (Not even coming close to what I had expected)

After my vehicle was put back together the manager came back out and said to take the vehicle to a dealer and get it fixed and bring the bill back and they would pay for it. At this point I was just happy to get the hell out of their!

Now as I was driving home I am noticing not only are my power window and door lock not working, but the turn signal light in the mirror was not working either. At this same time I found out that my power mirror adjustment did not work as well. Also among all of this my key lock remote no longer works. (The remote on the key chain)

Now today; I drove the vehicle to the local GM dealer here in Minneapolis to get it fixed only to discover more problems due to Best Buy. I notice that my speakers were not hooked up properly; the fade was backwards (Front Rear) When you would set the speaker to play on the back speakers the front speakers would play music, when you would set it to the front speakers the rear speakers played! At this point I am thinking to myself "What a bunch of crack heads! They can't even hook up the speaker's right"

At this point I arrive at the dealership. I explained to the service advisor that I needed to get my vehicle fixed and explained the situation to the service advisor. After they looked at it, more was discovered! Under the hood the protective cover for the main power bar (that connects the two batteries together) was broken; they snapped the protective door off the box. Best Buy never told me anything about this when I picked up the vehicle. The install tech also cut a big two inch long slash in one of the protective rubber boots for one of the major wire harness between the cab and the engine compartment. This explained why I was hearing more noise from my engine; quite annoying! The service advisor stated that this was not good, due to the fact that moisture would come in through there possibly damaging critical electrical components inside the vehicle. Along with all of this it was also discovered that my door panels inside the truck were not re-installed properly! The protective insulator between the door panel and the steel frame of the door was hanging out of the bottom of both doors.

At this point I need to bring the vehicle back on Monday morning; this may take up to two days to get fixed by the dealer! I cannot believe a company that has been installing car audio would hire such un-competent people to work on peoples vehicles! I will never have anything done like this again at Best Buy, nor will I ever buy anything from Best Buy again!
Between the poor customer service, and the crap work they did on my truck they will have nothing but bad advertisement from me for life.

I had a problem with a camera that I wanted to return and while I was on hold after being told twice that Best Buy couldn't help me with a refund, I was online reading all the comments about bad customer service from this company. But when the supervisor came on the phone (the second person I talked to), he was EXTREMELY nice and accomodating. I didn't even have to explain he issue again...he was already familiar with the problem and he offered the solution I had been seeking. I couldn't have had a better experience.

Well not really fair, because you trying to get a hold of customer service because you have previously purchased something from the store and need to contact someone to resolve an issue.

I work at best buy and my PRIORITY are the customers in the store... period! Obviously if it's slow I'll answer phone calls but most calls i get anyway are customers who want me to explain all the different plans of the cell phone carriers that we carry because they are too lazy to do the research on their own.....

I'm so tired of hearing all these whiners.... Jesus.. I always hear the same thing.. I spend thousands of dollars here.. bla bla bla.. give me this.. bla bla i want free bla bla.. i know i missed the return poicy but make an exception for me.. bla bla bla... go shop somewhere else..I can care less if you buy or not and remember if you won't buy it someone else will!!! HAHAHAHA

Don't ever try to get to corporate through any of the 800 numbers, you will never get anywhere! BestBuy HQ phone number is: 612-291-1000. If you twits would open your eyes, you would see that this phone number is on the website!!!!

I have had 2 experiences with Best Buy "customer service" and as a result I would never shop there again.

In the first case, they ran a "bait and switch" ad where they did not stock the sale item they were advertising. When I couldn't find it at the store, I offered to wait until the item came in or was sent from another store, but they refused, saying they did not carry it anymore and offered me a more expensive product. I called "customer service" and they were of no help, then i called the corporate offices and everyone I spoke with was unhelpful, and in some cases, rude. They only offered to sell us more expensive products. We did not buy anything.

In the second case, I bought an item and attempted to return it new, untouched and unused, with the receipt, a few days after the 30 day deadline. We were a little late because of a very serious, life threatening illness in the family. They refused to give me a refund at the store. I called "customer service" and they were unhelpful and would only say they can make no exceptions in their refund policy. They clearly had ZERO interest in making me happy, even though they would suffer no loss at all by doing so. It was awful.

Needless to say, I will never shop there again. There is a Circuit City right next door to the Best Buy, so you'd think they might try a little!

Best Buy is not any cheaper than a mom and pop store. They DO have cheaper quality junk that is diposable. Avoid them buy from a retailer with people that have a clue working there.

My experience this past week---I stood up in the computer department for almost 20 minutes trying to figure out which component to buy. There were 3 employees in that department at the time I was. NOT ONCE did one walk up to me and ask em if they could help me. Not one. They avoided making eye contact with me. They stood up there and talked with one another but would not talk to me. I ended up choosing the item I wanted without any input from the employees and then went up front to purchase and then complained to the cashier that I couldn't get any help in the computer department. Her response? Nothing. Nada. I mean not a single fucking word, to me! Uppity doesn't begin to describe her snobbish attitude. I guess the unofficial motto of Best Buy is "We don't care, we don't have to--we're better than the customers we are supposed to be there to serve." I hate to tell you little princes and princesses this but in the real world you have to work, you have to care about your job or you will get fired! If you think the work is beneath you, very simply put, don't fucking work there!

But it is the manager's fault for enabling these shitty attitudes of the workers in the stores. Unhappy customers tell on average 5 people of their shitty experiences. With the internet? X that by 10. And trust me, I will tell any and everyone in my town from this point forward how shitty Best Buy's personnel are to their customers.

The return policy is 30 days.. you don't bring it in time... guess what no refund,return,exchange...PERIOD! You don't deserve anything! YOU MISSED THE 30 days .. Tough!! Get over it... It's your fault!! Stop being a baby!! 30 days is a long time....

Best Buy's appliance repair department has done very little to provide adequate customer service under our extended warranty during the last three months. Twice the replacement part needed was shipped and later discovered damaged in route. A technician was called to inspect and remove the damaged parts and reorder the necessary part. More than six weeks later not one Best Buy representative has bothered to even call with the status of the order. Last week we placed a call and were told that someone would call us within 24-48 hours. Exactly one week later we are having to call again and guess what? That's right, "someone will call in 24-48 hours". It seems there is a Best Buy research team trying to locate the whereabouts of the technician who took off with two damaged parts and never placed the reorder. WHATEVER!!

We purchased another refrigerator from Best Buy about 10 years ago and received terrible customer service then as well. Needless to say, we will not be purchasing from Best Buy in the future.

I have actually read all of these comments and I am not surprised by any of them.

I can say that Best Buy as a whole isn't worth the materials they bought it for to build, BUT some of the employees are worth GOLD!
My husband (who is a computer geek for the marine corps)bought me a Gateway Tablet at the end of December 05. Within six months, June 06 we had connection problems with the adapter (1st service). Then about 3 months (Sept 06)later it bootlooped (2nd service). Again with connection problems December(3rd service). Between January 07 and now (Sep 07) My computer has been back and forth to the service center for the same problems for a total of 6 more times. I asked at what point will my warranty kick in? (3 yr warranty)We will have to send it in one more time is what I was told. I had been patient up until the point I started getting lied to about who was responsible for honoring the warranty. I asked for a manager at the geek squad who was very nice, understanding, and really did want to help. He explained the process, I wrote everything down. The service center said they tried to get the situation fixed, but the store wouldn't honor it. Corporate customer service reps said it didn't warrant to honor my warranty. *WHAT?!* I went back and he started calling people while I was there on SPEAKER PHONE, so there wouldn't be any confusion.

In defense of the workers, I probably had one of the nicest managers I have ever encountered in Best Buy. His name is Cris, and he was the supervisor for that "section". He got on the phone and called everyone, talked to some head honcho and bam hours later the situation is fixed. My warranty is going to be honored. He tells me I have to wait for it to be back, to wish he says hopefully Saturday at the latest, but meanwhile look and see which one I want to have as a replacement. Mind you we got the Tablet when it first came out (1700 USD) plus a 3 year warranty (300USD).

I'm not even looking for something like I had, I would be happy with one that isn't a tablet and didn't cost that amount and the remainder of the warranty to be transferred and if there was any amount that would be due for a cheaper one on a giftcard.

As upset as I was, and let me tell you, I was, Cris really cared about how this affected me and how I WAS treated by others. I only hope that he didn't get in trouble for what he did. Cris bent over backwards, the only one who did. Best Buy should be proud of him as a person and employee, but he'll never receive recognition for it no matter how many letters I write or who I call.

In my 5 years working for Best Buy I can say I try my best to resolve all customer issues that may arise. The last comment is right. I myself have spent hours trying to resolve even one issue to help a customer out. And for that I get a "thank you" and that is is, and that is all I need. He or She may tell one or two people about what good service they had. Customers need to understand the business. Everyone has procedures and policies they have to follow. I have broken many of them to take care of customers and had to explain myself why. I understand why customers may get mad....I do, and that is why I am in the position I am in. But customers also need to reset themselves at times and see how they acting. Don't holler and swear in my store...if you swear I give you one warning, and if not our conversation has ended because we also have kids in our store. If you want to act like a 10 year old then leave, come back, and then we can talk like adults. I have heard it all in my 13 years of retail management. like: "I am going to contact the Attorney General", "I am going to call my lawyer", "I am going to get a news crew out here", " I am going to the BBB ". Before you bark too loud make sure you look at the policy's in place on your reciept or service plan brochure. Those are like contracts. We are a Profit organization ( Like everyone else out there ) . You can't just exchange product, return items 6 months old, and return open software. It just doesn't make sense. If Best Buy ( Like ALL other retailers ) had no reurn policy or exchanged everything Best Buy and EVERY RETAILER would be out of business. Granted we would have some happy customers and would be everyones best friend for a short time, but then where does it stop? Then try to shop online. Good luck there with customer service trying to explain features and giving you live demos.

Listen.......EVERYWHERE we go in this world things can happen. Out of 180,000 employees there are going to be bad ones or ones who may not have great service skills...and for that " I AM SORRY "....There are many more customers I make happy in this world who return and do more business (hopefully). People like to vent...go head. That is your right. But next time you get mad, don't make a scene. Take a look at the policy's set in place before you and be an "Adult" about it and have a good conversation with someone. Maybe even do homework on return policy's, services performed, and service plans BEFORE you make a purchase. I do.... Don't get mad when you ask someone to make an exception. "Everyone says that"

Do your HOMEWORK first, ask questions BEFORE your purchase, and be mature about what may happen in the future.........

Thank You for your time.................


First Off... you are WRONG. All the calls are from the local Best Buy in which you are calling.. how do I know I am one of the Sales Operators who answers the phones. You are never in contact with someone over sea's when you call a local Best Buy. Get the facts straight before you post.

I must agree with Employee. Out of my many years at Customer Service I have never encountered a worse customer. If I hear "Well I was never told about the 30 day return policy"... It's on the back of your receipt. I mean seriously people do you not read at all? Thats like signing a binding contract without reading it. It's stupid. AND.. for the love of all that is good. DON'T MAKE A SCENE AND DEMAND THAT WE DO SOMETHING FOR YOU THAT WE CAN'T. I had my GM, My Supervisor, and another Supervisor telling a customer that we could not give her cash back for something and she started say well F*** You! and F*** Best Buy. I told her what she could do by recommending our comment hot line. and she was like you are rude I work for customer service and I dont treat people like this! *I only told her that there was nothing that I could do for her in the store and that she needs to take this up with our corporate office if she has a problem with our system I said this in a calm fashion without raising my voice* And then she started cussing at me again causing a scene and a back-up of customers at the check out lanes. As she was leaving I told her sorry and have a nice day she turns around and says I don't appreciate your Sarcasm. and I pointed to the door.

Customers a fair warning cussing out employees is a direct threat and we can ask you to leave after several attempts of trying to calm you down. Not only is it stupid and immature that you lower your self to cussing out employees for something that we/ they can not control, but you make yourself look like an idiot infront of everyone.

Please think before you talk, and realize just like you we are only trying to do our Job. How would you feel if someone started cussing at you for something that you can not control?

So if I call Im not a customer? Maybe I'm calling in reference to a product I will be in the store later that day to buy. Maybe I am calling about a problem I am having with a product I just bought from best buy that you have just profited on..I no longer am a priority because I'm on the phone? There's about 20 people on staff at every best buy you walk into at any time of the day(overload of employees) and few want to help anyone. You may get a newbie who doesnt know it's policy to treat the customers badly..yet. Say you walk into the store after calling to return your product you have a warranty for and the manager (Jason of birmingham Alabama, hwy 280) gets IN YOUR FACE and says "GET OUT OF MY STORE!"(infront of other people - can you say embarassing!?)..then what...Well after that you call corporate. After they have sent you a $75.00 gift card they tell you to go back into the store and let them service your product(the warranty says will replace)at last choice that is what you do because you are LEFT with an unuseable product. Best Buy sucks and I hope HHGREGG takes 'em down!

Best Buy is much akin to high school drama and everything which follows that. I have been a representative of a printer company (vendor) in Best Buy stores for many many years now. I have been there before CARE+, before the personal shoppers, the barry store, the magnolia store, geek squad, home theater install so on. Over the years Best Buy has added these things to "enhance" how the stores interact/deal with customers. However all these things are just gimmicks and tools to get more money out of the customer.

Despite even some employees "caring" going out of their way for you, there are several other customers they will not go out of the way for. Best Buy has always had lousy customer service and will continue to do so, poorly paid employees, manager's compensation is depended on how much garbage goes out the front door, and not to mention very few people select Best Buy as a career. Now some of you might laugh at this, but there are some people who do make retail their career and they in turn run and work for fantastic businesses.

Among us vendors, Best Buy has a notorious reputation, where the store managers expect us vendors to act and behave as their own retail sales associates not to mention us vendors see from retail outfit to retail outfit, how the different stores deal with customers. Best Buy without fail and on average treats most customers, as pure consumers and are looking to take every penny from your wallet. The USB device cables sells for $33, at Frys, Compusa, PCClub, you can easily find a cable for less than $10.

This stems from most of management and senior people not having a college education, very few Best Buy managers and regional people have had a college education. Most of them have climbed up but never learned how to run things properly because their entire pathetic career has been inside Best Buy.

Best Buy also goes out of their way to make life difficult for everyone, my company used to include a USB cable in the box, but Best Buy complained because they were loosing attachment dollars, so we removed the free cables from our boxes to appease Best Buy. However our printers shipped to Costco, WalMart, CompUSA so on will continue to have a free USB cable in box. Those are all for profit companies...there just has to be a line between profit and ethics.

Best Buy only exceeds Home Depot in poor customer service in my experience. Computer repair is incompetent from the store counter to the repair center. After 4 sequential returns and three months they have still failed to repair a notebook which is under an extended service warranty. What money you may save on the front end is not worth the aggravation.

Agree with SD way up there. I work at Best Buy in Canada - i only say that cuz it seems the rules get bent a little more up here to keep customer loyalty...
I'm usually at the cash, ask once about the service plan, get a simple answer (yes/no) and move along. But i've had customers yell at me for trying to sell services and walk away saying they didn't mean to target me personally.
I have had customers call me babe. READ FUCKER, my name is on a tag and i'm wearing it...
Working at customer service, we bend the rules all the time, based on the shape of the product (opened/not opened) and you know what, if a guy was really nice says his camera got stolen but wants his service plan on the new one which is the exact same model...a pain to do the paper work and get authorization to continue, but got it done. the guy was really sweet and thanked you.
I have to say it's kinda depressing when someone says thanks while they're still keeping eye contact..feels nice...almost
Customers, yes you've had to deal with rude service, i've corrected my co-workers or taken customers off their hsoulders for their bad day. Simple, complain to management.

Went to BB in Overland Park, KS about a month ago to buy a new dryer. I bought all the extra stuff (vent hose, plug wire) so I could pay extra for installation. They delivered and brought the wrong vent hose so they did not actually install it. Fine. After 2 trips to the hardware store for the right vent hose and about a 5 hour investment (waiting on delivery and my own trips for more parts) on a Saturday we had a new dryer.


Went last Sunday to the BB again because our washer broke to buy the matching washer to the dryer we bought last Month. We literally stood around for an hour waiting on the only guy in the entire department while he messed around with a young couple that couldn't decide on a used refrigerator. After finally finding a Manager and making a purchase we had to wait until today (Saturday) for delivery. After a 4 hr. time investment (delivery) and a week without doing laundry our new washer was delivered and actually hooked up. Yay! Nope. It doesn't work clearly non-functional.

So I call the delivery company they can do absolutely nothing. They are a third party with no accountability whatsoever. So I call BB.

BB solution? Send out a technician next week, and then if it's truly broke (duh) schedule a delivery for another. WHAT??!!?? So now I have to go another 3-5 days without laundry and take 2 days off work for them to fix or replace a brand new almost $600 dollar washer?? I think not. I didn't buy a brand new broke washer I was assuming I bought a brand new "functional" washer that presumably requires no repair prior to the first time it is turned on.

So our final resolution has been no technician and they cannot deliver a new one until Tuesday. When Tuesday? No idea. They can't tell us until Tuesday. So either me or my wife will end up potentially missing an entire day of work.

This is pathetic. When did it have to become so difficult to give people money? Customer service is virtually non-existent and clearly no one gives a sh*t. I will absolutely not buy any thing else from BB ever. I would warn you against and encourage anyone not to buy from them ever. They are a monster who cares nothing about the very reason they became so big in the first place the consumer. They should stick to CD's and Video games and stop trying to be a one stop shop for everything. There is nothing "Best" about anything you can buy there.

BestBuy so sucks and I hope they fold. Nasty fucking customer service, nasty employees, wait time/ line is hell. You can't go thru an aisle without some little fucking twit attacking you. When you finally decide to buy what you needed, they try to force every other fucking items in the store down your throat. Let's not even mention computers...They so full of shit about their repairing system there, it's a joke.
BTW did I mentioned that I worked there for 3 years with their so called computer repair dept.? It was cool in the begining, until they began to force to sell shit to the customers that they didn't really need on minimum labor hours with no fucking help.
What do you expect, when you have a so called service manager who got to his position by overcharging customers as a repair technician. My advice to those who need your computer repaired, call places like Rescuecomm or buy a new one.
BestBuy should take a page out of COSTCO's's ceo put a salary cap on himself just so he can make sure his employees are well compensated. I tried my very best to find just one unhappy costco customer, but could not find any. I've spoken to eight different employees of costco and not one of them said they were unhappy with their current positiony or the company.

Ah Ha! After reading all of the comments on cadenhead's website I laughed and cried. It's just terrible the way consumers are treated when there is a problem. I worked with Bellsouth for about 15 years as a Service Rep, the company for 26. Had to take early retirement because of all of the bullshit I had to put up with, including lying to the customer (which I never did, but it is a practise) and selling items customers did not need. I'm saying this to say, I know what customer service is suppose to be like. I can say that, that was the best training I got from them; at least in the beginning of my service with the company. Things changed.

Ok, so here is my story: I purchased a JVC plasma 25" flat tv in Sept of 2004, and bought a service plan which cost 399.99. Well the televison just blacked out within 10 months of the 1 year store warranty. Of all of the comments I read no one mentioned that they were aware of this. BestBuy IS responcible. well in july of 2005 I called the 888bb number. Two techs were sent out and decided, yes my tv needed to be replaced. Ok, their job done. Well for 4 months I called repeatedly to fine out when I could go in and pick out a new one. Mine sat in my home all that time and no one told me I had to take it to the store. I was told the techs should have taken it with them. NOT... I could call all of the names of people I spoke with but I"m sure there isn't enough space to do so, including supervisors. Well I used all of my customer service training: did it work, NO. So I let my husband take over. He could deal with the bullshit. The bb888 numbr kept saying they were waiting for the tech to give them a comfirmation numbr to let them know the tv is suppose to be replaced. So after going all the way to corporate we finally just took the tv back to the Southlake Store in Morrow GA, because he was told the paper work would be in. When we got to the store at the customer service desk, "nothing but dingbats", no paperwork received, can't help us. Ok so I requested a manager. It took 45 mins for her to appear after repeated calls over the pa sytm. Here name is April, yes she still works there. Well not to be ashamed, yes I acted an ASS. After 4mos of no responce and me calling, who wouldn't. After all my customer training did't work. So I was asked to leave the store. My husband gently took my arm, and we left. Well I called the next day from work, and the man I spoke with, his is the only one I don't remember told me if I stepped foot on their property he was calling the police. I said so be it, but I husband went instead. Ok. By this time it is October. The store warranty was up in September. Guess what? You guessed it...We were told that my warranty was satisfied eventho it went out within the stores' warranty.(I warned my husband that they were going to try this). So I said don't leave without getting in writing that my warranty was transfred to the new tv. He got that. About three days later a message was left on my voicemail that BB could not and would not transfr the warranty I bought to the new tv, because it was brought back to the store after the 12mo warranty. Mine you the tv went out within 10mos of the store's warranty, 4mos waiting for instruction of what to do. I ignored that message cause I had it in writing. Guess what? The lamp on this new tv, a mitsubishi LCD 52" went out in 15mos. Ok no problem with this repair. One of the same technicans came out on this repair. His name is Cory, tech 1819, cudos to him. He remembered the initial problem with the JVC. He had problems with imcompetence within the company. Ok, tv fixed. 4mos later the tv stopped working again. This time a supervisor at 888bb refused to send a tech out, because quote unquote "I had no warranty". It was satisfied when I got the latest tv. Oooh this is ridiculous!!(I'm tried of typing), but I must go on, there is more. Finally I agreed to pay for the tech to come out knowing good and well I was not paying a DAMN penny, but that was the only way 888bb would send anyone. So Cory comes out again, bless his heart. To no avail the tv needed to be replaced. He replaced the lamp again, but the tv kept locking itself out from turning on, nothing worked, he even got assitance with it. So this time he gave me paperwork with comfirmation numbr to take to the store for replacement. Well I went this time to the Peachtree City BB. They have this new thing personal shopper where I encountered Jamaal and
Kevin Calister(gen mgr). My son was with me at the time because we had to take this 52" tv back because it was not delivered. Well Jamaal was able to pull all of my info up with my home numbr. Which 888bb could not. He was very knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.
Turned out Kevin the mgr, stupid ass liar, evidently was thinking abt his bonus. I requested the wall mount be given for all of my trouble from the last three years which cost 149.99. He refused. Well I sent my son this past wednesday to pick up the tv. (by the way I have a folder with all of the necessary paperwork dating back to 2004 up to today). Kevin refuse to give my son the televison; a 46" Samsung LCD flat screen eventho my son had all the paperwork issued by BB. I guess he thought he was going to steal it. (my SON IS 29yrs old). KEVIN MADE A STUPID conclusion since MY SON had to get THE PAPERWRK frm me. Jamaal met him previously with me and told Kevin Calister so. Well KEVIN told me he would deliver it friday 09-21-07, which he lied about. My name appeared no where for delvry. So I was told by Tangie James it would be at my home saturday 22nd. That day two technicans were dispatched with paperwork n hand to repair a tv I didn't have. Yes, Yes I was outraged, and yes I cussed everyone I spke with out apologzing alone the way because I knew Erin evntho she gave out crappy info (she answrd the phone in store) didnt have a clue. Ms James said if I didn't calm down she couldn't help me and would tell the techs to leave, which they raised eyebrows at that comment. So I said, tell me something so I CAN calm down. Needless to say they sent someone out in their personal truck to deliver my new set. BBB will get a letter cc'd to anyone else I can write. This ordeal should have never happened, especially since I always keep my paperwork. I didn't get a new warranty on this tv, of course according to bb's contract which needs to be reworded this has satisfied my warranty eventho there is still 11mos left on it. So I pray I won't have a problem with this one. NO! NO! NO! I WILL NOT EVEN BUY A CD, DVD NONE OF THOSE THINGS, ESPECIALLY ANY BIG ITEM FROM BESTBUY WHERE CUSTOMER SERV IS ALMOST NON-EXITING.TOO BAD THE FEW I NAMED GIVING GOOD CUS SERV HAD TO BE CAUGHT UP WITH ALL THIS BULLSHIT. THANKS TO CORY, AND JAMAAL FOR THEIR EXCELLENT SERVICE. MS JAMES LIED TO ME ABOUT SEAN, A NONEXITING TECH BRING MY TV WTHIN 40MINS IT TOOK 2HRS. A NICE JOHNATHAN CAME IN HIS PERSONAL TRUCK AND CONNECTED MY TV, EVENTHOU I HAD TO HELP HIM, A WOMAN, LIFTED IT, BECAUSE HE WAS NOT SENT WITH HELP...THE WORD WILL BE SPREADED. I REALLY DIDN'T THINK I NEEDED TO CHECK ON A BIG CORPORATION LIKE BB TO MAKE SURE I WAS TREATED FAIRLY. TV WAS SENT THAT SATURDAY BECAUSE I REQUESTED MY MONEY BCK IF NOT DELIVERED THAT DAY. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! TO EVERYONE OUT THERE CHECK ON EVERY COMPANY YOU SPEND MONEY WITH. NOW A DAY CORPORATE AMERICA ONLY CARES ABOUT THE DOLLAR AMOUNT...BOTTOM LINE.

Oh, I forgot to say as far as the phones ringing and floor people having to answer them; BB makes enough money off of consumers to designate someone to answr them. I know someone that worked with bb briefly and was told after being hired she would need to sweep and or vac the floors after store closing. Now if bb want MAIDS they should let it be known in their job description, & at hiring interviews.
No wonder turnover is HIGH.....and attitudes flagrant.
I agree phone callers should be given attention, because when initially answered, employees do that pretty well. How much would it cost BESTBUY to hire PEOPLE to answer phones only? Somebody help me out here.

Wish I'd found this website sooner. I'd have stopped spending $$ at BBY long before now.

My 17-year-old son worked his first summer job last year and we let him spend some of his money on what he wanted: a $2000 Mitsubishi home theater projector... really nice one. "Buy a quality product, son, and you'll be happier in the long-run," I told him. Bought it at our local BBY store. (1st mistake)

It came with a 2 year warranty and about 10 months into it, the projector quit working. It gave a message that told us to replace the bulb. So, we shopped the internet, spent $440 on a new bulb, but the projector still didn't work, and still gave us the same message.

Took it to BBY, (2nd mistake)they said, "two-three weeks, we'll send it off to Mitsubishi, it's under warranty, don't worry about it, we'll call you." (1st lie from BBY to me.)

After 3 weeks, I called, got some lame story about why it wasn't back
(2nd lie). I called every week thereafter for another 5 weeks (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th lies from BBY to me). After 8 weeks I told the store I would be there Friday after work to pick up my projector, or a replacement. Idiot on the phone said, "Sure, you're right, this is crazy, come on out and if your's isn't here we'll just give you another one." (9th lie)

I got to the store and after 2 hours standing at the customer service counter, here's what had happened: They brought the projector out from the back. I asked to check it before leaving. It didn't work. IT STILL GAVE THE SAME "CHANGE BULB" MESSAGE THAT IT DID 8 WEEKS EARLIER! They hadn't done a thing to it. I asked what idiot service department could keep someone's projector for that long, then send it back to the store in the same broken condition? They couldn't answer that one. They also told me they had sent it to a Best Buy service center, NOT a Mitsubishi service center! (see "1st lie, above) Then when I demanded my money back or a replacement, they ran around the store for 1/2 hour, came back and offered me a Sony projector that they sell for about half of what my son paid for the Mitsubishi a year earlier. I know projector prices have come down, but there was no way I was going to settle for this. How much wrong do they think they can get away with?

After telling the 3 geek squad idiots I was dealing with (including the geek mgr.) that I wanted to see the store manager, they sent me another idiot. I gave up after 2 hours... told them to send the projector back to the service center and to fix it right this time.

Got home about 9:30pm. Woke up at 3am so angry I couldn't sleep. Got on the internet, found BBY corporate customer care email, and also found several names with email addresses at Mitsubishi. Emailed them all the same story of what I had been through over the last 8 weeks.

Got an automated email reply from BBY a second later thanking me for writing and saying I would get a reply within 3 business days. (This was about 3am on a Saturday morning.)

By 9am (on a Saturday morning) I had received a personal (i.e. "real") email from the regional sales manager for Mitsubishi telling me I would be hearing from the national service manager shortly. Although I didn't hear from the service manager 'til Monday morning, they did apologize for my crappy experience at BBY (not that they could do much about it), and offered to pay for me to ship the projector directly to Mitsubishi (overnight at that!). They promised a 72-hour turnaround, and would ship it back to me (overnight) for free too.

I went to BBY and fortunately was able to get my projector back before they did anything with it. I shipped it to Mitsubishi at their expense and they lived up to every single thing they said. I now have the projector back in less than a week.

Oh, after 4 business days (not 3 as promised), another moron from BBY emailed me and apologized for the poor service-center service, nothing more, nothing about all the lies, nothing about 2 hours in the store, nothing. "Have a nice day," he said.

I emailed him back and asked if that's the best he could come up with. He said I could call 1-800-BestBuy if I wanted to talk with a supervisor.

You know I really thought about it, but after reading all the other stories here, I'm not going to waste my time. I'll just spend my energy telling anyone who will listen that they shouldn't spend their money or their time at Best Buy. To me, that's a service to mankind, saving everyone else from such a crappy place.

Now, remember that bulb we bought? Tried to return it to CDW once we got the projector back and realized we didn't really need it. I know we'll need it eventually, but it was $440, and I didn't want my son to have to spend that much of his money on something that would sit on a shelf for years maybe.

Guess what? CDW said we'd kept the bulb longer than the 30 days they allow for returns, and nope, we couldn't return it. I asked for a little understanding and told them the entire story. They said they would ask the sales manager to approve it, "even though it's against our policy..." No luck. Called them 4 days in a row trying to talk to someone with a little human compassion. Forget it. You want reasonable customer service, from people who understand that not every situation fits neatly into their policies? For the 8 weeks that BBY had the projector, I had no way of knowing I didn't need that bulb! After 8 weeks, I wasn't even sure I was going to keep the projector, that is if I ever got it back from BBY.

So, add CDW to my list of companies I'll never deal with again. Here's your fair warning to do the same.

Here's my first best buy bad experience in 4 years. I've had a reward zone account since 2004. I've bought so much stuff from them its ridiculous. Getting a $5 reward zone certificate in the mail always caused me to go to best buy right away and I would end up spending about another $100. Well this past month we decided to upgrade the ancient televisions in our house so my mom bought an LCD HDTV using her best buy credit card and my wife bought one using hers and I bought a whole bunch of Nintendo Wii stuff. Total we spent close to $3000 just this month alone. To make a long story short - best buy canceled my reward zone account denying me any of the points saying that I am the only person allowed to use my reward zone card and I cannot use a credit card with someone elses name on it even if I am present and they are present for the transaction. Then to top it all off when you call 1.888.BESTBUY and ask to speak to someone in the reward zone points department, there is not one person without an Indian accent. I went through about 6 customer service reps and not one of them understood what I was talking about. Finally a supervisor named "Ryan", who sounded like his name should've been habeed, came on the phone and told me bottom line is my account is terminated because I violated the terms of service. Well, how come the best buy cashiers are not trained to tell you that the credit card and the reward zone card name do not match. Especially when since I do not have a card they need to type in my phone number and pick me off the computer screen list. "Ryan" told me that the line in the terms of service says something like your rewards card is non transferable - but I wasn't trying to transfer anything. Why did it take 4 years for them to cancel me with no warning. There is nothing the terms of service that says anything about your method of payment. That's a bunch a B/S if you ask me. Then "Ryan" told me if I wanted to I could return everything that I bought back to the store and re-purchase it using a reward zone card with the same name on the credit card - How absurd! Tonight I went to the store and not one associate nor the store manager knew what I was talking about. They said they have never heard of that rule since forever. So now tell me where I went wrong and how I got jerked. It's very sad and I feel like was kicked in the teeth. I am 25 years old and I refer to best buy as happy land no more!

We bought a computer and one of the useless "warranties" from our Best Buy in Peachtree City, Georgia. Low and behold we begin having trouble with the computer, take it in to the "Geek Squad" believing that probably whatever is wrong will be covered under the "extended
warranty". WRONG! We are told the computer has a virus and the warranty doesn't cover that. We pay $130 something and bring it home. Yes, it is still doing the same thing (and now that they have tinkered with it) is acting even more strangely than before. We call back, give them the information and request that they come to the house to repair it becuase of the inconvenience. We only have the one computer and our daughter uses it all of the time for her school work. We are told that will cost us $200!! We live 5 minutes from the store! How much do they get paid and how much do they pay for gas in their cars?! I call the store to get the name and number of a district manager and am put on hold twice for over 5 minutes. The third time I said DO NOT PUT ME ON HOLD AGAIN!! Just give me the name and number of your district manager. The employee acts like he doesn't know what that is. Then reluctantly gives me the number. We call the useless person and after giving her the information she simply repeats "That will cost you $200" over and over and over no matter what we say or ask. It doesn't seem to bother them that they basically stole our money and that it is somehow our problem. Customer Service is dead!!!! We are experiencing this same WE DON'T CARE attitude all over the place. Our postal sevice stinks, they bend photo envelopes in half and stuff them into my mail box despite BRIGHT ORANGE stickers all over reading DO NOT BEND!!!! This attitude is everywhere and we are so sick of being treated as if our money doesn't entitle us to any service at all.
We have never receieved so much as an apology! It is so wrong.

is there some other number to call BB headquarters other than 1-888-BESTBUY.?
i found corporate snail mail addresses on the BB website, but would like email or phone of COO .service is taking too long

I am 19 years old and I work at the Best Buy in Antioch, TN. For the most part, I do sympathize with all of those who have had ACTUAL bad customer service experiences, such as the person who was told to "call back later" and was promptly hung up on. That's just downright embarrassing as a customer service representitive.

However. For the rest of you, let me give you a little run-through of how and why I do MY job.

First, the customer comes up and I (very charmingly, politely, and sincerely) ask them how they are and if they found everything okay. After the response, I give the appropriate answer (ie: "Awesome! Do you have a Reward Zone card?" or "Aw, what didn't we have for you today?" which I ACTUALLY care about). If the customer has a Reward Zone card handy, I give them a big smile and say "Great, thank you so much for having that ready for me." and if they don't, I say, "Aw, that's no problem at all, I can look it up for you. What's your phone number, starting with the area code?" After the Reward Zone card is established, I scan the items and make small talk about liking the movie they're purchasing (which I don't do unless I really do like the movie), or, if they're a regular customer, I comment about their latest haircut or ask how their 8-month old is while calling them by their first names (because I like my customers and they like me...a LOT). If there is a product with a Product Service Plan, I ask if one of the other associates had explained it, so that I don't hound them with information they already know. The conversation is as follows: "Yes, they did." "Oh, okay. Would you like to add that on today?" "No, thank you." "Okay, well, if you do change your mind, it is $20 for two years and $40 for four, and you have 30 days to come back and add that on, okay?" "Alright, thank you." If there is a Product REPLACEMENT Plan available, yes, I work a little harder to get that added on...but not JUST because I'm hounded every hour on the hour by my manager that our numbers aren't where district wants them...but because I think our Replacement Plans are a great deal, and I explain it as such: "We do offer a two year replacement plan on this item. It is $40 but it covers dust, heat, humidity, every day wear and tear, and power surges including lightening. If the speakers go out, any of the buttons stick of fall off, if the disc tray stops coming out, we'll go ahead and replace it in the store for you." If they look interested I continue with, "Also, the coolest thing about our replacement plan is that...say the 8 button sticks in 18 months and you decide you really don't want another one. You're not locked in to getting the same product, you'll actually get all of your money PLUS TAXES on a store credit and get anything else you want in the store." At no point and I lying, and if at any point in time the customer makes it known they aren't interested, I remind them they have 30 days to add it on and stick a Replacement Play pamphlet in their bag.

Second to last on my list of things I have to do with every single customer, is offer magazines. Not magazine SUBSCRIPTIONS, mind you, but our 8 Weeks Risk Free offer, which is clearly stated on the pamphlet. I offer it as such: "You also get one of these free for eight weeks, which one would you like?" A simple, "No, thank you." shuts me up immediately. But if someone says, "Hmm...let's do the Sports Illustrated." I ask for their card, get their shipping information, then hold their card in plain view while explaining, "Now, they are asking for your card information in case you want to do a subscription. If you don't want a subscription, just call this number before the 8th issue and tell them you don't want a subscription or they will charge your card, okay?" If they tell me "Never mind," i return their card, no harm, no foul. If they say, "Okay," I finish that up. Either way, when I'm done I tell them, "Alright, now I'm scanning your card for the $10.91 you're purchasing today, you're not getting charged for those magazines at all." Do I like selling magazines? Not really, because I've heard of the hassel some people go through to cancel. But do I like getting written up because I refuse to do it and almost lose my job over a simple thing like offering a damn product? No. No, sir. I like that even less than offering it. And I say to call and cancel. Quite frankly, I no longer lose sleep over it.

Lastly, I bag up the product, smile politely and wish my customer a nice day.

My whole point here is that not all of the employees at Best Buys wake up every morning resenting customers or scheming about how they're going to sell the most product or attach the most service plans at the customer's expense. We're also not "snot-nosed, uneducated high school kids". Quite frankly, I find that offensive. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I certainly don't consider myself stupid. I'm simply a girl trying to make it without using mommy and daddy as my fall back plan every time something goes awry, trying to pay off student loans on a crap descision so that I can go to school for what I truly wanted to do the entire time. I do my best to make my customers feel less apprehensive about shopping at Best Buy, because I know how stressful it can be sometimes.

So, please, I'm asking all of you have have nothing but bad, hurtful things to say about the employees, remember that most of us are just like you, trying to get by the best way we can, and some of us actual care about you, your feelings, your purchases, your time, and not just your money on a business level, but your money as it pertains to you.

And if you don't believe that Best Buy can give you a great customer experience, I invite every single one of you to come to the Hickory Hollow store in Antioch (store 173) and ask for me. Because I know I could single handedly make you a dedicated, long-term shopper.

Hello everyone,
I do work at Best Buy have for about a year now...I have always been in retail. Mainly because I love working with people and being on the move. Now, Best Buy is NOT by any means a perfect company but I can say that they DO care about there customers, they do 'try' to make sure that the people they hire have good people skills..Every company is going to have problems that need to be worked out. lord knows walmart corners the market when it comes to that! But the comments and insults that are being thrown around on this board....WOW....I am just amazed..You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!! EVERY ONE of you who have called someone a name, or degrated someone because YOU didn't get your way let me tell you something.....Think about this the next time you walk into a retail store......The people who work on the floor have more power then you think, or we lead you to believe. Rather it be because we go to a manager and tell them how you have treated us during an interaction. Or someone else witnesses you behaving like an ass you have pretty much sealed your fate on your own....See Best Buy DOES care about their customers AND their employees so if you walk into a best buy with a "god" attitude it's seen the minute you enter the door then it's relayed over headsets...So YOUR ATTITUDE is known before you even start to complain to ANYONE......Remember that saying..." You attract more bees with honey" Well, that hits every aspect of life...Example: I was being belittled (because I'm a woman and work in Home theater) by a guy that didn't know an input from an output (laughing out loud)There is more of them then you think! Anyway he had a problem that was VERY easily fixed but my manager had about enough of his abuse towards me and basically.....1-888-......Best Buy is not going anywhere, they also pay very well it just so happens NO job pays enough to have to deal with ALOT of people in this world! So remember YOU may think your gods gift to everyone but when you walk into a retail establishment WE are the ones who have the control......Try acting like a civil human being and I will put money on the fact you will NEVER have to dial an 888 number anywhere...

p.s. ....I'm not interested in getting into a debate, and I am in no way saying that BB is perfect...Just want you to really read what is being said here and how completely ignorant you all sound.

Typing fast is not a good thing so please excuse the mistakes...
and I also wanted to say I'm very sorry for all the bad customer service that you folks have had to put up with...

I want to a best buy in pittsburgh, pa and bought a portable dvd player, and when i got it home and opened it up the screen was cracked and i immediatedly took it back to best buy, they checked the serial numbers on the box and the device and said that serial number on the box and the one on the machine did not match, there for i could not exchange or get my money back. how ever i did get resolved by calling the coporate headquaters and talking with a supervisor. they are suppose to be sending me a store gift certificate for the item.

HAHAHA.. i get great discounts!!!! hahaha.. and if u call i really don't care to answer!!! HAHAHHA.... i just work 1 day to get my discounts... u keep paying your $40 for something while i get it at $3.. LMAO!!!! Woooooo!!!!!

I sent my lap top in on its plan in Wisconsin the fox point BB because it was horribly over heating, as in i couldn't use it on my lap because it would burn flesh. When i got it back I looked at the paper they gave me that told what they did. One seemed very vag in its description so i asked what they did. The man just shrugged his shoulders and said I don't know. didn't make any attempt to look it up. there was a crack on the top right corner of the lid. The Manager tried to tell me is wasn't a big deal. and that it was just normal wear and tear and things like this happen all the time. I figured i wasn't getting any were with her so i left. when i got home the screen kept shacking and darkening like the power cord was unplugged. I checked the cord it was fine. then a discolored blob appeared bottom center of my screen. I took it to a different best buy because i didn't want to deal with the same manager in fox point so i took it to the one in brown deer. The man was nice and said sorry and sent it out i got it back last week with a new screen/lid. the lid looks like shit. it doesn't want to latch and now there is a crack in the upper left corner of the lid. When i push a button in the last right row the whole row moves down with it. I have been with out my laptop for 4 weeks and now they want more time away to fix it. i am a college student and i need my laptop. I called gateway directly about what happened and the person i got was real nice and they said they get calls all the time about how bad best buy messes up. they said some people send their computers in and they come back missing thing like a HD or a NIC. She looked up the past history on my laptop and she said that if i send my laptop back to best by it will be completely replaced with a new laptop which is not bad other then the fact it would take a week to get that cleared and i need my laptop. My family has been disrespected so much in best buy. First when my mom and grandma where trying to buy me a camcorder for my graduation present we were completely ignored. So We went home and researched what we wanted our selfs and came back and were ignored again. so my grandma had to go to the counter to get help. This was supost to be a happy thing getting a graduation present and my first camcorder. but instead it was stressful and annoying. Then when my mom wanted to by me an ipod for my birthday completely ignored again. the to girls who where in charge of that area were leaning on the shelfs and talking about their prom dresses. When we finally got their attention they would talk for a second then walk away and go back to chatting about prom. When i go to the geek squad most of them dont know anything about computers. and if i am next in line i will be standing there for a while and they are just standing there. eventually they make their way to me and then just stare at me. I ask if they are going to help me and they sigh and then go on to working on the computers there a bit. then come back and stare at me. i figure i will have to start the conversation. i tell them why i am there then they say ok. after waiting a bit as they mess around a bit. they come back say sign these. then keep walking away from me talking to other people. after i sign the papers they go back to just staring at me leaving me to guess if i am done or not.

When i send my lap top in and it is replaced with a new one i am going to tell them not to touch it and get coverage through the manufacture. I also plan to call Mac and see if i can transfer my ipods service to them. I have had enough with best buy. I am the technical adviser to my whole family. I will never reccamend best buy again. I will never have them work on my electronics again.

I purchased a Toshibia laptop in LA on 03/03/07 within 2 days the geek nuts had to work on it not just once but twice. This slowed my (new) pc to the point that i was exsperated so I waited till I returned to SC. Now after the geeks had hold of it here it is even worse. I use this for my work as I am a graphic artist and need it to work. Upon callig tonight to see what could be done I was hung up on. I was not ugly or rude but as soon as I said I bought it in New Orleans there was silence then a dail tone. I have a lemon and do not want the squad working on it again but replaced. If I have to send email after email to all the ceo,s and on down the chain of command I will. Also I will seek damages through the courts as down time means lost income. Please help I donot want a battle but will not back down as I am a southern gentleman with strong values and principles. Even if I have to buy some where else while a suit is being settled. Please help me.

I cannot believe what I am reading from the employees of Best Buy. I know now why some many customers have complaints, including myself. To Best Buy Management...spend a few bucks and teach your store employees, "Customers are always right!" period, end of discussion.

To the employee's of Best Buy. Just smile, do the very best you can, treat your customer right no matter how crappy they are, and then get a real job. There are still a few "American" employers who are smart enough to treat their employees right and know the value in repeat business.

Once burned, twice learned. You will have to do some really fancy dancing to get me back as a customer.

And what is up with the "F" word? Respect yourself, pull up your pants (you look mentally challenged) and learn the value in first impressions and good communication skills.

You people need to get lives - Best Buy is not a "Public Utillity" - They dont owe you anything - If you dont want to shop there dont - Quit your sniveling - You people obviously haven't had much experience in retail sales.

I purchased a HP computer in Jan. '07. In Oct. '07 the hard drive crashed, which is still covered by the manfacture's warranty. The entire chain from the store Geek Squad person to the executive office are more concerned with charging me a minimum of $99 to transfer the data from the broken hard drive to the new hard drive, instead of focusing on customer service. I was treated like an idiot. Their excuses and reasons for not taking care of the customer are insulting at best. I strongly urge every one to tell everybody they know to boycott the entire Best Buy chain for rest of their lives.

I was on hold for about a total of 1 hr for a simple question regarding my rewards points, which was not answered even after that. I was frustrated and just hung up.

I bought a 47 inch high def tv from Best Buy , 6 moths later it broke. Not BeSt Buys fault, but the shabby repair service I received, was. I'm now waiting for my 3 rd service call, and they just called to cancell. The part wasn't in, and they had do idea when it might show up. When I called the store, So Sorry Charly, but your out of luck. I don't think I'll ever buy a major item from them again. If they ever fix this thing, I'll cancell the remaining extended service contract.

The Customer is always right BS does not fly anymore... Period...Customers want things for free or they want rules bent for them and other things because they feel they are gods gift to the earth.. I get customers who always want discount on this or that... but maybe i should right?? Customers are always right... yea RIGHT!!! get a life.. and if you don't want to shop at best buy... DON'T!!! Best Buy does not owe you anything..... You all sound like a bunch of losers...

Um yeah they do owe you something if you buy something from them and it isn't working. it is there job to make sure their product works when it is brand new from them. If the product is sent to them for repairing they owe it to you to have it done right the first time. also, most people here with problems are venting anyway. and after that they will get over it and learn.

Not only does besetbuy have bad customer service, but their online system is fucked!(summary: 400 bucks spread out in 50 on 8 certs, now all at zero with a cancelled order!!! WTF?!) Don't use your gift certificates online... "oh they should be refunded in 24 hours... No, wait 72 hour wait and they'll be refunded." I don't really ever expect them to pull through for me..


Best Buy customer service is typically lousy.

For the most part, they employ teenage idiots who have little problem solving ability. Either that or Best Buy's "training" leaves much to be desired.

I go to their stores only when I have to, and even then I can't say I ever leave feeling good about my purchase.

I work at best buy and they just put a NEW postion (store operator) into the store just to answer the phones for our customer... and alot of the questions people ask over the phone can be anwered fROm the website or by calling 1888-bestbuy and so the new postion alows cutomers to get direct contac with some one who works at the store.

I work @ best buy and are insulted by some of you pepole who think older people know more knowledge about the products than teenagers and think about we grew up in this "technical" centry and so we know alot more than you think !

I love how people can blame best buy for faulty products.. i work at customer service and we are always BENDING the return policy for our customers (BUT BIY 6MONTHS DOWN THE LINE!... and if somthing stops working after 6months of the purchace date you can not expect best buy to do anything for you unless you bought a service plan. if somthing breaks 6 months down the line its the manufatures fault NOT BEST BUY.. i mean comon if you buy a new car from ford and after 80 thousand miles do want them to give you a new car... and chances are if you buy a t.v and it shits the bed 6-12 months down the line it was either YOUR fault or just a defective product that the manufature made NOT BEST BUY!!

I agree with everyone. Best Buy might be "okay" if you plan to purchase some cheap piece of electronics and don't care about customer service. But just this past summer a Best Buy sales rep sold me a Gateway laptop and assured me that, even if it was cheap, it would run Vista and play DVDs. Yeah, right. I just decided to deal with my $400 dinosaur until, right outside of the "30 day exchange" period, I started having numerous problems. I took it to Best Buy, where one guy tried to sell me $200 of memory to get it working right. As for the touchpad that had quit working, all they could do was send it off to the manufacturer.

The next day I called the store, however, and someone told me to bring my comp in for a return--they were having huge problems with the model I'd bought and they'd waive the exchange policy. Of course, when I got there I had to speak to the manager, and he intimidated both employees I'd spoken to into recanting what they'd told me originally.

After a week I finally called the Customer Care team, a representative of which told me still something different. There isn't a 30-day exchange policy for laptops. For laptops, it's a 14-day period. He also said there was no reason to investigate my claims, since obviously enough this Best Buy store would never admit to doing anything wrong.

I told this jerk he could at least order the store to pay to have the computer upgraded so it lived up to its advertisement, and he said no. He said it didn't matter that I'd spent hundreds and hundreds at Best Buy in the past, I was welcome to go somewhere else.

I teach English and freelance for journals and magazines all over the country. I'd really like to smoke them when and wherever I can from now on. Interesting about the article in Wall Street Journal. I'll have a look at this. In the mean time please share your stories with me. My email is In the age of the Wal-Mart mentality, we consumers need to fight for our rights. While some responsibility lies with consumers to educate themselves, does this mean that we can't trust retailers? Do we honestly have to approach every store as if it were a used car lot? Guess so.

Come to think of it, Wal-Mart itself is starting to get pretty ridiculous about its exchange policies. Case in point: I'd accidentally bought the wrong ink cartridge at one location several months ago. I just brought it to the customer service desk. I was nice. I only asked to swap it out for the right cartridge. I even had my RECEIPT. You know what I was told? In order to exchange something, you not only need a receipt, you also need a sort of pink permission slip from the cashier if you ever want to return something. You have to ask for this slip when you buy the item. If you don't, the store has no obligation to refund or exchange.

How do you like that?


Brian Ray

Boy, after reading some more of these posts I'm feeling the need to weigh in on some issues, especially one post that goes on and on about the "power" that employees at Best Buy have. What a Napolean complex.

Myself, I always walk into a store with respect for the employees. When tipping is appropriate, I always go the max. I'm nice. I don't make or expect anyone to go out of their way. But some of you people from Best Buy need to realize what is involved with customer service. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. They work hard for money they trust with your store. Then something breaks or goes wrong, and they have to sacrifice their own R&R time just to put the score back to zero. Of course a lot of people aren't going to be friendly. Duh.

The job of customer service is to deal with that and not let it effect the flow of business. I've worked my share of these jobs--in restaurants and retail stores. So have my parents. I have plenty of stories of disgruntled patrons from my experience and theirs. What I learned: you deal with it, and don't let their anger or frustration interfere with everyone reaching a satisfactory arrangement for everyone. Shame on any manager who gets revenge at an angry customer by purposefully doing them in--just because that customer didn't bow down and submit to some store clerk with an ego problem.

As for those Best Buy employees who tell us to stop sniffling and get over it: We are. We're over it, in the most literal sense, which is why we aren't in your stores right now. Maybe you should get over the fact that we're publishing our concerns and warning others. You don't have to take all of this so personally. After all, you folks get paid no matter how rhude a customer is. But me, a bad experience at a store leaves me nothing. I don't get paid to ship my computer off to manufacturing for 3 weeks. (By the way, what am I supposed to DO for those three weeks? Everyone knows how fundamental computers are these days.) I don't get paid to try and return an item I bought. I don't get paid to argue with managers and employees over what constitutes a legimate request for a refund, etc. That's my time, my risk, my total loss.

Finally, it's obvious that the customer is NOT always right. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt in most cases. "The customer is always right," means to me that you should treat customers as though their complaints are legimate to some degree. There must obviously be a reason why they're fuming. A lot of that frustration stems from the general way customers are regarded these days. The motto "the customer is always right," has been replaced by "Customers can shut up and take it, or go somewhere else." That's what I'm reading here. Neither one pleases me at all.

besy buy is a store, not a 5 star hotel. employees are just doing their job. those of you that wrote 3 paragraphs on "how best buy screwed you" need to put your life in perspective.

i like that..... "The customer should shutup and take it"!! lol... n thats great!!

I visited Best Buy last year to purchase a good 40 inch LCD
television. I decided on the Sony Bravia.
The sales people, (3 of them), tried to convince me that the Sony Bravia has a known defect; i.e., green horizontal line scrolling on the display.
I decided to contact Sony Canada; Sony stated that it is not aware of this problem and the television is ranked one of the best.

Weeks later, I revisited the store with my firend, a gaget geek. This guy knows his stuff.

He visited each of the Sony tv's in the store to ensure the video cable was properly connected at the back of the television.

GUESS WHAT? none of them were. After properly securing the cable on 5 tv's, the green horizonal line disappeared.

You see, these sales folks get less commission on Sony products.

Bought a hp1050 printer and a ink, not know they gave me the wrong ink. went to take it back they refuse, because it was pass thirty day. I tried to share with them I just ran out of ink. How would I know it would take this long. I also inform them that the saleman gave me the wrong ink for the printer.

Just had the worst consumer experience of my life at my local Emeryville best buy in california.
Unbleiveable. i don't blame the employees at all i blame the greedy scum at the top of the chain for not training the staff properly and for selling shoddy products coupled with appalingly and I think deliberatly bad customer service.
i purchased I fridge and a gas stove and the list goes on for pages about the proceedings.
Suffice it to say here i am a single parent with 2 kids and no stove to cook on because they simply couldn't figure out between them how to replace my stove in less than 72 hours at a time that was convenient for me. On top of that i got all the way thru to the corporate office customer care until they finally put me in touch with their cheif robot who was trined to repeat himself over and over again thinly disguising his contempt but too studid to bother disguising his patronising tone. This is as high up as I can go and this scumbag knows exactly how to push your buttons to make you seem like a looney. After spending 7 hours of my life on the phone and with no solution in sight what does he think I'm going to do

Does anyone know of a way to expose this? Is there anyplace we can go to redress these issues?

At one point I was put on hold for 85 minutes. I was cut either off or banished into voicemail cyberspace at least ten other times regarding the same issue.

Problem: Stove is faulty. Solution: replace stove immediatley. Simple huh?

In fairness a number of the customer service people were very helpful and considerate of my plight but the problem comes back to hiring incompetent overworked untrained staff at the store who just don't give a gad damn about you me or their jobs.. why.. because they are treated like crap from the over paid suits at the top.

maybe circuit city should honor worst buys protection plans -- i have to go pick up my laptop today from BB that took a month to repair. Wish me luck, i highly doubt i'll be back anytime soon......

We refuse to buy ANY products from Best Buy. The reason? We bought several items over the years. Within the past couple of years, we bought 3 items that were on a payment plan. We were told that all we needed to do was to make the final payment in full before the 6 months due date. We made full payment within the time allotted and they still charged us the interest because the fine print says that if our minimum payment wasn't received on time then it would cancel it. Well many payments were made (large sums) that were not credited to a particular month. As a result of us paying close to $500 in finance charges we decided that we would NEVER set foot in the store.

This Christmas we are in need of a couple of computers and electronics.....I am willing to pay $1000 more just to keep Best Buy from getting ANY of our money. They have stolen enough with their false pretenses and unprofessional service. I have mentioned this to anyone and everyone that I know--it may not seem like much but you can tell when a company knows how to treat their customers.

We purchase a lot at a clothing store called Nordstroms...we pay extra and HAVE NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. They are a store that understands what customer service is all about! Best Buy needs to rethink how they do business because as far as I am concerned, they are the worst I have ever dealt with.
--The Adams' family

my mom brought a laptop 2 months ago & paid 4 two peices 2 GB chips for them to install at $44.99 each & paid another $39 each for installation. i admit that my mom is not used to computers. i mean, their generation isn't like our generation today. my mom trusted them that all will be fine because the store's name, is BEST BUY.. actually, it's the worst buy ever.. the GEEK SQUAD at Best Buy Skokie IL (store 302)installed according to them, the 2 GB that my mom paid for.. my mom got the lap top & was told by their employee STEVE that it's ready to go.

guess what?

my mom found out that they gave her the wrong adaptor for the laptop & had to come back the next day. another employee named RON went to their drawer full of OPENED item adaptors & looked for the one that fits the laptop. my mom just got the adaptor & went away but was so upset because she had already wasted a lot of time for the stupid mistakes of the store employees.

that was 2 months ago..

right now, me & my brother just got here in Chicago from our country a few days ago. we had a doubt that the laptop is not a 2GB laptop because it's not that fast. so we thought that they installed only 1 GB memory chip. my brother is really good at computers so he will know. we went yesterday to the store again & made them check if there is really a 2GB chip installed because according to my brother, it's not that fast.

the employee who assisted us was RON. he went to check the laptop & opened it at the back. he went inside their workplace where we couldn't see what they were doing with the laptop & said that the chip installed is a 512MB chip. it wasn't even 1 GB!

my mom told them that she paid for everything & asked that why is it that it's only 512MB when she paid for two pieces of 1GB chip & paid for the installation but they never installed it?

that was when the Chinese guy, GEORGE KOW or GEORGE CO butted in. he told my mom that there is nothing that they could do because it was 2 months ago. he told my mom that she definitely walked out the door two months ago with the 2 GB memory chip installed. how will he know? he wasn't there two months ago.

the worst part is that he was treating my mom like an ignorant. my mom admitted that she is an ignorant when it comes to computers. she was making my mom feel that she changed the chips from 2GB to 512MB then came back to them telling them that they didn't install the chip. why would my mom do that? we can pay for it & buy another chip if we want another one! i mean, my parents earn enough! we can even buy what we want & they have good credit line. it's not like we are full of debt to do such stupid thing like what GEORGE was trying to make my mom feel. an employee must give a customer good manners & not talking to them like the customer is begging for their products. we are paying, so we deserve to have what we paid for. he has no right to treat my mom like that.

it's very impossible that someone opened the laptop at the back & changed the chips because my mom's the only one using the laptop & she seldom used it. before we got here, it's only mom & dad who is staying here at home. my dad doesn't even know that my mom has a laptop & dad also has a lack on computer knowledge. there is no way that somebody touched the laptop.

if not for my brother, we wouldn't have discovered that they didn't install the things that my mom paid for. the reason why i'm so upset because it's like we paid for everything & got nothing. IT'S CHEATING. someone on that store is messing up. someone's making the customer believe that they got what they paid for, when in fact, the customer leaves with nothing. someone there is taking advantage of the people who doesn't know anything about computer except using the internet & using the computer for their studies.

we called the customer service number on the spot & complained. guess what?

they really have bad service. if my mom had not called again the second time we might have stood there for hours yesterday, waiting for nothing. my mom asked for the complaint department or something like that before she was able to speak with someone who will really listen & apologize for what happened.

it's a good thing that they told my mom that they are going to mail us a gift card & let the geek squad install the 2GB. yesterday, i was ready to tell them that if mom's not gonna get what she paid for, they are going to pay for what they did. i could have filed a case against them. it's a good thing that the customer service apologized.

for the employee of BEST BUY SKOKIE ILLINOIS named GEORGE, have some manners when it comes to customers & treat your co-workers as your equal too. it's not like you own America! it's clear that you are Chinese, but i am half Chinese too. give some respect because you are making the BEST BUY look like the WORST BUY!

the employees kept on telling us that that was the first time that they encountered a complaint.. now, i discovered that ours is not the first time. shame on best buy.. you must change your company name to worst buy.. you aren't just cheaters but liars as well. shame on you guys..

I recently have had several problems. They don't care, I've written to the CEO and they just forward them letters to someone else who doesn't care.

I have an LG dishwasher that the wheels keep breaking. 4 months I kept getting shuffled, shuffled, shuffled. The answer, instead of sending me 10 plastic wheels. Replace the dishwasher. What a waste.

My son's x-box broke. I had purchased the plan. Well, when I received the coupon I had to purchase a second plan. It's a rip off!!!

So I keep reading how everyone is upset with Best Buy because their products break and Best Buy takes so long to repair them. I also keep reading that everyone is sick of Best Buy offering Performance Plan's. If you did not buy the Performance Plan where would you be with your broken products?? Oh wait! Best Buy is fixing them rather than you having to spend X $'s to buy new product. Now its taking to long to fix, oh no....what do you do now my computer is broken and it is taking to long to fix poor baby, but at least you don't have to spend another $1000 + for a new one.

I have also read that people are upset because Best Buy sold them a product that broke, you all for got Best Buy DOESN'T MAKE THE PRODUCT!!! Stop complaining about that it is not Best Buy what would you like them to do open every product and test it before they sell it to you??

Some say that Best Buys customer service is bad and they can't get anyone to help them so they leave, while yet others are saying they are getting to much help, which one is it. Non of them employees are on commission so they are not there to sell you a product, they are there to assist you when you make YOUR decision to purchase what YOU want.

If you yell at a Customer Service Rep, or treat a Sales Rep like crap or act up at a Manager do you really thing that will help, they are there to help but not to be treated like crap. Explain the problem to them like an adult and I'm sure they will help you with what you need. If you were not assisted correctly ask for their manager, they will not only make sure you are assisted, they will make sure the manager who did not help you correctly understands what they did wrong, its called Performance Managing Employees I'm sure all of you go through the same thing at your job.
I could keep going, however there is nothing that anyone can do to stop dumb people from posting dumb comments, the fact is Best Buy is a retailer the number 1 electronics retail, if you treat others with respect you will receive the same, try it some time.

Wah, What a bunch of babies.

Hey Bravia, best buy employees make zero commission on any product in any best buy in no, that had absolutely nothing to do with why these employees tried to discourage you from buying the Sony.

Ive been working at best buy for over 5 years now... and all i have to say is all you people who complain about best buy are really narrow minded. So for all you complaining about the phone service we dont transfer calls to a call center.. Now during the holidays we are busy so we my not always get to the phones, think of it this way if you came into the store and we kept leaving to answer phone calls would you be mad? yeh, because you actually came into the store for help. Secondly our prices are somewhat competitive and we do price match, now all you people who say go somewhere else its cheaper correct.... well what other retailer do you know that has sales personel who actually have product knowledge... so you would rather go get a tv from somewhere else where no one can help you and you get something without knowing about it.... all i say is you have to see were everyone comes from...

All you angry people need to take a q tip and take the wax out of your ears and actually listen to what we say and not turn it into what you wanna here... And for you people who dont know shit about technology I dare you to go to any other damn store and see if you get any help or for that matter someone who is willing to help you... and we dont ask you for help and offer you stuff for the hell of it, we do it so you dont come back... we do that so you have everything for your product to function the way you want... i think all the angry people are dumb and you need to stop whining... we dont want your business go take it somewhere else.... see how well someone at wal mart or some place can sell you a TV.... ohhh wait they cant...

Best Buy has always been a pain in the ass, most people agree on that fact. I have sworn off BB after an attempt to buy a TiVo system a few months back. I selected the system without any interference from the "staff" and went to the register to check out. I had few DVD's on top of the TiVo so the total was probably around 400 dollars. The cashier asked for my phone number and I explained I don't give my number out. He got all flustered and said he HAD to have my phone number or he couldn't sell me the TiVo. I gave him 555-1212 after growing tired of his stupidity only to be asked for my address. I refused and he claimed he couldn't sell the TiVo without ALL of my information being put into the register. I refused and told him to take the TiVo off and just ring up the DVD's. By then this behemoth "Asst. Manager" came into the picture and asked what the problem was. I remained silent but the cashier had to tell her the entire story eventhough I no longer wanted the TiVo from BB. She then felt the need to explain it was POLICY and that they request phone #'s for all purchases to assist with returns. I was VERY irritable by that point ans asked her if she was going to sell me the DVD's or not. She indicated not without a proper phone #. I told her to give me my f***ing card back so I could leave and she started to tell me not to use foul language in her presence. (As if half the shit in their CD and DVD section doesn't contain the same if not worse language.) I kept repeating the the request over and over and louder each time. Another Asst Mgr entered the fray and FINALLY gave me my card with the parting request I never enter their store again. G L A D L Y ! ! ! I went home and ordered the TiVo online and got it the next day. Screw BB, they suck!


Tivo, sirius, and xm actually do require us to take down your information for their own tracking purposes. I don't know if they do this at other stores but I would presume so because it is a good way for them to make sure no one gets their services free. Honestly, I see no problem giving us your information. We aren't going to sell your information out to any given company who wants it just to spam you with advertisement. If you just don't like having your purchases tracked, that I can understand; you should have the right to that as an American. But would doing that once truly hurt you? Especially when its more important for the company that makes the product rather than the company that sells the product.

BTW, what do you think you gave away when you bought the TiVo on the internet? How do you think they brought it over to you? Remember, the internet is A LOT more untrustworthy and you're a fool if you deny that.

BTW #2: Why not just ask why they need to get your information instead of immediately saying "I don't give my phone number away" like your a sexy supermodel. I've been a cashier for 4 months now and I have yet to be yelled at or had a customer with a problem towards me. All I want is for you to leave for a smile on your face, fuck whether or not I sell magazines, I don't even offer it, but I'm still respected as one of the better employees. But you gotta realize that not every cashier is like me. A lot of them are trying to figure out this job out as they go. As you can imagine, there are a lot of random things we have to know, but a lot of them do help out the customer like the replacement plan. I see nothing wrong with "if anything goes wrong with the product, we'll replace it for you and even give you the difference if the price drops." You can even get store credit and get the new and better thing. Even our credit cards can be helpful. Don't just have enough money to get a PS3 and game or by buying it you'd become broke for the next month. Fine. I can give you a way to finance it for six-months with no interest on it. Where's the crime in that? Just please don't get in an ill mood if these things are presented to you in the wrong way. Listen... and it might actually help you out.

I started at best buy a while ago and if you don't sell alot of plans when you ring up folks. I get about one in four not bad. I was called in the office and yelled at about in as well as bogus other things. Looking for another job.

I bought almost 3 grand worth of stuff, I know its thanksgiving season. But up to the point I pay them, they were sooooooo nice to me. promising me about the quickest delivery and premium installation service. but the next day they called me and told that they will deliver after thanksgiving. Now I called them several times and visited again. Still they gave false promise and telling that I can cancel it, If I can't wait... How unprofessional they are !!!!!!!!!!!...

Okay, I will only speak to the knowledge that I do have with Best Buy. I work in the Geek Squad and I'll tell you what the policies are and how it SHOULD go down. If you have a defective computer within return policy, the store I work for simply returns it. Exchange it for the ***same model***? Sweet! We'll exchange the hard drive (assuming it is not defective) into the new computer so if you do have important data on it, you don't lose it.... FREE! This obviously won't work on different models since other models use different size/manufacturers; so when we send it back to the MFGR or repair it, it doesn't become rejected and people lose their jobs. Now... If you purchase an HP computer (even with a PSP [Performance Service Plan]) during the first year (MFGR Warranty) it MUST go to HP for ALL hardware repairs (excluding DESKTOP power supplies, RAM and Hard Drive; on laptops ALL repairs go through HP). This is because HP requires it, not because we want to waste your time when we sell TONS of RAM. Also, I'll make it clear that I despise HP's repair. I feel for customers who own HPs with hardware issues; why? Because they usually take 3-4Weeks total turnaround time (Best Buy ships ALL repair units with 2-day air... Excluding weekends since inventory does not work those days). Secondly, as someone previously mentioned, they NEVER UPDATE US WITH ANYTHING! We use a program that our repair vendors update sowe can inform customers what is going on with their investment... The repair status can be "Routed to Technician" for WEEKS! So, I appologize on HPs behalf for you people that had to wait. Also, they generally will put in the repair comments "Replaced Ref#643." Do we Geek Squad Agents know what that part is? No... We do not work for HP. For other MFGR's, we can send product to Best Buy repair vendors. At least at my store, turnaround time is about 5-7 business days (by business days, I mean service center business days[mon - fri], not Best Buy business days). We Geek Squad Agents also deal with frustrations of shipping damage, etc. We get a LOT of eMachines back with front case bezel damage, send it back, then eat the charge because our vendor didn't want to note the damage... Or because the proper damage claim for was not filed. BTW; we test EVERYTHING that comes back from service at my store to ensure proper functionality. Why would we incur these charges if we tried to screw the customer over? We wouldn't. We watch our CSI scores (Customer surveys... YES, we actually look at them and even read them on a store, NOT corporate, level) and make sure we take care of our customers. Do we Agents receive incentive on doing this? Sure we do- We have TONS of regulars who love to come in and tell us what new game they play, or what new computer they want us to help build. We genuinely care. I, unfortuneately, cannot say this about all stores (as you can tell from some of the other remarks of employees who have hopefully since been let go). In terms of the "No Lemon" clause- This is how it works: after three (3) VALID hardware repairs (valid meaning a physical part that is essential to the operation of the unit) has been performed over the course of three (3) Service orders, you are QUALIFIED for a No-Lemon Exchange. That means that after you've taken it in three times (assuming an essential physical part was replaced) it is qualified for the agent to request a No Lemon Exchange on the fourth (4) Service Order. That's the last part: the Agent MUST request exchange on the service order under "Symptoms" for a vendor to consider it. If the agent forgets to do it, BEFORE signing it, make the Agent print a new service order requesting it. There it is, PSP fulfillment in a nutshell. Now, if you don't have a PSP or PRP (Performance Replacement Plan) but have Manufacturer Warranty, NO WORRIES! As long as you have the purchase receipt (and it's readable) and the item was purchased at ANY Best Buy store, we can either fix it (By sending it to a repair vendor) or replace it. We don't get to choose which items we replace, it's coded in our systems. So don't get mad if it's something we service instead of replacing: at least we are paying for shipping instead of you ;-). If it takes forever to service, PLEASE don't call harrassing our Customer Service or Agents, it's at a repair vendor or manufacturer whose repair unit volume and staff we CANNOT control. IF however, after thirty days (30) you haven't received your unit back from a vendor or manufacturer, we agents can and WILL submit an escalation to our corporate office, who then can get the vendor/MFGR on the ball. However, that doesn't mean it will be finished in a few days, once again, we have no control over them... Another reason we OFFER NOT FORCE PSP/PRP. Bringing me to my next point, my store doesn't shove whatever product/service we can to get your money. We offer only SOLUTIONS that will BENEFIT you. We want to take care of our customers because it is common sense: if you take care of someone, they come back. You con them, you made a quick buck that will soon run out. Like I said, not every store is like this unfortuneately, but if you can understand what Best Buy is about (reading your PSP/PRP brochure and returning it if you do not agree to it, etc.) and have a sound, intelligent tone with us, we will take care of you every time. Talk about pursuing legal action and we are OBLIGATED to hang up, and we can't take care of you if we have to hang up. I really hope for those that received poor service that you can find another store who will genuinely take care of you like my store would have. There are a lot of people on here that have legitimate claims and I'm sure it doesn't mean much now, but I would like to say sorry. If there is a store that is treating you badly, follow up with a survey on those receipts! We DO read them. And hey, you might win the sweepstakes and make some money. If you get treated awesome, we LOVE to hear it! We have a lot of new policies that are going into effect (i.e. store operator that answers all calls in is in the store, not a call center) because of the feedback. Once again, I hope you give other locations like mine a chance... We never try to con our customers!

Hey guys I have been working at Best Buy for over three years and those people despite what you think is poor service is really a floor full of hard working, worn out, college students who actually want a better job eventually. The managers there make tons of money because there is enough profit turnover to make people rich in in a non-commissioned environment. The reason employees contact you so much is so that they can try to find the time to take care of the next customer. I get customers who come back to see me because I am a Certified (Yes, Best Buy requires certification) Home Theater Professional who took a 100 question exam. They come back to get my expertise because I possess two degrees and get paid ass loads of money to stick to our just policies. I hate it when customers can not speak clearly, or they won't wait five minutes for me to finish a $10,000 transaction that goes into my annual bonus after the technology retail drive-time. Smart teenagers work at Best Buy and so do young adults -- it is not the lack of customer service -- it is human error that makes us believe that. How would you like to be one out of 70 employees Black Friday morning getting stompt on by crouds of rushing people and then bitching about not enough inventory when over 500 thousand ass holes just ship-wrecked the store and almost killed 5% of us blue shirts for working under a General Manager's belt who far exceeds 150,000+ per year and usually has a military history or a criminal record. Another thing, people talk about pyramid schemes all the time, and they never think of a corporation as one when it is a perfect example. The lazy people at the top make all the money while the employees get certified just to be downsized and shit all over by the customers. I took a $400 xbox and converted it into a $5,500 sale within 10 minutes and that's how good at sales I am. Best Buy is the perfect foot work to becoming and entreprenuer because it teaches hard work and decipline. I've seen employees leave the company as regular full-time employees and get hired into officer positions in the military or Regional positions and even seen some become Head IT Managers without degrees. Best Buy is not like Walmart or Home Depot. Those two places use the pointing method when you need help and you can never find what you need. Best Buy employees are trained to ask qualifying questions and give proper responses to questions. Sometimes proper is not the same as what a customer might think. We are trained to not always agree with the customer, why would I be certified if the customer was always right? Because its cheaper. Cheaper as in less returns, because most returns are because the customer did not ask for help since that engineer knows everything. I've made engineers look like... before on multiple occassions -- they do not know everything, so, that is why I am certified because I do! Do all engineers know Home Theater electronics? Are they certified in surge protection or samsung televisions with built-in color optimization and do they know which recievers use YAPO and compression. Sure maybe a TV transmitter Engineer might know that information, but I am tired of Auto Mechanics who claim to be engineers walk in and tell me how a technology works when they have no idea -- they just sound like the bullshit sales people over at Circuits 'R' US. Join their team for your seasonal adventure becuase you'll get expert training that matches with your level of skill.

Hey, I think I went too far with that statement about mechanics. I want you to know you guys are smart, just not in Best Buy. Just like I know nothing about Auto mechanics or the subject. God asigns people to positions that require different levels of skill. I am a Christian, but I am really tired of all the aforementioned complaints. I wish customers and Best Buy would both straighten up.
Besides, I am getting calls for Staff Accountant positions and IT Management Sales positions. Why the fuck do I need to work at Best Buy? I should get a real job so some hot chics at work will actually bang me for looking sexy on the job. Best Buy has never gotten me laid and yet I see ugly people who work there dating all the time. Maybe that means I am not ugly and that my brain is worth more than $11.48/hr -- that's my ass load of cash. LOL! Fucker management, I been there longest and they just fuck me for more big ass sales. I am a master at attaching the service junk and getting the MCSE geek nurds to go on call to some fat rich dudes house. The geeky dudes do have houses and the sales people have rocks in their brains for putting up with managers over paying little high school dropouts with fack degrees. I think a geek squad agent is a suitable candidate for the data entry position in life. Oh, man! My life sucks because my interviewer was a customer I fucked over. They never think about shit like that. I got a job from a customer looking for insurances sales agents. I work for Aflac now, a $60 billion company just for giving the SSC a good experience. That's right you GM fuckers -- keep screwing over the customers so your employees will not find better jobs. FUCK BET BUY!
I should be studying 40+ hours per week not working for a tyrant!
AGAIN, FUCK BET BUY! Those jerk offs!

It's unfortuneate for you adam. If you remember Best Buy's core philosophies, you'd remember that we recommend and end-to-end SOLUTION in SERVICE to our customer. I can't imagine an employee being fired for doing our customers a service. I've been offered IT careers such as IT director for a local casino, etc. Sure, it pays more than what I make now: but casinos are all about stealing money. I don't like the idea of contributing to that, which is why I'm still with Best Buy. Maybe your store acted that way, but there is a chain of command through HR relations. Ever tried voicing your concerns with them? The location I work in is not like that. And I can assure anyone that I am far more capable of performing tasks like "data entry." You must not realise that there is a standardized assessment for all Field Agents in Geek Squad. I am a Double Agent (on site PC services) and I had to successfully PASS (not just complete) the assessment in ONE (1) try. You do not get multiple chances. Either you have the technical knowledge or don't. The assessment itself is MUCH more difficult than MCSE or A+ by the way. If you have a problem (employee or customer) you have to find whatever channel necessary to get your issue(s) remedied before you can legitimately complain (my opinion only of course).

The Best thing about Best Buy was the experience and money to pay the bills halfway (LOL) not the discount. The discount is good for the GM because he gets to make assloads of cash off of us. Lucky for him, he gets to go to church on Sunday and when I ask to get that opportunity he says something like this: "No, we really need you during Sunday morning, your in the highest position in the company because you are the one that makes it happen." I just applied to a Youth Pastor position online, so I am not about to let this fucker ruine my joy in life. I may not have a girl friend at age 24 but I am not about to let some dick tell me I can't serve God when I want. Seriously, you customers have no idea how degreed Best Buy employees cry themselves to sleep every night. I believe that Jesus Christ is going to deal with Best Buy's corporate sin during the second coming.
Evil Best Buy, I will be successful and I will not serve your master who is Satan. GMs are Satan's little crooked demons.

The orginal manager that hired me into my position wanted to help me get into management because I dressed professional for the interview and had a good background. I am just kind of upset with the way I am being treated, I needed to vent. Sorry Geek Squad, I was a little out of line, but I am pretty disappointed. I thought it was about learning from challenge and change.

I recommend Best Buy to employees who want to learn and to customers who want to become educated on our solutions, which I do present well end-to-end. I am just angry that I can not get a higher pay increase when the one manager knows I am worth it. He always talks about how much God has blessed him -- WHILE I AM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO AFFORD A NEW USED VEHICLE! If the original hiring GM was there, I am not sure that the present GM would be working.
In 2005 I got a letter of recognition for driving sales.
In 2007 I get a 27 cent raise after scoring a 4.1 in the Home Theater Department then the GM asks me to go to Media to be a Gaming specialist. And while the pro 3s who at my store like to act and stand around get the big 2 buck raises. The GM siad I worked too hard and he did not like my aggressiveness in that department when it is the same skill that turns a $400 sale into over 5k or convinces lookers to drop 3k or sometimes 10k. I am sorry if those $1100 installs were too aggressive for you, but that's my special skill -- closing sales because I have that personality trait. Sorry if I was too good for Best Buy to handle. I think a 27 cent raise is the minimum. That proves the GM is just using me because he can.

I have had the worst experience of my entire life with Best Buy and the Geek Squad. I brought my computer in there for them to fix and they have had it for over a month....that's ok with me but the problem is that they don't communicate with each other, they are too busy to give status updates, no one knows what they are doing and the mangament lacks the skills they should to be a manager. On top of the horrible customer service, they told me they would back up my hard drive and didn't once mention cost, so when my husband when back to pick it up..for the 5th time I come to find out they wiped out my whole hard drive without saving anything...IDIOTS!!! Now they sent it to Geek Squad City, who just called me to find out what they are suppose to do with it.........AGAIN....lack of communication skills. Don't you think given that I brought it into them to fix they would let the next level to fix it know what the hell is going on with it.

DON'T EVER USE GEEK SQUAD!!!!!! I will also be bringing my business to somewhere else other then Best Buy even if I have to pay a little bit more money. If it means I will get the quality customer service a person should get then so be it!

This is what I don't understand. I am not going to try convincing everyone to use any store or anything like that. But I know it's not a company issue when there is a lack of communication, or anything to that effect. That is a store issue. The policy for data backup is this: When you sign te STAR service order you agree that you backed up ALL your data. If you haven't, we still let you know that it may be needed if there is a severely unstable operating system that would not be time effective to repair, or is not in the condition to repair (bad hard drive). When an Agent let's you know this is necessary, they are SUPPOSED to tell you of the charges ($99.00 for 9.4GB level 1 data recovery, $159.00 for unlimited level 1 recovery). Along with that, they are to have you to complete a data backup form that states where the files are located, and give additional information about levels of recovery. I know there are some stores (apparently from the posts) that don't follow this procedure, but there are many more (majority of the company) who DO follow procedure as it is a COMPANY procedure that ALL stores are OBLIGATED to follow. Did you try speaking with the General Manager or calling our Corporate 1-888-Best-Buy number? Also, MOST stores have what's called "Counter Operations" who call you to update you on status and recommendations. Some stores don't. If this had happened at my store, we would haved given you a data backup free for the trouble. But my point is: this isn't the case in all stores. It's like buying a car that had a flat tire and assuming the entire model line of that car will have flat tires... It doesn't add up.

My laptop was replaced by a Toshiba. stat wise it is the same or grater but it all means nothing because of windows vista. I bought my laptop to play games and now it can barely handle solitar. my gateway with xp could handle easily anything. You might be saying "why not just down grade to XP then?" well i can't you see because this toshiba was designed for windows vista special. and they have no plans for releasing drivers for xp. Toshiba makes their own NICs so i would be screwed. It is not best buys fault that toshiba decided that. however, it is their fault that i had to replace it with this toshiba. Given my money constraints and time this toshiba was all i could get. so thanks to best buy i now have to spend an extra $50 or more for ram upgrades and locate new drivers for all of my extra hardware. My camcorder is now useless because vista messed up when transferring media, it completely losses parts. best buy messed up and now i have a useless computer unless i spend more money. Which btw the only place to get RAM localy is from best buy.

"If you try to call a local Best Buy now, you'll get a national call center that refuses to redirect the call to the store because it wouldn't be fair to other customers, according to Matt Haughey"

It's not a national call center. It's a new position to stop the non stop calls that flow into the departments. You have no idea how many calls they stop and allow us to do our jobs. I can't tell you how many people call and ask the stupidest questions or look for free information. Not to mention the endless stream of people that cannot figure out that computer sales and Geek Squad are two competely different things. I spent half my night just transfering calls to Geek Squad.

The new sales operator position stops 99% of these calls. It also stops the calls like, "Do you still have the $229 laptop from the ad?" At my store, we thank our Sales Operators daily. They allow us to do our work uninterupted and concentrate on helping people in the store with legitimate problems and needs. By weeding out people looking for free networking advice or, "how to" on burning a movie to DVD, they simply divert them to 1-800-Geek-Squad so they can get the knowledge they need, for a price.

Also, if you have had a bad experience with Geek Squad, don't hesitate to complain. That's how we know we are screwing up. If you do not complain, then things go on as usual. This is bad. Always call 1-800-Best-Buy for any customer service issues. They need to be addressed. However, never ever, under any circumstances think that the knowledge the Geek Squad has is free. Nothing in life is free, especially a trade skill.

You wouldn't take your local mechanics garage and ask him how to change a piston would you? No, so you shouldn't ask a person (Anyone, not just Geek Squad) to explain how to fix your computer, and not expect to pay for it.

Gonna break this one up, cause this sums up some of the asshats we rarely have to deal with.

Best Buy has always been a pain in the ass, most people agree on that fact. I have sworn off BB after an attempt to buy a TiVo system a few months back. I selected the system without any interference from the "staff" and went to the register to check out.

Glad to see that you didn't need help...this was obviously a smart move on your part.

I had few DVD's on top of the TiVo so the total was probably around 400 dollars. The cashier asked for my phone number and I explained I don't give my number out.

After scanning a Tivo, it asks for your phone number for the service contract with Tivo (I believe). We aren't going to stalk you, it's ok, we aren't out to get you.

He got all flustered and said he HAD to have my phone number or he couldn't sell me the TiVo. I gave him 555-1212 after growing tired of his stupidity only to be asked for my address.

After entering your "Hollywood" phone number, the computer asks for your address. This is again, for the actual Tivo service, not so we can egg your house. BTW, that cashier gets paid less than a monkey, they deserve better treatment from you.

I refused and he claimed he couldn't sell the TiVo without ALL of my information being put into the register. I refused and told him to take the TiVo off and just ring up the DVD's. By then this behemoth "Asst. Manager" came into the picture and asked what the problem was. I remained silent but the cashier had to tell her the entire story eventhough I no longer wanted the TiVo from BB. She then felt the need to explain it was POLICY and that they request phone #'s for all purchases to assist with returns.

This probably wasn't an assistant Manager, and if it was, I feel bad. Cause his reason was false, and he didn't know what he was talking about.

I was VERY irritable by that point ans asked her if she was going to sell me the DVD's or not. She indicated not without a proper phone #. I told her to give me my f***ing card back so I could leave and she started to tell me not to use foul language in her presence. (As if half the shit in their CD and DVD section doesn't contain the same if not worse language.)

You sir, are a jackass.

I kept repeating the the request over and over and louder each time. Another Asst Mgr entered the fray and FINALLY gave me my card with the parting request I never enter their store again. G L A D L Y ! ! ! I went home and ordered the TiVo online and got it the next day. Screw BB, they suck!

And when you ordered online, you had to enter your phone number and address. Not to mention your credit card information. Why? Tivo service contract you silly little pumpkin. Please shop at Walmart. Thank you.

I with my 8-year-old daughter waited 18hours outside the door to get a ticket for a desktop computer. Finally we got one ticket for eMachines desktop bundle for $199.97. When I went to the store at 8am try to pick up , they just say sold out. I called 1888-bestbuy, one guy helped me get a best deal for buy the same eMachines desktop model T3638 at the price $250, with no 17"widescreen Monitor no canon mp210 all-in-one photo priter. WHAT A BIG LIE.

I've been a customer of Best Buy for over 13 years. I maintained a credit score of 841 out of a possible 850 for well over 30 years. In the past year I got really sick, lost my job, lost my marriage and pretty much lost everything I have worked for my entire life. I lost my fantastic credit rating in this process as well. You people have taken advantage of kicking someone while they were down, continue to kick them while they attempt to recover from such misery. You even go as far to raise my interest rates to almost 30% on purchases as far back as 2004. This practice may be legal in the business, credit card world, but it doesn't nowhere near make it morally or ethically right. This behavior is Corporate Irresponsibility at its worst. Why would you want to do this? Can't you make your profits fairly?

I am a retired USAF Sergeant who has served faithfully and honorably for over 20 years without waiver. I have purchased countless items at your stores throughout my career for myself, my family, my friends and even when my companies needs required a service as yours, I never once waiverd in my faithfullness as a Best Buy purchaser to the point iv'e even payed a percentage more from your store rather than going to one of your competitors such as Circuit City, HH Gregg, or Walmart.

I am writing this letter to anyone who will listen within and outside your corporate offices to include your competition due to an injustice you have bestowed upon me. These are reasons our country is falling apart at its seams. There is no corporate responsibility to it's customers no matter how faithfull one of it's shopper may have been. It's about the almighty dollar and thats the end of it. You people have lost a customer who has in the past, spent a lot of money with you, and will not spend another dime with you in the future. Nor will any of my family members or any friends that I can convince not to shop at your stores. Circuit City will now be the recipient of that future revenue even though I do not like shopping with them. This is a matter of principal from this day forward. You people are nothing but a bunch of loan sharks and it is despicable how you treat long term, faithful customers. I'll make sure that not one of my gifts are purchased from your store and that the gifts people give me are not purchased from your stores as well. I realize on the grand scale or the "big picture" this will not affect you or your quarterly profits, but it will sure as hell please me to know that I will no longer support your behavior now or ever, in the future. You see, there are real people behind these numbers that feed you these profits. I have always been told not to crap in the hand that feeds you. I didn't ask your customer service for a free ticket, all I ask was to be treated as a human and not be punished for reasons I could not prevent. The answer I got, "I know these are hard times, I'm sorry you are having a hard time, but there is nothing I can do."

I'm tired of being stomped on. Have a happy holiday season,

Considering that all corporate contact information is hidden from the publics view, anyone receiving this letter, please forward to your corporate offices, thank you.

Jim Davidson

No Longer a Best Buy Customer

In the past 9 months I have had 2 of the worst customer service experiences in my entire life with any company ever. Both experiences were with Best Buy. One bad experience was with the incompetent Geek Squad and the other was with their online website. Not one Best Buy representative stepped up to take ownership and resolve their mistakes. I will never, ever, spend another dime at Best Buy, and I have gone out of my way to communicate my bad experiences with all of my friends and family. I have let them all know how poorly Best Buy treats customers and I have encouraged my children to never spend money at their stores. And they don't!

Best Buy is the worst company ever in my opinion. They care about nothing but revenues and they have lost all personal touch with their customers. They are too big for their own good and they have lost sight of the fact that customers drive their business. End of story! Without customers there would be no Best Buy. I wrote a letter to their CEO and some customer service rep sent me a "form" letter with an unacceptable generic response. Just another example of Best Buy's failure to take ownership of a problem that they created all on their own. I will continue to share my bad experiences with everyone I can. After all, Best Buy needs to realize that when they create a horrible customer experience the customer has a network of family and friends. This results in a negative word of mouth domino effect. Good luck to them. I hope they go down the drain.

This goes out to Brent & Carolee Adams who are the dumbasses who posted the thing about finance charges and not knowing that if you bill was late that it would cancel out your financing... well first of all you are in idiot because best buy isn't the bank... we use HSBC bank for all of our financing... so you should be mad at the bank not us... and secondly if you would have paid your damn bill on time you wouldn't have anything to worry about now wouldn't you... all you retards need to get some knowledge cuz youguys all talk like retards... bby did this... they did that just shut up

I purchased a laptop from best buy on black friday. It was regular price $740 but on sale for $440. I opened it but it was defective so I brought it back. Immediately they said they would get me another laptop, but they were out of my model and had no more coming in. hey then suggested to find me the next comparable model. The only one they had was $840 and all the specs were the same except this new model had more ram. They said they would work something out but said I may have to pay the $100 difference. I didn't want to spend the extra money but I said if they could not replace the one I had purchased that would be fine. Then they said as they went to exchange it that the price difference would be $400 because I bought the defective one on sale. I told them I had spent $2000 on friday and it made no difference even after i told them I would no longer buy from them. They said that was fine it that's how i felt. I then demnded they either replace my laptop or fix it, but was told fixing it would take 3 weeks. I then asked if anyone even looked at so they took it in the back and apprently fixed it after an hour and a half with a keyboard from the same model that someone had returned for being defective. In the process they scratched my cover and now a different key feels loose. I am just going to contact the manufacturer but I will never purchase from best buy again. I hate to be unappreciative but if I receive any gifts from best buy or gift cards I will politely give them back because I will never set foot in best buy again.

So here is a list of things you customers dont realize and need to consider...

1. Half you people that walk into our store are retards... so dont act like you know everything

2. We are not commission, we aren't just trying to sell you shit

3. Everyone on the sales floor is certified in the department there in... so they know what there talking about...

4. Open your ears and listen... you dumb asses just like hearing what you want... if you really wanna know what the warranties do and how they work how bout you ask the sales associate all the questions you have and read the warranty brochure... it isn't rocket science people...

5. Stop being dumb asses and use your head...

6. Know that were there to help you... if you wanna be a smartass leave...

7. Your not some kinda god... just cuz you buy one thing you can't always get a discount... if you had your own business would you give discounts to dumb ass customers like yourselves...

8. Know we have policies... policies we dont control..

9. If im with a customer... then i probably can't help you at the same time..

10. Geek Squad is a service... and yes they are not perfect who is.... and if you had computer problem who else do you know that will fix it for you...

In conclusion... we as best buy employees are here to help you out and if you dont like it you can just leave... go shop at circuit city... ohh thats right there full of dumb asses who know less than you... so but hey if you like buying products you know nothing about about go for it... ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!!

I worked at best buy for three years before quitting about a month ago. I was a "wireless expert" which is somewhere above a sales associate and somewhere far below any authority. I would have defended the company much the way many employees do now if I were still workign there. but after getting away from the big yellow tag sign for awhile i realize how hard i screwed some customers. Our store was very anti-customer. the customer was the enemy, when you spoke to the enemy you had to engage in some peaceful deliberations but ultimatley you win, they buy the product, they get screwed. I watched other employees do it all the time too. I once had a superviosr tell me to be deliberatley vague and agreeable when asked about the service plans. little known fact, we can deny any service request. we can also deny any return. If you are upset by the policies you get stonewalled, and no-one at corporate gives a f*ck.

Here are several examples
Guy bought a 4,000 dollar plasma tv from us. Warehouse guy loaded, the customer asked if it could be laid down, the warehouse guy said sure. The tv went home, got turned on and was determined to be deffective. Plasma's cant sit on their side, they have to stand up all the time. Our manager wouldn't take it back even though i an other employees heard the warehouse guy say it was fine to lay it down. Our employee screwed up, customer lost and the employee didn't even get written up.

Customer bought a cell phone from us, paid full price fo rth ephone because he didn't want his contract extended. I was techincally supposed to do all phone activations because im "wireless expert" but i was busy so the supervisor did it. He signed the guy for a new 2 year contract. when the guy signed the contract my sup told him "nah thats just to make sure you actually did this to your account, your contract stays the same". the guy came back in a few weeks saying he had tried to call and cancel and we had extended his contract so he had to pay the termination fee.

I watched an associate unload a bose 3-2-1 system (expensive) off of a pallet. the associate dropped it. He went and told a manger we would need to send this devo (back to manufacturer) because the system obviously was broken by the fall. The manager looked at, saw it was broken, taped the package and said "put it back on the shelf, i'm here to make money not give it away" thats my favorite qoute from my employment there.

I watched customers harass our female employees. the big brother in me said i should go over there and say something ( its worth mentioning i also work as a bouncer at night) and when i apporached the customer i said " sir i saw you grope our female employees. they are here to help you, but you are not allowed to touch them" I was told to stop harassing customers by my managers.

I was verbally harassed while working there and this is probably the only incriminating one i can think of. A customer was asking about a pda, i ran through my sales pitch, they asked questions, i answered them. Apparently not understanding what i was saying this lady says " i dont think you know what your talkign about" My response was " ma'am ive been using these things for three years, I have monthly training on any updates about them, plus i have a personal interest in them" she said "oooh and you still dont know what you're talkign about" so my response was "listen c*nt, just because you are un-educated about these doesn't mean you need to be little me with your arrogance. Why don't you turn around walk the fuck away and don't let that door hit you in the a*s on the way out. Happy f*cking holidays." I didn't get fired for that, i apologized to my manager and said i shouldnt have lost my temper like that. No punitive action against me.

There are countless other stories, i hated some of the customers i dealt with, but i don't think it was really just them getting angry, we screwed so many people i cant blame them for being upset.

If a best buy customer dies on hold with, and no one sees them or hears them, do they exist?

Here's the story.

I bought a tv mt at best buy to mount my new 46" sony bravia (bought at sam's club for $200 cheaper than best buy).

Decided not to try to install myself, so went to to order their installation package for $255.

Got an email telling me the item is backordered. Stupid since it's a service, not a product.

Called to schedule the install, and no one at or geek squad could find the order even with the order number, SKU, and customer info I provided. They told me to wait a day and call back, which I did.

Called next day (today) and associate put me on hold. 45 minutes later, I'm still on hold, so I pick up my cell phone to call (remaining on hold on my office line b/c I'm too invested to give up now) and tell the clerk that answered I've been on hold for 45 mins, and now want to cancel the freaking order.

You know what he does? He puts me on hold!

I have stereo "Please stay on the line" best buy recordings on two phones. 10 min later, I call the local store where I bought the mount and ask for the store manager.

She tells me it takes 72 hours for them to process an online install order. What takes 72 hrs these days? Answer? Nothing except best buy's geed squad services. Let's transport them back 150 years where 72 hours to view a transaction actually makes sense. And why not put that info on their website...very helpful info.

Will NEVER buy anything from best buy and the geek squad can line up...all straight like an arrow...and kiss my very hot ass.

You guys are idiots... It takes 48 hours for a service transaction bought in-store or online to be scheduled, not looked at. Why? Because of the volume of people nationwide that need help. The world does not revolve around you. And it's quite funny how you guys call Geek Squad or associates incompetent: sure, they are a few bad apples as there are with any company or hell, the entire human race. But if they are incompetent, why aren't you fixing it your damned self?! Try getting any damned service from wally world and see what happenens. Best Buy has the best associates out of any retail company PERIOD. Who the hell else will service a product you bought at another store under warranty FREE?! No one! We aren't on commission, we don't mke a single dime from your "I payed 5 thousand dollars now I own this company" purchase. We go through countless trainings on product and how to assist customers better. If you idiots think buying x amount of product or contributing x amount of dollars to purchases made over x amount of years means you own the company, go somewhere else. I'm sure wally world and circuit city will understand - ROFL.

Best buy sucks big time. They put people on phones that have no clue as to how their systems work. They asked for me address and all the information for an online purchase. I was giving them my order number and the person told me they could not pull it up. What ? After a lot of haggling the idiot tells me , he is the guy that just schedules appointments and was trying to clean up his database. He had nothing to do with

They are absolutely horrible !!! Worst buy.

Hello, I am back you mother fucker, you. I worked for you all my fucking life, you customer dickover machine. BET BUY! I just got offered to sit for a high paying technical field research position, and another position as an Executive Media Specialist for a real Media Department. I also just got into UMBC honors college of business after six years of community college and feeling hopeless with Best Buy. Do not work there, it does not matter how much you express an interest or even show an interest in leadership. The GM likes hard workers to be the sales slaves and the supervisors and managers to be the slackers because he knows that he has more job security by over working the real hard workers who are in school and can't quit for various reasons often related to job experience or money. I expressed my interest in the GM position for 3.5 years. When I sat for the JOS leadership interview I did everything right except for the fact I told them that I believe the customer is most of the time correct. That is the only thing they siad was not a leadership reponse. I never missed a day of high school and brought that to Best Buy. I see the management team is taking after Mr. CEO and they seem to be leading by example. Best Buy is the perfect example of a pyramid scheme -- the guy at the top who probably went to jail a few times makes all the money. Start an online business.

Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting yourCan you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments.Can you all see that your letting Best Buy win by posting your comments. Stop. stop. stop. Just let it go, and be the better person. Leave this blogger.



Best Buy is a business and is in business to build revenues, obviously not relationships. However, they have made more attempts to build relationships than customers have. Buying does not make you first priority. Showing patience and deligence does. A company that offers many services is trying to give people options and the prices of those services are determined by the value. If you do not want the best service, then don't pay for it. A lesson in life is that we must all pay for what we want. For example, if it is in your mind that you want a terrific home full of technology don't expect it to be cheap. Another example, people who have a focus on an area of interest tend to either learn academically, or by working hard, or by a combination of both. Each of these desires costs something, but you must understand the benefit of it and how it will fulfill that desire to make you successful. Likewise, a Rabbi does not get to his position by merely thinking he wants it, and definately will not reach his goal by complaining. Customers complain about the prices, because they do not want to pay the price of their desires. Everybody needs to know that a price is paid for everything, even if it seems like a price you can not pay. You really pay for it all by making decisions in life -- some lead to good thing while others lead to evil things. In life, you either go down or you go up. People who go up are willing to pay for what they want. Face it!

On Nov 30, 2007 at 11:30am I walked in Best Buy in Gurnee IL. I wanted the IBM T60 I saw yesterday as Open Box for $799. It seemed strange not to be assisted right away, usually it swarms with associates. Where is everybody? Out to lunch? After about 10 minutes, I saw a sales assoc. , a young lady (Later, I found it out that her name is Alexa) She was about 20 feet away from me. I called out and she became aware of me, saying "I am coming". But she did not come to help me. Instead, she started to help another customer in the next isle. I, as anyone else, simply does not take well to being ignored, so I went over there and said: You are coming to help me - are you? She said nothing. It seemed like she was on drugs or something. She just froze. I wanted to bring her back to reality, so I gently tugged on her sleeve. Please come and help me, I was here first - I said. She stepped back and just smiled like an idiot. Wipe that smirk off your face - I said. She just gave me a look that seemed to say: "I will get you for this".
At that point I walked back to the counter and was helped by a nice young man.
Next day, I went back to exchange the laptop because of missing keys.
Mike, the store manager came over and immediatelly started to insult me, by saying I was a bad person and next time he will have me put in handcuffs. His anger just increased when I tried to explain my side of the story. His fierce defense of Alexa, his employee is very commandable. Unfortunatelly, this defense is done at a cost of hurting me, the customer. Later, after the exchange of laptop was concluded, he further insulted me by asking me not to come back to the store. He walked with me to the exit, telling all the associates that he saw on our way out, the I, the guy in purple shirt should not be allowed back in the store. Perhaps I can understand his escalating anger, because I went thru the same process with Alexa, when she ignored me that day. My anger escalated too, and I tugged at her short sleeve.

I am writing in regards to Best Buy's customer service. I went into the Best Buy store because my daughter's computer was not working properly. The internet was not able to allow her access and her SIMS computer programs were not running. I told the Geek Squade Agent the problem and he insisted that it was a computer virus. He charged $299.00 plus installation of a virus program $89.00. They called one week later telling me the computer was working. I came in and had them test it in front of me. Well, low and behold it was still not working, but the installation technician quite adamantly stated that he had done all the work, minus the installation because I did not give him the software. I was never told to bring in software. To make a long story short, I brought the computer back that evening because it the same problems. I was told that I needed to increase my RAM. I found that funny, as I had just increase the RAM three weeks prior and they had no record of it.

Three weeks later after many phone calls they told me to come in and they would refund me. When I got there they wanted to refund me $84.00 and refused to tell me for what? I wanted to speak to a manager but, instead I got a goon BOUNCER pretending to be a manager and made it seem as if I were stealing. He yelled in face in front of my daughter and said that he was not refunding me.

I requested a new RAM because I felt that this was the problem, and he insisted that I pay for all work including the removal of the RAM. When I turned to get the RAM chip, no one wanted to help me as he made it seem that I was stealing. When I brought the RAM chip to the GEEK squad counter. They admitted that they had already taken the chip out and that was the refund they were trying to give me. What's worse was that I paid $130.00 for the RAM. Plus, when I got home, my daughter's computer was still not able to get into the internet and her game was not working. What was worse was that she had viruses. When I called to get the corporate office address, I got an answer from the "answering machine" that I had to bring the Laptop back to the office. After several attempts at getting anyone name or office number, I got a PO BOX.

It seems that the old adage is true.

Best Buy! What a joke! I wish I had read this site before I purchased at $1600. TV that four days after the 30 day return policy quit working. I bought the extended warranty...joke....after three tries and four months later, I still have a TV that dosnt work...I have been lied to, abused by BB associates and treated like crap. I am a customer service supervisor and if my employees or my company treated people like this we would be out of business and out of a job!
Best Buy needs a rude awakening. They dont care about customer service, they only care about taking your money. And maybe they have a few workers that care about the customer, but from the experience I had in the MN store I used to go to, there are few!!!
I will never shop at a company that treats people so poorly, from floor staff to corporate. Neither will anyone else I know or can tell my story to... Worst Buy should be their name!!!

Best Buy has a new policy in Kannapolis, NC. If you buy a computer you have to check out at Geek Squad even if you do not plan to get a service agreement. Busy Christmas shopping season and we have to wait on Geeks to sell their "agreements" or talk someone into buying more or upgrading. Told after standing in line behind the same customer checking out for 20 minutes, that it was not permitted for us to check out at the empty front checkout line. Left them with it and went to Walmart. At least we could check out any damn where we wanted to.

I am a bestbuy employee and i think its bullshit that a lot of the employees do not answer the phones I always have to tell them to answer there damn phone! but if you do call a big deparment chances are they will not hear the phone(home theater and Car Audio), personally me i will make an effort every time that phones rings, i ask the customer to excuse me for a min. while i answer the phone. i may put you on hold but i will answer it, callers have as much of a right to have there questions answered as those in the store, but it is first come first serve so you will have to wait your turn if i myself would put you on hold.

I recently had the worst experience ever in regards to dealing with Best Buy in Paramus, NJ. On 11/30/07 I purchased a Phillips home theatre system online for in-store pick up however during the course of my day I received an email for $25.00 dollars of any purchase of $175.00 or more after reviewing the fine print I found my purchase within the guidelines for the additional savings.

When I arrived at Best But I first asked a sales rep if my coupon was valid for my purchase done online I was informed yes. I proceeded to the pick up area where I was attended to by a Best Buy employee named George who stated to me that I could not use the coupon.
I informed him that another employee had stated otherwise to me and asked to speak to a manager. He left and returned within seconds stating that his manager said the same thing. I then asked to speak to this manager of his I was met by a woman named Nas like the rapper who stated to me she was a manager and could not honor my coupon due to my order being placed online and that the coupon should have been used online at time of purchase.

I informed her that the email arrived my online transaction and she further stated to me that Best Buy online & Best Buy the store are two different entities. I was totally in shock over what I was hearing. I asked her what would she want me to do she stated that in order to honor the coupon I would need to have my order done in the store. I agreed only if I was to be charged the online price of $194.00 she agreed. I was forced to cancel my original online order via @1-888-237-8289. I was walked over to a computer on the floor to do a new transaction which was totally bizarre why was I forced to cancel my online order then instructed to place another one when I am already in a store. The store manager Nas attempted to con me stating that the price had changed to $228.00. She also stated that she never told me that she would honor me the online price I paid of $194.00

I laughed cause I knew what was going on she was showing me the Best Buy intranet and not the internet. I informed her of this and she quickly brought me over to a computer with proper web access I proceeded to repurchase the Phillips system online again and low and behold this store manager attempted the con once more by closing out the online transaction at the full online price minus the $25.00 off.
I was very upset about this it felt as if I was being handled by a scam artist or something. I needed help and it was not to be found in the hands of Nas the Paramus,NJ manager/scam artist.

I aksed her if there was anyone else besides her that I could speak to cause she clearly was not working with me but against me in my mind.
I was then introduced to male employee who stated that he also was a manager named Cory. When Cory arrived Nas disappeared I dealt directly with Cory in explaining my situation. Once again I was instructed to cancel my order online making this my second canceled purchase for one Phillips home theatre system from Best Buy.

Cory informed me that there should have been no problem in regards to my purchase and the $25.00 off coupon I had received. I informed him that I felt the same way but for some reason I was given the run around. He stated that he was informed different information as well and had no idea that my initial purchase had been done online earlier.

I was finally able to purchase the Phillips system for $159.00 plus taxes which led to a grand total of $171.00 but my Best Buy woes are not over. I had to call back several times over the course of the next 24hrs to get someone at the Paramus, NJ store to fax over documentation to my bank to rapidly credit my account for the second in store purchase that was canceled. My first transaction which I did online is another nightmare that I am still dealing with and I am awaiting for my funds to be credited back to me.


On 11/26/07, I went to the Best Buy at Denver West in Lakewood, CO. I met w/Mike, the TV/electronics manager, and it was a pleasant enough experience. I ordered a TV projector online through Mike, as he said I would have to come into the store as the price on my computer screen was significantly more expensive than the same item shown on his screen. I drove 25 mins. and we went ahead w/the transaction. After discussing our TV situation w/my husband, it was agreed that we would go a different route. I then told Mike that we were cancelling the transaction, however, he said I would have to contact BestBuy myself through their 800#. After several attempts and put on hold for over 20 mins. a shot, I decided to call Mike and have him cancel the order. Lo and behold, a message from BestBuy via my e-mail said my order was cancelled due to insufficient info on the original order form. Fair enough... I wouldn't have to hassle w/the cancellation. In the meantime, the $100 consultation fee which was charged to my cc, was a more difficult task. Having left 3 messages for Mike this past week and having none of my calls returned put a bad taste in my mouth and we decided to go back through Ultimate Electronics where we had originally purchased our TV (back when it was SoundTrack). I had a very pleasant experience w/the manager who was more than willing to help us find the TV we needed. He was very responsive and we are now going to buy our TV through them. In the meantime, BestBuy lost a $1000 transaction. I called them once more tonight to find out about the $100 fee and "Laura", who said I did not need to know her last name (in order to reference the exact person I was talking with), said that I would have to come into the store to cancel the order and receive a credit on my cc. I said I didn't have time for that and would appreciate her looking up my order. She could not find my order even w/the info I had given her (did not have my ref. # as apparently Mike had not given me one, that I recall). While I was on hold, I heard her say to her colleague, that "this bitch is going to buy her TV at Ultimate Electronics and can't find her reference #..." When she got back on, I said if she was going to talk about her customers, she should do so out of earshot and that calling me a 'bitch' further justified my giving our business to Ultimate Electronics. Her condescending arrogant tone was the final straw and in her insincere "chipper" tone, said I would be getting a refund after all as she was able to pull up my info, "surprise", and that they don't normally do this for their customers. I said it sure beats coming all the way in there and she said for "security" reasons they can't do it on the phone. I didn't even give her my cc # on the phone and it was as simple as her hitting a button. I did verify the last 4 digits on my card to make sure she had the right one. What an experience!! Needless to say, I won't be returning to BestBuy again nor will I recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues as well as anyone I come in contact with.

I went to a my local best buy in Prescott Arizona and shopped for HOURS!! there so nice there, the manager Daryl is a big man and he is really nice, so is an employee named Jon Flinner. he was the nicest out of all of them. i was very pleased. go to the prescott arizona store they wont let you down i promise!!! do it please!!!! steal my heart best Buy!

i bought laptop at best buy because of limited time promo of 6 months no pmts, etc.. when i received my second bill i saw the finance chrgs. I called HSBC ( finance company) and was advised the card that i have has no such promos. They advised me to call best buy. I called best buy and was advised to go in at 830 pm that night in person because they would need to contact finance company. I went to best buy and after sitting on a metal bench for 45 mins was taken care of by a Tammy and denise at the best buy in citrus park in tampa.They said they are aware i was put on wrong card and may need to run credit again to apply for proper card. I asked if there was a way around it since it was best buy fault. they said no. I asked if finance co would open other account and xfr bal to proper card. they said no and they advised me that it was too late in the day to resolve anything. I wish they would have had the sense to tell me this before I went since they knew they would need to contact finance company. they advised to go back the next day. when i went back the next day they were in a meeting . I was advised by another rep at customer service desk that they knew about issue and sup would resolve asap and would call me, this was on a Thursday. I called back the following tuesday because I was just tired of waiting. They advised me on the phone that they are aware that i was put on wrong card but could do nothing about it. I called corporate ( complete waste of time)to see if corporate would contact finance company to advise best buy put me on wrong credit card. they refused. I asked to conference me with HSBC and hsbc advised me that i signed and therefore Iam responsible for finance chrgs. At this point I don't care about fin chrgs. All I did was do as I was told, I asked for promo and was advised by rep to fill out application. You may think: "well did you read application?" I did, and it included standard %, bal xfr, late fees. It did not inlcude the limited time promo and most store credit cards do not, only because it not standard on credit card. I have already filed complaint with bbb, FTC and attorney general. I just hope that these agencies don't turn into dead ends.
PS: I've had a week and a half of grief and lost one day of work. when i said this to corporate one of the managers there offered me a gift certificate of 15 dollars. Word of advice::::: when you go in to shop at best buys make sure you go to rep that does not have the moron sign hanging around their neck::::::

I am sorry to say I have never had a glitch free transaction with best buy. I am not talking about the in store sales people. They can't seem to get my email address right on my rewards. They say the post office does not recognize my mailing address. I have been getting mail at the same place for over 20 years. Try to order anything online you go through a half hour of typing in information and then get a error message that oh geeze we can't send you that item or it is out of stock when we said it was in stock. My recent headache is I purchased a 2 year replacement plan for 2 ipods I purchased there. Both of the ipods have quit working. I go online just like the site says to have the shipping label emailed to me. I check the send label by email and I get a dialog box saying we will send your mailing label shortly. long is shortly? So I call and ask the 1-800-number and the associate says that shortly can be up to 24 hours. So 24 hours later and no mailing label in my email, my junk mail filter. So I call again and to see the status of my email label. The gal says oh we need to know the amount you paid for the ipod before we can proceed with your claim. I said your website doesn't ask that. I have not received a email asking that. She then says well the mailing label has been mailed through the postal system. I said that was not what I checked in the dialog box. She said oh it was probably just a glitch. Then brings up that she still needs the amount I paid for the ipod. The agreement states that you have to have a copy of the original sales receipt when you return it and when they receive the defective item they then send you a gift card. I tried to explain this to her but she didn't really wan't to listen. So now she said I will get a mailing lable emailed to me in 24 hours. We will see.

As a seasoned and top level electronic technician, I joined BB service in Chino Ca. With optimism and high hopes I worked my tail off. After about two years in the system I began to realize that BB preys not only on uneducated customers , but new immigrants as well. The supervisor I worked for was not a competent technician, but since he would work every Saturday and OT every day, they loved him. He barely spoke understandable English and his sidekick was a Philipino guy who hated everything American. The shop was full of a bubbling cauldron of exotic Asian pathogens and I contracted some strange illnesses while there. Since I left, I feel better and my blood pressure is back to normal. The techs and mgt. atthe service center looked for ways to find the customer at fault for defective items rather than fix them and try to help the customer.

It was a sad place to work and a worst place to shop..They wanted to not only be number 1 they wanted to put everyone else out of business. They treated older American techs like me like crap and have ties to Chinese manufacturers who cheat on all the rules.

good riddance BB

Corporate America at it's finest. After 6 hours total on the phone with in the last 3 days over their promotional offers, I don't know if I can take it. The promotion I speak of is No Payments, No Interest until 2011. On the 3rd day, I was informed the offer says nothing about No Payments. This started when I purchased a big screen tv. I have been to BB before and they told me in the store that "All big screen TV's have the No payments, No Interest offer." Which intrigued me, because I would like a little extra time to pay it off. Well, I called the other day to find out why I couldn't log into my credit card account. So after I had resolved some other issues I asked about the promotion to make sure I don't get hit with this bill with outrageous finance charges. He informs me it is the "90 days Same as Cash" offer. OK wait. Sorry sir, bla bla bla. THEN come get your TV. Oh, I'm sorry you have the wrong dept. for that. Please call .... OK now I have to spend another 20 minutes waiting so I can speak to a woman in India. I ask to return TV. Done. Now, 5 minutes later I call the local store and after a 15 minutes wait with them, tell me the offer is No Payments, No Interest until 2011. OK let me think this. I am going to have a TV picked up from my house that I want, only to turn around and buy the same tv at the STORE and have No Payments, No Interest until 2011. WTF? Ok back on the phone with BB.blows How may I direct your call? Someone in English, I reply. And what do you know, I was transferred to someone stateside. She said, that doesn't make any sense. I said, Exactly! Here's your case number. OK. You should hear from someone in 24 hrs. Ummm, no. I get a call to come get my TV. I call best buy of india again, and I get another case number. I call local store and ask for manager. I explain..... he delays the pickup for a month figuring this will be enough time to resolve the issue. I call the third night when I was informed from customer relations, that the promotion is for No Interest until 2009 at the time of my purchase. Ok maybe the store employees misunderstood my question. What about the "90 days same as cash."? You need to take that up with hsbc. OK Thank you corporate america




I ordered a Zune 80 gig MP3 player off of at one of their stores. If fact one of their own people did the ordering for me. 3 hours later I get an e-mail sent to me at 1:30 am saying it is on back order, call them if i want to arrange something else. I call around and find out they actually have it at the store I ordered from so when I call them to arrange a pick up at a store they tell me it is in shipping status, I can't pick it up at the store. This is 12 hours after they send the e-mail stating it is on back order status and 15 minutes after I open the e-mail. They have told me it has not been shipped, that i will get it between 12/21 and 1/08. I don't have a shipping number. This company's customer service is non-existent, they have policies that they don't devulge, they have lost mine and my offices business and I was one of their reward member. Some reward.

I sent best buy an e-mail with my complaint, they sent me a responce with the same info that I was told on the phone and it signed by a guy named Russell. I responded to Russell who he resonse did not take care of my problem, he repiled with an apology. I sent him an e-mail back asking if he was a real person or an automated response, he replied with the exact same apology, so he was an automated response. Typical BBBS (Best Buy Bull Sh*t).

Shut up and get over it.. Go do something good for the world and stop your bitching.

Complain to the management or corp. The second you call an employee Stupid, Idiot, dumb, ect. You are the A-hole and don't deserve any service what so ever. These people work there and are trained poorly or directed to say what they say. People are arrogant." I am so educated, rich, important, I spent $10.00 here, and you should be fired for not closing your eyes when you kissed my ass." Get over your selves. I expect them to follow policy. Don't shop their if management or higher doesn't comply with policy. Every one wants to be so much better than a kid making $7.00 an hr. Any one out their yelling, cursing, or ridiculing some one cause they work at best buy should eat shit daily, and know you are disease ridden pricks. Think of your mother, sister, brother or kids on the other end of your foul mouth.

I hate Best Buy, and will not shop at best buy but I will not belittle my self by trying to make some one else feel little.

you all make me laugh with your inept views of life and the retail process. Your so uninformed in your product that you buy the cheapest item on the shelf and fuel your animosity with the retail company when it doesn't perform perfectly every time. If an item fails to perform its not the fault of the retail store unless they manufactured the product. Your anger is mis-directed because of your blindness at how retail works. Why would you goto best buy if your HP computer breaks down after 6 months when HP manufactured it? (Except if you bought the service plan and even then its still the manufacturers fault the product failed, not the retail store) Do you get angry at the credit card company when a business overcharges you or yell at the mail man if he delivers a bill to you? I'm not an advocate for best buy or the consumer. I am obviously just more educated on how the world works then most of you. Grow up and get a clue!

This is more of a complaint about the Reward Zone but I'm still getting crappy customer service so I though I might as well post this here.

I suppose it all started a year or so ago when they sent out the notice of the 'Exciting New Changes to the Reward Zone Program.' That was the notice that told you they were increasing the amount you needed to spend to get your reward zone certificates. They raised it from $600 to $1000! Yeah I'm really excited about having to spend more money in order to get my reward zone certificates. That's one hell of an exciting change.

As for I HOPE IT HAPPENS TO YOU. Let me tell you my story and you can tell me who the idiot(s) is/are.

I have had 4,000 points posted to my account for the past 3 months. I sent an e-mail to customer service asking why this was the case. It took them 2 days to respond and the person had no clue what I was talking about. So I had to send another e-mail and it took them another 4 days to get back to me and they told me to check back in approximately 10 to 15 business days for the status(not including the 4 day wait for them to respond. So a grand total of 14 to 19 business days). So I sent them another e-mail asking if they were kidding me. I got no response so eventually I called after 10 to 15 business days and spoke with a supervisor. She said she would put a rush on it and have it resolved within a few days. Well guess what? Those few days went by and nothing got resolved. So I called back and spoke with a customer service person again and they told me that one of my purchases was under investigation. He hoped to have it resolved within the next few days. Nothing got resolved. I called back again the next week and spoke with a supervisor who couldn't help me at all and told me to call back every day to check on the status of the investigation. So basically I need to baby sit the morons who work for reward zone customer service and call and check up on them every day. The supervisor told me they don't do call backs. So they can't even figure out how to dial a phone number I guess. She eventually hung up on me and I had to call back and lodge a complaint against her. The regular customer service person I talked to when I called back was more helpful than the supervisor. He informed me that the investigation of the purchase had been closed without being resolved. How the hell does that happen? Anyway he said he had to reopen the investigation and told me to check back within 7 to 10 business days. MURDER INVESTIGATIONS AREN'T EVEN THIS RIGOROUS! I called back again after 8 days and after getting hung up on again and lodging another complaint I was told to wait an additional 10 business days. I've gotten a new case number every time I call so I must have about 7 or 8. You're telling me I don't have the right to call the people in charge of this idiots? It's really not that difficult to help me out here if they really wanted to. They can't even tell me what's going on. Are the people who work for the reward zone program really that stupid? We are quibbling over $20 to $100 dollars in certificates for a company that makes billions.

The customer service people and the supervisors keep telling me about this "Back Office" and how they are the ones who do the investigations. These are the idiots I really want to talk to but for some reason they won't let you talk to them. They are the only ones who know what is going on with this 'investigation' and I can't even talk to them. I understand completely that the customer service people and the supervisors are not to blame but unfortunately for them they were put on the front lines by the idiots in the "Back Office" who will not talk to anyone. So what am I supposed to do as a loyal customer who keeps getting the run around. Am I supposed to sit there and say 'wow you guys are doing an excellent job here.' Why is it that nobody wants to accept any responsibility anymore? I have never seen such incompetence. It's not my fault these people are morons which is exactly what they are. They can't do their job. What is the point of even having a customer service department if nothing gets resolved and treats you like it's your fault every time you call in. Gimme a break.

The funny thing about this is that they wouldn't have had a clue about this unless I brought it to their attention. I'm tired of baby sitting these idiots.

I apologize for such a rambling post but as you can tell I am very upset and I feel that people need to know this about the program.
It's really a shame when I make 85 to 90 percent of my purchases at Best Buy.

Thanks for listening,


Mike..... get a life.... please...!!! For your own good... we don't want to hear ramblings. Its bad enough that any Best Buy associate has to deal with you.. seriously.... thanks...

Mike..... get a life.... please...!!! For your own good... we don't want to hear ramblings. Its bad enough that any Best Buy associate has to deal with you.. seriously.... thanks...

Just letting you know what I have to put up with. Your response sounds like a response from someone who works there. Why else would you post that here?

Obvious troll is Obvious

I hope you are not referring to me as a troll. This stuff actually happened and this is a message board for 'best buy worst customer service.' I mean you can't even make this stuff up.

Oh for the love of god Mike i think it is obvious who i meant. if not lets think about it for a sec who here is bluntly acting as a troll...

I think one of the Problems with this board is that people don't take the time to see it from others eyes and try to under stand that, hey, maybe some of the statements said don't apply to you?

i would like to point out somthing policies are policies that you agree to when you buy it. if your a person bitching about the policies then you should have read them.

If your a person who followed the polices and it was sincerly best buys fault for it then you are in the right but that dosen't mean you have the right to behave like an ass to them. after your problem is solved just don't go any more. for example tiamaxwells story, they bought a lap top it came in for a repair under a plan, it came back from the repair broken it went back, it came back broken again, it was replaced with a laptop that no longer does what tiamaxwell wanted a computer for. tiamaxwell said hey i'm not going to best buy anymore. end of the story.

I understand completely. Like I said I'm just letting people know what actually is happening. I tried to play nice with them and believe me they had more than enough time to try and figure out what was wrong in my case. I'm still waiting for it to be resolved and have to wait until January 3rd to find out how much longer I have to wait. I am not upset at them anymore. Like you mentioned I'm just not going to buy there anymore. I will continue to call back and check up on them just in case a miracle happens and it does get resolved.

If your comments weren't directed at me then I apologize.

I agree with mike. They ( have been giving me the go-around for the past 4 days for a single one-item order. I used to work in the local store and let me tell you that there are a few diamonds in the rocks but for the most part everyone there is incompetent because best buy doesn't train their employees very well and doesn't give a crap about you unless you are giving them your money. I was lied to about the information that was put into a case and have 2 separate case numbers for this one order...My company nor I will ever buy from Best Buy again.

I am so glad to see a complaint site for a store as BEST BUY! I just encountered the most disturbing experience with a Manager on the phone at our local Best Buy. I would like for everyone out there whom reads this site to read what I just experienced. My mother went into a local Nursing facility. After getting the room she has there, they had TV's that were in each room on a arm from the ceiling. And my Mom had me purchase her a small 15 inch Toshiba $120.00 flat screen tube TV. and we purchased the extended warranty. And yes it was purchased in June 2007. And I realize they have a 30 DAY return policy, " Don't anyone reading this forget that" Keep in mind the TV has never been taken out of the box or opened. And this TV was bought with her hard earned money. I had kept it at my house because we felt she would be going to another unit and then you have to have your own TV. Come to find out she will be staying where she is. So, I called Best Buy and spoke with a manager, and told him the issue. he said" sorry but I cannot take that TV back we don't carry them anymore. I felt to myself, a MILLION dollar business, and I don't want my $$ back, just store credit. Then I could get a item that would be useful for her. This manager gives me the 1-888 # and I get a man on the phone explain my story, and told him the manager at our BEST BUY told me I could call the 1-888# and if they authorized him to return it for me, then the manager here would return it. I call the 1-800 what a WAIST! He told me we don't make authorizations to make a store return an item. Just wanted to let everbody know out there, I am not a HAPPY customer of BEST BUY. And I don't care if they have a 30 day return policy, gotta please my MOM. For God's sake she is in a nursing home, and Best Buy's could have returned it, this time of the year and best Buy is an electronic store and more... BAD BAD BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!
As one of the comments above I read it's all about $$.

To those who had a bad experience in best buy. Get over it. Sometimes people have bad days. Sometimes shipments do not come in on time. It's called human error and we all are guilty of it. So if things don't work out perfectly for you have a little compassion and patience that will take you a lot further than yelling, bitching, and complaining. As a best buy employee I know that I and everyone else I work with try to put the customer first. But if you are one of those customers that snaps at us when we ask you if you need help, or immediately go into a hissy fit when your order isn't on time or we are out of stock of something you want than we have no sympathy for you. If we are out of stock it is your fault for not getting there sooner not ours. If we don't answer the phone, sorry we have hundreds of customers that are BUYING that we are trying to help. BTW we do now have a new position called a sales operator that fields all calls to local best buys. They can look up whatever you need. To you who took out your animosity out on the cashier. Shame on you. How would you like a client or a co worker coming in to your place of business and tearing in to you for no reason except someone pissed them off earlier. I would tell you to go F**k yourself too. Oh and those service plans are not BS. Just like any warranty they protect your product in the event that it breaks or something accidental happens to it. Despite its faults Best buy is still the most customer centrisitic, Big box electronics store in the nation. Try to get the service and knowledge best buy offers, at circuit city, or frys, or any other big box store and you will be sorely disappointed.

Tried to return a notebook at Best Buy in Milpitas, CA. I told Geek Squad folk that the problem with the notebook is Internet Explorer (IE ) crash after opening 3 tabs and 3 instances. This happened every one or two hour of usage. That is the reason of returning. Geek Squad said, unless they can verify the problem, they need to charge 15% restocking fee. On the spot, I showed the problem to them two times but when they ran it, it is ok. Then they said I ran too many processes on my notebook. The maximum processes that I can run is 50. I said who is counting the processes, I am just opening IEs plus I have 2G of memory, they said, even with 4G it can't run more than 50. I told them if I can't run 3 IEs with 3 tabs each that exactly the reason that I am returning the notebook. Then bestbuy and geek squad managers came and told me that I am harashing other customers and them. I am extremely puzzled because I did none of that. All I am trying to do is to show them that they got a bad product sitting on their shelf in hope that I didn't get charge 15%. But obviously they didn't care what I am experiencing. I am totally astonished and puzzled by their reaction hence I am returning all my christmas gift at best buy. What a joke! they should be Poor Buy.

So I work at Best Buy.Like all businesses we have good days and bad days.The Employees that work at best buy are not always miserable. We get upset and unpleasent only when you start yelling at us for a problem thats generally not our fault.Don't come in and yell at the cashiers if we forget to offer a service plan or ask for a reward zone card. And dont get mad if you forget something and then we have to call a post void.Or worse complain about how customer service "screwed you over" Most of us are not properly trained. For example my first day was four days before Black friday.I was put on a register with no one supervising me besides the come back in an hour "how we doing over here?". Employees are not treated well if you haven't heard. I was written up for being $40 dollars short on my first day... and when I brought up no one trained me and it was my first day i was forgiven and let off the hook.I'm still treated like a criminal though and watched like a hawk. I was short 5 cents a few days ago and they made me do credit cards only for 3 days! please just remember one thing even the employees don't get respect and the next time you come in ready yell at us take time and think about how the person your ready to yell at could have been just put on that day.

I respect some of the Employees comments above. But I have a complaint on Best Buy I will not back down from. Sorry! I had an acceptional issue, and over a $120 TOSHIBA small TV that Best Buy could have taken back with the Plan I had also took out, and Best Buy could definitely have sold this brand name TV, and give me in store credit, and I would just have turned around and used the credit in their sotre for my Mom. Sometimes if you want to keep a good customer coming back, you make acceptions. And this TV was never opened out of the box. BAD BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!
ESPECIALLY from a MILLION $$$$ company!

I bought a PSP last year from Best Buy in Gurnee, IL. About a month and a half later the screen wouldn't turn on. I took it back to BB and they exchanged it with no questions asked. I am not saying their customer service is always the best, but most of them are just getting started in the job market and haven't had any experience in dealing with customers complaints. Maybe all the people that are complaining to the young people that work at BB should apply for a job and pass on your vast knowledge of customer service. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

best buy retail sucks, online shows one price but the store shows another. they are very happy to look up and see the price you had seen, of course it never shows as the price you had seen. Like I am going to a different I know they are becasue I of course go home and look it up again. this time i do a store pick up, and since they didnt have in ready in less than a minute i got another 10 dollars off. i love that since they didnt want to work with me that i saved 26 dollars off a tripod. best buy sucks they scam their customers anyway they can. EVERYONE WHO READS THIS ONLY SHOP AT BESTBUY.COM ALWAYS PICK STORE PICKUP AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOU'LL TURN THE STORE INTO A JUST A WAREHOUSE WHERE YOU PICK STUFF UP, AT LEAST THERE MIGHT BE THE CHANCE TO GET 10 DOLLARS OFF. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY IM SHOPPING AT BEST BUY FROM NOW ON.


A letter i wrote to the best buy corporate office ...we will see what happens

A Very Unfortunate Event

On December 09, 2007, I purchased two gift cards at your Aiea Store #852 in the amount of $200 each. One gift card was lost (370264201423682). I wanted to report the lost card, and transfer the balance to another card or have my credit card credited. I went back to the Aiea store on December 21, 2007 with the original receipt and waited in line approximately 10 minutes for the next available cashier. The next available cashier told me that she could not help me and directed me to the customer service area. I waited again in line approximately 20 minutes for the next available customer service representative. Upon speaking with the customer service representative she informed me that I would need to speak to a manager. I waited again approximately 20 minutes and finally spoke to a manager who told me that they are not authorized to make those types of decisions at the store level and that I would have to call and cancel the card with American Express and then call corporate best buy to have another gift card mailed to me. I had to use my own cell phone to call and cancel the gift card. I then again used my cell phone to call corporate best buy who was closed. On December 22, 2007 at 6:15am Hawaii time I called best buy corporate. I waited again approximately 20 minutes. Finally, the customer service representative said that it is store policy not to issue a credit and that the only thing that could be done was for me to wait for a new gift card in the mail. I replied that this was a Christmas gift and a card sent to me in the mail would be of no use.

First of all this entire experience has been one of the worst cases of poor customer service I have ever encountered. Secondly, policies need to be changed. If you continue to conduct your business in this manner your customer satisfaction ratings and company reputation will dramatically be reduced. Negative word of mouth advertising in combination with a blog posted on the Internet is something that will hurt your companies performance.

Centralization is not the key. You will fail if you do not decentralize. Give your stores the autonomy to make customer satisfaction related decisions. How simply this situation could have been resolved. Once the gift card was canceled it becomes very easy to transfer the amount to another card or credit the card that was used to purchase the gift card. How can there be fraud involved when any employee can see that the person in front of them holding the original receipt matches the photo identification card and the actual credit card that was used to make the purchase can then be credited.

I expect to be compensated for this unfortunate experience. You have my phone number, email address, and physical address. You may not have my business ever again if this matter is not reasonably resolved.

ok jeff so you lost the card and thats best buys fault? in your letter it sounds like the only issue you had with the customer service is that you waited long in line and that you didn't get what you wanted. If you think logically the customer service were helping the people in front of you to the best of their abilities but that means nothing because it wasn't you they were helping. what makes this so funny is that these are for Christmas gifts the season of giving of your self and yet you were greedy wanting all the help for your self and wanting just the way you wanted it like a spoiled little child. it is great to see that loving christian compassion for others this holiday season. expecting fast service during the holidays is just unreasonable. all of this because you couldn't keep track of a card.

LOL at you all, don't any of you get it. You are not the one in control here. This is corporate business. First off these retailers are not wal-mart. You don't just call on the phone check if somethings in stock and go buy it. Thats not how they make their PROFIT. In fact, many of them train their employee's and set policy to discourage those kind of shoppers from buying from them in the first place. They loose money from people who just walk in for sales items and then leave without buying anything that has a profit on it for them. THAT is the bottom line for speciality stores. They can't compete with wal-mart and BIG stores like that because those stores buy in such mass quantity that they can afford to lower prices and still make money. THE ONLY way to compete is to lure customers in will ticket items that are below cost, then try to upsell those items. This doesn't happen on phone, sorry.

So when you threaten to never shop at these places again, you are actually doing them a favor. If you really want to get them, you go in and buy that ubelievable sales item, put up will all the crap you have to and smile on your way to the car, cause you just cost that company a ton of money.

Oh almost forgot

For those of you who want special attention, let me recite for you a saying that my parents told me all my life, "you have beer pockets, and champangne taste." What does that mean? If you want to walk into a store and recieve special attention, meaning that you want everyone to focus on you and you only from start to finish, you better move to california or something and start shopping on Rhodeo (don't know how to spell it). Cause the only place that is gonna give you that kind of service is one that you PAY for. And i'm not talking about a measley couple of 1000 dollars. That may be expensive too you, but it really isn't any money AT ALL. REmember who you are, your not a rockstar, your not a billion dollar hot daddy. You are an average comsumer and you get an AVERAGE less than spectacular service. Sorry but thats reality.

Jesus Christ. You people that sit there and call others "morons" or "idiots" really need to look in the mirror. Learn how to fucking spell!

Hey, 'GET A CLUE.' Look who's fucking talking!

"first of all, SAR, your just a dumbass."


Jesus Christ, off yourself please.

oh yeah because the most important thing here is spelling. try to be spelling and grammar Nazi and then write in all caps, nice.

best buy is the worst store. i had my camera for a month and then one day i tried turning it on and it didnt work so i took it to best buy. the lady working there looked at my warrarnty and the camera and said okay go pick out a new one. then as we were paying the managaer came by and was like YOU CANT GET A NEW CAMERA! WE NEED TO SEND IT BACK TO CANON FIRST AND SEE IF IT CAN GET FIXED. i thought that was fishy that the workers didnt know to do that. they said the camera would be back in 2 weeks. i was alright with that. not to mention i live in the states alone and all of my family live in germany and they got visas to come here so i was excited to take pictures with them. well i called 3 weeks after and they were charging me 400 because someone screwed up the camera! when i gave it to them there were no marks on it it just wouldnt turn on. now the whole thing is f***** up!!!!!!!!!!!!SCREW YOU BEST BUY

I have worked at best buy and i currently work at circuit city.....anywhere you go its the same shit so suck it up....if you had your own business wouldnt you try to make money.....yes its nice to think that they are going to help you out as much as possible but they are entitled to a profit and if you know anything about business you cant bend over for every single customer because the ones that make you bend over are the ones that arent going to make you have to know that just because you are buying something expensive doesnt mean that you are creating a profit for them.....the computers that they sell are all sold either at cost or below cost which means they either break even or lose money on each sale....they make money on the services and extended warrenties which on computers arent a rip off cuz if you know what they cover and how to use them they work great cuz i have used them plenty of times before. and dont expect because they are wearing a blue shirt means that they know every thing about electronics....just because you work wherever you do doesnt mean you know every nook and cranny about everything.....i just like to see people complain about things that are their own fault and people need to hear the at best buy for a week and you will understand everything that i tell you. people today have to high expectancies and too little patience.....if you dont like the store, dont shop there and build your own damn products cuz they are just trying to make money so chill out and focus on more important things in life.

brian you can go back to best buy and suck more dick there bc i know there are a lot of law suits heading towards bestbuy now and forever on for idiots like yourself that work there. defend them all you want, make excuses for innocence, when obvious its not.

your customer service policys are horrible i can better customer service from a hooker. on another note i got better customer service from the police when they came to arrest me saying i assaulted an employee when i didn't even touch anyone or say anything to anyone. after they realized that and i was released from the store and still never recieved any apology or explanation letter from best buy.

on top of the crap you idiots pull at the stores all your prices are jacked up beyond any other store i know of. on top of that your customer policy saying you match prices from any other store are in fact BS. i have tried and others making claims to get bestbuy to make prices from other stores and shops and all i got was the run around. ended up with no help and with all the extra "fees" it ended up being no different than what the jacked up price on the shelf said.. you guys can go screw yourselfs and shop at best buy forever all you want. enjoy getting rammed in the ass by them.

I just called the local store (Best Buy NOHO) to check on the status of a repair (for a product I paid extended warranty for). The estimated completion date was 12/7/07 and I hadn't heard anything to date (12/27/07). After being on hold for over 30 minutes, I got a Geek Squad rep who took my service order number, put me on hold, and then the line went dead. I called again, and got someone who very rudely told me he cannot help me because he is very busy, and cannot even tell me who I should call to get an update and that I should call on someone else's shift.

I have a question- its all well and good to vent on these websites, but what are the concrete alternatives we can pursue if we want to really make companies such as these accountable for their customer service?

So, there's lots of Best Buy hate. There's also a lot of Walmart hate, a lot of Circuit City hate, and even a lot of CompUSA hate... you name it. The bottom line is that Best Buy is still the #1 consumer electronic retailer in the world. If they REALLY sucked, would they have that title? I laugh whenever I hear a fellow customer tell the world that they will never ever spend another penny at Best Buy ever again. I think to myself, "Gee... boycotting the #1 consumer electronic retailer in the world? That's cute."

It's so amazing how everyone also complains about the service plans... especially the no lemon policy. They always act so surprised. "THREE TIMES, PLUS A FOURTH REQUEST FOR THE SWAP!?!?! THAT'S RIDICULOUS!!!!11one" Like it's not in your notebook/desktop service plan information pamphlet? Why not use some common sense before you buy/decide to keep something you purchased? If you're NOT okay with it, do something about it before you can't. Retards. Then they get angry. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOME ITEMS HAVE MANUFACTURER DEFECTS??!?!?!" Isn't it obvious that one out of X number of units will be bad? The real concern is that people whine too much. "Why did *I* have to get the broken one? WHY MEEEEEEEE? ME ME ME MEKJFKDEMEMEME1?!?!!?!?!1111" My reply? You had an option to buy a warranty, just in case. That's why they offer them. Then some people will say, "YOU DON'T STAND BY YOUR PRODUCTS?" If Best Buy didn't, they probably wouldn't have OFFERED you a warranty? Duh?

Then there are those people who complain about having to pay the Geek Squad $99 for a data back-up, and whine about how the G.S. isn't responsible for their data. Before you checked your computer in, no one except you had access to your computer... so really, who else is responsible for your data? Then the person next to me will get angry: "WHAT? WHY ISN'T IT FREE?" Gee, maybe because it takes days or hours and resources and is something you could've done yourself? Then, of course, they decide to just not do a back-up.... then complain about why the G.S. had to restore the PC or replace the HDD/solve the issues at hand. Then there are those people who sign the agreement even though it CLEARLY states that the G.S. is not liable for any data lost but that the G.S. will issue a refund regardless of time lost on your unit, then bitch and moan even though they knew the risks in the first place?

I actually bought my computer at Best Buy. I even bought the accidental warranty. Well, guess what? When I came in to have it repaired, they told me the usual spiel: "ship to our service center, blah blah, it'll take 2-3 weeks." When it returned, it was as good as new and the paperwork said the LCD and labor costs were almost $700--I only paid $300 for my 3 year warranty AND I was entitled to one battery and adapter replacement. The customer next to me bitched and moaned about how his free manufacturer's warranty didn't cover his broken LCD. What the FUCK did you expect when you bought a cheap computer, obviously didn't take very good care of it (in addition to it being BROKEN, it was also filthy), AND didn't buy any kind of warranty? ONE YEAR of accidental coverage is only $99. Get a clue.

Then I bought an i-pod. My daughter dropped it down a flight of stairs. I had a replacement plan... and they told me I couldn't replace it even though I had bought a warranty for it, and paid almost $500 for everything altogether. I was pissed, but I reread the warranty pamphlet and there it was--I was at fault, clearly. So I opted for the prorated refund which I applied towards another i-pod.

Then, while waiting in the massive customer service line, there was another customer before me who made me roll my eyes. Her excuse was, "HOW THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW MY CAMERA WOULD BE USELESS IF THE LCD SCREEN WAS BROKEN? NO ONE TOLD ME THAT!" I mean, REALLY, is it that hard to guess?

God damn.


Ok, For the guy who says the Sales Operators' (The people in back answering phones) don't get paid nearly as much as sale people you are very wrong. They get paid just about the same if not more than most departments.

Also for the guy who worked for best buy and was not properly trained. You need to tell your supervisor. If he does not train you right than you need to tell you Operations Manager, If something does not happen take it up with the General Manager, Or Store Manager. If they don't do nothing call the Employee.

Me as a best buy employee love my job, I am a CA (Customer assistance) it's a new position along with the SO (Sales Operators). A CA must be able to do every job in the store. Including Sales Operator. So sometimes I work the phones. I go the extra mile for my customers I am not always able to help every single customer there for I take messages and I have someone call them back than can help them. I am really sorry that allot of ya'll have had bad experiences with best buy I work at the best buy in Houston TX, On Katy Freeway 216 I will be more than happy to help anyone of ya'll.

Kris (The only Japanese Speaking Sales Person)

Best buy #1 WOO HOO!!!

I purchased a laptop for my daughter to use for college,bought all the extended warranty and everything else that should have taken care of anything. Within a short period (@2months)computer had a manufacturers defect,her school work and notes could be retrieved and transferred as long as I was willing to pay an extra 100.00 fee. I do not consider this fair or great for repeat business. I had followed Best Buy's recommendations and still they opted to what I consider blackmail to squeeze an extra charge out of me. The service should have been done out of good faith just as my purchase was done in good faith.I realize I'm no computer wizard,but I'm sure there are plenty of people who are not and it should be very explicit that regardless of any warranties you purchase,anything that happens like a manufacturers defect will cost you extra anyway to retrieve this information for you.

I have to say after reading everyones complaints it seems that all the people who have a problem are the ones who think they should come first and everyone should bend over backwards for them. Well just let me say something to those people; do you have any idea how hard it is to accommodate for hundreds off people and then deal with people like you who have nothing better to do then complain about how bad the service was? Its a shame people cant be more understanding of the fact that the majority of people working at best buy are an average age of around 20; and its kind of hard to explain to people how things work when they feel that some punk kid is having an attitude with them because they cant return their cd,or what ever it may be, because of copy write laws and they blame it on best buy because the service was crappy.One top of that it is absolutely amazing that people feel they deserve things because they spend money. What is it you feel you deserve? A "thank you"? If thats how it is then answer this... do you thank your boss for letting you keep your job and pay you for working? More than likely not. so don't think just because you have money and you so willingly spend it makes you instantly better than everyone else and you mystically deserve a pat on the back. Why cant everyone one just take a step back and say,ok i am here to shop and when i get approached by an employee I'll let them know I'm fine and I'll let them know if i need help." NOT "Get the hell away why can't i shop in peace!" lets just cut everyone some slack and go about their day because all it really comes down to is the fact that they are just doing their jobs.

REALPAPERMAN..... how sad you are... So you think just because you bought a laptop and needed a data backup, and i guess you thought you should get it for free or something.... doesn't work that way... just because you spend money there doesn't mean you get everything free... I dont know how half of you dumb asses think... because you are all retarded

I bought a laptop from bestbuy with 1GB DDR ram in 2006 and got it repaired a month ago. And was returned to me with 512mb DDR ram and a new motherboard that wasnt compatible with the recovery disk. During the repair the manager told me that i will be getting a new laptop because of all the trouble i went through ie. them saying that my laptop is there but it wasn't me waiting 3 hours to get my laptop and wasn't there. The manager was very rude herself she yelled at me and told me to wait so she could make a sale that took 2 hours it was a waste of time and days to sum this all up bestbuy sucks period.

I agree with many people who say Best Buy customer service sucks. About the customer who is already there in the store...why should they get priority? In my case I was already there days before when I purchased something, so if I call for customer service I should get priority because they already have my money.

Back up your own stuff....!! I back up all my stuff so if a problem arises I wont have to cry and whine about how im being charged for bla bla bla...Its not hard!!! grow up!!! =D

Best But could not fix my Canon camera and ended up replacing it with the next higher model because mine wasn't available anymore. I won on this one as I traded up from a 10x optical zoom to a 12x ! Thank you Best Buy!



Together both companies show off our country's worst

customer service skills!!! They top the most rude and most unfriendly attitude towards the customer! And American Consumer!!

EBAY CARES little about anything other than how much money they make

off these classless clowns!! So EBAY IS also a BIG part of the problem!!

Dealtree employees will give you the same LOW "CALIFORNIA STYLE"

customer service that you get when you go to a Best (worst) buy retail store.


There are plenty of good online stores to shop from!


I don't know if my problem has to do with the same complaints. I have a Best Buy Reward Zone Master Card. Back in November, my payment was due on 11-28-07. All my bills are paid on line through my bank.My bank sent them a check for $70.00 (payment due was only $30.00) on 11-14-07. Best Buy cashed the check on 11-23-07. I always check my Best Buy account on line and on 11-28-07 in big RED letters they said if I don't do a rush payment on line, that I'd be charged a $35.00 late fee. So I did a payment on line through them for $60.00 and was charged $15.00 for the rush payment. The next morning I checked my account and to my surprise there was the $60.00 credit BUT also a $35.00 late fee. My blood boiled!!! I picked up the phone, held my temper back, & explained my problem. When I wasn't getting anywhere with customer service I demanded to speak to his supervisor. The supervisor credited my account for the late fee. She then told me to check with my bank to see if the check was sent out. I called my bank and they told me that I have to go down in person to get any information. So I went down and they checked into it and said the check was cashed on 11-23-07. Now I had to call this other # to give them the same information I gave the bank. Now I'm calling my bank again because this other company said the bank can only issue a copy of the cancelled check. The bank said they would put it right in the mail and charged my account $20.00 for the copy. Now I have the cancelled check in my hands so I call customer service (Best Buy) again. Once again I got a rude person on the phone so once again I demanded to speak to someone higher up. Now this supervisor told me to fax over the information to her office. I did this. Today is Jan.5,2008. After more then 10 phone calls and dozens of emails(which by the way they don't answer) my $70.00 STILL is not credited to my account. If anyone knows how I can contact the CEO, please email me. I don't know what else to do.

Elayne, you would have to contact HSBC Banks CEO not best buys CEO

Now there are sales operators that work in the store that you are calling, and their main purpose is to answer the phone and give the customer the best possible customer service.

The people complaining are just sheep of society. They critique Best Buy like it is a meaningful issue. How about you look for something more to life than worshipping the dollar and the products you're deceived into buying? You complainers are perfectly happy with letting the media brainwash you into social Marxism and economic consumerism. All these complainers are what is leading to the downfall of the US.

I have worked for bestbuy for six years never making more than $8.83. I have left the company due to shitty pay and incentives. the store is always understaffed, were constantly being asked to leave our department to help at the registers because there is never enough people at them, plus dealing with customers on the floor and fucking idiots calling into the store wanting to know who sings a song, but they dont know the artist or song title. throw all this in together and yeah ur going to have a shitty experience. they don't pay us shit. only the supervisors and managers make any money. us lowly saleman get fucked in the ass by the big blue bestbuy dildo every day we come to work. fuck the stupid customers who whine and bitch about everything and fuck bestbuy the big blue whore who stole six fucking years of my life..

People like Elayne make me laugh... her bank screws up yet she manages to blame it on best buy. HSBC bank has nothing to do with Best Buy and vice versa. She has no business calling best buy because of a mix up with her bank and HSBC. Call the number on the back of your card and contact the CEO of HSBC, cause it isn't best buy's fault.

This is to ANON; if you read my letter correctly you'd understand that HSBS was called. Just the fact alone that they deducted the late fee would tell you I didn't speak to Best Buy. Go back to my letter so you can see how WRONG you are. What are you? The CEO for Best Buy?

Now I have the cancelled check in my hands so I call customer service (Best Buy) again.'s where you refer to Best Buy...not HSBC, Elayne.
So actually, i read your letter and where you mentioned calling Best Buy to sort your credit problems correctly.

If Hell has customer service, then they are all former Best Buy employees. I don't even want to get into how much they suck, because I'd write an essay.

i am a customer service specialist at a best buy and i understand each and everyone of your complaints. but you do have to take in to consideration that we arn't out toget our customers and yeah alot of best buys don't have great employees. we are just doing our jobs. i get atleast 5 angry customers a day that yell and scream at me for things i had nothing to do with, i just happen to be the one listening. and please think of at your own work if you get people yelling at you and telling you how to do your job don't you think you would get upset??

for the hole phone call thing.. almost every best buy now has what is called an SO a sales oppoator who answers the phones, so that it should only ring once or twice and you talk to a person that is trained in every department to help you.

also about our replacement plans and service plans, i have see so many people say "i am so glad the salesmen told me about the replacement plan!" because its a bitch to go through the manufacture and i have an example if this where someone was cheap and didn't get it... a guy had bought a TV a really nice samsung in feb 07. 10 months later something went wrong with it and so he brought it into our best buy and demanded a new one. when looking at the slip he had not purchased a service plan therefore we can only ship it out to the manufacture for him. he got pissed off and was protesting the next day. out GM manager was actually thinking about just getting him a tv to take care of him, but when he was screaming and threatening my sales associates, we then desided he didn't deserve to get taken care of.

PLEASE if you are mad about something in the store don't make my customer service people feel like shit. they are dooing their job!!! and its not their fault! you will not get what you want unless you approach us in a nice manor and if you cus or yell at the customer service, you will be asked to leave..

and i will put it on my life that cuircut city has more problems, they are extreamly un flexible on their policies, and we are truly more about our customer then making money, but we are a business.

if you ever need an explanation for a situation you have has at a best buy i would be glad to e-mail you and/ or helping you solve that problem! as long as you promise to do it in a respectful manor and not yell and scream! my e-mail is


This goes out to Larry.... Larry are you like retarded? So you bought a TV that was defective... Last time I checked, Best Buy doesn't manufacture all the televisions we sell... so how can you be mad at bby because you got a defective product from a manufacturer... and why would they refund the services they did..... thats like saying getting a oil change, getting it done then wanting to return it... I understand its not your fault that the TV is defective, but thats not our fault either... it was just bad luck on you part.

So here are a few tips for you stupid customers who think you guys are geniuses..

1. We don't manufacture all the products we sell, when you get a defective one, that isn't our fault, if your not an ass about it we usually will do an exchange for you

2. We answer phone calls as soon as we can, but the customers who come in the store are our first priority... think of it if you came in the store to shop, and we kept answering the phones instead of helping you how would you feel?

3. You can think what you want of our warranties... sometimes there good sometimes there bad... when you buy a TV and nothing happens to you tv then it wasn't worth it, but theres always that chance of something happening, when you do have that 3000 dollar TV blow out, or when you have that motherboard go out on that laptop, we lose money... think of it you buy a warretny for a laptop right for maybe 150, if something happens to your motherboard, thats about 400 dollars for the motherboard itself, plus labor..

4. For all you people who claim that best buy if full of teenagers and people who aren't over 25... yeh your right... the sad part is that we know a shit load more about stuff then you older folks ever will, thats why half you guys shop at bby, because you need help... you not confident in your own knowledge...

5. And my last piece of wisdom for all of you... in order for us to respect you, you must respect us... when you walk in and think that you can get whatever you want because you scream and curse...your mistaken... if you walk into my store, ill have you kicked out... respect goes both ways.. you cant expect respect and not give it back..

I am NOT a casual shopper at Best Buy. I have purchased almost all of my gadgits, movies and music there over the past decade.

In June 07 I decided to buy my first appliance there. An $1100.00 side by side. Loved it on the floor but when delivered it worked TOO WELL!

Both sides freeze. I lost food and a lot of time waiting on Best Buy to stand behind their product. I have had a dozen trips from repairmen to try and fix it.

Finally in January of 08 it is fixed. For months I was not able to store items unless they could be frozen. My calls to customer service where always polite but they never really wanted to help me. I always felt worse after talking to them.

I will never again buy an appliance from them. I have options and will use them. I have also cut back on other purchases from Best Buy. I only buy items that I can't get somewhere else close to home.

Bets buy is no longer my store of choice and not because I don't like the store but because their customer service is a facade.

This is to the people that say its not best buys fault for products that are faulty out of the box. yes, best buy did not make it but it is best buys job to stand by the products they sell. if there is an issue people shouldn't yell and swear. just be polite and it will be fixed. mistakes do happen but if you keep a cool head it will get fixed.

I recently just took my laptop to best buy the other day to the geek squad. I am not sure if the geek squad is best buy but if not they are still associated with them. I took my laptop to them they told them that something was wrong with the power cord and the first guy says oh it just needs a new cord go grab one from the floor. WRONG. I go back and theres a new guy and he says the whole comp. is fried and he needs to send it back to HP. They tell me to call back in a week and we will be able to pick it up. I call them first, wait close to an hour on the phone the geek squad guy tells us he can not find our comp. and if we are sure we took it to them. He tells us to call back tomorrow and he will see what he can do. So instead of calling i go over there to talk in person with them and they still can not find it for about another hour. I have a receipt that says i took it there by the way. He assures me that they will take good care of me. I really bought that after they lost my comp. and made me wait an incredibly long time. They call us back about a week later so about 2 1/2 weeks after when the computer was suppose to be returned to us and he says that its at the HP department store and hasn't been looked at. So i am completely frustrated and computer-less for about a month and change and me and my whole family cant access anything for school, emails, internet, etc. it is awful.

oh jeez joey i feel so bad for you. no computer to get on that oh so important internet. now your family would have to go out side or use a phone or maybe go to the library. thats just horrible.

I personally work for a retail store (Circuit City) and i know we have our flaws sometimes but i have worked in 2 different cities in the past 2 years and i can say every store i have been to we always get the customer that comes in and says "I just went to BB and stood in the store and waited 45 minutes to get help" i personally went over to see if its true and by far it is! i waited an hour for service and told the guy i had been waiting a while and he said well we didnt think you needed help LOL
And to the person above who wrote "the person on the phone had probably been dealing with jerks like him." Im sorry but i was a Customer Service Associate for a year at Ccity and i NEVER talked to a customer that way, i dont care if you have been dealing with assholes all day it shouldnt matter you get paid to deal with customers and make them happy. I would never treat a customer like that no matter how much of an asshole they are to me. And Circuit City isnt going out of business anytime soon ya we might be closing some stores but we are opening 65 new stores this year. We are in a slump thats all.
This forum is obviously a place to vent and talk about your experiences so dont tell these people they are lame or dumb or idiots because they want to talk about some shit that happened to them so leave them alone its a free country let them say what they want.

You do not get a national call center when calling best buy, they send you to a specific area in that store that you are calling, they are not to send you off to another section without trying to help you first.

Bamagal.... what are you thinking.... you should know something is wrong with Circuit when there the fourth biggest electronic retailer.... because they used to be second... I think the best buy store you went to may have had lazy employees... because i have been to three circuit citys around chicago, and everytime i do i either dont get helped or they dont know what the hell im talking about... And circuit city firing its highest payed employees is a big sign of them being a dumbass... those employees who get paid the most, would be you best associates and then you fire all of them... lol you guys are so done... and I also love how you guys copy all of our strategies and core philosophies...

I work at Best Buy as a Geeksquad. I agree with some of you on here, and some things that I think the company needs to train kids for the real world.

1) Yes people - Best Buy is retail, and were constantly busy, and believe it or not we get yelled at my rude customers, everyday. Some young people working on the sales floor have a hard time coping with this and they often take it out on someone else. Yes, I think Best Buy needs to train employees to handle the busy load and more on customer service; but for those of you who are impatient and can't wait - you people need to realize that not all of your questions will get answered. If a salesmen on the floor gets hammered by five customers seeking help we try to help the person who came to us first soo please be advised of that. This is for all retail and if you can't wait, than I encourage you to come in the evening hours when it's less busy.

- There are some kids working that I believe need some customer service training, believe me this one guy who totally ignored this customer at my job needs it as well. Sorry for the inconvienence and some of Best Buy's lack of customer service, but it's a learning experience for the young people working, most are still in high school and sometimes it's a learning process for them because they might know the question your asking. Non of them on the sales floor are computer technicians, engineers, programers, etc. Please note if you need your questions answered go to the Geeksquad people and ask, our customer service is always #1 and we try our hardest to answer your question....

This message is for BBY Advocate, who posted something that contradicts the purpose of customer service. Yes I agree, people need to respect others but you can never kick a customer out unless they are causing a scene that makes other customers feel uneasy. Your job is simple, make the customers go home happy, not make them go home unhappy. 2nd you know calling people retarded and working at Best Buy makes you a target for poor customer service, anyone at Best Buy would know that and hopefully you'll be fired for being a complete idiot or your someone who is making Best Buy looking bad.

Customer service is always first priority at the stores up here, rather your a saleman on the floor or behind the cash register. You act nice to customers, approach them with a smile regardless of how bad a customer is. You certainly don't ignore them, and you certainly would never call a customer retarded at the store....

Donald Lamin.... I understand the customer comes first and I agree that yes the customer does come first, but WHEN THAT CUSTOMER REFUSES TO COOPERATE AND START YELLING AND SCREAMING, THAT INTERRUPTS OTHER CUSTOMERS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE, and I have been working for Best Buy for over 5 years, I take care of more customers than you would imagine, I also take care of customers problems, because it isn't always the customers fault... I have a perfect example for you... a customer bought 50" Panasonic Plasma, wanted to strap the TV on the roof of the car, we told him not to mount it on top of the car because the television would get damaged... he didn't listen brought tv back two hours later cracked... after talking to him I saw his predicament and I replaced his TV... which many electronic companies would not do at all... there are other times when a customer comes into the store and are disrespectful for no reason, and they do cause a seen, then yes I will have them put out.... You work at Geek Squad so you may not what it means to run a sales floor, but when you have one person causing a scene in front of many other customers, mind you customers that have little kids with them, and you have a customer cursing because they didn't get something for free is unaccpetable...

I went to a best buy in january of last year trying to buy a computer. i had $800 in cash & was ready to buy an HP. No representatives would help & they were rude on top of that. I tried from the customer service desk to get a number to complain & they said I needed receipt to lodge a complaint.

i took my business elsewhere & have NEVER returned to the best buy in Mcallen, TX ever again.

on top of that when I go to dallas I go to Fry's now after that horrible experience.

Hey st#u, customers come 2nd to customer service, the employees are always right and I don't care what you say Donald Lamn, we don't get comission sooo- we should treat the customers the way we think they should be treated!! Now as for the comment from VISITOR, soo what go shop at Fry, we get over a million customers who walk into Best Buy, this for your information :D

I have been a loyal BestBuy customer for several years, spending thousands of my hard earned dollars. They just lost me over $5.11...

I need to purchase a new router - I was checking online and had the unit for $49.88. I was simply going to purchase it online at best buy and pick it up.

Called to talk to an agent - she said she needed to get a supervisor override for the discount.

She came back online and told me they were unwilling to give the discount. Unbelievable - that is quite a price matching process...

Oh well I know I am only one customer, but they will not get another dime of my money!!!

who cares if you don't want to shop at best buy.... someone else will buy it! =)

So I just found this site in a google search...
As a current best buy employee of over 2 years I'd just like to tell all of y'all ass hole customers that complain about A) Not getting any service or B) Getting "too much" contact by sales associates to go fuck yourself. We try to find a happy median but it sure doesn't help when you ask someone if they need help then have a College Drop-Out Manager come tell you to make sure they're doing okay. "our job is to turn lookers into buyers". Thats gotta be the biggest load of horse shit i've ever heard and I've even told them so. I respond, "would you rather turn lookers into leavers?" Retail isn't for everyone. Working with no commission it sure as hell isn't the pay that keeps us there. Nor is it the managers. Its the 1 in 100 customer you get that actually treats you like a normal human being. Not talking to you in a condescending manner thinking you're trying to sell him snake oil. Those are the people that make it worth while. Well that and the discount of course. Yeah your sure as hell right we make some money on our Service plans, cause God knows we don't make it on our TVs. not a day goes buy where I don't send out a TV/ TV package and loose points of margin on it. If you're so Hunky-Doory on going to Circuit City go ahead. last time I checked my stock was worth $45 a share, whats theres? oh thats right, $3.77. Have fun trying to get your TV fixed there in three years. See which company is still around.

Apparently we must be doing something right if we're doing as well as we are.

Talk about stupid customers.... i got a customer the other day who came into the store mad and throwing a tantrum because we sold him a "defective" Blue tooth headset.. he said it wouldnt pair... I took it and paired it within 1 min!!! I asked him if he even read the instructions he said no because he doesn't bother with those moron! =P

I have worked at Best Buy for a long long time, I agree with some of the comments and disagree. Working in retail takes a lot out of you, however if you are a people person and enjoy interacting with people it can be a lot of fun. For the employees that call customers idiots or morons or what have you, if you are not happy then leave. That type of attitude does not make it a fun environment for your co-workers or the customer. You are the reason why customers complain because you just don't care. If I have a customer that comes in and is upset or disappoint in the experience they get I will do everything I can to make sure they are happy when they leave, it is a great feeling knowing you took the extra time to please someone.
However the customers that come in and treat employees like crap or talk down to them, raise your voice or what have you. That is a sure way not to get help, we all eat out and we all know if you are rude to your waiter you will not get help and maybe some extra in your food when it comes. Retail is the same thing if you are nasty to the employee what really makes you think they are going to want to help you out. No one has to take it and if you think acting that way is expected and because you are the customer you can do anything you want you are wrong, retail can refuse service to anyone they would like but it only happens if someone is threatening a employee. So be kind, we are here to help you the best that we can not bug you or make you feel like you were just sold something. If you have a bad experience fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt managers read that and will make sure employee know what not to do.

This non-commission thing, yes we are not on commission it is true, however we still need to make money. Just like every company we have a budget we have to maintain. Does that mean we are there to sell you something you don't need, of course not. A good employee is get to know you have find out your needs and recommend items that will fit you, not just sell you something. Discounting - Customers come in and ask what kind of deal they can get, no big deal it never hurts to ask, however when you push and push after we have said no there is a fine line you have to watch until you are just rude. The funny part is most of these customers own BBY stock, why would you want to hurt the profits of a company you own stock in??

Performance Plans ( or what customers think of as extended warranty) These are not a typical warranty which is why we call them a Performance Plan. Most companies offer extended warranty's however they are not worth the dime you pay for them. Performance Plans are, they protect not just vendor defects but normal wear and tear and so on. ******* The biggest reason we offer these to you is so if something happens we can back up your product and take care of you. If a customers calls me and says they are having a problem with their product and they do not have a Service Plan on it and its after 30days there is not a lot I can do. I know a lot of you are now saying to yourself well Best Buy should stand behind the product they sell. We do not make the products, and yes products break, if we took care of every problem we would go our of business. If products lasted forever there would be a lot of companies out of business. Do I think that the Performance Plan is right for everyone and every product not always, but it is up to you as a consumer if you want to make sure that your product will last at least 2 - 5 years.

All I am trying to say is Best Buy is a great company however it is up to the employee and the consumer to work together to ensure everyone has a great experience and if a customer does not then say something, only say it respectfully. If there is a employee who just does not care then the company should know about it, however think to yourself if you could have insulted that employee by mistake or been rude to them. Enjoy your shopping experience, you are the one spending your money, but understand that it is a company and needs to make money ( not rip customers off ) but stay profitable.

You know I would expect to find only customers complaining about Best Buy on this forum, but to see Best Buy employees come on here and bash customers and say stupid harsh things is really not helping either - in retaliation to customers making a brief observation of what happened to them, come on now! If you can't deal with people complaining then obviously you shouldn't work retail. Most people on here are probably over 30 years old and are use to the common courtesy which the young people today forget that's one of the biggest part of working retail, Customer Service!
So what if a customer comes in the store having a bad day, but as an employee you need to look beyond that. You need to understand that it's not you who is causing that customer to have a bad day; it's actually the customer having issues else-where. I see silly people who claim to work at Best Buy using context quotes "If you don't like it go somewhere else?" Really, is that what you want people to do? I don't care if a customer got mad, make him/her happy, make that customer want to come back and know that the service they got from Best Buy is great. I've actually go into Best Buy here in Colorado frequently and the sales employees are always friendly and maybe it's different elsewhere but they create a friendly environment.

If you can't stand helping customers than work somewhere else for ff sakes, if you can't stand customers asking you questions or needing you to return their product than work at a cubicle where you just sit. So what if you don't work on commission, I don't either and I work at The Gap and probably make as much as you or less!!!! That doesn't mean I'm going to be mean. Judging by what I am reading on here either most of you are people pretending to be Best Buy employees or childish employees who should not be working at Best Buy.
If you can't stand customers complaining than please find another job. All retail is like this, and it seems that some of the Best Buy employees, which they claim they are, are bashing customers and calling them retards because they don't know as much as you do. Well why should they, that defeats the purpose of helping customers!! Trust me!! There is a huge gap to being 25 and being 45 today. People over 40 are being pushed to getting computers and all this technological hype which they never had when they were young. Don't say B.S. stuff about people being retarded, it is a simple answer to that and it's because "they don't know!!" Your job as an employee is supposed to guide them and there will always be a bad customer, but there will always be a nice friendly customer willing to thank you for the job you did.


learn to program your own damn answering the instructions.!!! =P

I work at Best Buy and it's been 2 years now and still I don't know how to rewind a DVD, does any other best buy affiliate on here know how too??

Bestbuy and Walmart= Hire highschool drop out drug addicts at the age of 40 and pay them $6 an hour, that's why when you walk into the store you are greeted by an 80 year old. Why? Because there is no union and they(best buy and walmart) can get away with anything.

I have never bought anything from Best Buy in my life, and I never will. Go to a real store that specializes in the product that you want. Not a store that says "well this tv that cost $15,000 is better because it costs more and is bigger" what a crock of crap..

um wow.. if you really think that uneducated, you have no clue what you are even talking about. I dont know where you live but i have never seen anyone 80 years old working at Best Buy.. and they have more knowledge on the products that they sell there than a ton of companys that dont sell half the stuff Best Buy does.

do me and everyone else a favor and think about what you want to say before you want to run your mouth...

Hey, this message is for UNEDUCATED... so you think our selling strategies is saying this TV is 15,000 its better because it cost more and is bigger huh... First thing I have to say is that were non- commission dip shit... Secondly I would expect a dumbass like yourself to say that because you yourself are uneducated and do not know shit about television technology... Let me give you a crash course really quickly... There are tv's that cost more than others... the main thing is size yes... but there is more to it than that... those tvs usually have better features... higher contrast... better video processing.... 120 hertz frame rate... things like that... The thing that sucks is that that when uneducated simple minded retards like yourself go into the home theater department and ask us stupid questions.. and next time if you feel like we are uneducated about your televisions ( considering everyone that works in Home Theater has to be certified? then why dont you go to a Walmart or a Circuit City... and see how much they have to offer and or how much they know...

I need my grandma!!

First off.... everyone complaining about the service plans and warranties.... read it.... it is not Best Buy who makes the decision on whether or not who replaces it or fixes your product... it goes through IAG an "insurance company" which then after its gone through the proper channels, will give an approval... just like if you got in a car accident and you had to replace a fender, well you wouldn't total out the entire car for a fender... you fix it... same with the service plan.... they are required to try to fix it first, then if it doesn't then a replacement will be made. IF you have needed it serviced more than 3 times (state of Ca) its considered a no lemon and required to exchange it. Talk to a MANAGER... and be polite... you get more bees with honey than vinegar. FOr the FORMER employees that USED to work there, it is not "you sell a PSP or your fired" that was old school best buy, not new school... I was never told, if you don't sell a PSP your fired, neither has any of my employees in the 4 stores I've worked at.

IF you are going to complain about the phone service, why dont we direct all our calls to your house, when your trying to teach your kids their homework, so you can keep getting interrupted to be asked, "is this the electronics department???" or whats the difference between 1080 i and 1080 p.... come into the store and you can see it.... it means nothing to explain it over the phone.... and trust me if you don't know that answer, a brief 2 minute explanation over the phone will just confuse you more, and cause us to leave the numberous customers in the store that are complaining that there's no one to help them, so we can go step by step for you when you can walk into the store and blatantly see the difference. Be respectful, if you're going to complain about the phones, do so... but then don't complain at the store when the employees leave you to answer the phones... and now if you dial 0 you dont get a call center you get an operator whose job is answer your questions, and let the sales people be... and no we don't have wii's in stock... if you are waiting til the last minute, its your bad. its not our fault, contact Nintendo... and they are not Sony Wiis'.....

IF you have a bad experience at one store, call them on it.... corporate does do something about... take the survey at the bottom of the receipt..... that goes to their direct district manager, and trust me, if its that bad they will change it.... but don't take it out on the cashiers or the reps who are just doing their job..... if your gonna scream at them for offering the replacement plan or magazines, dont be offended if you are asked to leave... they do not have to take harassment from you.... would it really hurt you to say i'm sorry not today.... one more time???? if those words are so hard to get out of your mouth you should not be talking in public... its called being polite, having manners... didn't your mother teach you that???

We ask everyone for help, because what if you needed help??? We are not MIND READERS... we can not read your mind, thats why we ask.... to let you know we are there... i hate going into stores where your not even recognized.... I would be worried if no one asked me for help... don't take offense if you get asked.... they are doing their job.... let them do it....

By the way... the return policy.... its not required for any retailer to have a return policy... You buy the product its yours. All responsibility is transferred to you... It is a retailers objective to have a return policy.... specifically for customers. No retailer is required to have one, they only have one to somewhat satisfy what customer needs can be met within the policy they decide to set.

I must say that the people on here that "represent" best buy such as employees are making your company look bad. Stop acting immature because swearing and calling me an idiot tells me that BB hires a lot of immature disrespectful people. And i did say we have our flaws at circuit city but as a business we were trying to save money by laying off those people and ya its sad but its a business, ALSO we don't copy best buys stuff our company has been around longer and we may do things similar but we have our own innovation such as Tablet PC and much more. I'm just saying on behalf of circuit city we are here to say and we aren't "SO done!"
Why don't we stay on the forum topic "Best Buy, WORST customer service"

I am in the process at this time trying to just get a manager on the phone from Best Buy in Lubbock, Texas. I understand that the customers in the store are important, but I cannot leave work to go back there AGAIN.

It started with customer service and just went downhill from there. I went in to get a computer bundle and there was an excellent price on the product. I was told by a salesperson that there was one computer left. I went down the street to check out the price at another store on the same product and came back to the store because the price of the bundle just couldn't be beat! When I returned to the store, which was about 30 minutes, another salesperson told me the store was out of the computer I had wanted to purchase. I figured someone bought it while I was gone. A different salesperson came back to me later and I asked about the same computer and was told they never had any on the shelves to begin with. The sale was up the next day, so I asked if I could have a raincheck and go ahead and purchase the item. I was told no because the warehouse was also out of the item. However, a different computer which was about $400 more in price would be available. I decided to just wait and then I figured I would go apply for the finance card because I would probably return another day. I went and stood in the customer service line for 30 minutes and it never moved! I gave up and went home.

Three days later I returned to the store and applied for the finance card. I went back to the computer deparment and the shelves were fully stocked with the computer I was interested in three days prior. Now, I couldn't get a raincheck on the item when I went in there originally and was told there would be no more in for quite some time so the sale could not be honored. Three days later and after the sale was over there were plenty in stock. I was frustrated and angry, but still bought the product. I was told the geek squad would work on it and to come back in 4 hours to pick it up. Of course I went back in 4 hours, after standing in line WITH ONE CUSTOMER AHEAD OF ME, for 20 minutes. The guy at the pick up desk was WORKING on a man's computer. He then told me that he had not had time to get to the computer yet. I wished he would have called me. He told me to come back the next day.

I went back the next day and went home to set up my computer, printer, etc. The drivers didn't work properly so I could not install the software or the mouse software. In addition, a button was broken that was attached to one of the cd drives and it would not open. So, my boyfriend loaded it back up and took it back because I did not have time to take it there because of work. It is there now. In the meantime, I have been on the phone trying to locate a manager for 20 minutes. Finally, I was asked to leave a message and he is supposed to call me back. We'll see.

My problem is that the salespeople all told me different stories, when I shared my frustration about how I was treated with the salesman that sold me the computer he made no comment. Nothing. He acted like he never heard me. I paid people to install all the software on my computer and it was not tested to see if it was working properly, in addition they didn't even check the computer to see if anything was broken or not working on the cabinet. When I wanted to speak to a manager there was not one available and I got the run around by the salespeople trying to get someone on the phone.

Furthermore, when I was in the store I also wanted to check out a video game controller and I asked where it could be found and the salesman never spoke to me. He just turned around and started walking and I followed him. When we got to the right location he pointed at it and turned around and walked off. I thought maybe he was mute or sick, but then I saw him visiting with people later.

I just don't understand why it is so hard to give good customer service and have enough pride in your work to do the job right the first time. I am going to have to go back up there and speak with someone in person tomorrow because I work during there business hours today and they will be closed when I get off. Another trip to the store! I do not have any confidence whatsoever that I will be called back by a manager.

I am very disappointed and angry. If one salesperson would have been rude or uninformative, fine....that is the nature of employees in a big store. You are always going to have at least one person who hates the job. However, the treatment was consistent across the board. I wish there were more competition for Best Buy in this town because I would NEVER go back there again.

maybe he should've sang u a song while he pointed at the controller... he showed u what your were looking for... "IT IS WHAT IT IS" move on with your life....!! =D

Good luck getting ahold of a President or CEO of this company. I tried, no call back

Go to my website to read what happened to me at the Best Buy in Springfield, IL. Don't even bother fighting with their poorly trained and uneducated managers. Just write down the abuse you took and call their customer service 800 number. At least they pretend to give a sh*t.

We the consumer need to stop putting up with bad customer service just to save a buck.

And to the employees that work there, grow a sack and quit. There are other jobs, lots of them that pay minimum wage. I've yet to run into an employee that can even muster enthusiasm that they like their jobs. Most of you seem miserable, wanting to be anywhere then stuck in the big box selling electronics you know will break and then having to put up with customers yelling at you.

I love working there... i'm only there 2 days a week and save Thousands wth my discounts...!!I'm a student and while i know there are many other jobs out there why would i work at burger king for minimum wage when u can work at best buy make more money and get a great discounts!! Not to mentions the perks!!.So you keep your ranting and crying to get your $5 off... and I'll enjoy my discount thanks... oh and i dont care if u buy or not. =)

I just returned from Best Buy. I tried to exchange a birthday gift unopened but had no receipt. It was a packaged set of 3 DVD's. It was a gift given on Feb 3,2008. The recipient already had 2 of the three (it was an old television show complete series). I simply wanted to exchange it for the one he was missing and get other DVD's adding up to the cost spent since we were not supplied a receipt with the gift. I was NOT trying to get any cash back, knowing full well that you usually don't get cash back without a receipt anyway. I discovered that after they went to get the single DVD that we did not have, they suddenly said they couldn't exchange it since I had no receipt. I asked for the Supervisor...same message, I asked for the manager...same message. I asked for higher. they gave me their toll free customer service number which I immediately called and asked for a manager. Soon someone came on line and repeated what everyone else said. He asked me "How do I know you didn't buy it somewhere else?" I responded, "It still has the Best Buy sticker and Bar Code and just the price was torn off." He then asked "How do I know it wasn't purchsed 3 or 4 months ago?" I replied, "So what?" I just want to exchange for something the birthday recipient didn't already have. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like he was calling me a liar. I told him they have a terrible return policy and vowed to tell everyone I know to not buy from them. So, please spread the word and tell everyone you know NOT to buy from them. They are one of the most expensive stores anyway, so it wouldn't hurt anyone to shop where there is a better return policy and customer service, not to mention price!!!

I hate best buy they fucked me out of A 42"plasma

No receipt....? good that they didnt let u exchange it..!! your prob one of those people that try to pull a fast one on best Buy... shame on you... shame... Gordon.... shame!

Therese Gordon.... you disappoint me.. ohhh you wanted to return dvds... and you didn't have the receipt... so you talked to the guy on the phone and he said they couldn't exchange it because without any proof theres no saying whether you got it a few months ago... how is that unfair.... Its not a policy of just best buy.... I dare you to take your dumb self into a store like Walmart, Circuit City, or any other big name retailer and say ohhh I have this dvd, i don't have the receipt... Not one of them is going to do anything for you... I'm so tired of all you selfish people on here thinking that Best Buy should do you a favor when your in fault because you dont have the paperwork... but no instead of calling yourself a dumb ass for not having a receipt you would rather bitch and moan.... So sad...

Shame on you Gordon... Shaammmeee.......

People like Gordon are rediculous, I really don't understand why people think they are above store policies and that they should be broken just for them. Is it best buy's fault the person who gave you the gift didn't give you a GIFT RECEIPT. So instead of bitching about how terrible best buy is, go tell the person you need a receipt. If the person lost the receipt but paid for it with a credit/debit card then they can go to any best buy and have a customer service rep pull it up in their "customer contact manager" system or "green screen". If they used cash then ohhhhh well.

I work at a Best Buy, and in response, the person you spoke to on the phone at the store is known as a "sales operator," who is actually at the store that you were calling, and can actually help you, over the phone, just like another employee could in the store. They could even sell the product to you over the phone and you can just come in and pick the item up. I think this is a good idea, even though they are generally hesitant to direct someone to associates on the floor, although they will do it if you persist. At my store, I haven't heard too many complaints about this process, normally just compliments. And about the "harrassing customers," it depends upon which department you are in. For instance, if you go to Home Theater, they will be more direct with customers. However, if you go to a department like Media (CDs, DVDs, Video Games), they will generally leave you alone unless you approach them. No matter, if you have a complaint, ask for a manager and complain to them,they will generally resolve the situation rather quickly.

I sent this today:
Mr. Anderson,
Over the years I have spent many thousands of dollars at Best Buy. I have purchased over 400 DVDs, a washing machine and dryer, seven computers, audio and video equipment. The list is quite extensive. But now for a $14 cable (that was in an unopened package) Kim Jackson of store 1413 sent me away. I misplaced the receipt. She made no attempt to assess my customer history and said she did not care if I ever shop there again. I am not sure if this is a racial issue, or she was just having a bad day.

I am a business professor and teach for three universities. I average nearly 1,000 students a year. It would be a shame for every single one of them to hear about this case study of bad customer service at Best Buy. Rather than encouraging them to go to Best Buy, as I have done many times, I'll have to warn them to never darken their doors again. Fortunately there are Wal-Mart stores, Circuit City, and Fry's in our area to cover our needs.


next time Joe Walkowicz don't lose your receipt....!! did You even ask the CS REP to even look up the receipt? Your not telling the whole story.... and plus... if you were a little more responsible you wouldn't have lost your receipt and gotten yourself in this mess in the first place.. oh by the is in very bad taste to mention the sales asst name online have some class...... shame on you JOE shaaammmee...... ;)

hey don one tells you how to do your job so shut your mouth and stop telling other people how they have to do theirs.

I'm so sick of Best Buy not having what I want. It's
not like I'm asking for super obscure stuff.

I went into both looking for Lightspeed Champion, British Sea Power, and MGMT, three records from MAJOR indie labels mind you. Every time I asked - the stores did not have them, and worst yet, no store employee knew what I was talking about.

In fact, last week a Best Buy guy searched for the
bands: Lightstore Champion, Manager and Britain's Tower. No joke.

Today was the last straw when after last week, Best Buy told me they would have them, and they did not. But it didn't stop there. The worst part is just to
get that disappointing information, I had to ask one of FIVE (!!!) workers standing around playing a Xbox (seriously?), I stood there looking at them, it finally took a cashier that saw me and came over and asked me if I needed help. After looking it up, the one "clueless dude" told me to just buy it online. So I
did... at Amazon.

Just thought I'd like you to know.

As far as the phones go, I AM one of those sales operators, and it's a shit job. It was just implemented before Christmas, and basically my job is to help everyone who calls in.

Before this postion was created, you fuckers bitched and moaned about how you couldn't get through on the phones, because you were too lazy to come into the fucking store and talk to someone.

Well NOW we've given you what you want and you STILL bitch and moan. I'm a single fucking person and I can only take one call at a time. There is only one of us answering the phones at a time because theres simply not enough space or budget to have two people (though even if we did, you would still bitch and moan) answering.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH, because all I want to do is sit there all day and tell you how to reprogram your TV, how to restore your computer and all that shit. BEST BUY LOCAL STORES ARE NOT A FUCKING TECH SUPPORT LINE! Call 1888bestbuy if you want tech help and wait through the prompts like everyone else, or come into the store.

Before you call, remember this please:
-Don't ask for the electronics department
-Don't ask for a manager
-We don't have wii's
-We don't have and XBOX
-We don't have any ps3s
-I'm not going to give you free tech support over the phone, call 800geeksquad

Seriosuly people, if you can't get through on the phones, get off your lazy ass and come into the fucking store.

I was a Best Buy employee; worked there for two years. Let me share you my experience.

Customers have every right to complain; however, the complaints must be backed by a reasonable objection. For example, if a computer package is on sale for a particular week, buy it the first day. Inventory gets depleted very fast, you have no idea. For those who arrive later during that week to get the package, you are gambling. Don't get frustrated for not being able to buy that package. In other words, common sense tells you that if a something goes on sale, obviously, it will sell fast. Thus, there will be less in inventory as the hour goes by especially for a store like Best Buy where everybody sees that flyer. One store doesn't have enough inventory to supply a few million people with the sale package. This is why it's limited. Those items usually have a number on the flyer indicating how many there are in-stock for that week. This applies to all retail stores, not particularly Best Buy.

If you are frustrated with Best Buy, please abstain from using an employee as a scapegoat for you anger. Most employee are employed minimum wage, and they are enrolled at a nearby school. And, they're human. They get inundated with customer complaints daily whom have no basis for it. They are just doing their job. Some may be helpful, and some may not. However, in order to keep their jobs they must follow their manager's policy. Speak to a manager when you have problems. Don't call. Be there in person to talk to him. When you talk to him or her, be reasonable. Give him a way to satisfy your needs fairly by giving him a reason why you had an unsatisfactory experience.

Saying negative statements such as, "I'm not buying from here anymore because of this and that" may be the wrong way to deal with it. The employee whom you had a hard time with may switch jobs and goto work a t a competitor too. Meaning, you will get the same type of customer service.

No business is perfect, your's as well. I however go into Best Buy weekly and have baught a lot of stuff over the years. Yeah Salespeople come up to offer their assistance but I am grown up enough to be able to say, no thanks i'm just looking around at a bunch stuff. If I have questions, I am gratefull for the help and cut it off when I don't want it anymore. Just because you can't handle peopole, take control of a situation, don't cry like a little baby that you are about as emotionaly mature as when it comes to woeking with the public, I love th folks at best buy. I treat them with respecct and darned if I haven't made quite a few casual friend over the last few years there.

The world needs to destress. Yoga, meditation. take a walk with a dog that you like. Take a deap breath, think about what you are doing and what it is you want the outcome to be and if your intentions are pure and good, your mind will be led to the right way to act and the right thingws to say, and guess what, things will work out more often than not. It's not best buy, it's the world we live in. Do your part to help make it a better place with your actions. Be positive. It works

cdubya.... I have a problem with your complaining.... Now I agree that best buy employees shouldnt be playing XBOX at all... I would tell a manager about that but what i dont agree with is you getting mad at us because we dont carry some stupid CD's you want... Last time I checked we weren't Sam Goody.... I mean I doubt anyone has really heard of the CD's you wanted....

I will try my hardest not to buy from them anymore. Recently I went to the Best Buy in Topeka, Kansas to buy an LCD TV. I asked the service counter if I could do 6 months same as cash. The answer...yes as long as I paid it off before the 6 months expired. I bought the tv and after 1 month, I got my bill and looked in the plan area and it said I needed to pay it off by Feb 2008. OK...I tossed it in my bill box. The second month, the same thing. The 3rd month, the same day I got my bill, I got a dunning notice also. I immediately called the 800 number and was put on hold by an automated attendant (all reps were busy...yeah right...). This was 8:50 in the evening. At 9:00, I was disconnected. I called back and the automated attendant said the office was closed. I called back the next day and all the person would do was ask me for my checking account number. No way. I told her that I was not concerned about the cost of the tv or the extra money they were dinging me for. I told her I would pay it off immediately (which I did). I was most concerned about this being reported to the credit agencies. I was told..."Too bad, it has already been done.". I realize that it was my fault for trusting what the instore employee told me. I take pride in my credit (last time I checked it was 805). If this would have happened to BB's ceo or cfo, I bet they would have been treated differently. I have already shreaded my credit card and I will drive the extra 60 miles to go to Circuit City or Nebraska Furniture Mart before I ever set foot in a BB again. I am sure that BB does not really care that they lost me. They probably don't care about their employees either or they would train them better on their own policies so when a customer asks a question, they can get the correct answer. If any management idiot from BB would like to discuss this, let me know at

yea!!! we're not SAM GOODY!!!!! =P

Interesting complaint, Larry. I do want to put out that training is not the problem. It's when the employee are big-headed and answer questions on impulse without finding out wether or not the promotion is being offered. I understand your complaint well. However, you going to Cuircuit City is not a solution either. You may be dealing with another company, but, you must also understand there's not many people in this world who are survantes or are extremely smart. You most likely will encounter the same big-headed people as you did in Best Buy. I know, I use to work in both places.

Larry, if help is not avaible in the store, contact the Home Office (Corporate Home Office of the President) by letter and explaining in a reasonable and detailed format. Chances are, they most likely will satisfy your needs. If you decide to vent your frustration on an employee or management at the Best Buy store, you most likely will be ignored. And, it's not the best way to solve a problem.

Best Buy is usually the cheapest. But you get what you pay for. I for one will never shop there again. They do not understand the word customer service. I bought a $1000.00 laptop computer and a service agreement. They have tried to fix the backlight display 4 times. And now 6 months later I get it back still broken. Now they want to replace it with a remanufactured $300.00 crap. I am furious but have no recourse. BEST BUY SUCKS!

So I go to buy a headset and i get the cheapest one i see thats $20, then i get home and i realize i got charged 30. The whole point i bought it was to have the cheapest headset. They dont even bother to put the right products with the right pricetags. Then I see 4 fat people in blue shirts putting a video game into a box in the back. Could one of those slackers just put the products in order instead of having an orgy in the back?

Then CompUSA is going out of business nationwide (except website) and they never ripped me off.

BEST BUY SUCKS! The only reason they still in business is because they rip people off with their geeksquad noobs (who think they so good at computers pshh) and hire a bunch of drama queens.

matt stop being a drama queen.... ;)

I agree that Best Buy's arrogance, rudeness and demeaning attitude reiterates the fact that I will never purchase anything from them again. I will let ALL my family and friends know too - as I have lots of friends and a Very Large Family.
The manager at Lancaster, Ohio Best Buy reccommneded Mike / "he knows everything there is!" Poor Mike didn't know much about anything I was talking about - however on his behalf, he asked around with answers from his peers, "don't know" and when I requested the Manager for more help - he said "don't know, we can't and don't care."
WOW - glad I don't run my business that way, or I wouldn't have any!!

Matt you a retard... if you wanted the 20 dollar headset and you paid thirty.. wouldn't you get a lightbulb telling you that it isn't the right one because of the basically swiped your card without looking... and if you paid by a credit card or debit card, it actually asks you to verify the price your about to pay and im guessing you just accepted it

yea Matt.... Shaaammee... Matt... Shaaaammmmeeeee... ;)

I work at Best Buy in Minnesota. I actually don't know how they can turn a profit. I notice most of the employees hate working there. Employees are treated like crap and most if not all of the supervision is people that are 23 and under. Why they are so young is that there is heavy turn-over. The store I work at has supposedly gone through 3 store managers in 8 months! They are either fired of quit and at times get promoted out of that hell. The store I am at needed a female as a supervisor because all the other supervisors are male. My supervisor got her job because she was the only female there that was full time, and she had only worked there for three months. THATS WHY BEST BUY SUCKS DONKEY COCK!!!. Employees are treated like crap and expected to talk to customers with a smile on their face... I like helping people, but if I am being craped on a day to day basis I start to not care about the customer I hate to say...
The supervisors make quite a bit of money and they really only supervise 5 people including the lead. Thats another reason why I can't understand why Best Buy makes a profit. They have a slim profit margin on most of the computer stuff. Actually where they make their money is on accessories and TV's other than that most of the stuff is priced 15% above cost.
They push people to sell sell sell and there really is no incentive for the employee but to avoid the inevitable being crapped on. I swear they need to leave a diaper changing station for the supervisors and managers of the store at the LP desk.
I am just glad this is a temporary job and actually right now I am looking for a different one. My supervisor is an hyper active hunch back that when you talk to her all you have is "Deer in the Headlights". She is living proof that a fetus can dodge a coat hanger for 9 months and live to tell the tail. And this is a person who has a degree from Carlson College at the UofM. Just a total waste of skin who wastes oxygen. It's really hard to believe that out of a million sperm she is the fastest swimmer.....

Ok now get this to all the complainers about BB service.

1- you will never get the CEO, hell I can't even talk to him
2- It's hard to get a manager even for the employee, they are usually busy crapping other employees
3- be patient with the employees, we are under-trained and work in a hostile environment but we will do our best to get to you.
4- Best Buy has alot of redundant inefficient systems that are introduced by marketing people who have nothing else to do. WTF is Care+ anyways? I have been there a month and my supervisor still has not shown me anything.... dumb abortion surviving bitch.
5- remember most of the supervision is ran by people younger than 23 and this is really the only job they ever had.
6- Best Buy is a retail place so its best to already expect limited customer service.
7- When you call the Sales operator speak quickly and get your point a crossed. They can't read you mind unlike that stupid commercial.
8- If you are nice others might surprisingly treat you nice ;)

I look forward to the comments after this I just found this awesome site and sure makes me feel better to venting about my feelings. :)

Yeah Larry its probably best off to just read the statements you get on policy's and the back of the receipts. I learned that if they promise no interest or payments for a segment of time and in the first month you get a bill saying you owe its always good to call right away. Every store as so many different policies customized their own way. It does suck and I agree with you. Gotta remember that most of the employees at best buy are kids in HS or kids going through college. I am going through college and working there. Once I get my degree I am totally outta there, because of the way the little Hitler wanna-bes treat their underlings. I am quite a bit older than most in the store and I have a vast amount of experience in supervising, but at the time when I was looking for a job only insurance company carpet baggers were hiring. I like a total idiot thought Best Buy was a good company to work for. Man I really was wrong. The place I work at is managed like crap and all I hear from the employees is that it used to be better. The supervisors I heard get 17 bucks an hour and I personally don't see why. They run around with their heads cut off like chicken little (remember 90% of them are under 23). They don't know how to stay calm and they yell their employees in front of other employees and even customers! I said to my supervisor that the place is inefficient when it comes managing the employees and many are vastly under-trained. The employees start to not care because they feel they are under-appreciated and that the feel that they have to "kiss-ass" in order to get somewhere in the company.
That guy that stated in the above blog about his supervisor who is not a very effective supervisor. Kind of funny I thought and I can relate.. Ineffectiveness of leadership all rolls down hill and makes people not care at all. Thats another reason why Best Buy customer service sucks. It is the culture of Best Buy and its hard to change a whole culture of a store. The little Hitlers run around acting like they know it all rattling off acronyms redundant programs that even the military would have problems with. Personally once I walk through the doors I sometimes can just feel the tension in the air. The place gives me a royal headache, but I do have to keep in mind that I am only here temporary now and I just have a few months to go.
We all have every right to vent our frustrations and we all have every right to not go to a certain store. Once Circuit City is gone we are all pretty much I hate to say screwed. They are the only real competition Best Buy has out there and keeps them in check. Without competition we as consumers will loose.

I work at Best Buy and its people like you who think they own the place and expect everything from kids 16- whatever, deal with it or go buy shitty products from sears,walmart,ect.

As an employee, I don't how this customer service is experienced. I bend the fuck over backwards trying to keep little shits like you(those who complain) happy and the manager's off my ass for my non-commission, low hourly pay. Those of you that are complaining about high prices on everything, go price check our competitors on computers/cameras/whatever.

And do some research before you go and decide to make a multi-thousand dollar purchase, I don't know about the general majority of people, but all the time I have people coming in willing to drop a decent amount of money and have no idea as to what the fuck they're buying all because I told them they need it. Is that wrong? Not entirely if you go through me, I'm not here to fuck people over, but not every employee that works in retail is the same.

Hey David C. how bout you come to the store I work up here in MN. We will see who the little shit is. I am 6ft3 220 pounds and I used to beat the crap out of people as a bouncer. I am ex-military and I will totally beat you senseless. So bring it on you little shit. :)

I went to the circuit city in Pentagon City in Virginia. Customer Service left a lot to be desired throughout the store. I went to purchase a TV around 8:30 PM Friday night and the guy that we had to find to wait on us just left to wait on someone else. That was just rude. I found a young CA who had just started and got the best customer service ever. The guy that works in electronics, the cashier, etc had zero customer service. I definately will not be buying a TV or anything else from there. They need to make the young girl that just started the Manager. I have not been in a Best Buy yet and experienced good customer service. No People skills.

6'3 220 pounds of fat... so sit down b4 you hurt yourself... ;)

I went to the store and got no better service. I found an online ad for a laptop for $499. They would not sell it to me in the store, they said it was $649 and I was dismissed, rudely. I had driven 1 1/2 hours to get there. When I got home, the ad was still on line, so I emailed. I call corporate customer service the next day, they said they would call me back before the end of the day. A week later I called corporate agian. I never got a return eamil and still no return call. 4 days later I called corporate again, they said "Looks like we don't have that computer anymore, sorry!" So don't give me any crap about giving the service to the people in the store, it's not happening in the store, via email, or on the phone.

This one is fun, I can relate to it. I bought a 27" Insignia Television. I have a warranty until 2011. I made an appointment on February 2nd, 2008 to get the Television Repaired. The Repair Center called on February 6th, left a voicemail. I called back on the 7th, and scheduled the appointment for the 11th. The guy came out and said he is going to need to order parts. Repair center called us back on the 14th and said they needed to come and pick up the TV to repair it at their center. They picked it up on the 19th, and still no TV. It is now February 26th.

Isn't Best Buy supposed to honor Warrantys withing 3-4 Business days?

Am I ever going to see my TV again? - I called this morning and they said we will have a specialist call you in 3-4 business days. What is going on? - I highly suggest never ever to buy anything from Bestbuy ever again.

Justin Shearer... In word to your situation I say... why did you buy a Insignia TV? thats your problem... you bought a cheap piece of shit, and the reason it is probably taking so long is because parts for that cheap tv are hard to get in most cases have to be ordered from japan so it takes a while... next time i would suggest buying a better tv, because insignia is shit

I currently work in customer service at Best Buy. There are so many complaints on this page that are completely ridiculous.

First, if you do not have a receipt then we will not return the item, it's that simple. Why should we be obligated to return something that we have no knowledge of where and when it was purchased? We don't even need to have a return policy, but we do, so it is YOUR responsibility to keep proof of YOUR purchase. We don't care if you copy the receipt, save it on your computer, or just write down the 4-part key at the top, as long as we can look it up, we can help (we don't have to help, but we do).

Second, all credit card issues go through HSBC. It is the exact same thing as any other credit card, the only difference being that it happens to have "Best Buy" on it and it's blue. You can't pay your statement in store because we are not HSBC, we are Best Buy. It's not our decision, it's theirs.

Third, for those of you who love to put other people down by calling them uneducated and/or high school dropouts, I will enlighten you. I, along with the majority of my coworkers, am a full-time college student. The majority of us have part time jobs at Best Buy in order to help pay for school, car payments, etc. There is not a single employee at my store that is a high school dropout. So I ask you, at what point will I become educated? Do I need a degree? Masters? Will a Bachelors or AA degree do? Or maybe I should ask something else. What makes YOU educated? You obviously have no idea what I have to deal with everyday at work, and I urge you to consider not being so self-centered and think about how others feel.

As for the service plans, we are urged to sell as many as possible, but never have I been threatened with my job if I failed to sell any. I admit, they can be frustrating, but the whole point is so you don't have to wait months for the manufacturer to replace it. If your product is taken in for service, then it is sent into our service center (not in store) and worked on. You are probably not the only person with an item there, as a matter of fact that service center has to deal with all of the products in the district. The service center then fixes it as quickly and efficiently as possible, and it is sent back to the store for you to get it. If it cannot be fixed, then it is simply replaced. It is not a difficult concept, but if you would rather go through the same process with the manufacturer instead, which will most likely take much longer, then be my guest.

Now to the phones. We do have phones in every department, and we do answer them when we can. If we are not answering them, then we are busy. If I have a customer in front of me and another on the phone, I think the obvious decision would be to help the one in front. That is also what I would expect if I were to go into any other retail store. Again, we don't have to have phones in every department, but we do in order to help out when we can. If you really need our help, then it shouldn't be too hard to come in.

You all must also realize that Best Buy does NOT manufacture the products they sell. If you are having a problem don't bring it to us (unless you purchased the service plan). We like to help when we can, but our job is to simply sell products. Our relationship with manufacturers is just selling their products, and we are in no way affiliated with their service department, and we are not their employees. We sell you a product that you want. We do not force you to buy anything, so any purchase you make must be at your discretion. We give you 30 days to return it (with the exception of GPS systems, laptops, and cameras, which are 14 days) and if you miss that date, then it is your fault. If you are nice, then sometimes I may be able to work around it if it is still somewhat close to the return date. A return policy should not be so difficult to understand, especially when it is clearly printed on every receipt.

Personally I like working at Best Buy. I get good benefits, I can afford school and my car, and above all I get to help people. I like sending customers off with a smile. What I do not understand is how ignorant you people are. My job is not to do everything for you. If you want a butler, then hire one. I have my own life to worry about, and I refuse to deal with your problems as well.

I used to work at Best Buy and quit recently to work in a more honest retail enviroment. I quit Best Buy after realizing that they were teaching me to stretch the truth to the customers. Research the lawsuits that have been filed against Best Buy for lying about service plans, there have been a lot. I am a former employee of Radio Shack also, and I am sick and tired of dishonesty towards customers. They lie to there employees to get the employees to lie to you. I am doing research on dishonesty from retailers, if you have any horror stories, please email them to me. I wish to hear from current employees, former employees, and customers.

And for the Best Buy advocate, they pretended like my job was on the line every night if I didn't have enough service plans sold...

once again the email address is please email me. my goal is to help end dishonesty in retail enviroments and to get them to stop using legal loop-holes to there advantage...

Ok folks, here is the low down. I currently work at Best Buy. We as service reps do not like what our managers push down our throats anymore than you do. Fact of the matter is I can't stand "contacting" every customer and trying to ask "open ended lifestyle questions." I actually just had a manager ask me the following for someone who bought a computer cable... "What was their name, job, how many kids did they have, is he going on vacation soon etc." Its nuts, we know its nuts, but don't take it out on the people on the floor or on the phone. If you choose not to shop there, fine, it's your right to choose where your money goes. Some people do need help however, so if we say hi to you and ask how you are, just say fine and let us know you will come find us if you have any questions, there is no need to be rude to us as it is not our intention to be rude to you. Also, just b/c someone had a bad experience at a Best Buy does not mean it is justifiable to extend that as a universal statement. My store gets nothing but praise from our customers, and many come in to just talk on their lunch breaks because we are so friendly. Also, at Best Buy you will pay slightly more considering the ridiculous deals we often give on tv's, cameras, computers (whenever they are on sale they are BELOW our store cost and we lose money) as well as how much money Best Buy uses to train their reps on product knowledge. So... chill out, and if you feel like being rude to a sales associate, just leave, Best Buy will be fine without your business and you can go make someone elses work day miserable instead of mine.

As a best buy employee reading some of these comments that some of the customers have made... I wonder did you guys even look at the bottom of your receipts to fill out the survey.. because believe it or not the stores ACTUALLY look at those.. and yes we actually take them to heart. And the next time you yell at another Best Buy Employee REMEMBER we are NOT on commission we are getting paid by the hour to lay our knowledge about products that you DONT know about, and we are trying to do our best to give you the best service.. but when you yell and get irate at the employees and claim that we are being horrible to you remember that MOST of us are college students trying to pay the rent etc.. we are trying to make ends meet. So when you drive home in your Audi feeling fully satisfied that you made a fool out of yourself for yelling at an Employee for something that was the manufactures falt NOT best buy's think would you want someone yelling at you for something that it out of your control. And for the love of pete DONT... I repeat DONT say "I will never shop at Best Buy again.. Instead I will go to Circuit City" thats cool good for you... Go there.. WE ARE NOT ON COMMISSION.. It doesnt matter where you shop


Realize that we are employees of a retail reseller of your products... NOT THE MANUFACTURER.. of your products.. So the next time that you have a complaint about how bad the products are at a certain store think I should be mad at sony for making a crappy camera not Best Buy.. or Walmart or Circuit City..

I work at customer service and I am proud to say that I solve customers issues but when Customers yell at me for telling them that they are 6 months outside the return policy how would you like me to act? I have had people cuss at me for doing my job.. Seriously would you want someone to come to your job and yell at you!?

Think about that..

And on a final end note..

I dont want to hear how much money you lay down at best buy each year.. you honestly think thats going to bend the rules for you?? Guess what it doesnt.. it really doesnt. So spend your money where you want to, please let us do our jobs, and if you really want to complain dont do it in the stores because EVERYONE can see you.. and if you do complain in the stores dont make it so that every customer who is currently enjoying there experience can hear you.. just not cool.. its like a screaming kid at a movie..

I have worked at best buy for over a month and I am already thinking about quitting. I really don't want to quit and i think I could move up in the company, but I have this supervisor that is annoying the heck out of me and some of the people are just too cocky. Don't get me wrong there are some real great people there. Like I said I would like to stay there but my supervisor does not train me on anything. 1 month in I finally found out what CARE+ was! She sent out an e-mail about getting qualified about CARE+ and I had to ask another supervisor what it was. I hardly know anything about the paper work and I am always asking for someone to help me but to no avail. There is so much negativity... The funny thing was that I confided in someone about looking for another job because that sales operator can really bring a person down. Anyways when I walked out of the sales operator bridge (my job) he totally squealed on me. Funny thing was when I got back he was giving her a back rub and flirting with her. I have been thinking about going to HR because of the public display of affection and how she writes up other employees in from of employees and customers like she did today. Plus I have to constantly stay in that small area and I feel like I am that guy in the tower that nobody knows about as if I am a freak in a way and I want to get out and help people out instead of people yelling at me that Best Buys customer service sucks. I don't know... it would be nice to grow in a company but I really don't like to be treated like crap either. Can anyone that is a Best Buy employee give me some advice? I feel really bad about myself because I don't want to quit a job after having it for a month but in turn I hate being treated like crap. I also hate it when my supervisors excuse is "thats retail for ya" To me it shows she does not care about her people. I was looking for a job when I found this one too... Any unbiased suggestions?

This is for T...... Somebody Help Me Out There... I know what you are going through, I have dealt with it many times. I have been a best buy employee for about 5 years now, and it is tough. One of the biggest things I would say is never tell anyone about things like that because it always gets out. Im sorry to here that your not enjoying your job, Ive been to that point were I hate my job, but I think best buy is a really good place to work. As far as yoru situation goes, your supervisor and or co workers should be training you and helping you out. Your supervisors job is to train you, there are other resources you can use, theres something called Learning Center on Employee Toolkit, that kinda helps. but your sup should be doing most of the training. Now I have had supervisors like this and the best thing to really do is talk to a manager and let them know what is going on. Everything may not get taken care of in one day, but when things like this do happen notify a manager, especially the GM or Sales Manager and let them know how you feel, and how you are thinking of quitting because of the situation. Your sup may not like what the managers tell her once you let them know, but her job is to make sure your able to do yours, and you cant do that if you sup isn't giving you the support.

I have always thought BB would be a great place to work and I live here in Minnesota and would like to go to corporate after I finish my degree, but I just feel people are totally snowballed by her. Most of the employees I talk to really hate her and so do the other supervisors. Its so weird and it really is frustrating. I have told her that I do not like being an SO, but she said I had a negative attitude and that I am staying there. I was a supervisor at my old job and she really is bad, but all the managers love her. I don't like the whole public display of affection that she does with another co-worker. I mean its so bad with her that I just get a headache right when I get into the parking lot. She has already discussed with me about a negative attitude with the GM so now I feel that the GM will not take me seriously. See this is the type of person that pulls everyone down to make her look good. Heck she wrote up three people (in front of others) when she talked to me the same day as if she was on a rampage or going blue shirt bowling. Thank you for the advice, but I think since she already ruined me at the job, I feel I might as well look somewhere else it seems.

I work as a customer service rep at BBY, and I have to say, some of you people are complete morons.
You don't like us to be pushy, or ask if you want help? Do you know how many people get mad because they weren't greeted withing .0001 seconds of them walking into the store? We can't read minds, we don't know if you'll want help or not. That's why we have to take the same approach to every customer and Introduce ourselves, and ask if you're finding everything ok.

Don't like our service plans? Don't get them. We're required to offer them, just take that extra 2 seconds to listen and politely decline it. You're aren't forced, even though some of you like to think you are. Do you know how many people get pissed because they WEREN'T offered the service option? Again, we can't please everyone. We don't read minds. We don't know if you'll want it or not.

Don't like when the phones don't get answered? Our store has a phone operator, and calls that don't go through to her, come to me. Do you know how hard it is to have the phone ringing off the hook (literally) while you have a line of 20 angry people? Sorry if we can't get to your call the second you dial the phone. If you're really needing to talk to someone, come into the store.

We try are best (at least in my store) to do whatever we can to make a customer happy. I'll return things under the manufacturer warranty, or even speak to a supervisor or manager to see if there is anything we can do to make the customer happy. But when you bring in your scratched video game that you bought 9 months ago, and expect to get cash back for it, I'm sorry, but it just can't happen.
Oh. You dropped your iPod and the screen broke? Sorry, but that's really not my fault either, and there's nothing I can do for you.

When you come in with a bad attitude and are rude, I'm sorry, but we usually aren't going to be willing to bend over backwards to help you, when you don't even give us the slightest bit of respect.

I think I read a post where someone said they had never experienced bad customer service in retail, and I have to say, the same is true for me, and I understand why after working in BBY customer service. I actually take the time to think about what I'm purchasing, and take the time to look into the policies before assuming they will return my 3 year old broken dvd player. I tend to be friendly, and understanding, and I usually have good experiences.
When customers are nice, and not complete idiots, I tend to want to do a little more for them than I would want to do for a customer who is threatening me.

I could go on for days, but I know it wouldn't make a difference to those of you who just want to bitch.
I have to say, if you wanna go somewhere else, fine. Save me the headache.

"I've spent $1000 in the last 5 years in Best Buy! You're losing a GOOD CUSTOMER!"
"that guy over there just spent $5000 in one transaction. I'd hate to lose HIM as a customer."

yeah. I get that a lot. I dont fucking care how much you spend in the store. If you're outside of return policy/dont have a receipt/or YOU broke your item, I'm not fucking helping you. end of story.

As an experienced field network technician, engineer/designer and security specialist I must say this: Geek Squad is a fucking joke. I have had a few encounters with some of these jackasses and they have done nothing but get in my way. As a matter of fact I have been called to clean up the mess they have made out of some of my clients computers and networks. I deal strictly with business environments and I shudder to think about what these people are doing in there customer's homes. I can personally attest to the catastrophic failure of there 'security services' as well. I won't point out on a public forum where the holes are as to protect those who have paid for this 'service' from people who are looking for vulnerabilities. They say they work on Macintosh but somehow they don't seem to know a thing about them. The speak of performance tuning which I can understand on a MS Windows PC but on a Macintosh there is no need for it because it works properly out of the box. These guys won't even touch a UNIX/Linux or Novell computer. They claim full computer service but they don't cover anything that isn't Windows or Mac. Ask yourself this before calling you local Best Buy looking for computer service: "Do I want someone working on my computer system that would willingly work under the management of a company called Geek Squad?" Any self respecting educated IT professional would never work for someone that would call them a geek as part of there job.

It seems that most of these problems happen when as a business they are trying to save money by laying off those people and yes its sad but this is what happens when they need to cut corners, but its a business and in order to keep your business in the green you need to vcut corners from time to time

I work as a sales associate for Best Buy in Chesterfield, Missouri, and it amazes me at how inhumanly people treat myself and my coworkers. They see our blue shirts and immediately assume that we're out to screw them over, they see us like sharks, not people trying to help them out. I have never argued, lied, cheated, or belittled a customer- because I wouldn't want them to do it to me if our situations were reversed. However, customers do this to me every day, and I've seen my coworkers break out into tears over some of the horrible things that customers have said to them. We don't have a "we don't make the rules or set the prices mentality", our products are worth the money that you spend for them, and hopefully our expertise is worth your time and money as well, I encourage price shopping (I even help customers do it!), but always recommend purchasing at Best Buy- because we'll do our best to see that you get good service (try getting that at WalMart or Sams).

I get paid a laughable wage for helping so many people out on the sales floor, but to be honest, my favorite part of the job is dealing with angry customers. If I can help them out, I'm all for it, but nearly every interaction I've had with a disgrunted customer has been so clearly a case superiority complex. Everyone thinks they're better than me and my coworkers because they have the money in our business relationship. I work my ass off to see to it that your shopping experience is as good as it can be, throwing a hissy-fit because we don't have something in stock doesn't make the item appear, and no I won't sell you a more expensive product for the same price- it is worth what we are charging for it. Some people don't believe me when I say the high-end Sony notebook is the best one on the floor because their cousin's friend said they suck, and I'm sorry- my opinion isn't the word of god, nor do I know everything, but it is my job to know electronics. If you don't trust me, then don't buy it, but don't claim that I "don't know anything about computers" because of what someone else told you as mistated opinion. And we don't sell everything in the world, if circuit city down the road has it then thank god we're not the only retailer in the state, go to them, I'll call my friends that work over there and tell them that you're on your way. I really love hearing complaints about my knowledge and the knowledge of my co-workers, normally from particularly product-ignorant customers. Hell, I even love hearing complaints about our competitors, like Circuit City, because I know everything the customer is telling me is exaggerated and that they didn't really give the salesmen over there a fair chance.

I don't try to sell things, most of my co-workers don't either, we try to help you find what you're looking for, what will help you the most in your task, and ultimately what will get you the best deal. Think we've made it our life mission to fuck you over? Then post about it on the internet, maybe one of us "blue-shirt mutants" will read it.

Maybe someday the customer's that have complained on here and in my store will realize how stupid it is to generalize a company and more importantly the PEOPLE that work for it based on one foul experience that you were extremely biased in (and don't lie to yourself, you are mostly definately biased, you had money riding on it, we didn't).

lame Ryan... get a life Ryan...!! Go Best buy!! woo! hoo!! Ryan is an "IT Specialist" hahaha.. shhaammme Ryan... Shaaaame...!! ;)

Ryan Ryan.... If your such a IT specialist and if you don't care about best buy then I ask you why your on this wall? Ryan I dont care if you invented computers all I know is that Geek Squad makes more money then you ever will.... and another thing you say we dont do novell... we do.. if you weren't such a dumbass you would know that we have something called Special Agents that specialize in all that dumbass

I'm just glad that not every customer thinks the way the people on this website think, and they they don't all act the way you all act.
I get so many customers everyday that love best buy, and that tell me our returns/exchanges are so easy and quick.
When you're not an idiot, yeah, it's easy.

But then you get some customers, like I had today, that bring something in that they've stepped on (yes, he TOLD ME he stepped on it and broke it) and they want to return a product. Do you honestly think that a company wants to take the hit for a product you've ADMITTED to breaking?


I hope you all have to deal with something like this in your life, just to see that you're the idiots. Then again, you probably wouldn't realize that you do the same damn shit.

I agree with most of the people who have been dissatisfied with the lack of good customer service at Best Buy. I purchased a Toshiba HD/DVD player in December and unlike their competitor, Circuit City, they are not extending their return policy or making any adjustments to the price. I paid over $200 three months ago and they put the same product on clearance for $49.99. I spoke with the supervisor at the Best Buy customer relations department and he said that they are doing nothing about it at this time.
I will never buy another product from that store again.

It is now WORST BUY!!! I purchased a 65" Mitsu tv with extended service plan and the thing has went out 4 times in 15 months. Yes, it is the tv's problem not WORST BUY's, but when I make an appointment to get service and they show up while I'm working with no call to the number that I specified. The tech said that he left a voice mail on both numbers, I pressed the issue and he than said he didn't get the number till late in the day. I got a reschedule for a Saturday and now I get a rather chipper message telling me they can't make it but an outside service company will be there on Tuesday. Well I work during the day! I also have an important Drs. appointment then, maybe I should blow the Doctor off the way WORST BUY blows me off? The "service supervisor" is of no help. I told them that I will take the tv back to the store and warn people in the lot not to shop there. That's a little extream, maybe I will stop paying on it and sue for breach of service contract.I think this is all to avoid the lemon clause in the extended warranty contract that I bought.

Hey.. George.. Learn how to spell "extreme".. moron customer!!! shaaaameee George...!! Shaaaammmmee.....!!!

Today I spent a hour looking over Best Buy Plans Because I was thinking about Buying a Laptop in Cash because the sale price was dang good. I have known for some time how Crappy they can be and Have had Multiple Bad Run ins with their Policies.

reading over some of their plans They offer like the one from GS is a complete waste of money.

Mainly because they push these Plans on Cheap items that should not need all that Coverage. Also the price for the Plans seem rather high for what your *possibly* getting.

They really like to push these useless plans on you. And from what I have heard a good 8/10 Times when you need the plan 1 or more of multiple things will happen.

1: Lost
2: Not Fixed
3: Not Fixed/Not replaced
4: possibly Further Damage
5: Loss of all data because a power plug was not working.

I would much rather go to a local Store and spend a few hundred more but know that a service plan will only be offered to me when its needed and know that it will be fulfilled to its fullest always without question and I will always have Kind Customer Service.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL STORES. If you don't have any. Shop online.

I say, If there is a Risk Why take it?

I'm really sick of Best Buy's service. Though I had enough experiences with their computer people in the past, I hadn't tried them since they made them the "Geek Squad". I had a problem with my computer and assumed anyone with computer training could fix it. The guy turned the computer on, saw the problem, and restarted. When the problem was still there he told me to go to the other side of the customer service desk, have them look up my receipt, and they would either send it out for 2 weeks, or if someone determined that couldn't be done, they would tell me to find another way to get it fixed. My problem is either an issue with a driver or something has come loose inside. It should take any computer-savy person 10 minutes to diagnose and another 10 to fix, tops.

Why does Best Buy bother to employ and "train" people to work on computers and install car audio equipment? Just for the money, that's why. If they can charge you to install speakers in your car or to "optimize" your computer, they will. Beyond that, they have no competency and will only want to send your product out for 2 or more weeks, whether that means you have no sound in your car or you're a college student who can't live without a computer for 2 days much less two weeks.

Hey Rick as a Best Buy employee I can assure you that we are not trained. There is no time for training because we have to deal with total jerk-offs who love to take their anger out on us. I am looking for a new job where I at least get respect from supervisors and who will train me better. That is retail and I will never want to go back.


Best Buy blows!
How about getting hired, and never trained? Damn I'll bet that sounds super familiar to anyone who has ever worked at bb, or atleast the lake charles store!!! I love being held accountable for shit I've never learned!! Love it!
Now if we can just add an extra shitload of responsibility without any extra pay that'd just be great!
and lets make sure that we screw you out of any justified promotion in the store and give it to our worthless friends...fantastic!
Oh..whats that..customer service??? well frankly we just need to meet these numbers, sooo where does that come in?
How many 'free' magazines have you sold today? How many warranties did you sell?? Yea so we don't make comission, we just get hounded based on whether we completely screw the customer or not!!!! And my plus sheets!! To all you innocent customers out somewhere else!!!!

Wow, I have to say most of you guys are complete assholes here. I can understand that some of the prices are a little higher than other places. But I have been working at Best Buy for around 6 months now and it is the greatest experience I have ever had in retail. I worked a year and half in another retail job also. I work in the computers department and I see geek squad work every day on your computers and they truely are much more hard working than it seems. I give them a ton of credit for the amount of stress they are put under by you bitchy ignorant customers. We pride ourselves on the customer service we give you everyday. I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that I have made a couple the happiest they have ever been buying a brand new laptop and having it all setup for them. They have a huge smile on there face and they come back because of the service they get there. If you do not believe me then come into Best Buy dublin and watch me work for a day. Watch me work and see the bullshit that I have to put up with every single day. The stupid ignorant customers telling me how much they hate Vista and when I ask why? They say....well thats what I have heard. And they have never even used it before. I think you guys need to see it from a point of view that everyone in this world has a job. Guess what? If you cant get your lazy ass out of bed and make your way down to the store to see if we have something and you get angry because we cant answer the phone because we have customers that actually make there way to the store than go F*** yourselves.

They need customer service training. Sales clerk don't even smile. They try to sell you extended warranties and if you say no thanks, they would try to get rid of you like a leper and "next customer in line" before you can even get your sales receipt!!! really Bad!! Specially the one in Torrance!!

cant we all just get a bong?

I worked at Best Buy for about six months during the christmas season. Fuck all the bullshit about the customer always being right. Most of the customers I had to deal with were either rude or trying to get discounts and other shit for free. These customers just think their entitled to free shit and think that they can come in and start bossing me around. Best Buy definately sucks a lot of dick though and they have some deceptive practices.I do agree that they owe the customer something if they can't fix their product in a timely manner, but most of the customers were just straight up cock suckers. The management was just as bad. I'm so happy I quit and they were very pissed when I did so.

I happened on this site by accident after spending several hours trying to contact my local BB store where I bought an LG super capacity dryer in August 2006. Last year the computer board went out and they came out several days later to replace it. I noticed the last few days that whenever I went to check the dryer it always had 6 minutes left on the display. I didn't think much about it (my timing must have been good) until I started a load of clothes and about an hour and half later took a break from work (I work at home) and decided to get the laundry out of the dryer. Imagine my surprise when it WAS STILL GOING!!!!! My clothes were literally steaming! So I started drying them using the timer instead of the automatic setting to see if that worked. It did. However, later today I noticed that when I went to start the dryer all the lights started flashing (so pretty) and it wouldn't start. So I unplugged it and then plugged it back in and it worked again. Decided it was time to call my BB warranty and I couldn't remember the number so I tried to call the local store. First pressed 3 and waited, and waited, and waited. Called back and repeated and waited, and waited. Called back and pressed 4 (Geek squad) hoping maybe they would answer and could help me with the number. (The receipt faded so the number is illegible.) No answer again. Tried calling again and this time it never even got answered period. So I called a different store and was answered promptly and the young man was very courteous and helpful in providing me with the correct number for warranty help. (Thanks Tyree.) Called that number and explained that my dryer was cooking my clothes and was a potential fire hazard and I needed to have the computer board replaced AGAIN. Young lady was pleasant and gave me a date of APRIL 18. Folks, today is MARCH 18! I said that was a long time, too long, and she offered to have the appt desk speak with me. She couldn't get through to them (imagine!) So she connected me to corporate and I spoke with Royal who was unable to help me beyond that and no, he couldn't have corporate contact me regarding my concern that my house might burn down because of a defective dryer and that my son, who is disabled, and I might perish. So while waiting for him to call his supervisor (who evidently left the country) I contacted LG and they came on almost immediately and were very helpful. While speaking with LG, the BB guy came back and was still not able to help me but I thanked him and said that I was speaking with LG and hopefully they would be able to. Spoke with LG and explained problem. They had no idea of past computer board problems - seems BB was not passing on this info to them. She was going to contact LG corporate to have them look into this problem. She gave me several contact numbers, etc. I contacted BB again and explained what LG had said and also explained in no uncertain terms that if my dryer caught fire and my house or my son were injured, I would not need a new dryer from BB BECAUSE I WOULD OWN THEM!!!!! I also explained that I was contacting my local TV station to let them know - they have this really cool program where they help you with problems and PUT IT ON TV FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!!!!! The lady I was speaking with was very nice and offered to let me speak to her supervisor Paul. Amazingly after repeating this story AGAIN Paul was able to have someone scheduled to come out on March 22. At no time did I feel the need to curse (as most folks here do) and I didn't need to raise my voice or be rude or mean. I explained my problem and my concern and the action I would take to have it corrected. I ALSO CONTACTED THE MANUFACTURER OF THE PRODUCT I PURCHASED and I recommend this step to anyone who has had a problem with BB. As I mentioned, LG had no idea there had been a previous problem with my dryer and were rather upset that BB had not notified them.

Moral of the story - Honey does better than vinegar yes, but that doesn't mean you can't get your point across. BB is not the end of the line when you have a problem. Contact the Better Business Bureau, Consumer protection agency for your state, and your local representative (word gets passed around localities and if there are complaints they will NOT ISSUE PERMITS to new stores), and don't forget the newspaper and local TV stations. You have the power so use it but remember, these are people just like you and jumping on them and cursing at them WILL NOT GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT. If you want them to help you, then learn their name, look them in the eye (if you are at the store), call them by their name and ask them to help you. If they can't, then make sure you have written their name down, date, time, etc., and have this ready when you need to file your complaint. But don't lose your dignity over an appliance, no matter the cost. And never forget to say Thank You. And if they help you, make sure you call about that just like you would a complaint. Accentuate the positive. And folks, if you can't get your message across without foul language, then wait until you can speak without being vulgar. You demean yourself with such actions.

So, Paul, thanks for getting my dryer taken care of sooner! And Scottie, thanks for being so understanding. And Royal, if you can't offer more help than that, make sure you can put someone on that can. You do your company a disservice and you insult yourself by thinking I am that dumb. And Jorleny at LG, thanks for your help and ideas. Unfortunately, this experience was one too many in a long line of problems with products from BB. (We won't even go into the computer hard drive disaster.) So once my warranties expire on my current products, I will not be purchasing anything else from BB. I should not have to go through hoops to get a fire hazard addressed. And LG, this is the first and sadly last product I will purchase. The dryer is a lemon. I knew I should have stuck with Whirlpool. Oh, well.

I don't know that Best Buy "sux" But they sure do have me good and pissed. I purchased a very expensive stove from them on the .com site "because I am handicapped" and have no other choice in the matter! And YES I went full throttle and bought the extended warranty protection for 5 yrs. And the OVEN IS DEFECTIVE AS CONFIRMED BY THE SERVICE TECH-that finally after months of me harping & nagging got to my home. I then HAD TO CALL BEST BUY BACK 35 DAYS LATER TO SEE WHAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.......After more complaining by me they finally BROUGHT A NEW STOVE 4 MONTHS LATER-----IT TOO WAS DEFECTIVE I REFUSED DELIVERY OF IT AND CALLED BACK FOR A PICK UP OF THE ORIGINAL STOVE AND A REFUND OF MY MONEY AS I PURCHASED A NEW STOVE FROM ANOTHER STOVE FROM A MORE REPUTABLE STORE. GUESS WHAT? NOW I CAN'T GET THEM TO MY HOUSE TO PICK UP THE STOVE AND ISSUE A CREDIT! CALLS JUMP FROM JOHN TO JANE AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN & I KEEP NOTES WITH DATES, TIMES & NAMES & NUMBERS.
I have done my homework on Best Buy and its employees as well as members of the board, my complaints have now been forwarded to the BBB and I am SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING A COURT APPEARANCE, AS EVERYTHING IS NOW IN THE HANDS OF MY ATTORNEY. Big business needs to be brought to its knees and its about time they REMEMBER the reason they have a job such as they do is because little pions like us "DECIDE TO SHOP AT THESE STORES".

Best Buy's call center is operated in Canada, India, and their e-mail support is from the Philippines.

God, and Best Buy, please forgive me for being such a negative employee when all I and we do is give the customer a great experience. I was only angry because I want a promotion and nobody ever seems interested in my advancement. I am just saying that managers should start promoting those who take care of business not just the most favorite employees.

I recently just became an employee of best buy and wow... god dammit it really f*king sucks working here. Theres this dumb ass brown guy who is a senior and always bosses around me and telling me what to do and thinks i can do eveyrthing when i just worked for 5 days and i didnt get sort of useful training. the only training i got was some stupid ass video of the history of best buy and a tour around the store whoopieee what a joke. also the yellow shirt douches at the front always checks ur body like ur a theif... buddy im a f*king employee not a fuking customer.. if u think im gonna steal why dont they just check the customer pockets and purses as well. then again i gotta deal with this shit for another 2 months cuz im to lazy to get another job.

It sounds like the guy who wrote the message above me just does not want to work to gain the experience he needs to get out of Best Buy since it must be so difficult for him to simply follow instructions until he can give them. I've worked there for four years selling technology in the home theater electronics department while I obtained two degrees. You dumbass, get your head straight.

Best Buys customer service is a joke. There service is even worse. Do not buy a computer from this store.

I work at Best Buy. I'm thinking about getting a new job though. There is the same amount of pressure as a commissioned sales person their. Anyways sometimes I feel you guys are right though. Best Buy does offer weird plans that sometimes don't do what they offer, or take to long. But guess what? Sometimes they are really great.

Regardless its my job to sell you that shit even if I don't believe in it. And I am a very good sales person.

I work at Best Buy and I agree with some and disagree with some. I would never buy anything from bestbuy if it wasn't for my employee discount, simply because I am a smart shopper, and I know that I can get everything cheaper online. For those of you that complain about us jumping on you before you can even's out job. We risk getting written up unless we do exactly what we are told and unfortunately, we are told to basically bombard you with help.

As for the bad customer service thing, I know that I provide every customer I talk to with GREAT customer service. As for our service plans? I know those are shit, and I personally try not to offer them as much as I should, just because I know they're shit. I'm leaving bestbuy soon and that will probably be the last I ever see of them. Like I said, I will never shop there unless I have my employee discount.

I don't hate the company. I actually like working there, I just disagree with how things are ran and how some people get nearly lied to about our warranty plans.

I think if Best Buy treated its employees a little better by providing recognition they would be happier. The customers that come into the store who whine and cry are a bunch of little bitches. Wah wah wah wah wah. If you don't like Best Buy go somewhere else. It is your choice as a consumer. Stop your bitchin and quit behaving like babies to the employees. I swear so many people spill their diapers on the employees. I would love to see one of these Eden Prairie or Edina in Minnesota work as one of us blue shirts for a day. Damn soccer moms that used to be strippers for their sugar daddy bitches here.

There is no customer service at Best Buy, that's not what this business is about.
It's just a huge warehouse disguised as an electronics store and the employees are just warehouse workers more or less.

If anyone remembers The Federated group, CompUsa, Montgomery Ward, Thrifty's, just before they closed their doors they have pretty much all their customers pissed off at them.

The only thing that made BB last this long was the low prices, but that is not enough motivation anyway, the consequences of bad customer service will eventually catch up with them.

So, if you want customer service and to be treated as a customer go elsewhere.

I had a real bad BB customer service experience about 3 months ago.
I was at the store in Hollywood looking at the printers and one of the employees who was stocking boxes on a shelf gets up, knocks me over, made me lose my balance and almost fell on my face if it wasn't for a gentleman near by to catch me and help me regain my posture.

Then the employee just walked away like nothing happened.
That was the last time I ever went to a BB.

well i am a sales operator at a best buy and i will tell you this. a sales associate can not answer the phones while they are on the floor taking care of a customer.... that is why there are sales operators WHO ARE TRAINED IN EVER DEPARTMENT, so that we can take care of everything on the phone. how would you like it if you came into the store and were in the middle of make a purchase and the sales associate who was taking care of you just stopped in the middle of your sale to take care of some one on the phone? im pretty sure if that was me i would walk out and go some where else. NOW THAT WOULD BE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. so chances are, if you call up to best buy and ask to talk to an associate on the floor a few things will happen

1. if it is really slow in the store it is possible that some one the floor may take a call if the sales operator is not able to answer a question, AS LONG AT THE SALES ASSOCIATE IS NOT WITH A CUSTOMER.

2. you will be told by the sales operator that they can take care of you AND THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU! THATS THE WHOLE REASON WE ARE THERE. WE GO THROUGH A LOT OF TRAINING FOR THAT POSSITION!

3. you dont get what you want so u want to talk to a manager, well guess what, the manager will tell you the same thing. usually there is no more than three associates on the floor and thats on a REALLY busy night, most of the time its one or two and there is no way they can answer, SO HEY MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD GIVE US SALES OPERATORS A CHANCE.


Guess what guys! Best Buy is based on Customer Centricity, that means we focus on customer service and i know that my store does that for sure. and if u are nasty to customer service/ sales ops they wont give you what you want. DUH

You can't just claim good customer service when you have all these pissed off customers complaining about BB's crap.

If you search the web you'll find more complaints about BB than any other company in the world.
Maybe YOU provide good CS but you're probably a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of your peers.

The consumer is the one paying your salary, just realize that you work for an over the hill company.

Why do people bitch? Probably to get something for free. Associates at my store average $9.00 per hour. There is no incentive for them to sell any product. They are simply trying to help the customers, and either recommend a solution or answer questions about a product. They are expected to be knowledgeable about our products. So I challenge all of you cheap bastards who just want to bitch about everything. Tell me the differences between digital cameras, the video processor in HDTV's, what DDR2 memory is, the difference between 30 mp3 players is, the difference of every car stereo, and every major appliance. 99% of you can't. So quit crying like a bitch. Get your ass of the couch and come into the store. I GUARANTEE thet Costco (who is not authorized by the manufacterers to carry the best model TV's or any electronics for that matter) or any of our competitors can compare to us. We are the largest consumer electronics company in the world for a reason. Just check our stocks. And most of all...we have faith that you can read our return policy. If you don't see the value in our service plan, then deal with the consequences.

Knowledge of electronics doesn't equal good CS, and If you make $9/hr I seriously doubt you have any clue what CS is about.
The reason your pay is so low is because BB figured they need to compensate for all the stuff you are going to steal from them before you quit or get fired.

Also, if you do your research you will find that Best Buy Buy ranks #2 after AOL on the top ten worst companies for customer service.

You won't find Circuit city, Office Dpeot, or Staples in there I guarantee it.

Again, we are the largest consumer electronics company in the world. Circuit City is sitting at a whooping $4.00 per Office Depot and Staples are not in our league. To call our employees thieves is just stupid. But you probably speak for yourself as a thief. Our pay is low so bastards like you don't bitch about prices. It seems that you need to go buy a Polaroid TV because you can't afford a decent product. Get a second job!!!

And by the way, I am certified by the Consumer Electronics Association. What are you certified in? If you don't like Best Buy, then don't shop there. We will survive without your $15 per year business...

I do agree best buy sucks anyone who deals with them is a fool

This is my account of the events that transpired on September 2nd, 2007.

I was in the market for a new television for my home so I decided to look on and do some research on televisions. After selecting a set I called their 1 800 number to obtain the sale price and pick up the set in the Rockville Best Buy store the following day, 9/2/07. The operator informed me that there would be a new Labor Day sale starting the following day and there was a chance the set I had reserved could be marked even lower in price. She assured me that if that were the case that the customer service representative at the Rockville store would have no problem charging me the new lower sale price.

When I got to the store on 9/2/07 at approx 10:00 am I found out that the set I had placed a deposit on had in fact been marked off an additional $100 for their Labor Day sale. I brought this to Best Buys attention and they said that would be no problem and they would cancel the online transaction and charge me the new amount for an in store transaction. I had also received a coupon that entitled me to an additional 12% off any electronic purchase. This brought the total for this purchase to $1570.79 including tax.

When the television was brought from the stock area by one of Best Buys representatives the box appeared to be in good condition and showed no visible signs of damage or mishandling. The representative the assisted me in loading the box in the back of my minivan and I headed home. The Best Buy store is 4.1 miles and according to a 10 minute drive away from my home as seen on the attached form.

When I arrived home my wife helped me to unload the box and carry the television into our family room where we preceded to open the box and set up the television. Upon opening the what appeared to be a factory sealed box we noticed that one of the hard foam pieces that is used to lock the set in the center of the box had been shifted in what I can only assume in shipping or in packaging at the Samsung plant and been lodged between the inside of the box and against the delicate lcd screen. At the time I didn't think much of it and set the television on its stand and plugged it in. When the screen warmed up my wife said "you gotta be kidding me", I then replied "what?". Upon further investigation I could see that the glass panel behind the screen had been cracked in shipping and the picture was un-viewable. We immediately repackaged the television and headed back to the Best Buy store where we had picked up the television no more than 30 minutes prior.

When I returned to the store I approached the customer service desk and spoke to a female and began to tell her of my recent dilemma. She then went and approached a member of their technical team "The Geek Squad" and told him what was going on. He came and drug the box back to the back area where I could see him begin to unpack the television and plug it in to inspect the damage. After I assume he had witnessed the damage he called for a shift supervisor to discuss the case in private. After a short conversation with his staff he came out to the desk and told me that there was nothing he could do to help me and he would not accept the set back because he was not sure if we had tried to wall mount it and dropped it in the process. I then told him to look at the receipt that I had only purchased the set less than 30 minutes ago and there is no way I could have driven there and back and removed the bottom bracket and installed a wall mount bracket in that time period. He then replied again that he was sorry he would not take the television back but he would be happy to give me Samsungs information and I could take the matter up with them if I cared to, but it was a Sunday and no one could be reached there until Tuesday at best.

At this point I called the 800 number on the back of my credit card and tried to speak with a customer care rep and dispute this claim. Being that it was a holiday weekend I was informed by a Bank of America member that I would need to call back on Tuesday, September 4th when that department would be back from holiday. I spoke briefly to the gentleman from Bank of America he advised me that I should have no problem disputing this claim once the dispute department was reopened. As I was probably now quite visibly upset from the lack of customer service on the part of Best Buy I witnessed the store manager and another associate looking in my direction, snickering and whispering obliviously taking great delight in my aggravated state.

Frustrated and now televisionless I decided to take my broken television and reload it back into my van which I might add no one from the store even offered to help me. And I was forced to drag the box out through the lobby without the aid of a hand truck or an associate. I decided to drive across the street and visit Circuit City and view their televisions and see what they had in stock then. Once entering the store I spoke to a gentleman who I later found out was an independent vendor/ rep that worked for another major television manufacturer. I began to tell him about my story with Best Buy and he then informed me that he also works in that store from time to time and the Rockville Best Buy is notorious for lousy customer service and that he had heard similar complaints from other customers about poor service. Shortly after the rep introduced me to the manager of the television department and I proceeded to explain my story yet again to him. The manager the explained to me that the television I had just purchased from Best Buy was manufactured specifically for Best Buy by Samsung as did Samsung make certain models for Circuit City. He would not be able to show me that exact model but for the most part the Samsung television they sold was identical in features only a few cosmetic differences applied at the factory so that the consumer would not be able to price match.

After viewing the comparable television he then not only matched Best Buys sale price on the television he honored a coupon that I had from Best Buy taking approximately an additional $200 off the already low sale price. When the associate rang me up there was a bit of difficulty processing the transaction because I assume Bank of America had put a temporary hold on my card with all the recent activity to make sure all the purchases were legitimate. After the sale clerk called for an approval code she warned me when I got home to check and make sure that I wasn't double charged for that last transaction because of the trouble processing it the first time. When I arrived home later that evening I noticed the following pending charges:

1. Bestbuycom $1889.99 (the hold for the online purchase that should be removed due to their "Low price guarantee")
2. Best Buy MHT $1570.79 (the charge for the TV)
3. Best Buy MHT $62.99 (the charge for the TV cables)
4. Macys $1522.49 (we were later told these were charges from a Macys store in Massachusetts and due to the fact it looked fraudulent our cards were immediately cancelled and reissued with a new number)
5. Macys $1522.49 (duplicate of the above)
6. Circuit City SS $1522.49 (the charge for the TV)

The Best Buy online charge ("1") ended up processing even after we had been told both verbally and via email that if a cheaper price was available in store the online charge would NOT be processed. We have since called Best Buy and the $1899.99 charge has been reversed. The 2 pending charges ("4 & 5") for $1522.49 that appeared on my statement from a Macy's store never ended up being processed.

I have since contacted Samsung and they have informed me that they will repair the television to manufactures specification through one of their local licensed repair shops. After receiving a phone number from Samsung to their local repair shop, I called and spoke to a person there that told me that from my description of the problem I had a cracked screen and she would have to order one and have it shipped to my home. I then asked how long this would take and she advised me that is would probably arrive no sooner than 3 to 4 weeks and when it arrived here to call her and she would schedule a in home service appointment. Although I am glad to see that Samsung cares enough to stand behind their product to repair it free of charge I am disgusted with the apparent lack of concern for my problem by Best Buy at the store and corporate level. I have spent several thousands of dollars in that store (3 large screen TV's plus numerous electronics and other merchandise) in the last few years and for them to treat a "valued" customer in this way is beyond belief.

When I was dissatisfied with the service I received at Best Buy I called the corporate phone number and asked to speak to the District Manager for this area. I was told that they are not at liberty to give out his or her name or contact information. I then asked if I had an unsatisfactory experience in one of their stores who could I contact and the operator then procceded to transfer me to some complaints department where the new operator asked for my phone number and reviewed my file and basically stated the same information that the store manager in Rockville said. I asked if the TV were fixed by Samsung would they then take the TV back and their reply was "no". At this point I have a TV that doesn't work from a company I will never again do business with and I would love to be able to return it to the store and get a complete refund.

Update..... Samsung has now said that they will not repair the television and to take it up with Best Buy.


Since this letter I have purchased 2 LCD TVS from Circut City and look for every oppurtunity to tell everyone about how much BEST BUY SUCKS!!!

For all you who bitch about best's a good one...Best Buy is rolling out a Silver Reward Zone Membership, only eligible for the elite customers. AKA any customer who spends 2500 or more in a year. 45 day return restocking fees...So don't say best buy doesn't try to help out/keep their customers happy.

hey steve... i get insane discounts on t'vs =P
yay for me!!!

Well Steve, i am sorry that you did not see the value in our PROFESSIONAL in home services for your TV. Since it sounds like you dropped it, then it is your problem...not ours. Looks like you should have spent the couple of hundred dollars to have a PROFESSIONAL mount it for you. Don't blame us for your mistakes and being cheap

BB employee, I've been in retail about 10 years and all of the retail employees steal one way or another, the reason your wages are so ridiculous with BB is because somehow BB has to compensate for all the stuff their employees steal while employed there.

So don't come across as Hollier than thou, YOU as well as every other BB or retail employee is a thief.
The same goes for your guys at the door, managers and security, they are all thieves and crooks.

And BTW, you cannot say you provide PROFESSIONAL cust serv. when you make $9/hr, that doesn't make sense.
Your CS is the same as Kmart which is ZERO, just realize it and live with it.
You work for a cold company who doesn't give a rats ass about you or the consumer.

$9/hr?? I make $16 and don't do shit... its great for a college student.. they take care of me.. not to mention my discounts! woo hoo!! SHAME SAMANTHA!! NO FACT SAMANTHA IS WHAT THEY CALL YOU!

not to mention my discounted stock Purchase, 401k, tuition asst.... ;)

Purchased an XBOX 360 elite in December of '07 with the 2 year extended replacement plan. Last week it started to intermittently not recognize discs. Just lists them as unreadable (both of my sons have their own 360's and the discs work fine). Took the machine to BB the clerk wanted to verify problem. OK. First time worked (I said problem was intermittent). Second time FAILED. Not good enough for BB, they won't replace machine because problem cannot be duplicated EVERY TIME. Nice, fortunately I can afford a another box and this one will collect dust. Just won't purchase from BB again.

I have a Elite 360 for sale......

You mean there are stupid people out there who are willing to pay you $16/hr just to do nothing?

Rethink your answers kid, quit your meds, move out of your mommy's house and go get a real job.

Publicly admitting how worthless you really are for $16/hr is a bad idea.

Here's one that beats most of your stories, hands down:

Having just bought a new house, I bought a flat-screen TV at Best Buy as a house warming present to myself. In the mood to splurge, I agreed to have the TV professionally installed; this installation was sold to me on the basis of the Bose sound-system (previously bought at Best Buy) being installed with the wires snaked through the walls; for this service, I paid $200 plus $80 for delivery. When the installer showed up, it turns out that he could perform none of the services for which I had contracted ... he was ready to run surface wires all over my new family room. Rather than paying for this superficial level of service, I asked my wife to send the installer home without doing anything; he acknowledged this request and instructed me to go back to the store for a refund.

When I went to the Best Buy, I was told that they would give me back the $200 for installation, but that they were going to jack up the cost of the TV by $150, claiming that I'd received a package when I bought the TV (which I had not been made aware of at the time of purchase), netting me a return of $50; the $80 delivery fee was never discussed. When the cashier told me all of this, I explained that this solution was unacceptable and asked to see the store manager.

The store manager--William Morales--reiterated the cashier's claim; at this point, I was upset at the prospect of having been cheated out of $230 but understood that I might have further recourses with Best Buy. When Mr. Morales told me that he was the one who had actually rung my purchase up, and that he explicitly remembered me--to a point of having notes on it--at the time of purchase being ambivalent on whether I wanted the wires snaked through the walls or not (this in a brand new house (one that I hadn't even moved into yet)), I became angry. When he repeated his claim a second time, I told him, to his face, that he was lying to me. Tensions escalated--and voices, his and mine, were raised; I was irate at this poor level of service and at having been lied to, and the store manager was angry over being called a liar in front of at least two of his employees.

Failing to make me back down, Mr. Morales resorted to intimidation, volunteering that he had been in prison twice and that I wouldn't last 30-seconds there (the tone of his voice and his menacing body language left the clear implication that that I wouldn't last 30-seconds with HIM). Not backing down, I told him that that must have been where he learned his customer service skills.

Mr. Morales then resorted to physical intimidation; climbing up on the back of the counter, he began screaming at me, his face no more than three-inches from mine. Uncertain whether your store security systems have audio, I have no doubt that they will show this. When I still refused to back down (claiming that I wanted him to admit that he was lying to me), he threatened me, stating specifically "I have your (Best Buy) credit card information ... I know where you live." This comment was made in front of my two young children.

I demanded to speak to Mr. Morales' supervisor--which he refused, claiming that his GM was at another location, which he refused to give me.

At this point, Mr. Morales evicted me from the store; I refused to leave, insisting that he provide me contact information for his supervisor (to which I was finally provided a name and the Hartsdale store's phone number). At this point, I suggested that he call the police, because I wasn't leaving. When I still refused to leave, he snatched the receipt--the only proof that I had of my original transaction--from me, and, holding it in front of him like a carrot, led me from the store.

As I was following him, and attempting to corral my children, I bumped into a speaker-stand display, hitting it with my elbow; this will also be shown on the store's security video. No one was more surprised than I was when it fell. I, at this point, sarcastically said "oops." I looked behind me and saw my younger son picking up the speaker, and thanked him.

Once we got outside, Mr. Morales told me that now that we were outside of Best Buy property, all bets were off, and he tried to attack me. The store's video system will show him lunge at me, and one of his employees grab him around the neck and two others push at his chest, trying to keep him from me. Video will show him trying to get away/past them and attack me no fewer than three times, all while I was trying to keep my kids out of harm's way. On the advice of another store employee, I hustled my kids to the car and left.

Minutes after I left, the police--who I had suggested be called--arrived, and your store staff made statements against me. It turns out that Mr. Morales (and two other employees), omitting the part about the physical intimidation, verbal abuse and attempted physical assault, claimed that I had intentionally--with fully extended arms--knocked over two speakers, breaking one. Breaking a $300 speaker in New York turns out to be a felony. An hour latter, I received a phone call from the police, asking me to come down to headquarters and file a statement; when I complied with this request and went to the station, I was arrested.

I am a 43-year-old former Marine, college-educated professional, a father of two and a respected member of my community, and I spent three hours chained to a bench in a cage because of Mr. Morales' abuse and his abuse of his position; I suffered a month of reduced productivity at work; I spent a month consoling a nine-year old boy who is suddenly afraid of the dark; I spent a month having to explain to my seven-year old that not all brown people' are as violent and threatening as your store manager; and I spent a month fighting with my wife, who was afraid that I'd never be able to get another job now that I had a record. All of this before the Town of Greenburgh agreed with me that these charges were unwarranted and adjourned the case, pending dismissal. I was in a position where I was forced to pay $3,000 for a lawyer, necessitated by my need to clear my reputation and $307 restitution for the damaged speaker; the ironic thing is that I'm still out the $200 refund that began this whole misadventure ... my crude math shows that I am out roughly $16,000; not bad, considering that I walked out of your store with a $2,000 flat screen TV!

If I got threatened, abused and arrested over refusing a service, can you imagine what would have happened if I'd had a real problem?

To XBOX Dad - I just wanted to let you know if you call the phone number on the back 888-bestbuy and inform them of the issues with the unit they will send you a package to send the unit to them and at which point they will send you a Gift Card for the purchase price to purchase a new unit. Hope this helps.
To No Fan Of BB. I have worked at Best Buy for over 10 years and I truly and sorry for what has happened. I want to ensure you that this is not the case at every store and I think that Best Buy needs to know they have employees working for them that express this type of customer service. I am embarrassed that there is even a employee that works at the same company that I do that would do such a thing and I am sure if he has not already been, he will be fired. 9 times out of 10 they would have had the camera on both of you and seen what had happened and if so he will be terminated.
To all of the best buy employees - you are all also a embarrassment to the company you should be ashamed that of what you are saying to customers on here. I know we deal with a lot in store if anyone knows I am there with you, however any time you speak about best buy you are representing the company you work for. I think the negative comments on here are from those employees that have no passion and will be out the door in a few months. I would never let any of my employees talk to a customer, a friend or family the way you do on here.
To all of the customers. If you truly have a real issue that you feel is unfair and you spoke with store management ( not always a department supervisor) but a store manager contact 888-Bestbuy. I know its a phone number but there is a extension for Consumer Relations, they will contact the store manager and verify why they have not resolved the issue.
Also every survey at the bottom of your receipt is read by store leadership ( Or at least in my area). If you are not happy they will contact you to see if they can help. Best Buy has a lot of focus on the customer and our pay depends on the customer loyalty at each store.
Now if you are upset because of something that was not truly best buys fault you have to understand there is only so much we can do. If we take everything back and bend all of the rules every time or even 1 customer a day at all of the stores that is up to 900 exceptions which could lead to a loss of hundreds of thousands. We are a company out to make money who isn't? We have to provide profit for our employees for labor and pay which increase our coverage to ensure the customers are assisted. We do this to keep prices aggressive to beat the market and we need to provide profit for wall street as well. Everything we do will always come back to the two most important people of the company the customer and the employee.
Well I can go on and on but you all get the point.

I purchased a digital camera for my daughter for Christmas along with an extended warranty. The camera has never worked properly. The batteries die after 2 or 3 pictures, the pixels are not working properly and there is a 3 to 4 second delay after you take the picture. Try taking pictures of a 2 and 3 year old and asking them to stand still while you count.

She tried to return it to the store and was told that she only had a 14 day window to return with the receipt. When she complained that it didn'g work properly and was basically a piece of junk she was directed to their geek squad who told her that that's just the way the camera works.

This company basically just tries to get money from you for warranties. When I purchased the camera I was told that it could be returned if she didn't like it. No one told me there was a "window" of time. This is the thrid time that something like this has happened with them and I can assure you that I will make sure that I never purchase anything from this "junk" store ever again, nor will my family and friends. I work for a family owned tree removal company and if I ever treated any of our customers this way, believe me I wouldn't be there long. What ever happened to the customer is alway right. If you purchase "junk" you should be able to return it when it doesn't work properly.

I hope someone from their company reads this site so they know just what people think about their stores.

Best Buy is not horrible, it is not great, but for somebody like me that has stayed for experience and done well in school I think it is worth it. I remained at Best Buy for four years, making 11.50/hr in Home Theater sales, and worked hard for district and management recognition. Now I am training in an Account Management position managing AT&T's business accounts and I will get that much money plus comm plus perks for increasing business in territories. I am also in seminary school to become a minister and also work at a church as a volunteer A/V Tech. I moved to a cheap area, and now I am going to buy a house at age 24. I think you people really need to change your attitude toward Best Buy and realize there are still good employees like me that actually give a fuck about customers.

week 1: Wow, that sounds great, your such a suggestive tech sales pro, I'll take that..that..that...that...that...Services...install...plans...and all that stuff. Yes, sir "we can ring you out here and schedule install." $27,000 total. Remember, we match prices within 60 days.
OK. Sign this real (yes real) install contract.
Do you understand the terms and conditions? Yes, I get it. OK then.

Week 2. You certified installation technical people are 5 minutes late. Yes, sir traffic was bad, but we are here now. So they do the install and the customer smiles. I just got off the phone with my wife, she does not want any of this stuff.
Well, sir, we performed a service you legally are bound to by signing.
What? I want a refund of all the money I paid.
INstaller says: Fuck you man, go see a manager you fucking ass.
So, he cools off and forgives the guy and goes to see the manager.

Customer: I want a gd refund because I changed my mind after they did the service, the stuff was done right, but my wife changed my mind after.
Manager: what changed the decision, elaborate?
Customer: The installer performed the service but I changed my mind.
Manager: You paid and signed off for the contract work to be done.
Customer: I want all my money back because I decided to go with the wife on this decision.

The manager was right, you requested a return of service after the fact. You get refunded if you cancel before the fact not after it.

Apparently, we need to stop hiring money freeloaders who stand around and talk to employees when they should be working.
For example, I am the best Home Theater sales man in my store, but another employee who might get 3 bucks more than me is having fun in his pro 3 magnolia title talking to his buddy up at the LP stand about where to hang out tonight. Basically, I think it is justified for me to be a little pissed off about 11 bucks an hour after four years of deligent service to Best Buy. I am a good employee, not one of those 16-24 an hour freeloaders that have so much fun at work. I NEED A MANAGER TO READ THIS AND GET ME INTO A TRAINING PROGRAM SO THAT I CAN MOVE UP. I never miss work, and I have a perfect attendance record in high school with two degrees just incase there are questions about my level of motivation.

The last four messages were mine... You employees need to stop treating our customers with that disrespect. They are people like you and me.

TO you managers and employees too!





Disrespect, pride, and integrity(I'll admit integrity exists)
LEARN FROM MAKING MISTAKES (with proper leadership that does not need to happen)
UNLEASH the power of the music systems, just dance.


We even can find U-tube videos of employees doing all types of stuff against policy.

That's the truth, I am all for customers, and I feel like employees need to start acting more appropriate.

I am different than those employees above who posted the bad stuff, I am actually exposing TRUTH BECAUSE I LOVE THE COMPANY.

I am really burning with righteous desire to move into management because I'll make employees work. I am not asking to have employees work, I'll MAKE those fools work. I am not playing around, I think I'd be great for management. I'll give you performance management Best Buy, you just wait!

Let's take a census vote: How many of you customers who are on this site about to post a comment would like to see an employee like me move into corporate management with Best Buy and make that employee respect your needs? Managers do not sell, I see too many leaders selling or ringing register. Managers support customers and the business growth understanding that pay comes from customers not corporate. I am not trying to make you like me, I am simply showing that favoritism is not a reason to hire anybody into management, hire the tuff workers who will not stand for wickedness. Just so you know, I am also studying for a street ministry license. Who wants the lord to return in great triumph? Do I have any believers?
Rise up, and take authority over what the lord has given you right to in the earth. You have the right to shine like a leader, be bold.

Okay, Best Buy. Let's see what the customers says about that.

I just moved to tulsa from maryland and turned down continuing more education because I could not even get an appartment. It took me two years of being kind to employees and customers before I got medical benefits. Those people crack me up how the talkers always get the most money. I use actions to show myself worthy. I am 24 and could not even get an appartment on 11.50 an hour at Best Buy. I have been posting on careerbuilder for a year, and yet i have still kept enough passion in what I do to somehow manage to remain with Best Buy. Doesn't that deserve any recognition? I've been taking a beating for this company! which one of you customers would rather have me as the manager who actually does work with confidence and respect? I am a man of godliness, where is my piece of the story?

My favorite quote: "since you have shown faithfulness with little, I will give you much." Where's my chance to show the company leadership skills in a leadership position?

Employees at Best Buy are doing a dis-service to the customers.
LOOK.. IF IAM WORKING ALL BY MYSELF AND DROP A TV STAND BY ACCIDENT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY A MANAGER WOULD ASK ME TO PAY FOR IT. Buy yet some slacker breaks a plasma who management does not really push hard so he gets to get off free of charge because they don't really expect perfection out of him. How come when a good employee has an accident at work he can't get some mercy but a bad employee is not big deal?

The righteous never get support from management because everybody inherrits, there is no merit. If it was a system of merit, I'd be your boss and you'd be under my command. But, no, instead let's let the good employee work for less so corporate can manage there budget and make up for all the losses the bumps on the log gave to the company. A lot of Best Buy employees make me really upset. AND TO EVEN COME UP WITH SITES LIKE THIS IS JUST ROTTEN AND EVIL.

I am just telling it how it is... I am gonna walk into my company and work for customers no matter what you think. I have not violated a law by standing up for myself with righteousness. I am gonna work for the customer because I believe in being righteous and serving others no matter what you dogs think.

Dont forget that you CAN and they WILL negotiate on the price, especialy tv's. They have to compete with other local stores period. They will take of $200 dollars off or trow in a fair quality surond soud. A 1500 dollar tv, is kinda like buying a car.
I have done this twice, just play the game, its easy.

Adam, if you hate your job so much, then why don't you quit? It is also obvious that you have never been in a real position of leadership. The attitude of "I will MAKE them do their jobs" is an attitude of someone who is inexperienced. When you are mature enough, then MAYBE you can work your way up

I bought an Alpine CDA-9884 from Best Buys the other day for around $200. When I was looking at receivers I asked the salesperson what was the better makes they had. He immediately said Alpine, and proceeded to tell me of the new feature they had called Imprint which he explained contained a parametric equalizer. He proceeded to demonstrate the feature and I was able to see him adjust multiple band-pass points in 100 Hz increments. I recall thinking that this would be a nice feature as it would allow a degree of application of Fletcher-Munson correction for lower listening levels. Well, I got it installed, came home and went to set up the equalizer. An hour or so later I was getting annoyed as I could not access the function as shown to me. Well the manual seems to indicate that in order to do any of this, you need to have an OPTIONAL box called a Alpine PXA-H100 IMPRINT Audio Processor for another $200. Well I called Best-Buys, none of the sales staff were aware of this, neither was the installer who actually owned one. Hence the title "Dumb as a Bucket of Rocks". So I spoke to one of the "Junior Mangers" (euphemisms for I cant do anything without the actual managers OK). He proceeded to apologize for "Dumb as a Bucket of Rocks" salesperson. Said I could bring the unit back, have it de-installed, but they would not refund the cost of the installation. I asked what the cost of a PXA-H100 would be, and could they give me a rock bottom price to make up for their screw up. After about ten minutes of looking in his computer he indicated that the Best Buys corporate site indicates that Best Buys does not even carry this item, and he could; not even special order it for me. So I am writing this as a warning to anyone else who might think of buying this unit based on the say so of one of the "Dumb as a Bucket of Rocks" Best Buys sales staff. I find it odd that they were able to make it work at the store, which implies that within the switching console was likely secreted a PXA-H100 module (fraud?), I'll let you decide that, I know what I think.

Chris, most people research products they are going to buy prior to actually buying them. Had you researched reviews on the digital camera you bought, then you would have known that it was a junk camera. How it's best buy's fault that you didn't find out the ratings and reviews prior to buying the digital camera is anyone's guess. Secondly, there should have been a yellow 14 day restocking sticker on your box. If there wasn't a sticker, your receipt has best buy's return policy. It clearly states on the front of the receipt that you have 14 days to return your item, and it is clearly stated on the back of your receipt. Again, how it's best buy's fault that you don't know how to read is anyone's guess. Also if the camera is such junk, why did you buy it in the first place. You should be blaming the manufacturer for making and selling such a terrible camera, not best buy.

C'mon ANON.... all that requires thought process. Customer's general rule is always this: I bought it at your store.... why'd you make me buy this?

I'm all about great customer service. Its just frustrating because there's always that 10%. Most customers come in and genuinely need and seek our help. Then there's the 10% that come in get what they think is "good", and when it fails..... we are to blame. But that's life. Its easy to blame someone else because you can't type and look up a review for a camera. But you can bash Best Buy here with the quickness.

To all of those making pathetic, stupid comments and complaints above: Maintaining 100% customer service in any business regardless of the type of store is absolutely impossible. There will always be those who continue to complain because they simply refuse to understand humanity and that if someone is going to be served first, then someone must be served last. Wait your turn, have some patience, and try to act like you might possibly be able to understand the hardships and trials that employees go through in order to provide you with service. The only reason I offer the solutions I do in store is to insure that customers get the experience out of their products that they want. If I don't sell service plans, I will have customers bringing back their items outside of the return policy, demanding a resolution when I have none for them. If I don't sell cables, surge protectors, and other accessories I guarantee that I will have complaints as a result of things that customers "don't know" that I have been trained on. I provide help because I am trained on things that everyday folks aren't. If you don't like retail service I suggest shopping from wholesalers or catalogs on the phone or internet, then you will experience a true lack of customer service. When your wholesale products fail, if you came to me I would probably still help you because that's what I'm trained to do even though you bought the product from someone else. I make the same wage if I choose to stand around and do nothing but I help my customers. Personal vendettas are not going to tear down the business. If you don't like to shop at Best Buy, just don't. We're not going to go bankrupt or close down stores as a result. If you don't enjoy the simplicity of the retail experience shop at home, blindly with no help. There are less than 1,000 posts on this site. The average customer spends less than $2500 per year at Best Buy. Do the math and it only comes out to $2,500,000 as a very high figure. Best Buy would like to have that business if at all possible but don't think that that amount will make a difference. If you choose, buy your products somewhere else. No one is forcing you. Stop complaining about things you can't change and giving Best Buy a bad name to the millions of customers that walk through the doors everyday and continue to do so because they had a good, informed retail experience.


your voice is a drop in the bucket and although you seem to have a good head on your shoulders your efforts are not enough to cover for all your peers bad CS and attitude.
As you can see the majority of the complaints are from real people and real BB customers that will never set foot inside BB again.

I hope that those incidents continue and bad CS continues at BB until the S*** hits the fan and someone with the appropriate power shuts this sorry excuse of a store down.

I must say i too had a bad experience, however thanks to an outstanding manager everything turned around, sometimes if you talk without anger and accusations, they actually listen and assist. best buy has actually restored my faith in great customer service and follow up. remember know matter how angry you are, it can get resolved if you just give them a chance to help you. thats all

a happy best buy customer

If Best Buy sucks so much then don't shop there. Best Buy is world wide now. We will make it without you

I reported that my LG washing machine stopped working May 10th. The tech came out on May 15th and told me he had to order a part. I called Best Buys customer service number on May 19th and they said they did not see the order in the system and to try back May 20th. I called on May 20th and was told the same thing then asked to speak to a mgr, who told me the same thing but called the tech who told the mgr he tried calling me for the serial number. NO tech has called me from Best Buy. Now they tell me 3 or 4 more days with out a washing machine. I told the mgr I was going to take all my laundry in to their store and was them. The mgr said we don't do that. So then I told her to deliver me a washer until mine is fixed and she told me they don't do that either. I guess they don't do much but TAKE OUR MONEY and sell broken products. If Best Buy wasn't the only electronic store in my area, I would shop some where else because the take the SERVICE out of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

How old was the unit that you had until it had stopped working for you? If it was delivered within 30days you can have it exchanged for a new unit. If it is over 30 days, if you purchased a Performance Plan you should be able to contact 888-bestbuy and they can look up your information, if it has truly been that long they can recommend for the unit to be pushed for a No Lemon Exchange under the manufactures warranty. Lastly if you have had it over a year and you have a Performance Plan on the unit the tech should have left a tech number to contact him and you can verify the order as well to ensure the parts are on order.
Unfortunately products do have to be repaired it is just how it is today, Best Buy does not have any control over this. However LG is one of the highest rated units out right now and it is truly unfortunate that you have to have it serviced. In the end Best Buy will cover all of their products for 30 Days and after that it is up to the manufacture to cover their products under their 1 year warranty. Best Buy offers their Performance Plans for Two reasons: 1 - If there is a service issue we can have one of their Tech's out to service the unit. 2 - If we are unable to service the unit of if it is serviced 3 times and if there is a 4th repair needed they can no lemon it out to exchange it for a new unit.
I hope this helps a bit and good luck with your Washer I hope it is service quickly for you.

BEST BUY is a horrible corporation. My mother who is 64 and has cancer took her computer into the CHICO, California store to have them look at it... She had to bring the computer back 3 times, and each time there was a new thing wrong with it. Then THEY fried her hard-drive. Then told her that her computer was old and was on its way out. So! After a month of their BS, she received a new computer which discounted the price of her TECH WORK she already paid for. After learning all this I tried to contact their customer service and get to the bottom of this. Finally got ahold of "JOHN' (Who REFUSED to give me his last name) said he wouldn't and couldn't do ANYTHING. WOW! he was the SUPERVISOR OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS. So I have proceeded to tell EVERY one I know to not shop at BEST BUY. SPREAD THE WORD.

You people are ridiculous.... hahaha. 40 billion dollar company, and you think you can spread the word to shut them down. Best of luck!

Hey Samantha... shut the hell up... you think best buy cares what you dumbasses complain about... seriously..

Please forward this on to any family and friends from one consumer to another:

I purchased a laptop at Best Buy in May of 2007. In April 2008, it stopped working in the midst of exams and I took it into Best Buy to be fixed under my Service Plan I purchased with the laptop. The employee who sold me the service plan indicated to me that if anything happened with the laptop I could bring it in and the Geek Squad would fix it right there or the store would give me a new one.

Well sadly when I walked into the store in April, I realized that was not the case. The Geek Squad agent quickly told me that they do not fix anything in the store and that it would need to be shipped off. I told the agent numerous times about the urgency of the repair and my status as a law school student and that I needed the laptop for exams. Apparently the Agent didn't take this too seriously because he shipped off the laptop not indicating I had a service plan and I received a call a week later from the service center which stated that the repair was not under manufacturer's warranty and would cost $543 to repair. I was very upset and knew I had purchased my service plan for this type of repairs and I spent several hours on the phone with numerous reps and then was told by each one of them that my only remedy was for the service center to ship the laptop back to the store for a new service order and then ship it back to the same service center for repair which I thought ridiculous but I had no choice.

After all my efforts on the phone that day, no one bothered to follow through with actually contacting the service center to have them ship it back or start repairs. The following day I received the same message about the repair not being under manufacturer's warranty and it being $543 to repair. That should have been my first sign that I would have to follow up with Best Buy EVERY DAY to make sure that they actually did their jobs. Finally the next day someone actually contacted the service center.

2 weeks went by and I called to check on the status and was told that parts had to be ordered and it would be ready the following week. The next week I called and the Geek Squad agent told me that parts had just been ordered the day before and it was still not ready. The agent then called back to tell me that the laptop was there. I assume he did not bother to check the first time.

I go into the store anxious to get my laptop and get back to my law school work routine. The Agent starts up the laptop and there is no display on the monitor. At this point I was very upset and I feel understandably so. I was told by all the managers at the store that this still did not warrant them giving me a new laptop and they really didn't seem to care that I was in law school or needed it. They said it would have to be shipped back to the service center and I was told it would go out "expedited" that evening on May 21.

May 22 I call the store to make sure that this was actually done and wouldn't you know it was still sitting in the store on the shelf. I contacted numerous consumer relations agents and supervisors that day and also spoke to their Executive Resolution Specialist named Dana Willie. Dana told me he was planning to contact the service center that day and have them make a quick determination as to whether the laptop was repairable and if not would issue an exchange. I'm quite certain he said this only to appease me because I had YET to hear from him though I and several consumer relations representatives have left him numerous messages. I called the store on Friday, May 23 to obtain a tracking number since I was told that it actually went out on the 22nd. The tracking number showed that only billing information was received, meaning they had not shipped it yet. Today I checked the UPS tracking number and just as I though when I spoke to the agent yesterday morning he was lying about it being shipped out because it was not shipped out until 5 PM on May 23. It will not arrive at the service center until May 27 because of the weekend and the Holiday and most likely will be an ongoing issue and demand legal attention.

Please share this story with your family and friends. Please definitely avoid Best Buy and specifically the West Hartford location which is responsible for this matter. For anyone who is a law student and knows the importance of technology, I would definitely recommend avoiding any purchase from this company. They have no integrity or regard for their customers as evidenced by their negligent, careless actions and fraudulent misrepresentations throughout this transaction.

Thank you for passing this on and for avoiding Best Buy.

If you have your own story to add about a Best Buy experience, feel free to add it and pass it on. One person can make a difference! Make your voice heard by others even if Best Buy refuses to listen. They will listen after they lose consumers due to their poor customer service.

Kristin..... read the fine print. Just because you're in law school doesn't give a Manager the right to do what they want and not follow policy. Don't blame an entire organization for one employee's misinterpretation of the Laptop Performance Service Plan. Key word there is "Service" and not "Replacement". If after going to the service center its not repairable, then you'll get a new laptop. This process always works out for both customer and Best Buy, and of course it has to work out for the company too. This is a business, and they are there to make money of course, but don't think that your angry rant will change any policy. My only regret after reading your post is that the person who sold it to you was not completely trained and didn't clarify the process. Even though your laptop should've been sent out a lot quicker than it was, it will all work out. As always with all of the posts above, it just doesn't work out the way every customer wants i.e. now, yesterday, last week. Life is rough isn't it?

Props to the post above....That is totally true. When you buy a "SERVICE PLAN" you get service, not a REPLACMENT! Only time you will get a REPLACMENT is if the store or servicer trys every option and every part to try and repair it. That's why it's called a "SERVICE PLAN".

Me myself, I actually work for best buy in-home service(the 888-best buy # that you call)

And Best Buy follows everyone of the those policys in black and white in your Service Plan Brochure. No ifs, ands, or buts!

I can understand people gettig upset over a Fridge(not ice maker), Washer, Dryer, or Range not working.

But when it comes to TV's, Dishwasher, Ice Makers, I think you people get upset over nothing(unless you've been without one for more than a month)

But for you people complaing that your kids have nothing to do b/c your tv has not been working for 3 days! OMG! Make the kids play outside! We have lived without TV's for thousands of years!

And dishwashers, why don't you wash with your hands, Yes dishwashers are helpful, but they are not a neccisty! Here's an idea while your tv is broke why not have your kids wash dishes to give them something to do since no parent under the age of 40 that has kids doesn't know how to entertain a kid w/out TV.

And Ice makers! Hello! Ice trays!

Some of you people should actually hear what you sound like over the phone! Do you understand that when you call 888 best buy that you are talking to someone probally on the other side of the U.S. and they have no clue whats goin on with you failure, and you expect that person to be the "all knowing of your problems"

Honestly, you should read anything before you buy something! And always do some research and read reviews on products before buying them.

DO NOT buy from whatever you do. The store and the online store are seperate so if you have probelms you can onlly deal with the 800# customer service to resolve your issue. Everyone is nasty, inept and misinforms you every call. Plan on being hung up on, blind transferred so you have to tell the new person the entire story from scratch and being pissed like never before. Even the supervisors are horrible. When they get on the line and you are even slightly upset, they'll tell you they'll terminate the call if you don't calm down then you have to call back and start over. Must be nice to hide behind the phone. They gave me conflicting information. I will never buy another thing from them due to how I was treated as a customer on an expensive purchase. I hope Best Buy goes under.

your a bunch of liars. when you cal the store and take your head out of your ass , you will realize that a liv person answrs the call. I have called a store many times and i have had arguments with them. But when you realize that your wrong, they help you. I have seen customers yell and scream like you idiots and they do not help you. i have been helped on many occasions because i know the meaning of diplomacy

888-best-buy, never threatens to terminate a contract! you guys are overreacting

Start with this post by Angela:

Then read her many other posts. She "teaches customer service skills"??? She "sets the example"????

She uses this site to vent her frustrations by calling customers scum bags, and she still has a job??? Oh yeah, she's a damn good example of why Best Buy has no customer service skills. They all, like her, think the customers are scum bags.

Does anyone really believe she is in Best Buy's management chain? Why won't she post her full name so her boss sees it? Her boss will probably give her a big raise or a promotion because she is really just pissing off people by posting here.

Angela, if you are the prophet of Best Buy's Customer Service Training then you should know the first rule of Good Customer Satisfaction Skills is: You Will Never Win An Argument With A Customer! You can beat him into the ground and he may submit and go away... and stay away. But you don't win. If you are so stupid as to argue/fight with a customer, you lose not just 1 customer but 8 or 10 customers, and a dozen more potential customers!

You will likely post negatively here against me, but do I care? No. Does it matter to me? No. Do you think you are more important than your customers? Yes. But are you more important than your customers? Check your training handbook on this one now: HELL NO!

You can be terminated, customers cannot. You are 100% dispensable to your Corporate Leaders, customers are not. Customers are the reason you even have a job, aren't they? Yes. But you say customers who complain are scum bags, and you tell others that, right? Yes. Well, the fact is lady, you and others like you, Geek Squad included, are the slimey scum in our bags, and on the bottom of our shoes, that we are going to eradicate!

Best Buy corporate row will eventually adopt the trends/changes that are indicated herein as necessary for Best Buy's survival. Customers (scum bags) will be out here spending our money in other stores until HQ wakes up to the fact that we're not inside their stores any more.

They will begin to see their profit margins dwindle and guess who goes out the door first? Slimes, Scums and self-righteous Geeks like YOU!!! Guess who they will court to get their profits back up? Customers, even scum bag customers, of course!

They need to take note of and heed what's posted here on this site before it's too late. Or they, too, will be job hunting along with you.

So, you see, no matter what... YOU LOSE! You cannot win. Customers, whether scum bags or not, always win!

That's how it is, that's how it should be!

I have been waiting TV get repaired for two month and still not fixed yet.

The first of all repair guy forgot to order part. When I called 3 weeks later, he ordered but wrong part.

The customer service person set me appointment with someone who is on day off and I've waited whole day, of couse no one show up.

As far as today (after whole 2 month), the correct part is still not shipped, but they set appointment on day after tomorrow.

The repair guy would ask me "what happend?" as usual.
What a stupid question....

I want to sue this lousy repair service.

Stay away BestBuy service, that would be WorstBuy.

I currently work for Best Buy's 888 number ( in a call center in Houston, TX). I have been working here while paying for school ( yes I am one of the 20- something morons that keep being referred to). Now I completely understand that the service of BB expected by some customers is essentially high. I even understand that customers end up in some seriousy inconvenient situations that lead them to lose all morality. However, I do not understand how you can cuss, scream, and disrespect a person who you have called to initially help you. Then you complain of how no one cares about you and your insolence. I have read most of the review here. Some I agree with customers and employees. I agree with the opinions of how customers and employees are treated or how employess get fed up. But I bend over, break rules, and even make my own problem to assist with the limited power that I have. I talk to an average of 70 people a day. Whether it be for purchases, complaints, inquiries, or prank calls, I treat everyone with respect and concern. Still I get people who yell at me for an item being out of stock, or manufacturer defects, or price changes, or just having a bad day. I AM HUMAN... the same things you do to me, be sure that I want to do them to you... At the end of the day, I am the one upset and still only making $9.00 an hour.

I am a supervisor for the(888 bestbuy in Florida), and I have to totally agree with the post above me. You can in for help and when we try all you do is complain. You have to understand that you are not the only person that shops at bestbuy and calls in for service. There are thousands and probally millions that call in every year and you are just one person that makes it harder for the person you talk to, to assist you.

Yes, other people in your area might need a tech to there home as well and sometimes it does take 2 or 3 days and sometimes longer to get a tech out. We overbook the techs everyday making it harder for them as well. And you call in about how bad best buy is. Best buy doesn't make the TV's. Best buy buys them from the Sony,LG,Samsung....etc and best buy just sells the dang things. So you should be upset at them not Best Buy.

I just got a new job at a company called Grainger.

I bought a house on my best buy job, now I work part-time and work a new job in industrial business sales/customer service.

Best Buy Offers alternatives for people who act like idiots.
I get too many customers that ask me to be technical and when I do they then decide to talk to somebody who has no fucking expertise in the field to see what they think. Also, customers come into BBY acting like they really have been looking for a new tv for 2 fucking years. How dumb can somebody really be? Just buy the motherfucker and place it in the room, you need a power center, but you don't need all that crap I used to sell with the TV. All Tvs come with microprocessors built in to precalibrate it for whites/blacks, and all you have to do is make the settings even to get the full effect of the tvs color engine. Calibration only makes the tv slightly better looking, and only reduces energy costs if your planning to watch it all day 24/7. I worked in home theater sales for four years and bought my ass a 20" tube tv, all that LCD/Plasma/DLP/SXRD crap is worthless junk that has a poorly engineered interior because manufacturers use planned obstelence because they want the tv to die so you can buy a new piece of crap flatpannel.

Adam - I feel as though you have a lot of pent up aggression. Have you thought to yourself that maybe Best Buy is not the right place for you? Maybe a Used Car Dealership may work out better? It sounds like you are not so dedicated to the complete customer experience that Best Buy is looking to provide to their customers. It seems that you truly do not enjoy what you do, if so there are plenty of opportunities you can take on other the the retail world. Just a thought, but good luck with life and your career I wish you the best in life.

hey bill... customers are scum bag... well the rude ones are.. and I always win my arguments.... if your rude. i Will not call a manager or help you.. thats my customer service.. you get the same treatment you give me... =D

shame on your Brian... SHAAAAAMMEEEE...

at best buy what is the difference between customer rep 1 and customer rep 2? Please help me with this info if possible.

Rep 1 is the cashier at the front.
Rep 2 is the person who does returns and exchanges.
Your welcome.

Re: Accounts
Please cancel my account at Best Buy. Your web site payment is the worst I have ever seen. When I click on "Contact Us" nothing happens.
I went on the website to pay my bill. My passwords would not work. I called the number on the web site and four times I went through the whole "account number, social, address, date of birth etc. only and four to be told it was the wrong area and they would transfer me just to get caught up in this web of inefficiency again.

I ordered a Toshiba computer from Best with a Intel chip and was horrified to find out that I was shipped a cheap model AMD computer instead of the Intel computer model I had ordered.

To add insult to injury, I was charged the full amount for the Intel computer model I had ordered while the computer shipped was a cheap model AMD computer $300 cheaper.

I promptly took the computer back to my nearest Best Buy store, where I have been told to come back tommorrow...

I am extremely disappointed at what happened with my order - and am suspecting fraud at Best That somebody could have done this at Best Buy is shocking.

I would advise anyone planning to buy from Best Buy.Com -- BEWARE !!

Here we go with one of these kind of complaints again. When you do these purchases online by yourself, you are the one soley responsible for what you order. Now I bet if I had your information, I could put it in the system and tell you exactly what you ordered. The mistake would most likely be a result from your own hands. I currently work for, so of course I will not let you sit here and bash something that may be your own fault. And by the way AMD Turion 64x2 Dual-Core processor is equivalent to the Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor. It has nothing to do with being cheap, it is just another brand. They are both high in market right now and both major competitors. I really need you to do some research so that you can stop looking like a dumbass, Dissatisfied customer, before I come to your job and tell you how I hate your service system... (That is if you ahve a job)

Here's an update. The BestBuy store gave me the run-around but said I could come in for a refund. I called to check if I had any additional options & the customer service rep immediately advised me that I would be charged a 15% restocking fee if I returned the computer to the store. When I asked why she immediately put the blame on me "You opened the package to check the contents so its your fault. Couldnt you tell it was the wrong computer from the outside labels ? Its your fault so you get charged a 15% restocking fee according to the policy". When I said how come I was'nt sent a $1000 computer by mistake while being charged $700 (instead of the $499 computer I was shipped while being charged $700), she said it was a mistake by, but what I did was intentionally opening the seal of the box with the wrong computer inside ! Clearly upset, I went back to the store, stood in line & once at the counter, started speaking loudly about how I wanted a full refund, was duped by & never would shop there again given my terrible experience. Sensing that the folks behind me were getting alarmed & would abandon theirpurchases + leave the store fearing they would be shafted next, the manager hurriedly gave me a full refund. I finally left the store a happy camper. I learnt a bitter lesson about BestBuy & I'll take my business to Frys or Costco anyday. BESTBUY ? LOL. Yeah right ! I say BUYER BEWARE !

Oh, BTW, $40 billion corporations do go down,and it's the customers who support it dumbass, who else ?

Here's some history: Federated group, Montgomery Ward, Thrifty, Comp USA, Buffums.
I bet you weren't even born when those companies hit the bottom, and their employees were just as cocky as some of you BB idiots, treating customers like crap.

Just keep the complaints coming BB, many people will rejoice when you are gone.

Here's a story I found that belongs in the BB hall of shame:

In Short: Best Buy in West Covina, CA. sold me a 21.3" LCD monitors that turned out to be a BRICK taped to a board.

Details: On August 4th, after a haircut, at about 7:15 I went to the Best Buy store in West Covina, to buy a Wireless Printer Server. After picking up the Wireless Print Server, my interest in purchasing a big flat screen monitor awakened.

I got home at about 8:10pm ... and decided to open the box and install the monitor. I was very anxious see what had cost me so much money. When I opened the box up, to my surprise, I found that instead of the expensive 21.3" flat monitor, the box contained a brick taped to a piece of wood. (see picture:Monitor2.jpg) I was of course shocked and immediately started to panic; thus, I put the item back into the box. I went back to Best Buy as fast as I could and got there at about 8:30 and told the person at the entrance of what had happened. At this point, Best Buy also looked confused. I asked some of Best Buy's employees who were around if this had happened before; some of them confirmed that they had seen it happened before--with VCRs.

For the next 30 minutes or so, Best Buy store manager was eventually deciding what they would do. During this time I was left standing at the entrance with the brick taped to the wood. Best Buy would open the box and eventually took the item out ... and then force it back in the box to the point that the box eventually got damaged (see picture: Monitor1.jpg).The cashier claimed that the box she had lifted was heavier than that one I had brought back!!! This was such a humiliation. Eventually Best Buy took the cashier's words and then decided that I must have replaced the real monitor with the brick taped to the wood. At the end, Best Buy decided not to take the monitor back.

I then called my attorney who suggested that I should call the police to take a report. The 911 response said that this was a civil case--but to keep the peace she said--she redirected me to the West Covina police. The police appeared at about 9:10pm. They once more confirmed that they couldn't take a report given that it was not a criminal case and that issue was between me and the store--a civil case. I then called the attorney back at 9:23pm for further advice and decided that we would file for small claims. The store manager gave me the number of the corporate office and said to call them the following day (Thursday). I came back home--so humiliated.

The following day I called the corporate office and talked with Leanda, the consumer relation. At least it didn't take her almost an hour, as they did in the store, that Best Buy couldn't take the merchandise back. She told me that it was not their problem and that I had to call Samsung for shipping me a defective item.

As per my lawyers advice, I am filing small claims against both Best Buy and Samsung.

Okay, I've just finished working at Best Buy recently (merely because I want to explore more job opportunities.) I'm too lazy to go through the rest of these 37502486346 posts, so I'm going to just throw in my own two cents.

I used to work in the Media department of BB (ie, gaming, music, movies.) I will be straight with you some bitter customers, and I have seen both sides of the fence. For now I am going to tell you mine from an employee's aspect and hopefully some numb nuts on this side won't get so offensive about it. Because I'm pretty sure not ALL of these posters automatically started their high-end paying jobs. Let's face it, I am pretty damn sure the most of you HAVE worked in a retail environment at least ONCE in your lives. So the some of you could at least relate when it comes to working retail.

- To those of you who hate the fact that we 'never answer our phones': Yes, we do answer our phones, especially when we are able to get a handle on them. I won't go into details, but as far as I've known, myself and other employees do not deliberately disregard phone calls. Just because we don't pick up the phone the first time, I don't think it'll kill you to try calling back in as little as 20 minutes or so. It's not like we just sit there with our thumbs up our asses, and listening to the ring tone. We answer the phone when we physically can.

- In reference to one of the first posts regarding our 'harassing' you guys when you're browsing: we are obligated to do that. Our supervisors literally tell us to 'contact every customer' that is in our department. Trust me, if it were up to me, I'd totally let you guys do whatever the hell it is you want until you actually do need help. But it's not exactly our choice to make, you see. We pretty much have to assist you whether you need the assistance or not. And another thing, it's not only to just assist you as the customer, but we also do it to prevent the risk of anyone stealing merchandise. It is believed (and I know this holds true, due to experience) that usually some customers who are virtually NEVER contacted have a higher chance to steal because they think they aren't being watched.

- Also, as far as our 'plans' are concerned: I also think it's kind of ridiculous promoting our BB Credit Cards and whatnot. I think Reward Zone is beneficial (it's free, and you receive coupons in the mail. If you're going to bitch about spam, then don't bother with it.) BB does depend on our credit card sales, however and I do think when it comes to that BB is really after your money. But as far as our coverage plans on concerned, I do recommend them, even if it'll cost you an extra $100 or so. Especially when it comes to gaming systems! When I was working in games I would constantly offer a coverage plan for systems, especially when it came to 360's and PSP's, because of the 'red light of death' and for military when it came to PSPs (ie, if you drop it in the sand, you can easily replace it.) You also can get replacement plans for games! FFS, if an employee offers a REPLACEMENT PLAN for your console and/or games, then GET IT. Trust me, you won't regret it.

- Not all BB employees are entirely ignorant or moronic. Granted, I was a college student (and still am), but I'm not stupid. But there are, yes, bad apples. And there always will be. In fact, they're even in your own work place and not just in a retail environment.

- If you're looking for a DVD or a CD and we find that it says we have 1 or 2 copies of it, don't bother making us turn the store upside down for it. Granted, I will check where the artist/movie is located both on the floor and in the warehouse. But if it's found to no avail, don't flip out on the employee because they can't find it. Keep in mind, you're not the only customer in the store and the 39347636 other customers that do waltz in tend to 'misplace things', don't put shit back. Not to mention there are other customers who also need assistance and we can only grant so much time to a specific customer at the same time.

I'd bitch and rant right now about some customers who come in as if all personnel should worship the very ground they walk on merely because they're going to purchase from our store. But I'll limit myself a little bit, here. But I've read some of customers' 'horror stories' and somehow they think going to Circuit City or some other BS retail electronic stores would make everything better. Not for nothing, but they're ALL. THE. SAME. I mean, srsly, some guy could think CC is the biggest piece of crap in their area and think that BB is this ungodly gift to man and makes up for everything.

Not only just BB, but I just wish some customers WOULD reach a certain level of diplomacy or be the least bit civilized when coming into our stores for a complaint or get mad because we don't have something that they are looking for. Granted, employees have their own issues too, trust me. But eventually it all comes down to the BOTH OF US to draw a middle line where we can both meet. It doesn't help us when we want to give the time to help you when all you want to do is complain about the same thing over, and over again as if giving us your life story would change anything.

You know what, here's a horror story for me right here, as an employee:

I've had a bad day; my boyfriend dumped the shit out of me and I was unhappy with a lot of things. But sometimes work helps to 'get away from it all' and it feels better when I get to communicate with customers on a personal level to make me feel better. But it doesn't help, when all of a sudden this man comes directly to me and starts literally snapping at me because his wife (who was just standing quietly behind him like he's some over-powering fuck) had called an hour or two requesting to have a certain three CDs set aside for them to not have them there when they arrived at the store. Keep in mind, I hadn't answered any phone calls regarding this request, much less got to any phone calls at all. In fact, no one had even told me about these CDs that were apparently supposed to be on hold. And of course, I get the blame for it, I get yelled at; oh, even though I profusely try to convince the man that I had no on earthly idea he was talking about. I'm already on the brink of tears and it obviously shows, but the man continues to bitch even though I keep offering to find her selected CDs. Eventually I had to hand him off to another employee just so I could go bawl in the bathroom stall to let it all out. And all the while I'm wondering wtf I did to deserve that kind of treatment when I was nothing but nice (or at least feeling and looking for effin' intimidated) to this customer.

Call me a wuss or call me weak, but there is a limit when confronting an employee with a problem. It's like all consideration, politeness, and respect go flying out the window the minute they enter the store simply because of a) the motto being 'the customers is always right' so they are obligated to be rude, or b) because they have a complaint or have been treated like dirt that they have to take it out on an employee of the company itself. I've always liked helping people find the things they wanted because I know some of them aren't exactly well-rounded when it comes to electronics. I mean, ffs, I helped an older lady once in the COMPUTER department with purchasing a Mac and explaining the product to her. All the while she keeps apologizing that she had so many questions and wasn't exactly a computer tech, but you know, all I kept telling her was that I was there to help HER and that she could ask ANYthing she wanted and I wouldn't disregard her needs one bit.

Wow, I think I'm finished writing this? lulz. Just keep in mind that a certain employee could be a total jerk off to you one day, but they could be such an awesome bundle of help for another merely because of a different attitude or because an employee wasn't feeling so bad one day. We are people, too. And I'm pretty sure if someone treated you so crudely, you would probably react or at least feel the same way.

well this is quite a funny site.

Did you know if you search any coporate company and type the words customer service after it, you'll see these types of blogs about how bad they are. And lawsuits too! But do you know why?

One bestbuy averages close to a thousand customers a day. Take that times 950 stores and thats nearly 950,000 customers each day for the whole company. And take that times 360 days (Not open xmas, easter, thanksgiving, etc) equals 346,675,000 people a year.

So if all 592 of these posts are negative, and you guys will never shop there. Bestbuy will have to resort to selling to one of its 346,674,408 customers left. Math is crazy huh.

i've worked at best buy for 2 years now, and yes, LIKE ALL RETAIL, there are some stores or people where service will be less than satisfactory.

But the fact is, bbuy stocks have been rising while the rest of its competitors have not. in omaha, circuit city/comp usa both closed.

So as much as everyone complains, to keep have a customer base that grows.... Best buy must be doing something rite.

sincerely Patrick Breen
Best buy store #206
store phone # (402) 399 9601.

We'll pick up

You are the classic example of a junkie or alcoholic in denial.
The symptoms and consequences of neglect and stupidity don't show up right away it takes years for them to surface and when they do it's tooooooooo late my friend.

Meanwhile the patient still thinks everything is normal and is perfectly healthy.

BTW, how old are you patrick breen BB store #206 store phone # (402) 399 9601, is this your first job and you fell in love with it ?

Let us know when you have a few jobs under your belt.

Now I can't speak for Patrick - but I have been with Best Buy going on 10 years. I enjoy the retail world, I will agree with Patrick that there are some employees that don't belong or require more training and yes there are some customers that push me to the edge. However in the end I truly enjoy assisting customers helping them remodel their homes and knowing that they trust the recommendations I am able to provide gives me a great sense of pride.
It seems that you have had a very bad experience either as a customer or an employee, but it seems odd that you are the number one person on here that is not very happy. If it has been a few years since the last time you stepped into a Best Buy I think you should check it out again. Over the past 10 years Best Buy has changed its focus and truly is focused on their employees providing the best customer service. Does that mean out of all 100,000 + employees there are not a few bad ones in the bunch absolutely not. A majority are there to make sure you get what you need and that you are happy with the purchase.
Let me know what you think Samantha.

I wouldn't want my family to go to the same church as Adam with the nice language he uses. Doesn't sound like much of a christian to me. I just hope that his new employer knows how rude and disrespectful he is to customers and maybe he won't run off their customers too. I agree that a car salesman would be a better job. He wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend, with the attitude and the way he talks what girl in their right mind would want to be with him.

Patrick Breen... i think you are crazy... but in a good way! lol...
Samantha... you are just crazy. You have way too much time on your hands if you are able to respond to so many of these blogs. Perhaps you should work for Best Buy to have something better to do with your time. Psycho... :P

OK so I work at customer service. Our managers are always saying follow SOP follow SOP. But I've learned that is just what they want us to do. If it's one of them doing a return or exchange for friends or just so they don't have to hear the customer fuss they don't follow SOP. They do whatever they want. So I follow SOP on a guy that come in to do a return exchange on a product that he had already exchanged it 4 times in the first 30 days. I looked at the date & kindly let him know that he was 3 months outside the return policy & would have to go through the manufacture. He was already in a foul mood when he came in. So he starts fussing & cussing at me & that's when I told him he couldn't talk to me like that, & I asked him to leave the store. He told me he could talk to me anyway he wanted then threatened me & said he would make sure I lose my job. So the next day I get 2 phone calls 1 at the store & 1 to customer care who then in return called our store to let us know what the cust. had said. Then all of a sudden 2 police cars pull up looking for me saying that a customer called them gave them my name & told them he was on his way up to the store to shoot me. He said if they didn't want to see anyone shot they better hurry up & get to the store. Needless to say this has really gotten me very stressed out. No they haven't found him yet. So I'm still looking over my shoulder & watching the front door alot. I guess what I'm trying to say is that those of us at customer service really do put up with alot of crap off customers. I'm really very helpful with customers, but if they start getting an additude & won't calm down then I tell them to leave or I'll call someone else up to deal with them.
As for all the excuses that we hear just for someone to try & do a return or a exchange just to get money back, some of them are really funny, stupid & just plain ignorant. And I'm sorry but the policy that the customer is always right. That's WRONG. Because they aren't always right. I know it sounds like I hate my job but I don't. But some of these customers can really make you hate to be around people. Just needed to vent.

So anybody can post here? Interesting.

I see SAMANTHA has the most posts, so I ask, "Just how long _was_ the pole the BB shoved up your butt?" Or in semi-psychiatral-help prose as you seem to be so fond of, "how did you acquire all your vast, unending knowledge which you're as eager to share with everyone as Elektra was to sleep with her captors; or more to the point: who made you the authority on all of this?"

Feel free to talk like a real person, medical evaluations aside.

I just bought a 52 inch samsung lcd the 750 series with my discount.... Man oh man... do i love it! =D

That's pretty disheartening, considering that I've just purchased a new Compaq Presario but recieved no start-up installation c.d. with it and therefore cannot install some of the software that it requires to burn some of the music/entertainment that I love. Any suggestions?

Too bad Michelle - you'll have to fork out a 15% restocking fee to BBY, and they'll treat you like crap. After 15 days, they'll treat you like the plague, and after a month they'll take a crap on you the next time you walk in and dare to ask them about the lemon you bought.

Good luck.

Michelle Prado,
Have you contacted the store? If not try giving them a call, a lot of the times we will burn the copy of what may have been missing or may even be able to take it off of the display packaging. As a worst case scenario if you contact the manufacture they should be able to send it right out to you if you inform them that it was not in the packaging, but try the store first if you haven't yet. Good luck Michelle, I would love to hear how things go.

Bamboozled - there is a 15% restocking fee with certain products but it is also a case by case basis depending what the situation was. Unfortunately there are a large amount of customers that like to purchase items and use them for family occasions or vacations like cameras or camcorders and then they return them. However at that point we have to mark them down 10-30% off as an open box, due to this best buy has restocking fees along with every other retailer as well. If there was a defect to the product or parts missing and it is to be exchange best buy will not charge a restocking fee to the customer.

Michelle, you weren't born yesterday were you?

Factory sealed boxes with missing items are usually raped by employees as soon as they arrive in the BB backrooms and then sealed back up.

Yes retail employees do steal to compensate for the low wages and hard work.

Whatever product they can fit in their pockets they'll take it, and that includes crooked security guards, managers and supervisors.

Hi,here it is another Best Buy horror story....First of all when I called at the BB in my area they did answer the phone...but when you ask for a manager or someone they won't pass the call along unless you tell they why you are calling. (Ridiculous) Well it's a bit long but I'll shorten it up for everybody.
Basically, I bought a TV 42"Plasma and took it to my boyfriend's place and left it there for a few days while I moved into my new home. When my boyfriend got it to my place we opened the box only to find out that the interior tube of the TV was shattered. I called the BB where I originally bought and they sent me to a different BB b/c they didn't have that same model in stock any more. I go to this other store which was about 20 minutes away and the store manager says that they could not exchange the TV or do anything to help and refused to give me the district managers information. She also went on to say that I had abused the TV..why would I want to break my brand new TV..know that I have very little money to work with here??? I even purchased the sorry a$$ warranty, after the sales girl said it would "COVER EVERYTHING." I took it back to the original store across town again, and they told me the same thing and again accused me of breaking it. It had not even be a week, and the back of their reciept says you have 30 days!!! I called the corporate number twice and got the same response. This occured about a week I'm still trying to work things out. So far I've stopped payment on the purchase with my card company and I'm disputing the charges...but if anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to let me know. I'm not saying Don't buy at BB, I'm just saying...if you do make sure a manager opens your box and inspects it before you take it home. I know this is extreme, but due to their ridiculous store policies we are forced to doubt anything they say to us!

ridiculous store policy??....try buying anything from any store...only to return it about a week later broken..How do you expect them to treat you? Your own fault for not opening the product as soon as you got home.. Thats what I did. Anybody will think you abused it yourself.... on the plus side.... I'm still enjoying my NEW 52inch LCD....i love my discounts...!!

Cool down ME!!. I kinda feel bad for her. Nancy, I am sorry for what you had to go through. And to be honest with you, if it weren't for the people that break their purchases and try to exchange or refund blaming the store, you would have had a happier outcome. Please understand that while we want to help you, it is still a business and BB cannot afford to lose money like that. The people who you talk to have a bigger fish to fear even if they want to do all they can to help you. Lord knows that I understand when purchases are made and there is a problem that should lead to refund or exchange.But I cannot do anything to help because of what the policies, rules, and restrictions are. Man, you seem like good people. I am really sorry that happened to you.

best buy stinks in there they thiefs and liers they can rob you in daylight.

"best buy stinks in there they thiefs and liers they can rob you in daylight."

LMAO!!! WTH!?!? oh these people......

Could you send me the e-mail to best buy ceo of customer im so pissed at the lack of customer service and the matter of factness when the matter is totaly in there court thx

BEST BUY does indeed suck! I will take the suggestion to shop at Circuit City from now on. J& R in NY ( awesome customer service and they ship for free on a lot of things. I bought a Dell computer at Best Buy and was talked into signing up for a Best Buy credit card and paying that way for the computer. I mailed my payment on the 1st, it was due on the 14th. They charged me $29.11 for a late fee and when I disputed it they said they'd remove it. When the next bill came they only removed $14.50. When I called back they refused to credit the difference even though they already said they would. It still has not been resolved.

I went into Best Buy 2 months ago to get a credit card; then the nightmare began. After they put the wrong person on my card, I then went back and explained 3 to 4 times to the manager that I didn't want my account in this persons name. You would figure they understood what I wanted, right? Well, 2 months later I recieved another card and completely different account. Now I have 2 accounts I have to pay every month.

Ever since then, I have been trying to clean up this mess. I have talked to everyone from India to bum f. Egipt. They can mess you up, but they can't fix a thing.

After my first payment on my second card, they called me and said I have missed a payment. I called for three hours trying to talk to someone. At the end of every conversation, they told me my ammount due, but no advice on how to fix it.

If you don't mind purchasing large end items then paying them off within 30 days to save your peace of mind, I suggest shop Best Buy. They will drive you crazy.

Iwould like to tell you about a computer I bought a month and a half ago for online college. I spent about thirteen hundred dollars on this machine that I NEED. Well, today july 11, 2008 I found out that The button that ejects the the dvd tray is broke. I bought a thousand dollar tower that is broke. So I call The Best Buy that I bought it from and explained my situation to them. They told me to bring it in and they would see what they could do about it, and I told them I live an hour away. All I wanted was a sure answer that they would fix it for me if, before I drove an hour to the location, No dice. So I call 1888BESTBUY thinking maybe they can resolve the issue. Well this was their response, take it to the store and they will send it off to be repaired. It's a button! I did not pay all of that money to be inconvenienced by Best Buy. So I asked them while this BUTTON is being repaired how am I supposed to do my school work. I just got attitude. So now I can either send in the computer to have this BUTTON fixed or continue my school work and just keep the faulty computer that I PAID FOR. This is your options when dealing with best buy, Their motto must be, "what's conveniant for best buy, not you! By the way for all of the people that are defending Best Buy you probably haven't purchased anything of value from them that was shitty. That or you don't mind being screwed over in the name of big bussiness.

If you cannot resolve your issues ith Best Buy you can always contact the Consumer Protection Agency usually located in the District attorney's office or the Better Business Bureau. Please do, the only way to get back at these business's is to complain. Us just saying that we will never go back and spend our measley thousand dollars means nothing to these companies making Billions.

If you cannot resolve your issues with Best Buy you can always contact the Consumer Protection Agency usually located in the District attorney's office or the Better Business Bureau. Please do, the only way to get back at these business's is to complain. Us just saying that we will never go back and spend our measley thousand dollars means nothing to these companies making Billions.

While I was in the local store at Route 17 & 4 the personell service in the store was great. However I had a difficult tome to call and ask a simple question.
The explanation that it is not fair to other is just a pile of you know what. Every customer is as important. Please do not give the impression that "OK, We got your money now and you have no further use to us, and we do not give a rats, .... if you never step in the best buy store" because that is exactly what is going to happen and then a lot of you would be out of work in time since there is not enough business to go around. Getting 1000 new customers is not enough and loosing one is already too much. Do not Forget that a bad publicity goes a long way.

I have finally found a place where I can relate with a lot of people with the same frustration. BestBuy offers the worst customer service out there...I bought a 50" RCA HDTV and paid a decent amount of money for it, to have it go totally dead exactly 2 yrs later. It was brand new, and since i had the warranty they make you get, well, I called for repair. The whole ordeal whenever you call for repair goes like this: Place the call, takes them time to redirect you to the person that will schedule the appt, although they are all doing the same thing, but they tell you that only assigned reps do certain tasks...whatever. They give me a Friday daytime schedule, telling me that the repair guy will call me early in the a.m. to give me a heads up when he is coming....Not an exact time mind you. I planned to go in late to work thinking that it would be handled by noon at least...well the local guy calls me to give me a window between 1pm and 5pm!!!! which i had to reschedule due to the circumstances...when i call back to reschedule, AGAIN...they give me a Friday appt. Which is ok, since wife n kids are home during summer vacation. Now im not a tech genius...but just reading on the internet, and on the Best Buy website, the common problem with these sets are that the light bulbs go out....even the customer service rep told me It baffles me to know that evening when i got home,that the tv was still not working. The guy looked at it,and told my wife that its the bulb, and he needed to bring/order one!! DUH!! he couldnt have brought one with him???? so, he orders the part,and I have to wait 2-3 DAYS (WORKING DAYS) SO SINCE IT WAS FRIDAY...IM SCREWED....NOW YOU KNOW WHY THEY SCHEDULE ON FRIDAYS!!!! I WAS ALSO PROMISED THAT BEST BUY would contact me within 2 to 3 days to follow up...NEVER,NEVER, NEVER HAPPENS!!!!!! I had to call, maybe about 15 times by now....THEY MAKE THE CUSTOMER DO THE WORK!!!! OF COURSE....THEY ALREADY GOT YOUR MONEY!!!! the bulb i place the call again...another week goes by...the guy comes, my wife is home and when i get home...still NO TV...Now its the Engine..or Motor...another week to order the part, and I have to call to find out the status....SO FAR PEOPLE ITS BEEN EXACTLY 1MONTH AND 2 WEEKS...AND I STILL HAVE NO TV...!!!! AND FED UP...I ASK FOR MORE THEN A REPAIR NOW...I WANT A REPLACEMENT, AND IT WAS BROUGHT UP BY A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP WHO WAS NICE ENOUGH (THEY ALL ARE...BECAUSE THEY ALL FEEL MY PAIN "IM SOOO SORRY must be soo frustrating") and tells me that its been too long and according to their policy...i do qualify for a replacement....well, This morning they tell me that i dont and that a repair guy will call me WITHIN 2-3 DAYS!!! IM CONTACTING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU....I'VE HAD IT! I HAVE EXCELLENT CREDIT THERE AND MY DAD WANTED TO GET A TV, AND A LAPTOP FOR MY SISTER....BUT, I SAID THAT I WOULD GLADLY TAKE THEM TO WALMART...ITS CHEAPER, AND CANNOT BE WORST THEN BEST BUY....THEY LOST BIG TIME WITH ME. ADVICE: BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING THERE...CALL AND ASK ABOUT THEIR REPAIR POLICY...AND SEE IF THEY MENTION THE 2-3 DAYS DEAL....LOL.....BEST BUY SUCKS!!!!!!

For all of you people out there who are "taking their business to Circuit City", because they have "much better business practices" just wanted to let you in on something. Did you know that they are up for sale? And that their stocks have dropped to under five dollars. For such a wonderful and fantastic store, this is an odd thing to happen.

Hey Juan when you contact the BBB make sure not to mention that you bought a RCA TV they won't believe the story that someone actually bought a RCA television and are having problems with it...HAHAHAHAHAHA

best buy customer service is the worst ... the phone system i set up on a NEVER ending loop ... employees dont give a flip about anything other than the next break time ... we have already switched our business to circuit city and they have great c/s (so far) and were happy to hear how unhappy we are with best buy ... i wish all best buy stores would implode :)

Marie... you are trippin' lol!








I have shopped Best Buy for many years. I have had good service and bad. It's like any other store.
But in May I returned an item. The state that the store was located in was having a "sales tax holiday." That meant sales tax was not charged on certain items. Best Buy decided as a matter of policy not to refund any sales tax on returns during these "holidays" irrespective of when the purchase was made. In my case merchandise was originally purchased two weeks before the tax holiday. Best Buy collected the sales tax when the item was sold and they received a credit for it when they filed their sales tax return at the end of the month. They got an amount equal to double the amount of the sales tax. Not a lot from any one customer, but multiply it by four days, by all customers who returned merchandise, by all the stores in the state and it could be significant. But if nothing else it is the principal.
The store would/could do nothing. I wrote two letters to Best Buy corporate in Minnesota to no avail. The state is currently "looking into it."
So this time it was the company not the employees.

i have been a best buy employee for just under a year now.. and i cant wait to be done working at that hellhole.... only 1 week left!!! im not gonna lie generally my store i work at(#1063) is a pretty decent place.. i usually dont deal with a lot of angry pissed off customers and i think im a pretty good guy when it comes to helping out the people who decide to shop here... my main reason for hating the place is simply because of 2 things... first off the shitty pay (11 months 1 raise = $7.21/hr) the main reason is by far the retarded managers... well one is pretty cool i guess but the rest suck. mainly Terry... it was about 3 weeks ago when im selling computers and one of our geeksquad guys(kinda new) calls me over to tell me he found some (young) child porn on a laptop. he asks me what to do and i of course say tell a manager.. so he calls terry over to check it out when after viewing a small clip of it terry aka scum tells the geek theres nothing we can do about it.... bull fuckin shit theres not!! so after the computer gets sent home with the child molester terry decided to do nothing about were kinda out of luck. day over and terry goes on a 2 week vacation.. the next day ma and another gs look at the disclaimer the pervert signed... i think it was like number 8 or so on the list but anyway it said if best buy finds any child porn we WILL turn it into the authorities. hey guess what? he didnt do that!! and last time i heard i believe it is against the law to not turn in child porn? right? so the same day we found that and his signature allowing us to do work on his laptop we called the cops... they said we should of called them when we had the computer because with no solid evidence they really couldnt do anything... i told them it was terrys fault for not calling the cops and saying there was nothing we can do about it... so the last straw for me was last week when terry came back from his vacation and he has had nothing happen to him... we called HR and corporate to tell them what happened and they told us that they would deal with the problem.. i guees they didnt do shit either.. cuz i think that would be a damn good reason to fire a dumbass or better yet get him thrown in jail... right? well anyway all best buys arent evil... most are but not all... i will still shop at bb but they suck.

Sorry, but I find it absolutely hilarious when people get so upset about their difficulties in having their products repaired under their Best Buy Service Plan. You realize that if you didn't have that plan, you would be totally screwed, right?

For those defending Best Buy, I have also worked in retail, for Nordstrom, and I can tell you that Best Buy customer service can't hold a candle to Nordstrom. I bought a laptop at Best Buy Tacoma a year ago that has never had wireless access. When you purchase a laptop they tell you that you have 14 days to return it, but if you open the box there is a 25% restocking fee and after the 14 days it is nonrefundable. I went back for help within the 14 days and was told I should have it wiped clean and the software reinstalled for $130. Why should anyone pay a $130 for a brand new product that has yet to work? For months afterwards I was told it was a Vista problem that would be worked out within a few weeks. Five months after the purchase, the Geek Squad claimed the on board camera was bad ... still not sure how that affects wireless access. The laptop has been with the Tacoma Geek Squad, the California Service Center, and back to Tacoma. Five months after putting my account in dispute and being told by HSBC not to pick up the laptop until the issue was resolved, the Tacoma Best Buy disposed of the laptop and wants me to pay over $1,300 for a product I don't have. Now that's sh...y service.


Well, Tina that's how people become millionaires by scamming and manipulating other people.
I'm sure BB corporate is aware of their own scams, with a little help from their lawyers they keep the game going.
Pretty slick huh?

Okay, i'm just gonna put my two cents in here...

I'm an employee at Best Buy - I work as a cashier, and it's a job I hold to help pay for college. I always try to be friendly and resolve any problems to the best of my ability. All of my co-workers even say that i'm always cheerful and smiling 99% of the time. That missing one percent actually came from the other day.

Everyone here is complaining about the "customer service" at best buy. You're not thinking about the individual that's trying to help you - you're focusing on the corporation that you already think you hate. It's really ridiculous sometimes. Anybody that flips a lid about having to listen to us offer a replacement/service plan needs to get a grip. I know that it might be just a bad day - I don't know what's happened to you, so i'm not here to judge...but do you really have to treat me like dirt for doing my job?

Personally, I think the replacement plans are a good thing to have. Even the service plans, which can get a bit complicated are better in the long run. Yeah, it can take a few weeks to fix something, but it's better than having to dish out another 500 bucks to get a new one, right? So, this is just me questioning all of you now - WHY, exactly, is it SO HARD to just take ten seconds and let me offer you a damn warranty? It's really rude to cut me off mid sentence and act like i'm trying to rip you off, because i'm not. You people don't realize that it's a SCRIPT. We have things that we're supposed to say, and we say it SO MANY times a day it's insane. I guess none of you have thought about the fact that we offer services to EVERYONE, because we HAVE TO - it's nothing personal, it's reflex. I just can't comprehend how it's so hard to just take ten seconds to listen to a sentence. It's not like you're the one saying it repeatedly while getting the same rude response all day.

I could go on and on about all of the irate customers i get - most seem like they hate me over nothing. I'm sorry if i can't take your credit card because it's not in your name - i'm sorry i won't let you walk away without paying - i'm sorry i take two minutes of your time to talk to you - i'm sorry if i take it personally when you you IGNORE me - i'm sorry that it brings me down when you don't treat me like a person - i'm sorry I take it personally when you disrespect.

So, i'm just going to get to this guy that really broke my back the other was a busy night, and i was working by myself because my co-worker called off on me. So, obviously, i'm stressed out that i have to close my department by myself, and it's a busy night after a nine hour shift. Well, I don't know if any of you do this, but people around here just don't leave Best Buy when it closes. They wait so that we can't do everything we need to do to close the store until they take their sweet time leaving. This guy comes in through my line about fifteen minutes after closing. I'm stressed - I still haven't had a chance to do ANYTHING to shut down my department yet because it's been really busy, and even though the store is closed and the entrance has the gate down, people still find a way to sneak in through the EXIT. In case you don't know what "closing" for the front is, it includes cleaning/vacuuming, and restocking all of the drinks/food. Usually, one person will handle the after hour customers and vacuum while the other goes back to the warehouse to restock everything.

Anyways, he was my last customer of the day. He's already had a bad experience in the store - something with geek squad. he was unhappy and i understand that, but it's still no reason to take it out on me...i haven't done anything to him, so why he should feel the need to act like i'm the source of his bad experience is beyond me. The guy wants 10 gift cards, okay, i ring his stuff up with a smile on my face...the thing is that i forgot to look up his reward zone card and we completed the transaction without putting the purchase towards his points. I know, this was stupid of me...i apologized. I made a mistake, but it's not reason to crucify me. Seriously, it's the first time i DIDN'T ask about the Reward zone card all day, and this is what happens. He starts flipping out saying that i better put in on now...i can't add it on after the transaction from my register, it's really just not possible for me to do that. I tell him he can go online and do it, because it really is easy and i've done it myself several times, but he doesn't like this answer at all. i had to call my manager over to say the same thing i just said. so, she tries to post void the transaction so we can do it over again with the money going towards his reward zone. The problem is that the system wouldn't let her void it. He's still freaking out, when he starts demanding his money back. We can't give him his money back - he paid 500 dollars in cash, and we can't give out anything over 250 back in the has to be mailed in the form of a check. Now he wants to see the store manager. So, we have him come over, and again, apologize and tell him what he refuses to hear. I'm just going sum up the whole ordeal in the fact that the guy made me cry. I don't like being yelled and cursed - i understand that i made a mistake, but really? i'm not a "fucking highschooler that can't listen to english when it's told to her," and i don't like being looked down's not right.

It's really funny because i haven't even said half of the stuff i would like to say...i haven't touched on letting the guy at the door check your receipt! it's not accusing you of anything, it's just making mandatory checking - it happens to everybody and it's nothing personal. it's store policy, damnit.

So, i'll just end by saying that even though some of you think it's just an evii corporation, it is made up of individual really shouldn't treat people like dirt for doing their job.

well Tina.... first maybe you should get your facts straight... its 15% restocking fee... and best buy is not a rent-a-center... people love to buy things and try to return then a week later after using them... use some logic... NOT A RENT-A-CENTER. Second.... Learn about the product you buy...Im sure you're just like every other customer who comes in and expects best buy employees to read the instructions for you. DO IT YOURSELF! shame on you Tina for being so helpless and ignorant on the true return policies....


and just for fun.... SHAME ON SAMANTHA>>>>> SHAAAAAMMMEEE SAMANTHA! for being bitter at life... SHAME!!! ;)

p.s I love my discounts

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Well,"me - I love my discounts," I presented the facts exactly as they are and it was a Best Buy employee that quoted a 25% restocking fee, I didn't make it up. It's exactly your type of attitude that makes Best Buy such an awful place to do business with. Grow up.

My husband and i open a best buy card. Now we wish we wouldnt have...We NEVER got a bill and then after me calling 40 times ( really i called 40 times) and yelling at them we finally got a bill. and now it like pulling teeth to get anything right with them... THEY SUCK!!!

Tina... there is no 25% restocking fee. If you had read the back of your receipt or the big wall by customer service they all state 15% restocking fee on certain items....I personally always like to check things out for myself..(never rely on anyone else) Grow up? Learn to read.. ;)








Best Buy in Brick N.J sucks. The customer service there is garbage. I purchased a laptop from them 3 months ago and purchased the extended plan. Do not purchase the extended plan because if you have a problem you will be without your computer for at least a month. The person that sold me the computer and the plan lied to me by telling me they will fix it in the store or replace it in the store. I went today to get it fixed they said they have to send it to Toshiba which is what I can do myself. The manager blew me off. Jack Asses. Stay away from the Best Buy in Brick N.J. Recomend no one support the Best Buy stores.

I purchased a digital tv converter at the end of June. I specifically asked the salesperson about the return policy because I was considering getting cable, which would make the converter unnecessary. He told me that I could return it anytime before February 2009 when all tvs would be changing over to digital. I thought this was weird since normally Best Buy has a 30 day return policy, but since he worked there, I thought I could rely on this information.
I went to return the sealed, unoped converter yesterday, 1 1/2 months after I purchased it and six months before the salesperson told me that I had to return it.
Not only did the customer service person at the Emeryville, CA store refuse to honor what the other salesperson had told me, but they would not refund me the $3.50 that I was overcharged for tax on my original purchase. The manager, Ricky, told me he had no power to give me the $3.50 that I was overcharged and that I would have to go through corporate to get my $3.50 and explain the situation with the original salesperson who had lied to me.
I think it's completely ridiculous that I have to go through this channel to get $3.50 and that the salespeople are so poorly trained that they don't know the return policy or so disgruntled that they deliberately lie to customers to sabotage future sales.

Personally I work at best buy, but I think everyone has had bad experiences at other places besides just best buy. I feel that also one bad experience at best buy should influence you're opinion about the whole company, but you do have that right as a human being and I'm not going to attack that.

We do try really hard to make customers happy. But so many times, things go wrong that aren't directly our fault and we get blamed for them. The retail business is cruel as I'm sure most people know that have worked in retail. Somedays you have really good days where everything goes right and everyones happy and then you have days when people come in and complain about even federal copyright laws on software. FEDERAL laws...things we can't touch....and I think thats what makes employees frustrated and we're as human as the customer behind the counter that is not happy. So we react to human emotion as well...and when you have several customers a day at customer service complaining about things that the customer service reps cannot do anything about you have to admit that would get kind of old really fast? Most of the time though we do what we can but we have a lot of guidelines that we have to abide by as employees that we can't break. Or our system just does not let us break. So I do understand the frustration of the customer. I have been a customer at best buy way before i worked here so yeah...

Unfortunately, most of our issues about policies etc have to be directed to our 1 888 bestbuy number because they are over us in the store and unfortunately whatever they say goes. So even if we're rooting that they allow you to return your tv 15 days out of the manufacturers warranty and they tell us no, then we have to go what the said...and its just I guess frustrating as employees to not be able to do anything more for the customer

and as far as the paranoia aspect of it all..we have several SEVERAL people scam us all the time...stealing things, trying to return product without the product being in the box....etc....and sadly thats why so many of our policies have changed and/or have been put in place...i mean thats why laws are in place as well and warning labels on products...

I've seen so many times though that management has literally spent over and hour trying to figure out a way that they could get around the policies to help customers out...and the customers are so appreciative in the end...but the manager could be putting their job on the line anytime they do something its just like what is ethical now?

Do we risk our jobs to satisfy customers? or do we do our jobs and make customers angry?

I don't know I'm one of those people that doesn't like to say we're right you're wrong or pick I'm just throwing some things out there. I apologize for all the stuff that some of the other people on this site have said, especially some of the employees...and especially the ones that used "YOU people" like customers are some sort of plague of disaster or something. Thats horrible...customers are people just like us. We've been customers before and been in situations where things unjust and unfair and people have to understand that.

we do the best at our store to understand that the best as possible.

I would like to say, that I had a wonderful experience at the Best Buy store in the Tri Cities Kennewick Washington. The young men in the auto elctronics were great and very helpful. I also bought a camera and case and the young man by the name Chad was just sooooo wonderful,friendly and knowlegable. I had a very pleasant experience at this store. Thank-you Best Buy Tri Cities!!

I have been having ongoing problems with Best Buy regarding TWO laptops I purchased there. The laptops have been in for repair more than they have been in my possession. I purchased the 3 year extended warranty for both & that warranty states that if the laptops are brought in for repair for the same problem 3 times, they will replace it with a NEW laptop of equal value. So far, Best Buy has yet to abide by this agreement & I am contacting an attorney about this. Also, Best Buy is notiously known for repackaging returned items & selling them as new. I have spoken with many people who have had problems with merchandise purchased from them. Best Buy has also been known to sell refurbished items as being "brand new". I & many other people I know would never, ever purchase anything else from Best Buy. Perhaps they should change their name to WORST BUY!!

BEST BUY SUCKS ROCKS. And not small ones, big gnarly crater-pocked ones.

I called a Best Buy store some 35 minutes from my home to see if they had a particular video game in stock (their website said, YES IT WAS IN STOCK NOW). I called them, the guy who answered said he would check and he came back and said, "yes we have several copies of it."

Since I hadn't been to that store before, I double-checked the address with him and what area they were located in. So, after work, I drive out there and there's road construction so it's now an hour commute to get there. I found the store right on the intersection that was described to me.

I go in, go up to the service counter and say I'd like a copy of that game, the idiot at the service counter goes, "WE'VE NEVER HAD THAT GAME IN STOCK, NOBODY DOES!" So I proceed to tell him I called earlier and he interrupts with, "NO you didn't, I've been working this desk all day and I answer all the incoming calls and nobody would have said we have that game in stock."

So I showed him the slip of paper I had written down their address on after I verified it on the phone that day, and he goes, "You didn't call THIS STORE, You must have called K-mart or some other store but not us."

So, they have no trouble calling their customer liars to their face and taking no responsibility for giving out misinformation. This is why I have taken on the crusade of keeping everyone I can from shopping at such a miserable store.

well... tigerboy... stop lying... it's that easy... ;) I'm just curious... what game were you looking for?

You know something customers kill me they dont realize how dumb they sound. Customers for the most part here what the fuck they want to here. Thats why their are so many problems with return polices, geek squad sereves, and prp/psp's. Im not saying that best buy is always right because their not. People have to realize when they go into a best buy that they are talking to a human and not a fucking robot. Sometimes we get it wrong. If you dumbass customers would chill out talk in a normal voice we could get the problem fixed. Because Iam telling you now when you come into the store yelling no one takes you serious we laugh at you. LOL. Hump I can find this cheaper on the internet. People realize the we are NOT paid by COMMISSION so I could care fucking less at what the fuck you by. We are trained to ask the right questions to get you whats best for you get your info right and maybe the sell can go a little more smooth. And people please realize that best buy is not just one or two stores it is a compnay that has over 900 stores in just the USA. So when you come into the store with a little petty problem or a chip on solider dont get upset when there is only so much a sell's person or a manager can do for you. Just follow the fucking rules. O and the ignorant customers the come in the store two min's before the store closes. Dont be surprised when you get ignored lol dont you like to leave your job on time. Again these are humans you deal with at the store we are not robots we have homes we would like to go back to lol. Just one final thing for one customer problem there is 100 happy customers walking out of the store LOL.

I work at a Best Buy in the Magnolia Home Theater section, and most of these comments are just ridiculous. Now i'll be the first to admit that there are some real morons that work at my store, but for the most part we have a good team. As for the service plan, we're supposed to ask every customer if they want one. I can't tell you how many times people who have broken shit come in and say "well nobody told me about that." And it is a good program. I had people the other day who had a 46'' Mitsubishi Rear Proj tv and it broke, so they come in and get a 52'' Samsung LCD which happens to be the best TV we sell on the core floor (Pioneer Elite and Sony XBR, Samsung 950) in Magnolia. They didn't have to pay a cent. Since flat panels have fallen in price since they got their old huge tv, they were able to get this flat panel. That's why i'll always offer the service plan. People think that everyone who works in retail is dumb, and that really needs to stop. This spring, I'll graduate from College from the Univ. of Mary Washington, the same school my GM got his degree from. Yes, some of us do have college education. I choose to work in Best Buy because I enjoy it. There is something about being able to participate in the design and layout and installation of a customer's Home Theater that I enjoy. The job is fast paced, and sometimes I hate it (mostly when people talk down to me because they think they're smarter than I am because I work in retail) but for the most part it is challenging and fun. I had some customers last week who came in looking for a TV. We talked for a while and I gave them a demo of a surround sound system in Magnolia. They said that they didn't want to spend that much on the sound, so we looked at a nice Yamaha HTIB (home theater in a box) because it has a real A/V reciever (unlike the Panasonic and Sony, which has a Reciever and a DVD player together, and when the DVD player breaks, or you find out that the thing has only 1 other digital input, you're SOL.) and a powered sub, plus 5 digital inputs. It was $500. They said that they didn't want a Blu-Ray player yet, so I showed them the LG upconversion DVD player (because the tv was an LG, and you get like $50 off when you buy the two together) for the time being. See, i'm here to look out for the customer, because I actually care about them. When they got all the cables, and ISF Calibration for the TV, and the Service Plan (because if it breaks, they'll probably get a bigger and better tv than the LG, and it covers Power Surges) they were ready to go. They talked to my Manager and said that they only wanted to spend $1300, but after talking to me, they spent twice that much because I was so friendly and knowledgeable. Also, that same day, I made somebody very angry. I was in computers because they were busy, and this guy looked at me like he had a question. He said "I saw on the internet that according to the ELA (which he pronounced EEEEELUH) I can bring this computer back and you can take off windows vista and I can get $150 back as a rebate" The first thing I said is "well I dont know what eeeeeluh is." and he said "its the End Lisence agreement." I don't know what that means still, but he said it was something about an agreement to use the software provided with computers. He said that the website he looked at (please people, don't believe what you read on the internet) said that you could do it at ANY retail location. Well that sounded awfully strange, so I said let me talk to somebody at Geek Squad. The first person said that he thought it was true, so we should just take of windows for him when he bought it and mark the computer down $150. Then, one of the other agents said that the ELA states that if the customer does not wish to agree to the ELA, he or she can return the hardware AND the software to any retail location that sells it within 45 days. The customer said "well I read it said or." small word, big difference. So I showed him the ELA on one of the Toshiba notebooks and he said OK, I still want the computer though. My manager was so angry with this guy because he had already talked to him and he said the guy was a douche. I mean, yeah he was annoying, but lots of people are annoying. So I rang the guy up, who didn't want any service plans or accessories, which in fact is annoying. It just makes me angry because you have the people who complain that we want to help them and that we pester them, and then you have the people who start bitching and complaining if nobody talks to them within 10 seconds of entering the store. How are we supposed to know what type of person you are? Are you wearing a sign? Then there are people who complain about having a service plan on something and not getting help. Look, if your product breaks, bring it to the store. Do not call the 888 number because it is useless. Take it to a manager or the person you bought it from and say "this is broken, I have the service plan, and the 888 number isn't helping me." The manager will probably call the number for you, and call you back when he knows what time the technician will be coming to your house (if it's a TV) or however that works with laptops and cameras. Not my department, I dont know. Please, for the love of god, dont come in the store for any reason and make a scene. If you come yelling at me, or get angry and upset because I asked if I could help you with something, or offer a service plan, it pretty much ruins my day. All you have to say is "no thanks, I appreciate your offer but I dont want the service plan/ best buy credit card/help with anything." It's that simple. If you tell me that, I'll probably not mention it again. At least now you can't say I didn't tell you about it. You know, sometimes you just have that customer that gets pissed off. It happens, and there is nothing we can do as a store to stop it, no matter how nice we try to be. People just act like babies, because unfortunately, the dicks are the ones we go out of our way to placate, and they know it. So please just be nice and try not to get upset too easily. Tomorrow is Labor day and I'm working 12 hours. Its the worst part of retail. All I want to to is sit at home and drink beer with some friends, maybe play some music together. But i'll be at best buy helping people who have more money than me buy televisions and surround sound. It might actually be fun though, because maybe someone will come in saying they want a Martin Logan surround system with a 60'' Pioneer and an Yamaha RX-V3800 amp, and i'll be overjoyed because if I do my job right, and they're happy after their install maybe they will invite me over for movie night (hey, it's happened before).

Best Buy does not know the meaning of customer service. I purchased a digital camera and when I opened it at home, it was defective and did not work. I went to return it and was told I could not get a replacement camera or get my money back because "I dropped the camera!" I DID NOT DROP THE CAMERA and now I am stuck with a camera that does not work and I am out the money. I am boycotting Best Buy and telling all my friends about this incident.

Drew forgot to mention that we only honor the no-lemon exchange policy if there have been three services performed, the product is deemed irrepairable, and the product was not broken by the users. We do not cover accidental damage on the Performance Service Plan, but we do offer ADH Accidental coverage on laptops. Our PSPs and PRPs have had a bad history because we used to have customers bring in the products, fortunately, now we have in-home service available and are working on same day replacement with minimal questions asked. It is no wonder Best Buy customers and employees are so disgruntled about the companies policies. I speak as an advocate for customer centricity, and customers are right for coming to Best Buy. We need to start living up to our name, and Best Buy should be better than a typical retail store. Although, we are retail we offer much more services than a regular retail business. I appreciate you customers for coming on here and telling us how we are doing, but don't you think it would be much more effective to take the survey that is on the receipt to let management know which employees need to be let go.
The second biggest problem is that we hire non-experienced people.

If you don't want to go through the three service policy on the laptops, then buy the more expensive ADH accidental coverage plan for the laptop. We make nothing on laptops, it is not like LCDs. Infact, we lose money so if you break it then we think you needed the ADH coverage. If you crash your own unit then it is not my problem, just like if you crash your own car. We are a business, not a doctor's office, we don't cure a dis ease. If your too shacky then go see a medical professional, he will give you the pills you need to slow your brain and hands down so you don't break so much of the stuff you baught from my company.

Three years ago 2005, I purchased over $2500 in merchandise at Best (aka Worse) Buy. I was suppose to receive the Reward Zone. Of course I did all they said to do on line, which it didn't work and then went by the store to be ignored. Called the store to no avail.
Face forward to 2008, I'm still getting reward zone info in my email. So I thought, ok, let's try this again. I just dropped a few hundred on software for this $3000+ PIECE OF CRAP I bought from Apple called an IMAC. Anyhow, I went there to get the disk to restart my computer. OF course they didn't have Tiger, only Leopard, which means I will lose all my pics, lyrics, poetry and manuscripts.
Ok, back to the Rewards thing. So I called the reward zone because I see I can get an extension on warranty for the software I purchased yesterday if I have my rewards card. Called the 888 number and of course I was sent to a Foreign country to deal with someone who didn't understand most of what I was saying, so I had to repeat myself 4 times only for the person to ask me all the same questions, phone number and address all over again. I was polite and I tried to be patient. However, I just went through this with that money hungry poor excuse of a computer company Apple last week when first they sent me to India for customer support, then the Philippines and this was when I dialed a local number to speak with someone local.
Ok, so finally I called 612-229-1100 number (of course the 888 number takes you to a foreign country and this one takes you to the actual corporate office). Anyhow, I was put through to the customer dissatisfaction office. Where after a 15 mins, I was told "I wish I could help with your rewards zone, but I can't.. "I am so sorry you went through that ... "Other companies have other countries taking their calls as well" All that and nothing was done. The person said they would put in a complaint, however, he never asked my name, his name was Seng and he never asked for a phone number or email address.
No wonder Best Buy filed for bankruptcy. If it wasn't' for the good people in the states who need their jobs at that place, I would pray that it as well as APPLE would completely shut down and the owners lose every penny they have to their name and NEVER be allowed to start another company again. If they want to send jobs to other countries, I think it's only fair that they are put out of this country. Go live in one of those third world countries where you want to employ people as oppose to putting that money back into the people who made you so large.
I have nothing against anyone from any place. HOWEVER, I HATE POOR OR BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Those same people, who are horrible to customers, will go to McDonalds, order the 99cents burger and call the manager because there is not enough ketchup on it. But they can't understand why other people get pissed with them, over their nonexistent customer service.

I have been praying for this sorry ass of a store to shut down for the longest time, and a new and improved business to open up instead on their lots so people can finally enjoy shopping for electronics again.

Praying for over 900 stores to close down? Ummm, yeah. Not gonna happen. Go shop at radioshack with your misinformed concept of enjoyable shopping experience.

Well it hasn't changed! I could not be more frustrated! We purchased, as in cash, a $5000.00 Sharp 65" LCD television last night. It worked for less than 60 minutes before it completely crashed. The store won't pick it up without charging us! Calling the customer service number is far less pleasant than bamboo shoots under fingernails. Customer service is staffed with passive aggressive incompetents. Finding the numbers for the corporate officew is more difficult than finding the numbers for God. I will never shop at Best Buy again. I will make everyone I know aware of the horrid customer service from the top down.

I think many of the complaints on here are valid. I am still suprised at how many people are short sighted and take one bad experience and blame the whole store/company for that problem. The thing I like about Best Buy is that they actually pay employees to try to help (sometimes they succeed, sometimes not so much) but if you dont like it then go to walmart or shop online where you have to do everything yourself. people complain about best buy prices, that they are too high, well its either they cut pay to employees and thus hire bad employees who will give poor service, or they pay their employees well and keep prices high. You cant have your cake and eat it too people.

I have to agree with all the negative comments. I have tried for two days to get someone to answer the phone at the Montgomery, AL store. Even the Geek Squad will not answer. There is NO SERVICE from this company. I only wish I had known this before I bought the 2nd TV. I have a 48 inch flat screen TV that I cannot watch because they won't get out and fix it. I finally got in touch with service NOT AT THE STORE and I do have my warranty and had been told they would be here on the 9/10 to fix it. About an hour later I get a call that it was being changed to the 19th because that was in the alloted time for the service call. IS THIS REALLY GOOD BUSINESS? I THINK NOT! No more ROTTEN BUY for me and I will keep my friends and family informed also.
A very dissatisified customer.
Linda Bowman

Having previously visited and posted here regarding my Best Buy troubles:

I find it amusing that so many Best Buy employees are posting here under the assumption that no one who dares make a complaint has ever worked in retail. I have, and I know that most of the people I know in life have worked in retail at some point or another. It is that knowledge and experience that allows us to form an opinion of the quality of service received. I'm fully aware of how annoying, frustrating and sometimes quite frankly stupid customers can be. However, when I'm working in retail I remember that I get paid to "make nice" with these people and assist them with whatever they need, regardless of how obnoxious they may become.

Also, I think many (though not all) of the employees posting here are missing the point. The majority of people here are not frustrated or angry with Best Buy that their product BROKE. They are angry at the way they were treated when they searched for help and the money they lost in unfulfilled warranties. These ARE customer service issues that should be infrequent enough that over 2,000 complaints on Best Buy service should not be among the first thing that pop up when 'googling' the company.


-Oh, and a note. When you are telling everyone how "stoopid" and "mouronic" they sound, please take the time to invest in a dictionary. Not to mention a thesaurus, as the use of the word 'fucking' wears thin as an adjective rather quickly.

Yeah their extended warranty is all but worthless! It took us a month and a half to finally get our tv repaired.

Do what I did last year on vacation and get even, justice, your money back and a great sense of returning power to the customer. I ran into lots of Best Buy crap over a return that was indeed covered by policy, yet I could not obtain even with my roommate working behind the counter. So after consideration I went to four separate Best Buys out and away from my local area while on vacation. I purchased items I liked and always wrote a check and always for under $200. Then I called my bank and stopped payment on all four checks as they were defective - I claim defect if returns are denied for reasonable reasons and was simply waiting for BB jerks to take me to court so I could explain but it never happened and now won't. This folks is not a returned check in you can not legally be placed on a returned check list. One group tried and I told them I did not bounce a check but placed a stop payment and they removed me from their reporting and returned my check to Best Buy - I could sue the reporting check company and BB jerks as this is actually false credit reporting violating federal law but it would cost too much and who cares. My claim was faulty merchandise and now they have to pursue me in small claims court which is very expensive and it's very unlikely the company would ever pursue it as they would spend more then they could recover. I also placed an electronic stop payment so an electronic payment could not run through my account - like a debit card transaction. It gets better...I live in another state then the bordering one where I made my purchases. I can't be forced legally to return to that state for a civil hearing...laws don't allow it for suck small amounts. The result is they have to sue me where I live which laws make difficult and it is also more expensive for the company. The only better way to do this to Best Buy would be to actually close the checking account after stopping payment on the checks, then there is no account to attempt to electronically access. So now we are even Best Buy. Thanks for the free digital camcorder, Blue-ray player and video games. I have now made a profit off of you and it's been over a year so you can't legally sue me anymore. Now that's justice! Shove your returns where the sun won't shine except at your life partner love in fest.

Do what I did last year on vacation and get even, justice, your money back and a great sense of returning power to the customer. I ran into lots of Best Buy crap over a return that was indeed covered by policy, yet I could not obtain even with my roommate working behind the counter. So after consideration I went to four separate Best Buys out and away from my local area while on vacation. I purchased items I liked and always wrote a check and always for under $200. Then I called my bank and stopped payment on all four checks as they were defective - I claim defect if returns are denied for reasonable reasons and was simply waiting for BB jerks to take me to court so I could explain but it never happened and now won't. This folks is not a returned check in you can not legally be placed on a returned check list. One group tried and I told them I did not bounce a check but placed a stop payment and they removed me from their reporting and returned my check to Best Buy - I could sue the reporting check company and BB jerks as this is actually false credit reporting violating federal law but it would cost too much and who cares. My claim was faulty merchandise and now they have to pursue me in small claims court which is very expensive and it's very unlikely the company would ever pursue it as they would spend more then they could recover. I also placed an electronic stop payment so an electronic payment could not run through my account - like a debit card transaction. It gets better...I live in another state then the bordering one where I made my purchases. I can't be forced legally to return to that state for a civil hearing...laws don't allow it for suck small amounts. The result is they have to sue me where I live which laws make difficult and it is also more expensive for the company. The only better way to do this to Best Buy would be to actually close the checking account after stopping payment on the checks, then there is no account to attempt to electronically access. So now we are even Best Buy. Thanks for the free digital camcorder, Blue-ray player and video games. I have now made a profit off of you and it's been over a year so you can't legally sue me anymore. Now that's justice! Shove your returns where the sun won't shine except at your life partner love in fest.

best buy cutomers suck. Most are rude for no reason. think about how you would like to be at work and someone come fussing are you and blaming you for thing out of your control.

People in retail are guess what... people too. Why seprate people as customers and retail sales.

All of you who are complaining about the service just need to shut up.

You should go to to find local businesses that sell electronics & anything else out there. Don't argue about the big boxes anymore, do something about it. I can't promise you will get good customer service at every small business you go to, but at least you will have something to compare to! is where you can find every small business in your area. GO GREEN! GO LOCAL! GO ZIPWEB!

Best Buy Warranty Sucks: Here's my story ... My daughter bought a Canon camera ... new cost with warranty approx $320.00 dollars with a 2 year warranty. After a year and a half the camera stopped problem I thought since we had a warranty. I took the camera to the Best Buy in Riverside, Calif. After waiting a few minutes a Geek Squad leader inspected the camera and said it would be shipped out to their repair center. Here is where the problem started ... according to the repair center it would cost more to repair the camera then what it is work ... .so they decided to send it back without the repairs or without me getting a new camera. I've talked to the manager a few times without getting any satisfaction. I tried to expain to the manager that I paid for the warranty and expected to have it repaired or replaced ... No deal from the manager ... I've spend over $10,000 dollars the last few years at the Riverside Best Buy ... .I can guarantee that I will never spend another penny at Best Buy. I will update with more information once I take the Best Buy manager to small claims ... ..

That story doesn't make sense...Dr Telco... If they cannot fix it they replace it. I know this because they have done it for me. Maybe your leaving something out.... ?

I'll be damned if I have to wait for those constant whinning phone calls that interupt me while I'm trying to get service/make a purchase, after all I'm there, you're not. And for those twits who insist on using their cell phones on my time, beware, for I'm the evil one that will take said phone in mid conversation and let you pay for my time in and run on cell phone minutes that go nowhere but your bill. I've learned long time ago, retail has no desire to pay someone to field calls out to departments who can't answer for they be labled unproductive, same for Macy's as it is K-Mart (tell it to Martha Stewart) Why should Best Buy be any different?

I use my phone all the time while I'm on the floor.... and if Gary bing ever tried to touch it... he'd have a broken hand ... sad isn't it Gary... ;)

I honestly think it just depends on the store.
The Best buy i work at is great (probably because it is very small compared to all the others), and we dont have too many unhappy customers (only the dumb ones that cant read a price tag).
When it comes down to the plans, its based on the stores as well.
My store doesnt really care about giving someone store credit for something we screw up on.

And employees dont get paid that much because we get f***ing great discounts

Best Buy loses more customers to Circuit City because their service is horrible and their associates are hardly willing to help customers. Circuit City has better employees with better customer service.

BestBuy customer service is the worst. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! Dell or the Apple Store, but Best Buy, NEVER AGAIN!

Hello retards!!!

Were do I begin.... hmmm first lets come to the raelization that Best Buy is a company whos goal is to make a profit... just like any other company... so when you guys think that you should get the best deal on something because " you shop their all the time" so what if you dont like it go somewhere else... bitching on this forum doesn't change anything... I think most of the complaints on here... are by dumb arrogant individuals who think they are on top of the world and should get whatever they want.. Im sorry the world doesn't revolve around you and your self centered ways.. Also, note that although our prices maybe high at times.. we offer the best service to you our people...if you didn't like our service why dont you go to walmart, target, amazon... etc... ohhhh that right you guys dont know shit about technology.. thats why you come here... next time keep that in your arrogant little heads...

BBY Advocate I love could not have said it better myself

i got a brand new 400 doller pc from bestbuy and it had a 30day wontay o got it becouse i need a cheep pc for 4days well my outhere 1 was geting fixed and after 2 days the it broke so i went back to bestbuy to get my money back and pick up my outhere pc and they said becouse it wasnt in profect shape they couldnt give me my money back or store credit and the pc i was haveing fixed by bestbuy i payed 1000 dollers for its olny 2 years old and within 3 months the hard drive fride 2 times so far its be fixed 4 times so now im out 400 dollers for the p.o.s. and ever few months i have to get my 1000 doller 1 fixed by bestbuy becoues thats where i got it and there teck guys dont know how to fix anything becoues i have had them fix 4 harddrives 2 bad perloaded softwere 1 mothere borad 4 usb ports 2 disk drives and i think theres something eles that broke but i just cant rember right now so dont ever buy from bestbuy find some1 eles and the best help i have had is with apple so when my worntey runs out with bestbuy all im buying is macs. word to the wise never shop at bestbuy they dick u around when ever they get the chanse if u prefore to shop in a store and cant find a apple store or dont buy off ebay buy from any1 but bestbuy becouse there the worstbuy

javan u make no sense best buy does not make the computers and u should stop going on porn sites lol and u wont fry your hard driveslol

Best Buy has terrible employees. The Geek Squad is a joke. They hire kids or computer nerds to work there and do work on people's PC's and laptops. And why are all their cashiers so dumb and ditsy? Anyone else notice that? Drives me nuts how they have a tough time answering simple questions. And I get tired of being asked if I have a Reward Zone card every time an employee on the floor directs me to an item I am looking for. You don't really save much with that membership and you have to spend like $200 before you get any worthy discount.

In the areas of DVD's and CD's no employee is to be found if you need help but as soon as you step into the Apple area, cell phone area, computer area, or TV area, BOOM!!! blue shirts hovering around out of nowhere. They all hang back in those areas to get their commission on purchases, it's so obvious! After just looking at one TV for not even one second, there comes the guy who presents that swagger that acts like he knows his electronics and asks you 3 to 5 questions that bother you. Any random high school kid could have been hired and trained for a sales associate job at Best Buy. Employees and Circuit City and B&B Appliances have more knowledge about certain products especially higher end ones than does Best Buy.

I had work done on my Laptop at both the Geek Squad and Circuit City. Circuit City's computer technicians blow away the Geek Squad. I had to buy a new hard drive and fix my computer both times and backups everything. Circuit City has the job done in 2 days and had everything carried over and backed up correctly and handed everything back to me real organized. I did the same thing at Geek Squad for a different time. They took 3 weeks to get everything back to me and they gave me back the wrong power cord by mistake. This zit-faced high school kid had to go back through other computers in the back to find the right one for me. He didn't even explain what he did to my computer and when I turned it on, I found out he put all files into one big one and expected me to re-create what I had even though I specifically wrote down how I wanted things to be set-up, which we went over when I first gave him my laptop to be worked on. If this is the professionalism or lack thereof that Best Buy entails, I'm not going to purchase anything from here again.

you have got to be kidding. Best Buy does not have a call center for local calls. Go to your local store and ask what their number is and call it from your cell phone and see who answers.

this is a reply to Ryan.

Commission? When did employees start making commission? There are always more employees in Home Theater and Computers than there are in Media. There sometimes are maybe 2 at a time in the DVD/CD section and as many as 5 or 6 in Computers or Home Theater. You just are pretty dumb then huh? Maybe that's why you get bombarded by employees, just maybe because there are more in that department.

"Stupid is as stupid does"

If you think best buy sucks than you must hate target or costco. you must be really stupid or just really ignorant nothing is free and every dumb customer wants something for free because they buy something. seriously just shut up and quit whining best buy customers will compromise if you don't give a bitchy atitude every time I go there for a return or a problem I get it fixed right away and get helped. your probably being the customer from hell and bitching because you didnread the fine print 15% restocking fee if returned or don't understand how people are actually taking their time to help you when they could help someone else..... so shut the hell up and eat your whiny crap your self.

Like I said and ill say it again some customers are just plain stupid and make no sense. Why do you need help finding a damn cd or motherfucking dvd do you know your abc's ass hole lol. If you have a problem going into stores to find help buy it online and see how far you get you dumb motherfucker lol.

I have never met such rude, incompetent, and ignorant people than at Best Buy. I have a service contract, and they are holding my DVD recorder for almost 2 months now. The rack of lies and excuses will take pages if I listed them all. Bottom line..When they renewed my contract, some bozo added an extra number, so the repair order would not go through. Complaint after complaint has been filed with the store first, and then corporate, and now consumer affairs. I had to do their work for them, and figure out what their internal error was, after I deciphered the myriad of lies, and waded through the BS! They would not make any calls, or try to figure out anything. They have a well-rehearsed phrase, just to make people "go away". They say, I'll work on it and call you tomorrow. Don't hold your breath waiting for the call. It never comes. As soon as you leave, they are done with "servicing" you.
The store is in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania. Damien is the Geek Squad manager who hung up on me, lied to me many times, and was the most rude, lazy, and ignorant person I have ever met. When I threatened to sue, he had no reaction. I guess it happens all the time with Best Buy. They actually have a policy, according to both Damien, and his boss, Kevin, to "terminate the conversation" when anyone says the word "sue". I won't give up, and, I'm looking for a good lawyer willing to take on this ridiculous company.
I will never buy so much as a battery from them ever again! If enough people do their business elsewhere, maybe they will soon find themselves "out of business". I'll drive 100 miles, if necessary, or do without, before I will consider ever walking into that store to buy anything ever again!

i worked for best buy for a few weeks. I took the job with their geeksquad. In which my fellow co workers are a bloody joke. i been a network support technicians for over 5 years and they are clueless. they rely on 2 programs called MRI & customizer 3.0. they always blame the motherboard for most of the problems cause the techs are poorly trained dumb & make people in the pc repair business look bad. Best buy has done alot of illegal things but with geek squad is 1 of the worse and depraved. none of the computers I worked on never had problems cause i directly talked with the customer and only I worked on the pc. the computers that the other techs work on get jacked up, and worse. when they do ur spyware/virus removal they dont know how to do it. its hooked up to johnny utah (to a secure geek squad website) where some 1 remotely takes over your computer. in which they ruin the computers so they can bilk you out of more $$. their best buy service center goes to louiville KY and guess who funds them AIG.

I own an xbox 360 which I purchased in September of 2006 and bought all of the accessories of course, suckered about the great warranty which I bought. The rep said with only $50.00 more, anything that happens to your console, "anything", just bring it to our store within the next two years, and we'll be glad to exchange it for you for free.

Problems with my xbox started when playing games or watching a movie, the console would suddenly freeze; unpluging, rebooting, turning off and on while waiting would not help. My console was having constant three flashing light on the front panel. Finally I called Microsoft support, went through a series of diagnosis, and the tech determined that I can ship the xbox console directly to Microsoft and they would repair it because it's a common issue for xbox owners. The repair would take up to 30 days between shipping, fixing it, and shipping it back to me. I explained to the tech that I have the receipt and still have two weeks on my warranty with BEST BUY, may be I can take it to them and they can fix it.
Took the console to the GEEEEEEEEK SWAT (SQUAD) and explained the issues. The tech guy had a long day, showed no care, plugged my xbox while I waited for 2 hours and the console is running, the red lights were not appearing. He said we can only plug it in and wait and there is nothing he can do because the xbox seems to be running fine. I said it could happen when it gets really hot and the heat does not dissipate right. I also suggested that MS has this issue on their website and it's a very common issue like the blue screen on a pc:

Info from MS site:
Three of the lights on the Ring of Light on the front of your Xbox 360 console flash red
Article ID : 907534
Last Review : July 23, 2008
Revision : 7.1
Three lights flash red on the Ring of Light (RoL) on the front of your Xbox 360 console.The upper-right quadrant light is the only light that does not flash red.
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The three flashing red lights may indicate that there is a hardware problem with your Xbox 360 console.
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If you are experiencing this problem, you can submit a console-repair request online.

I took the xbox and didn't want to use it anymore, I placed it in my closet, until 2 days ago, the kids wanted to watch a movie. I plugged it in, 3 flashing red lights half way through the movie. I now have an open repair ticket with Microsoft and Best Buy lost my business in these very nice economic times of the holiday season.

I work in Customer Service, have all my life. My current job is with insurance and I deal with fatality claims... over the phone. I know the very essence of customer service, I know how one phone call can define the company in a customer's mind, and I DO know that the customer is not always right.

That being said, I just got off the phone with Best Buy regarding a order I needed to change. It was the single worst customer service experience of my life. I emailed their "contact us" people (probably won't help, but who knows) just to give them some feedback.

I will never buy from again, ever. That was my first and last transaction. The person I talked to was so inept, I just can't even put it into words. It was ridiculous. And my question was very, very, very simple. It took 23 minutes and 5 seconds and the woman said maybe 20 words. I'd ask her a question and nothing... silence... not even an acknowledgement I asked a question. I'd say "you there?" she'd say yes. This happened OVER and OVER and OVER.

I thought I was being Punk'd, but alas I am not famous. It was just a day in the life of the person on the other line of customer service.



Without a doubt, Best Buy has the worst "customer service" I have ever experienced. Because of it, I didn't go near them for a major home remodel.

Instead, I bought a high-end home theater system from American Audio Visual and all appliances from Pacific Sales, both in San Diego. The tab: over $50,000.

I'll drive 100 miles out of my way to avoid Best Buy. You should, too.

Best Buy and Lowes are the two best national retailers. If you have any issues calmly ask for a manager and plead your case. If you remain cool, you will get taken care of. Please remember: Stuff Happens. We know that. Work retail one day and you would have a major appreciation for what we do. Any good manager knows no one is perfect but we try to give the best service.

i just watched an employment video of Best Buy's... they own pacific sales... LOL

i think they own american audio visual too

What happened to me inside the Melville NY store, was not a matter of misunderstanding the store policy. Frankly they could have charged me a 10% restocking fee, and I would have left satisfied. I have never been treated like I was treated at the Melville NY store by this young woman named Geriann, who I understand no longer works there. Simply because I stated to her "I will never buy anything at this store again", she told me if I did not like it I could get the F*** out of HER STORE. Frankly I was shocked that she would dare speak to me like this and when I asked her what gave her the right to do this, she said that if customers say ONE BAD THING about her store she has the right to throw them out of the store. Then, she told me I HAD TO SPEAK to the stereo guy about my broken transmitter. I was so shocked by this that I did, and I was escorted to the area, escorted like I could not be trusted. Come to find out that the reason she did this was so she could get this guy to state that I had broken it myself, which I did not. The story that this woman Geriann concocted was amazing, I guess since she knew I was going to call Corporate Customer Service, she had to get a way to cover herself. Since that day, I have never bought anything at a best buy store. I would no longer feel compfortable shopping there. I shut down my credit card, and none of my friends have bought anything there either. From what I have seen on the internet, and from the amount of claims against Best Buy with the consumer protection agency and the better business bureau, I am not alone. And, since you asked how is it working out for me since Circuit City is in bankruptcy, it's working out fine. I order from, or and can tell you that if I have a problem which is rare, it's taken care of immediately, which is more than I can say for itself. Best buy reputation speaks for itself.

As working for best buy for about 7 months now honestly people you dont know what its like to be busy. this is fucking retail people we cant always be at the phone to pick up ur damn phone calls we have lots of customers in the store honestly how would it feel to the customer that came to our store for help if we have to constantly pick up a phone. come on people have some common sense before you post something fucking stupid like that. work fucking retail and than you will know what we are talking about in the mean time STFU and stop complaining thats the problem with people like you... what happens when you complain at a restuarant they spit in ur food. what happens when you complain at a retail store you end up with poor customer service because ur a BUNCH OF FUCKING DICK HEADS!!!!

" # 679 | Amy | 2008-11-16 01:39 PM


Actually I work for Geek Squad in Jersey and we give customers 120 days to pickup their repaired product. In my store, we keep the product up until the 120th day with multiple phone calls telling the customer that your product will be thrown out on "this" day if you dont come and pick it up.

Its all in the paper work people. YOU NEED TO READ!

I've always worked in retail, and I've always worked for companies that have a great attitude, treating customers the way they should be treated: always right! Even if the customer is wrong, the very last thing that an employee should ever do is make the customer feel wrong, feel like a criminal, feel cheated or feel degraded! Unfortunately Best Buy stands for what is wrong with customer service. They must treat their employees like total crap, because even the managers, not to mention the smart a$$ high school kids working the counters, have absolutely NO tact or sense of hospitality. One manager can say the store has a set policy, such as a price matching ability on a competitor's add (and tell you to come back later, at a specified time), while the next manager on duty refuses & threatens to have you kicked out of the store for being upset. I've actually heard employees tell people who are upset or confused over some changed "policy" that it "sucks for you" or "that's tough". What is THAT?! Please, as consumers in such a bad economic stituation, why would one ever want to give money to such a unworthy cause? I'd rather buy from circuit city, or anywhere online, just NOT from the rude, lying BEST BUY!

Oh, and "ME!!", are you a corporate nark, or are you seriously brainwashed? Why stick up for bloodsuckers unless you actually are one? The problem starts at the top & drains downward, so corporate attitudes had better start changing!

From now on, I'll be taking my cold hard cash elsewhere....

Yea.. take your cold hard cash to Circuit city oh no wait.. how bout Good guys...oh wait.. try comp usa no wait.........I guess target and walmart is left to get your informative help =D

There is plenty of blame to go around. Beast Buy tries to compete on price, but they can't compete on price and still provide good service. Customers shop there want the cheapest price with good service.

You can't have both.

Consumers (not Big Box stores!) have driven small businesses out of the market. The small business can provide better service, but they have to charge more money per unit to do that. Consumers buy mainly on price.

Most of the Beast Buy employees know far less than I do about the products that I want to buy, so I never shop at Best Buy except for small commodity items in shrink wrap that don't require installation or setup or brains of any kind.

If so many people who post messages here are so smart, they should buy their gear at mail order places, install and set it up themselves, take good care of it, and deal with the manufacturers directly.

If you don't like Best Buy, stop shopping there. This web site reminds me of an old Vaudeville routine: "Doctor, it hurts when I do THIS" and the doctor replies, "So don't DO that"

see rob thats just the problem people dont know how to do things for themseleves thats why the shop at best buy to get help. They should take a second ask an extra question or two to find out what they are buying. Just like any other big company best buy is just trying to make a buck thats it good point.

We have experienced the Best Buy "Scam", Color Calibration" on a new large screen Samsung HDTV. Our new TV was 100% perfect before they came to conduct the "color calibration". After the so-called calibration", the color on the screen resembles a ten year old set. Promises to schedule a return visit to rectify the problem have failed. It took 10 weeks to get it done after our purchase. This scam must be stopped. Please warn others.

I bought a laptop from best buy for $800 and no, the salesguy didn't try to force the service plan on me. But I had to wait for a long time for someone to help me. I was dismissed time after time when I walked up to an employee at the electronics dept. Since then, my laptop has worked just fine...knock on wood.
Once I returned an unopened game, and they took it back without a word. Very professional. Still, I don't shop at BB because it is so expensive.
I read the comment about the false advertising, and although I agree that BB shouldn't have put misleading ads, it happens all the time. Obviously, no one had told the customer, who was rightfully angry to buyer beware. Companies pull misleading ads all the time. Is it right? Heck no. But don't be so naive. I work in retail customer service, and I long to tell that one day to the complaining customers. "BUYER BEWARE!"

Best Buy is just a small list of box stores that don't have a clue of what they sell. Circuit City really is no better in terms of knowledgeable sales staff. And Lowes takes takes the cake. They will say what ever they need to make the sale. Point is do your research before going to the store and know what you are buying. Usually you will know more then the sales person. Sometimes you get lucky and speak with someone who really knows the merchandise, but these are usually the more mature sales people. If a young person trys to sell me something I usually cringe because they like to do alot of double talk with the hope of confussion to get you to buy more then you really want.

Bottomline, know what you are shopping for and do your research.

First off, to Angela and other extraordinarily rude Customer Service reps above (and I was in retail and hospitality for years so I know of what I speak), who think it is our job to make their job pleasant and minimize their need to actually perform a job, even though they are in CUSTOMER SERVICE, good luck in life--you'll need it. it gets far worse than people--many with very legitamate complaints--asking you to do your job. And boycotts are how the US began, civil protest, and IT WORKS.

For people here who understand that there are options s to where one will purchase products in the US, here's my Best Buy story:

It is clear from this topic, as well as other BB Sucks postings through the internet, and of course the fact that Best Buy is tinkering on the brink of bankruptcy, that there is a problem with this company--as well as many other huge warehouse retail stores. It's worth it to support small and local business, they need the sale.

After a debacle about 3 years ago with a $50 Christmas gift card I ordered online for my nephew in early December, that did not arrive in Huntington Beach, CA, until January 3, with the excuse that "adverse weather" conditions prevented the promised arrival--I stopped making purchases at Best Buy. We have purchased every major appliance for a kitchen, a high end digital camera and accessories, multiple PCs, monitors, CDs, video programs, etc. during that time, so it was definitely Best Buy's loss. I went out of my way to avoid the store (why do they always smell like locker rooms?).

Last year, because their prices were very good, my husband and I capitulated and bought a plasma and an LCD TV there. Just like one of the posters above, the problems happened at installation. We paid for a very expensive package which was supposed to include "tuning" the units to the perfect color and HD resolution (?), as well as teaching us how to use the units, and packaging removal. It took forever to be able to schedule a time for installation, and we had to wait around for the guy for several hours, as he kept calling with a new time for arrival. The subcontracted installer literally spent less than 15 minutes to install both units and ran out of our house refusing to take the boxes and packaging as he was supposed to. In a nutshell, it took me a number of telephone calls, a report filed with the BBB, and a lot of raised blood pressure and aggravation to finally get another installer back. This one turned the units on, said the color looked fine (although NO color adjustments were made), took the boxes and left. For this we paid nearly $400. We ultimately had Comcast come out and fix the units to correct color and HD resolutions, because we were tired of fighting with Best Buy.

Again disgruntled, I stopped purchasing from them ... but when snow started falling here in mid-December, I wanted to minimize my driving for X-mas gifts, so I ordered a couple of CDs for my husband from BB online. They were guaranteed for delivery on 12/22-12/24. While there was some snow and even a bit of ice on the roads in Oregon, I made it to work in a Jetta without chains, and we saw the UPS truck every day, US mail delivered as normal. I phoned BB online on 12/24 and got a snotty rep who was rude, sarcastic, told me my shipment was delayed due to "adverse conditions" and said he did not know when the package would arrive. He told me no credit was due to me, and if I didn't like it, I could return the items to the store when they arrived. Shortened version, I have called every day since Christmas, been made to wait on the telephone for at least 12 minutes each time, been transferred all over the place, been told the rep could not "hear me and was going to have to terminate the call" although she had answered several of my questions prior to this, and been told my order was marked as "complete" despite the fact it has never arrived. I've spent at least 90 minutes following up on this order, and I still don't have my package. Finally today a rep told me that the order would reship. I said "NO, I just want my $$ back."

THEY REFUSED. The UPS tracking shows that the item has been in Portland, OR, 10 miles from my house, since 12/22. Yet they continue to mark the item "scanned for delivery," at the beginning of the day and then "adverse conditions" at the end of the day.

BB claims this is a UPS problem (two orders online, and two times a nightmare for small items to be shipped), and this may be true. But my point is, it's THEIR CARRIER. They need to make it right, and the best way would be to return my $$. Why aren't they putting pressure on UPS? Why haven't they called to find out where my package is and ask why it hasn't been delivered? Why do they keep promising me the item will be delivered and instead of following up on their snafu, making me go through the nightmare of continually calling their automated system and dealing with the rude staff?

For Angela and other folks above who complain about the complainers: I worked in retail for years, I understand what it's like to deal with angry or even unreasonable customers. Guess what? That's what you get for taking their money! They provide you with the job you have, it's downright silly to complain about people's complaints--especially legitimate complaints that clearly show a retailer's error!

Best Buy has had my money for two CDs since 12/18 snd I have nothing. This has happened to me three times with them in as many years--with various price investments. It is extremely arrogant (and foolish) to assert that people should figure out how to use automated systems, or go elsewhere, because they PROBABLY WILL. That sort of outlook gets a business precisely where BB is today--suffering huge losses and a boatload of online complaints such as this!

I will purchase any product that BB has ANYWHERE but BB, and I told the BB rep to check it out. They can track your purchases, trust me.
So, in conclusion -- BYE BYE Best Buy, I'll spend my money for CDs, TVs, monitors, PCs, cameras, video games, appliances elsewhere!

Hey Pamela... do your shopping before the rush... come on you made your order on Dec 18...6 days before Christmas? Are you serious? And you said BB is on the brink of bankruptcy? lol...

oh Pamela... shame on you... Shame.......!!! ;)

I purchased a laptop for my wife from them the day after Christmas. The geek in the laptop department told me Windows Vista would be very easy for her to use. She is a flight attendant and always gone. She called me the very first day of a trip she was on and couldn't get the laptop to connect to the wireless internet at the hotel. I am her geek squad but have no idea about Windows Vista! We got so frustrated at each other over a laptop trying to get her online. I told her I would take care of it when she got home. I went out and bought her a different laptop with Windows XP Home Edition installed from Fry's. I took the laptop back to Best Buy for a refund only to find out I was going to have to pay a 15% restocking fee on a $1200 laptop that we couldn't get to hook up to the internet. The lady in the store said read the back of your receipt for the restocking fees. Like I told her, Best Buy should tell people this before they buy an item or place the restocking information on the item box to read before the purchase and not on a receipt that you only get after the purchase. The employees should explain this restocking info at checkout time before the actual purchase of the item and to read the back of the receipt for important information regarding any and all returns. Be honest, how many people read the back side of their store receipts? The employees in the store were not very helpful at all and had that I really don't care I'm just here for the paycheck attitude!
I'm from back in the TRS 80 days but they nicknamed Windows Vista correctly...TURD IN A BOX!!

I have tried calling our local Best Buy store here in Surprise, Arizona 6 times per day to see if they have a particular electronics game in. I have never repeat never had anyone answer the phone.
Yester I decided to stop in and asked an employee about no one answering the phone. His comment was "Yah we get alot of complaints about no one answering the phone" excuse me! This is a direct reflection of poor management and no concern over customers that are looking to buy.
Yes we went elsewhere to buy and also my brother bought his 65" TV elsewhere also.
In addition, I now get all my office supplies at Office Max instead of Best Buy. Best Buy just does not care!

Dan Swafford

I have tried calling our local Best Buy store here in Surprise, Arizona 6 times per day to see if they have a particular electronics game in. I have never repeat never had anyone answer the phone.
Yester I decided to stop in and asked an employee about no one answering the phone. His comment was "Yah we get alot of complaints about no one answering the phone" excuse me! This is a direct reflection of poor management and no concern over customers that are looking to buy.
Yes we went elsewhere to buy and also my brother bought his 65" TV elsewhere also.
In addition, I now get all my office supplies at Office Max instead of Best Buy. Best Buy just does not care!

Dan Swafford

best buy rapes their employees, get paid dick for what we do, and you only move up if you suck the managers cock, literally, or your a fellow kiss-ass high school drop out retard.

as for customer complaints. you all need to realize that what i just said applies to every single floor worker in the company, so you have to realize that every day we're angry bc we are there, and you guys come in like you run the store, and give attitude to college kids who are just trying to make money.

im in college, 4 year university and not some shitty community school, and the next comment is for the ppl who are saying they only hire retards on the floor. FUCK YOU!!!. we are the ones who YOU are asking questions to about things that are so fuckin simple to know that you are retards yourself for having to ask about.....lets see, home phones (ITS A FUCKING PHONE)...TV's.....ITS A FUCKING TV, just know what size u want and move the fuck on. what is the difference between a 2gb and 4gb memory stick, gee i dunno, fucking double you idiot. people who shop at best buy are for the most part inherently stupid. if i had a nickel for every dumbass question ive been asked, i wouldnt have to go to school and would be livin off the interest


I have just spent some time reading all of these comments and I wonder how many of you ever go back and read how ridiculous you sound! I work with individuals who are disabled and I find them employment in our area and Best Buy welcomed one of my clients so graciuosly, it was wonderful! This person is now working their dream job and Best Buy has done everything possible to make this work experience as good for this individual as possible. Every store has issues in one way or another, but it also has to do with the way "WE" as the public deal with a stores associates as well. The gentleman who took his anger to the cashier who had absolutely nothing to do with his previous problem had no right to involve that person and then wonders why this person would respond so negatively? Sir, Grow up! Your attitude has alot to do with the people are obviously responding to you...think about that! I have had both good and bad service in many different types of stores and I just chalk it up to learning experiences and move forward. I don't choose to come on a site and slam a company because it will make me feel better! Deal with your issues and MOVE ON!

Best Buy is the worst company with awful customer service--beware of returns they will do everything they can to screw you

Best Buy please go out of business!!!

Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. They will lie to you and don't even try to ask for a supervisor, they told me that they would call me back within 24 to 48 hours 2 weeks later no call.

I got a gift card for Christmas and made the mistake of ordering an Ipod online. I got to the store and they said that they did not have the one I ordered in stock. They had another one in stock so I said I would purchase that one. The customer service(they don't know what that means) person said that my gift card had been charged for the Ipod that they didn't have and would not be credited for 24 hours. This customer service idiot said I could just pay for it and use my gift card later. I left the store pretty mad and started calling 1-800 best buy - don't ever waste your time they are complete idiots. I went to a different store hoping a manager could straighten this out Best Buy has cornered the market on incompetent people. This manager couldn't understand what the problem was.

I never got an answer to the question why did they charge my gift card for something they did not have.


Nick your retarded and live in a fantasy- "We are trained, actually pretty exlusively, just like any other BBY employee and we CAN handle your problem, and in the event that we can't... we WILL get you to someone who can"

I have called twice to reschedule a simple delivery. (As I was instructed to do per the Best Buy website, I might add.) Neither person has been able to send a simple confirmation email to assure me that this reschedule has taken place. When I asked for said email, I was actually told by the last representative "uh, I don't know if we send an email out for this or not, I never shop online." For fuck's sake aren't you people trained "pretty exlusively" as you claim, Nick? Your all pieces of in-bred scum that couldn't make coffee without pissing your pants as far as I am concerned. Why don't you get back to work Nick; instead of defending your dumbass, retarded brotherhood of ape coworkers?

Why does Best Buy suck hmmm. Lets examine this. It is because of the Managers and the low pay for the workers. If you made 8 bucks an hour while your supervisor makes $25 you probably wouldn't care about the customers either especially if your supervisor is Satan on Meth.

There are several issues floating about here.

One is Best Buy's corporate policies. That is why I found this site; I'm having a problem and wondered if others did too. They obviously do.

However, poor corporate policies are not the fault of individual workers, and it is inappropriate to yell at employees for things beyond their control.

I've worked in retail. Yes, customers can be a**holes. But I am appalled at the degree of employee rudeness back. That it is tolerated by the company -- seemingly actually fostered -- points back to poor corporate policies.

In the heat of the moment, it is understandable to return rudeness for rudeness. But if I said some of the things to customers reported here, I would lose my job. I am especially amazed at the vituperation of customers on this forum by BB employees. There is no "heat of the moment" here. And it reflects very badly on the company. I would not be surprised if the employees who speak out like that get fired for using those terms in a public forum like this. If they are not at least reprimanded, then that proves the very point they are arguing against -- that Best Buy has poor customer service. Because training employees to be civil is part of customer service.

I do not mean to dismiss the provocation of rude customers, but anyone in customer service has to learn to not take it personally (unless your own rudeness was the cause). And we all need to lay blame where it belongs -- poor corporate policies.

Best Buy does not stand behind their warranties!! I had a laptop with a plastic key cover come off. When I attempted to get a replacement cap for the key through the Geek Squad at the store I purchased the laptop they asked me to call the 1800-Best-Buy customer service number. After doing this I got nothing but the run around and was told that I would have to send the entire computer in to have a plastic cover ($10.00 Part that taks 30 seconds to put on) in to the repair center to have the plastic key put on.

I then talked to the store again. They said they would order a replacement keyboard and swap it out in the store. A month later they told me they told me that they could not get the keyboard from there parts center and again the entire computer would have to be sent in for the plastic cover to be replaced. This type of repair is trivial.... Even an untrained child can replace one of these covers.

Based on their handling of this waranty and my waste of $200.00 on a warranty, I will never shop at Best Buy again and I definately won't ever buy a warranty from a store like this again. I would recommend extreme caution when buying from this company. They will rip you off if they can.

All I can say Matt is that I have had SO MANY problems with Best Buy, the employees are was under trained and they dont know what they are talking about. I just called too and got the run around, the phone rang and rang, no one answers it. My 14 year old daughter knows more then the "Geek Squad" Oh I am talking about one individual, I cant talk for the entire Best Buy chain, Hopefully Corporate reads this, the worse experiences I have had at any store in my life, is Best Buy Store # 20, Cedar Rapids Iowa. These employees have sold me items (not cheap items) and PROMISED me they would work with this or that only to find out it would not work, I could go on and on!

Hey so all those angry people that dont like go shop at circuit city!!! lol ha ha oyahh you can't their closed now!!

adult diapers that is what I have been trying to say the whole time

So I had this lady come in the other day... She wanted me to change the ringtone on her cell phone. So I start playing with it to get to the ringtone settings and she gets upset that I'm TAKING TOO LONG... lol.. I explain to her that I have 88 cell phones here and as inventory changed very quickly I do not get the chance to read the instructions on every phone. Well.... she acted as if I insulted her mom.. because the next thing out of her mouth were racial slurs.. and demeaning talk to me. of course I handed the phone back to her and said that we were done.She demanded that it was my job to help her.. I replied I can refuse service to anyone who speaks to me the way she did. Moral of the story.... A little patience and politeness go a long way.

P.s.. read the instructions before coming into a best buy store.. you people are sooooo lazy ;)

shame on lazy customers...... shame....... :)

I bought a DVD player at Best Buy. I told the sales rep when I bought it that I was not going to use it for about 4 weeks as I was going to hhok it up with my new TV when I get it. I had to buy things as I had the money and was hooking it all up when I got it all.

I went to watch a movie today about 2 months after purchase and the DVD player read, "Bad Disk" on the display. So I cleaned the disk and got the same result. I then tried a movie I had watched just the night before and again got the same result. I attempted a few more toubleshooting tactics with the same result.

I then packed up the DVD player and the reciept and headed to Best Buy. I explained the situation and the amount of time that I had been using the device. The representative told me that the product was not able to be excahnged becasue the computer says it can't be. As far as I know we (People) invented computers to do what we want not to tell us what to do. I told him that this was "bullshit" and that I wanted to talk to a supervisor. He sadi he was the supervisor and that anyone higher up was not in the store.

We argued for a while longer and I grapped my items and was so upset I mis-pronounsed the name of the store when I said "I will never shop at bus buy again". He then condisendingly said "it's Best Buy not Bus Buy". My response while childish was from anger and I said "well what ever the fuck it is called, I will not shop at it". He responded "ok" when he should have just been quiet so my response was "Fuck You".

When I got home I called customer service and explained all of this and even told them I told there associate to F off. She said that the product was under a 90 day repair policy and to take it to any best buy with the reciept. I told her I just left best buy with a reciept why did they not tell me that. This would have appeased me. I will take it ot them tomorrow but no matter what I will never give them another dime of my money.

On a side note I can actually say thank you to Microsoft, I can atleast still watch a DVD on my XBOX 360, thanks Mr. Gates. The hell with Best Buy.

Jason... stop acting like a child.... If you knew you weren't going to use it until about 4 weeks then why not a service plan so that if something does go wrong you would protect yourself from the very problem you encountered? you were clearly past the return policy and because of this you decide to throw a tantrum in the store? lol... I would be more mad with the people who actually made the dvd player since best buy clearly didn't MAKE the player.

shame on Jason for acting like a child.... shame on jason for clearly trying to get around the return policy.. shame on jason for not spelling "HOOK" correctly.....


For every bad experience I have seen a customer go through, I have seen three great ones. I'm rather jaded with retail in general, I for one don't like being hassled by sales people, but I would never act nasty to someone doing their job. Besides, maybe I don't know everything there is to know about something, and giving the sales staff the benefit of the doubt is healthy.

It has been stated before, there are some things that we have no personal control over at the store, or even management level. Just this morning a customer had an issue with an installation not being scheduled correctly. I had no personal way to fix the problem, but with the customer's patience, I contacted the Geek Squad Supervisor and sent the issue to someone that could fix it.

Yes, Obviously I work at Best Buy. I have been with the company two years in the home theater department. I really don't care what you have to say about the company as a whole, I won't argue with you. There are companies that I despise, and perspective is always different from the inside. I do ask please don't harass the staff at your local store. Don't insult their education, intelligence, race, or sex. Sure there are jerks in the stores, but as we see here, there are jerks everywhere.


best buy sucks,, bought a sony tv and it needs repair,, I call up they can't give me an appointment because they don't have anyone to fix it.. I bought the extended warranty ,, they are trying to find someone from a nearby town,, Its been 4 days so far like I said BEST BUY SUCKS ,, I'll go to sears next time

best buy sucks,, bought a sony tv and it needs repair,, I call up they can't give me an appointment because they don't have anyone to fix it.. I bought the extended warranty ,, they are trying to find someone from a nearby town,, Its been 4 days so far like I said BEST BUY SUCKS ,, I'll go to sears next time

I just started reading these and think to myself and laugh. I am a current Best Buy employee, and love looking at the dimwitted customer who is dumb enough to spend $800 dollars on a laptop but not spend $200 to protect and replace it. The math is simple and for someone to be dumb enough to want to spend another $800 several years down the road is a complete idiot in my book and does not deserve the time of day.

Now on to Ciriut City and Comp USA, the funny thing is that they are all going or out of business so it looks like we don't fuck anything up, it looks like they really seemed to mess up and epically I might add. So next time you come into Best Buy, get ready for a sales pitch cause your going to get one and if you generally don't buy what they are offering, your an idiot and if you do, you will probably be one of happier customers that don't end up on this website. The one's that complain are RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Mike if your going to be your wife's IT ,LOL, then why not read up on Windows Vista. I mean come on are you serious. The amount of people I hear each day is just as smart as this idiot thinking they can go program a server or replace a keyboard.

On the replacement of the keyboard Phil why didn't you call the manufacturer and order the part yourself. I order a screen replacement from Sony and replaced it myself...OH wait, your wanting them to replace it free and talk all big and bad like you know a lot but don't even know where the damn DVD goes in your Laptop. My apologies you must be IT like Mike...HAAAAAAA.

On Robin, I am really sure your daughter knows a lot about computers. Knowing how to work Office and talking to friends on Myspace wouldn't be what I call a creditable skill. Oh and Robin about being under trained I could out talk you on electronics any day. Ha again.

Hey Bob its been 4 days keep your damn pants on, the Playboy channel will still be there when the TV gets back.

Hey Jason congrats on being a badass dick. Now you can never enter there without being stared at and scrutinized idiot.

Cat you can fuck yourself reading your articles just makes me want to punch you in your ovaries.

worst 3 years ever workin there

I recommend to everyone that I know to not shop at Best Buy any longer. Their level of customer service is simply deplorable.

I had one of my employees purchase a camera in another state. I even went as far as speak directly to the salesperson as to what features the camera had to have on it.

The sales associate assured me that my employee would leave with the right camera and features we needed. Well my employee left the store with the camera and used it on his route which travels across multiple states. Shortly afterward we found that the camera did perform as claimed by the salesperson. Unfortunately my employee was not anywhere near a Best Buy store where he could even return the camera.

Best Buy has a 14-day return policy and a 15% restocking fee if the camera has to be returned and is not defective. So if you buy it, you own it, or will have to pay 15% off of your purchase price to return it. Stop throwing your money away on Best Buy, especially if there is a chance that you have to return it.

I called the manager from the store and she said, "Sorry it's your camera now, as you have exceeded the 14-day Return Policy". I tried to explain how their salesperson sold us a camera that did not have the features they claimed that it had. She didn't care and refused to return it. I contacted their Corporate Customer Service Department and pretty much got the same story.

Bottom line, Best Buy is totally inflexible and doesn't care about customer satisfaction.

Best Buy must be rolling in its glory now that their are even less competitors now that Circuit City and CompUSA are no longer players.
Don't be a victim of Best Buy and their scam return policies.

I went into a Best Buy in St. Louis, Mo. It was their Crestwood store. I stood in line as the store manager bashed first a middle aged couple that just wanted satisfaction on a product they bought. They imparted that they were tired of going round and round with where they should go, and what they should do with something they just wanted to return. She didn't bother listening as she said they need to call so and so. This young store manager had all the warmth of a rattlesnake. She basically incited the middle aged women to get angry. The couple finished the conversation off by saying, "they would never shop at Best Buy again". Then the rattlesnake repeated the performance to another couple. Again the same result. It was if she got pleasure in rejecting customers prior to their voicing their concerns. When I finally got to approach the 'rattlesnake' she was just getting warmed up as I started to voice my opinion she told me to leave the store or she would call security. I'm done with Best Buy too. COO; Brian Dunn needs to get a handle on customer service. Sending a upper management employee to spot check various stores on a periodic basis would be a start.

hey Mike.. Best buy is not a RENT-A-Center... and always remember.... if you want something done right... you do it yourself.. ;) And i would've thrown Edward out of the store as well... if you start mouthing off to me your not getting my help..

shame on both of you....shame......

On 3/6/09 I went to store 360 in Williston to exchange my son's phone under their replacement policy that I have paid on for 11 months. I thought it would take 5 min to be on my way with a new phone, like they said when I bought the coverage.

#1 blue shirt at "CUSTOMER SERVICE?" said we won't be able to help you because it's broken. I said that's why I'm here, can you look up my info. He said no, I don't like your attitude.

#2 bs starts looking it up & can't find it, finally has to look it up by getting my credit card & after 20 min prints out a receipt & says there's a big problem the phone is white, the receipt says black because some bs forgot to change the # the first time it was replaced.

So I have to wait for the phone dept guy who is helping a family who have been there for 3 hrs already, they tell me. Then bs #4 Ryan
came & started asking questions, making calls, typin on the computer
can I have the new one now? He says no, it will take about a month,

I said no thanks, let me talk to the manager and he said I AM THE
MANAGER, and refused to discuss it further. I was not happy so he
asked WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO CALL THE POLICE NOW? and I said if you want to.

I returned to CS area & sat down & cried. BS #5 comes over & listens to my story & says HE IS THE MANAGER but can't help me.
BS #6 at the counter says HE IS THE MANAGER, but I have to go back to Ryan. I say I can't because he won't talk to me & called the police. #5 suggests I call CORPORATE, takes me to a phone & dials
then 3 cops & a crowd of customers & employess listen & watch while
I go through a futile phone call, where CORP guy tells me to put a
bb employee on the line & they all turn away when I ask for someone
to take the call. One bs even said I DON'T WORK HERE! Then why was
she behind the counter in a blue shirt?

Corp guy said only the STORE MANAGER can help you. THEN WHY AM I ON THIS CALL? I'm sure it was entertaining for them. Then bs #7 came & said HE IS THE MANAGER. With all these managers, you'd think they could help a customer! But no, STORE MANAGER BRIAN TELLS ME IT IS NOT WORTH IT TO KEEP A LONG TIME CUSTOMER WHO HAS SPENT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS THERE HAPPY SO HE COULD BUT WON'T HELP BY WAIVING THE DEPOSIT. (which I will supposedly get back in a month anyway)

Ryan appeared in front of me & I said I give up, just let me pay & get a phone & get out of here please (2 hrs into my visit). He
said ok, he'd be right back, then went to the police & told them to remove me.

I had to beg the police to let me stay & promise they wouldn't have to come back. Then I had to wait at the phone dept while bs #8
(Chase, very very nice person)activates my phone. I was crying, embarassed, humiliated, tired, hungry & could not believe what was

When this is over I will find other coverage for my phones & never ever give bb another dollar.

Wow Nancy... you brought this upon yourself... First of all.. the Best Buy mobile service plan has not been around for even 11 months.. but lets say for the sake of argument it has been... your first idea that it would take "5 mins" to do anything in the store that involves an activation or a replacement is so utterly flawed. I don't know anyone that signs up for something without reading the terms. The service plan states that it gets sent out for SERVICE. You can have a loaner phone with a deposit.. which is fair until your phone comes back. And for gods sake stop your crying.... everyone knows that you probabaly left a couple of things out for a manager to have to call the police on you...

Shame on you for not reading your own terms of service... shame on you for crying like a little girl... shame on you for assuming that anything would take "5 mins".... Shhhhaammme..... ;)

I am a Vietnam veteran with disabilities. Recently while my caretaker and I were sitting in the cellphone dept of Best Buy having a warranty issue worked on, all of a sudden another sales person demanded we get up to allow his customers to sit down. I called and emailed customer assistance. They contacted the store manager who spoke with other employees and was informed this did happen.I was simply given a $30.00 gift card and an apology. This shit is against the law. I wish to file law suite.

it's not against the law... while it is is not against the law...

As a Best Buy employee for several years, i would like to apologize to those who have experienced genuinely rude sales people/customer service reps. Unfortunately it happens, but trust me it is not a phenomenon indigenous to Best Buy. people are people no matter where they work, and people are not perfect.

Now, for the people who are dissatisfied with customer service/sales staff and have had confrontation issues, consider this. employees at that level will never pick a fight with a customer like you, simply due to the fact that YOU are not worth losing THEIR job over. period. I defy you to find another job that requires EXTENSIVE product knowledge in every realm of the electronics world, as well as demanding excellent people skills, coupled with the patience it takes to deal with customers who walk in and ask to see "an internet."

Understand this, Nancy, the amount of paper work that is dumped on a manager who has to make a police call is probably more than you will (hopefully) ever see. its immense. now that being the case, you must be seriously omitting some detail as to your actions, because a managers initial reaction is NOT to call the police, but to remedy the situation in the best way possible.

I am almost done with my soap box.

As customers, i beg you to consider this. if any of you have NEVER made a mistake in the work place, had a bad day resulting in a bad attitude, or simply not known an answer...if you have never experienced any of that, FEEL FREE to be angry with Best Buy Employees, and please apply for a job, because someone as perfect as you is clearly a shoo-in for management. as for the rest of us humans, please understand Best Buy employees are just like you, you are not better than them and they are not better than you (though 90% of them know more about the product your buying than you do because they HAVE to) Lets just all play nice and entertain 2 interesting philosophies - Patience and Forgiveness. Treat them as you would like to be treated and you'll be amazed how much better a Best Buy store may feel...

nick you are so brainwashed by the best buy corporate machine its not funny, that place is like working at auschwitz...

I work in Best Buy Home Theater, and let me tell you something you freaking idiots...if customers would not come into my store demanding I do [insert ridiculous discount or price match here] or [insert derogatory comment here] I wouldn't be an asshole to them, would I?

If you come into my store and are friendly, I'll be friendly back and usually give you a great discount. I'll help you out. But when you start ripping on me, or on the phone get pissed off at me because my Geek Squad agent is 10 minutes late, then I could care less about you. The 90% of happy BBY customers thank you. My father is a District Manager, and I have NEVER heard of a GM not helping someone out when they are in dire need, or whatever the case. THEY ARE THERE TO HELP, but if you are a jerk, than it sucks to be you.

Half of the stories are bull crap stories made up by freaking tools living with their parents. SCREW YOU, go shop at Frys. It makes you cooler.

Firstly, I want to say how funny it is to see so many people saying customer service is bad.... get this, when only at leat 1/2 to 2/3 of the people out of 730 are people complaining.

Now, take that out of the 306 million in the United States... and you get.. nothing really.

Every business is out for profit. Period. Thats what drives a business, and is the basic principal of economics.

Employees are there to get money so they can go on with their lives. Just like anyone else. Every store, mom and pops or not, is going to likely have at least ONE shitty employee.

But heres a different ratio: 7/10 customers are either idiots, jerks, or simply dont care about you. Most customers want what they want when they want it, and expect you the employee to be able to give i to them, even if you dont have the power to do so.

When a customer is acting like an ass, standing there and simply waiting for the customer to stop or leave isnt a good ideal. Instead, do something that is annoying and in their face to get their attention. Thent ake command of the conversation, and dont give the customer the chance to keep ranting.

Customers are responsible for what they buy, Just as the store is responsible for what they sell. But a company like BEst Buy does not make products, it buys products and then sells them. WHich means they have to work harder to make a profit because they have to spend more money to have the product in store so that you can buy it.

If a customer doesnt know anything about computers but is angry (and yelling about it) because it broke, once again do something so that you can gain command of the conversation, then find out what and IF they did something. If they did something, tell them BLUNTLY that it is their fault it is broken, not the stores. If the machine is faulty, then yes, give them a new one. In the long run, it is better to replace it then fix it, because if the machine was sent to the store faulty, what good will fixing it do besides bring the customer back when it messes up again, angrier then ever.

Stop rambling Cain, and get to the bottom line.


Customers-Respect the fricken employees. Dont take your anger out on them. Infact, dont get angry about it. It only makes things worse for you and the employee, and also makes you look like an idiot.

If an employee is beign rude to you, well, theres a simple solution. Go find another employee.

Employees- Your gonna have to get used to the ideal that theres always going to be someone who ruins your day by being a rude jackass. Just do your job to the best of your ability. Acting rude or getting angry at a customer will GENERALLY get you in trouble.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. GOlden rule that no one follows in the 21st century (and, quite frankly, no one ever has)

best buy does not care about there service they put off the repair for as long as they can I will never buy anohter thing from best buy and tell all not to buy a washer or dryer or anything else from best buy

They don't treat their employees very well either - below is an email I sent to them - and of course got no reply:
Dear Best Buy,

This is regarding a manager, Veronica Olsen and another manager named Geoffrey at your TECH RIDGE Store 1116 who DISCRIMINATES against employees with serious illnesses!

A family friend, Larone Walker worked there until yesterday - He has a life threatening illness - SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. He quit because he was constantly harassed by Veronica and Geoffrey about calling in when his illness was acting up - Veronica's excuse was "We just don't know very much about your illness- so you need to provide us documentation about it - Ummm - nope - All she and Geoffrey needs to know is that he has a life threatening illness that he will eventually die from. If she wants to know more about this illness - it's called GOOGLE - One of your district managers has a Family Member with Sickle Cell - so this was never problem until Veronica came aboard. I didn't know that your managers also have a license to practice medicine....

I think once I pay off my Best Buy credit card (which will be by the end of the year) I will no longer do business with a store that discriminates.

The Tech Ridge store 1116 needs to issue an apology to Mr. Walker, offer him his job back and have a Sickle Cell Awareness day - If this fails to happen, I will start an email campaign against your company, If nothing changes, then I will start a web page called BEST BUY TECH RIDGE DISCRIMINATES AGAINST EMPLOYEES WITH DEADLY ILLNESSES!

If this still does not get your attention, I will go to the media -
If you don't believe me - just try me -I have a VERY BIG mouth!

I hope his family decides to sue.

This is my 3rd time requesting for someone to come out to my house, and look at our Samsung washer. The past 2 appointments I've made, NOBODY showed up to our house. I think this is outrageous that I have to make an effort to call 3 times already, and also I stayed home from work to wait for a serviceman to come, and nobody showed up, and I never got any phonecalls.

What kind of service do you guys have? What is the point in having a manufacturer's warranty, when Best Buy doesn't honor their service requests?

I agree that the store should focus on customer who are currently shopping. If they spend all their time answering the phone, they will neglect the customers who are ready to spend money. I once purchased a cell phone cover from verizon wireless in a circuit city store, and had to stand around at their tiny little booth for 15-20 minutes while they answered the phone. Isn't that why they created an 800 number for customer service?

The corporate phone number for Best Buy is 612-291-1000. You can call complain and get a case# assigned to you.

Best Buy has the worst customer service I have ever seen. The Manager at the Wellington, FL location says he is the Regional/District Manager and all he can say is "I can't". Their 800 number is just as bad. All of the so called Customer Service Team can also say is "I can't. I will NEVER buy anything at that store again.

I think best buy is the biggest cheater store in USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I actually have 3 complaints for the same 1 issue. All 3 are in store complaints.
I really need someone in a position to get results to help me at this point. I had a new Lenovo laptop shipped to me on February 5, 2009. All was fine fore the 1st 4 weeks. From approximately March 1 until now my laptop has NOT been working. Suddenly after turning on the laptop, it would cut off and reboot in one minute intervals on its on. Shutting off and rebooting. The Geek squad at the Morrow, Ga store initially tried to diagnose the problem with my laptop. They started it in safe mode and said it would cost $99 to back up my stored information and to search further. With a 2 year protection plan that I purchased at the time I bought the laptop, I felt like I should not have to spend a dime. I walk over to the sales person who sold me the laptop to see what other options I might have. The laptop is a windows XP professional 2002 version down grade from a Vista. I had to special order it through Best Buy for Business because the store no longer carries XP. I needed Xp for my IT classes at school. Chris Hopkins, my sales person and Supervisor for the sales department informed me that he would call me back the next day after he contacted Best Buy for Business main office to find out how to assist me being that the laptop did not come from the store. He never called me back. I returned the following day and he apologized for not following up and promised to get back to me the next day. He did not. I returned yet again and he again apologized for not following up I then took the laptop back over to the geek squad, spoke to another technician who said that it would take 3 days to ascertain the problem. I left it with them and returned in 3 day to discover that the systems check they performed only took 3 hours and that there were no hardware issues. He said to take it home, run the recovery disc that came with the unit and all should be fine. I did as instructed to discover that the 3 recovery disc that came with the laptop were Vista recovery disc and were not compatible with the windows XP that I have. I called Chris Hopkins again at the store to tell him that I would need the correct recovery disc and he said that he would have to research how to obtain the disc, which he never did. Chris gave me the phone numbers to the division he was trying to contact and I spoke with Mr. Scott Johnson at the Best Buy for Business office. He has also tried to help me but didn't get much cooperation from Chris Hopkins either according to our conversation. I returned to the store again and spoke with the store manager (Rashad Furr). He was very disrespectful, loud, and showed no humility or integrity at all. I do believe that those are a few of the Best Buy values. He did not want to hear my issue and told me to come back when the person I was dealing with was at work. He would not give me a time to return or even if he was working that day. I went home and called Chris at the store later to let him know that this was ridiculous and I needed my laptop issue resolved ASAP. I also called Scott and told him about the recovery disc being the wrong ones and he talked me through downloading a recovery within the laptop and burn it on CD to run myself. This actually worked for 1 day. then it stopped again, but this time the laptop shuts off and reboots to the recovery screen instead of the log in screen. As I write this to you, I still do not have use of my laptop. Both Chris in the store and Scott in the office (I assume; tech support)not for sure have assured me at some point during this adventure that if the problem persist that they would either replace the laptop or fix the problem. It does not matter which, as long as I can use it for my needs. For most of the time that I have had this laptop it has been useless to me. All of my purchase information as well as the service attempts is in the system. Dates, times, problems and solutions. I really need feed back from this correspondence ASAP and to know that Rashad Furr, Chris Hopkins and the geek squad have been dealt with. This is now escalating to the point of having to take legal action. I prefer to be contacted by email, with I check daily from work.
Thank you in advance for your swift response to this very important matter.

Keith Owens

Keith Owens you really need to get over yourself

Broke, Best Buy, Broke

Hello people.
I am a Part time worker at Best Buy. I also have a full time job. I have worked at Best Buy For almost a year and a half as a part time worker. I got a "real" job 6 months ago and pays more than Best Buy. I figured I could never move up there so I just figured to stay part time there. Now this place is scheduling part time people to work during their full time jobs. The workers in the store just have such a low morale and obviously is affecting sales because many people could care less. Management seems to not even notice the low morale and figures to weed people out I am guessing. Best Buy fucking sucks to work for. Maybe it is the store I am at (Eden Prarie, MN). Do not buy accessories at Best Buy. You can find them cheaper at Walmart, Amazon and Ebay!!!

I see the same problems with customer service. One customer came in recently with a faulty desktop but was a Spanish speaking customer. He explained that his desktop was locking up and bluescreening. He needed the computer to apply for work after losing his job and to find employment to avoid losing his home. Our manager's response was that he would have to send the computer for service. Let him take us to small claims court if he wants to. We have a long list of people taking us to court. Unfortunately, I had no ability to help the customer, he had a legitimate problem and I could not help him. As far as BBY looking after their employees, don't bet on it! We are just another number in the profit spreadsheet, customer centricity? Yeah right!! We have a projected sales close rate, a daily, weekly, and monthly budget goal. If you aren't pushing the PSP, you are not following the BBY plan. We focus on sales, we have a comp to budget meeting every morning. If you are trying to help the customer above pushing the profit plan you are a "bad" employee. Show up early, work hard, help customers until you are blue in the face. You are just an " average employee". You don't deserve any benefits or help with meeting your own personal needs or obligations. I have over 20 years work experience, I have been repairing computers for 15 years.
Yet I am not worth a full time position, because, I am not "qualified" according to our manager. I will be looking for somewhere that values experience, a true customer service focus,
proficiency in sales, and a general strong problem solving skill.
We have some truly good people,but our retention rate is low because there is always another, wet behind the ears, college student, HS grad or other inexperienced person to take the place of a talented experienced employee. Only the managers stay for any length of time.
Working for BBY is like working for McDonalds, you can and will be replaced. Now corporate is firing corporate level employees left and right, our top management is changing. Best Buy has alot of problems, but moving product, making more profit year after year, keeping costs low, those are the true focus. Buy BBY stock, it makes money, just don't work or shop there, you are just another number in the spreadsheet.
Getting good results with a service plan is a total crapshoot. But don't disrespect the Customer service rep, the Geek Squad agent, the cashier or salesperson, we don't have much more control over your service plan fulfillment or return policies than you do. We have to have approval from service center and/or management to replace or refund your product, we document your problem and send the product for service, receive the product back from service and hope the problem was fixed correctly. In Geek Squad, we ship everything from Microwaves to vacuum cleaners, Home theater systems, etc. Any product that has a service plan we ship to the service centers, that is the end of our control over the service of your product. Beyond documenting the problem and shipping products, we have no further involvement. We spend a fair amount of our time dealing with faulty product, not repairing computers. We spend 15-20 minutes every morning hearing about budget etc, etc, Dealing with difficult customers if part of our every day life. We don't get one cent more if you purchase the PSP, the extra cables, etc, etc. But if we don't push those extra items, we will hear about it from our managers. BBY is there to make money, not solve your problems, or help with your warranty claims or make sure your service plan is taken care of. Sure I am here to vent, but everything I have said is true. Good luck dealing with BBY from an employment or customer standpoint. As far as purchasing product, do your homework. Check consumer ratings for the product, find out as much as you can before parting from your hard earned dollars. Use the information superhighway. If you purchase the product "caveat emptor". BBY doesn't make the products we just sell them. Many times we don't know much more about the quality of the product than you do. We have to learn the marketing hype, most of which is furnished by the vendor or manufacturer. I have had frustration with the situations at BBY from both sides of the counter, but with the death of Circuit City, Comp USA is online only, Wal Mart isn't much option for service after the sale. What options do you really have? Good Luck to everyone! There must be a problem somewhere in BBY with a complaint thread that is 3 to 4 years old!!!

Wow! I can't believe the number of complaitns registered against Best Buy. And I thought I was angry:

On May 4, 2009, I bought a camera. I took it home, read the instructions, and realized that I had an old model, without rechargeable batteries, and decided to return it to Best Buy and do my homework before buying another camera.

On May 12 I returned the camera, in original packaging -- camera never taken out of the box -- only read the instruction manual -- and was told I would be "punished" for returning the camera with a 15% restocking fee. I offered to "restock" it myself, by walking 20 feet to the shelf where I picked it up. That didn't fly, and Best Buy took $22.50 from me for doing diddly squat.

I will not buy anything in the future at Worst Buy and am spreading the word via e-mails to anyone/ everyone I know.

This is a summary of events from my purchase of an HP laptop from the Springfield, MO Best Buy.

This is the 3rd laptop I have purchased at Best Buy. The 1st was an HP, 2nd a Toshiba, the 3rd HP. I purchased the full service warranty on the second computer (TOSHIBA).

After 2 yrs, the laptop hit the skids. I decided to buy a new computer and send the second one off for service through Best Buy. I could not do my school work and work without having a laptop while the second was being fixed. I have to admit, my first 2 laptop purchasing experiences at Best Buy were uneventful.

The 3rd purchase was a disaster!. I came in to discuss how the service agreement worked for my broken laptop. Also, I intended to buy the new laptop. I had researched a few computers and had an idea of what I wanted/needed. I started looking on the floor and asked an associate about one of the computers. I mentioned I was sending another computer for service and the associate didn't even let me finish what I was saying before he told me I had to speak to the "Geek Squad" first. I did not need to because I had already spoken to them and regardless I was going to buy a new laptop. The guy was rude and I continued to look on my own. It was nearing closing time, so I returned the next day to finish looking and complete my purchase. I bought my (3rd computer) the HP laptop. The associate "sold" me on the $80 set up plan. In selecting the laptop, I asked the associate if it had Bluetooth. He indicated that it did and even helped me pick out a Bluetooth mouse!

I left my laptop around noon w/ the geek squad to set up the computer and remove all of the introductory crap. They told me I could come back at 4p. I would like to note, every trip from my house to Best Buy is THIRTY MINUTES! I came back over to Best Buy about 6 pm (two hrs after I was promised my laptop). The geek squad person told me it was not ready. Again annoyed, I left and went back home. I called the store about 8 p to see if my laptop was ready. The clerk said no, but it would be ready before closing. At 8:15p I started my 3rd trip of the day back to Best Buy!

I got to BB and the computer was still not ready to be picked up. I asked the desk clerk..."what the heck is going on here!?" I was there 15 minutes to closing time and the laptop that was left almost 9 hrs prior was STILL NOT FINISHED! I felt sorry for the clerk, but I drove a TOTAL OF 3 hours in the same day back and forth about this computer. The clerk said they would not leave until the laptop was finished. It was already 8:45 and I did not have the time to sit there and wait for an UNDETERMINED amount of time. At that point, I would have expected someone in management to apologize or SOMETHING! It was not the clerk's fault. I called late the next morning and the laptop was finally ready. I drove back to Best Buy and picked it up. I came home and started to familiarize myself with the laptop. I tried to install the Bluetooth mouse, but could not get it to work. I called the HP help line to figure out how to activate the Bluetooth. The guy from HP talked to me about 45 minutes and I could not get the Bluetooth to work. I had already wasted about thirty minutes prior to calling the help line on the FAQ and the manufacturer's website.

The next day, I took the laptop BACK TO BB. Counting trips, this is my 5th trip to BEST BUY. I went to the geek squad and the clerk was very nice and she could not get the Bluetooth to work either. She suggested returning it for a new one because something was wrong with the computer. Okay fine. I had some personal information on the laptop and could not leave it to be exchanged without taking off my personal information, documents and photos I had transferred from the old computer.
I went home, removed my information and returned the computer BACK to BB. On my 6thTRIP and 6 hours of driving back and forth, the clerk who helped me this time told me the laptop WAS NOT Bluetooth capable. I was nearing the end of my rope and bought some type of USB adaptor.

Truly exhausted and worn down, I went back home and attempted to get the USB drive to work. I COULD NOT. I was so angry with best buy and the geek squad and the huge run around I received. I packed up all the crap I had bought including the laptop, the Bluetooth mouse, and the worthless adapter and took off on my 7th trip to BB.
I arrived at the store and told the clerk I wanted to RETURN everything. Unfortunately I had to exchange the stupid laptop. I told the clerk that I DID NOT want the $80 set up again because I did not have any more time to WASTE on the computer OR in BB!!!
The clerk informed me the $80 set up fee would not be refunded. I was stunned. Here I had driven 7 hrs round trip to best buy plus the hours I wasted on the HP site and with the HP Help. There was no way in H&LL I was going to waste any more time in the store. I told the clerk to just get his supervisor because my $ 80 was the LEAST I should be "given"! The supervisor came out and said they do not return service. I told him the service did not help me in the least and I had wasted way too much time, frustration, and gas dealing with this nonsense. The clerk said he could not refund my service amount even though I wanted nothing to do w/ this "service" on my new laptop. I told the clerk he might as well go get the store manager because I was not leaving without my $80! An apology would have been nice too.
Another "manager" came out and said they were going to make an exception but to be advised in the future services would not be refunded. I told this "manager" I had spent several thousand dollars in Best Buy (tvs, 3 laptops, service plans) and I had no intention in EVER buying anymore of Best Buy's services. He said it is not their fault how far I live or had to drive. Agreed, BB is not responsible for where I live, but they are responsible for errant advice, hassle and inaccurate completion times. That is what I got for 7 hours of driving, wasted time and a laptop I was STILL NOT happy with!!!! How about a sincere apology?

UNFORTUNATELY, I still have to take my second laptop back to send it off for service. I have waited several weeks because I cannot stand the thought of BB let alone having to having to walk in the place in conduct business.

Regretfully, there are not a lot of electronic stores BESIDES Best Buy. Clearly this store is aware and conducts business accordingly!!

Ok guys I work for Sears and cant stand Best Buy I have hated their customer service even before i worked there. The phone thing i agree is hard on the sales person and even though their extended wareent geek plan sucks. It is still their job to sell it and ask those questions all big stores have to because the manafacture wont do shit for the custome and the store gets balmed and it is so they can do something. Even though Best Buy wont neways.

All I have to say is read the back of the receipt and you won't have issues. Best Buy's policies are not a big secret or something. Everything is right there on the back of the receipt.. or on huge signs in the store (in both English and Spanish) and at every register (in English and Spanish). They have also not changed in a long time. My mom found receipts when we last moved and the policies were exactly the same now as they were in 1993 (with the addition of including products that didn't exist then).

Any store that does not provide good service for the products they sell is not going to survive consumer expectations. Best Buy continues to lose market share for appliances and electronics due to poor service.

I started working at Best Buy a little under a month ago, a brand new one. Before I worked there, my boyfriend and I got a very nice computer, service plan and all, at an older Best Buy in Humble, Texas. It's had one problem, and it wasn't our fault, and it wasn't the manufacturers fault. We went to the Best Buy I work at now to have it fixed. The customer service was a little sketchy, but we got it fixed, and typing this comment on it as we speak. You have to realize that not all people are perfect, and not all customer service is flawless. There are going to be problems, people are going to get upset, and they're going to come to websites like this to bitch and moan about their horrible incidents. Get over it. I understand most of what you people talk about. The Best Buy I work at isn't the greatest, especially brand new. People are always busy trying to make budget or making sure us employees are doing our jobs way above adequately. The only serious complaint I can make to Best Buy is their eLearning certification stuff. Everyone hates them, and you learn more listening to people you work with talk about them then you do doing the stupid eLearning crap. I've taken the Services and Solutions certification test five times now, and haven't gotten above 56%, and STILL haven't passed. I need to ask my boyfriend, who doesn't even work at Best Buy anymore, to help me because when I try to get someone to help me in the store, they tell me to pair up with another employee who doesn't want to waste their time helping me, or giving me pages upon pages of text that doesn't help me at all.

Ok, I stopped that little rant because it was off-topic.

ANYWAYS! You people need to grow up and stop posting comments on a website that nobody in Best Buy corporate will pay any attention to, except to giggle at your infuriating adventures. People are people. Fucking deal with it.

GEEK SQUAD CITY in Brooks, Ky its the warehouse and repair center. The managers in the receiving department suck. Actually its all because of Clyde Howard. He is the worse general manager a place could have. Ask him a question and you will be suprised if you get an honest answer or an answer that isnt thrown back into your face. he is an idiot, and will only listen to his own side of the story, or opinion. Thanks for making my time at GSC so unpleasant. You need to look into the mirror sometime and realize you arent as cool as you think. 90% of the employees at GSC think the same.

In the past year Best Buy has opened a whole new department in every store... called a sales operator. Instead of calls going to a busy sales floor they get dirrected to the "S.O" desk where an associates job is to answer inquirys about prouduct/ services and even make over the phone sales... Best Buy and (most) employees/managers actually do listen to complaints and suggestions and try to adapt their business to suit the customer.

I have worked at Best Buy for five years, feel empowered everyday to help customers realize the benefit and importance of technology, and I assure all of you that it was not the employee who gave you a bad experience. It was just simply corporate social responsibility and policy, which is right, and sometimes leaves the corporate stench of an involuntary function. No, part of it comes with your compatibility with positive certified people and how well you take the professional advice with the exception of a few lying melon heads whose resume looks like a crack whores vagina; but not to say the least, I hold a firm belief that Best Buy tries. However, I will have to say that I am going back to college this fall so I can start utilizing my potential in a real sales or management position because of Best Buy's reputation in the market. Coming from a good employee, I do not recommend making Best Buy a career move unless your really into managing a negatively stimulated environment. At the same time, I do consider the fact that 4/10 employees Best Buy hires look like the tree bark from a hollowed out log, which are the problem makers for Best Buy that the company does not want to terminate because they think real leaders keep training the same morons until they somehow become experts in the field. I personally apologize to all customers who have had a bad experience. I am a college student going for an MIS degree, and believe it when I say it -- Best Buy was not my first choice. Now it is improving and I do see myself staying for some more time until this economy clears up. Thank you all, and I love all my customers because I want them to feel open to coming to me even if they can't come to Best Buy. I may be a blue shirted employee, but I appreciate the value of my customers. On my reviews I get perfect scores on customer service and a 2/5 on getting along with these employees. I guess you can say that I have a problem with bad customer service, but have no problem giving exceptional customer service. Let's stop these stupid postings because they mean nothing to Best Buy.

Here's my wonderful experience:

I bought a $600 Samsung 32" LCD back in Sept '08 after doing some research on which TV's were the most reliable in the price range that I was shopping in. Paid an extra $100-something for the service plan. In November, the colors start to freak out (not something that I could fix through settings, it was really bad and made watching anything on the TV difficult). I didn't have a whole lot of spare time, so I didn't get around to going into BB until early December.

I go in with my TV, and they offer to ship it to their repair center, telling me it will take 2-3 weeks to get back. I end up getting my TV back a little more than a month later (with very little explanation on their part as to why it was taking as long as it was). It's great! Works fine... until a week later, when I get the exact same issue again. OK. A bit pissed now, so I come into the store and ask if there is any way to get my TV replaced. They tell that I have to call their 888 number and get a technician out to check if the TV should be replaced. (Now mid-January)

At this point in time I'm not in my apartment on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm, and I have no flexibility in my schedule... so I have to have a friend stay at my apartment to wait for the technician (took another 2 weeks here to schedule a date, so it's now late January). Instead of getting a go ahead for a replacement, I come home to find a receipt for parts that cost nearly $200 more than the TV itself (I'm not paying it, BB is, but why wouldn't they just replace the TV if it's going to cost them more to fix it than it would be to replace it?).

Anyways, I get a call from him saying the parts will take a bit of time to get in. OK. About 3 weeks later, I get another call that the parts are on their way. (Mid-February). Alright.... shouldn't they have already been here? What the hell. Another 2 weeks later, I get a call from him and he says the parts are late, but they'll be here for next week, so we'll schedule a repair. (Early March) OK, this waiting sucks, but at least it's going to be over soon. That next week I get a call from a substitute technician telling me that he will have to reschedule for next month, (At this point it's about mid-March, and he's telling me to reschedule for a repair in mid-April...). At this point I give up hope. I didn't hear back from them after this, at all, and I just kind of dealt with my TV being the way it was.

So... a couple weeks ago I finally decided to head down to BB again. I talked to some kid who looked as though he just got out of high school, who had a wonderful "I don't give a shit" attitude. He just told me that I'd have to either leave it here for repair or call a technician. I asked to talk to a manager. He called him over and I got down to talking with him.

When the manager saw my second repair statement, he acted really surprised at the fact that it wasn't junked out (due to the repair bill being higher than the TV's actual cost). The manager essentially gave me the run-around and told me they'd put it on escalation and send it to their repair center, and that I might get a junk out because of the second repair receipt. I sensed the bullshit, but there wasn't really much I could do at that point so I just rolled with it. The store manager was at least nice enough to tell me I could pick out a $20 movie for free (thanks, I can watch that on my TV! ...oh wait). I did that. When I got back, a prick technician asked me what was wrong with the TV (note: I stated what had happened twice while this guy was standing around, and he had both of the repair documents in front of him), at which point he retracts his statement and just tells me he needs to test it because he doesn't want to send it in if there is nothing wrong as it would make him look bad... (I've been in the store for an hour at this point). Regardless, I just calmly tell him to go for it.

This is where I saw that Geek Squad technicians are somehow managing to actually get worse at their jobs over time. The first time I came in, the technician hooked up my TV without any problem in about a minute, and saw the issue immediately. This technician took about 5 minutes to get my TV powered up and plugged in. And failed. He didn't know what channels to actually look at to get their in-store video feed (while looking at a sheet that listed the channels). He fumbled around with that for an additional 5 minutes. At this point he asks me if the TV has HDMI (it's right in front of him!)... I say yes, and he plugs it in after another 2 minutes of struggling with things like power buttons and channels that a brain-addled adolescent could have handled in a shorter time span. Voila! He manages after 15 minutes of pure fail to actually get the damn thing showing and he sees the problem. Yay, go you.

Just took a look online at the status. Of course, instead of a junkout, it is being repaired. There goes another month of time, for a third repair that will likely fail to fix the problem, and just cause me more frustration.

Here's a little time breakdown since I bought my TV: 2 Months - Working TV | 1.5 Months - No TV (Repairs) | 7.5 Months - Broken TV.


I don't really hold anything against the employees there that actually do their job well, it's just that a majority of the employees that work there are truly worthless at their job. Regardless, I treat them all with respect, because hey, it's not their fault that their training sucked ass and that they don't know shit. Best Buy should enforce their technicians to know some shit before they're out on the floor... as a whole Best Buy has some major issues. Of course, it doesn't really matter now that their biggest competitor is out of the way, because now they can essentially do whatever the hell they want.

I had a terrible experience with the GOOF SQUAD today. I paid them to back up my data before they reinstalled my Windows (due to a virus). When I picked up my computer - 1 Day late! I was told their back up failed and they will need to send it out to retrieve the information and that could take 1 week - 1 month. They refunded my money and apologized for the inconvenience and promised to put my data back on for free when they got their back up system back. After calling every week (as suggested) I now am told that they were unable to retreive any information from their damaged back up and to "Get over it". Even explaining I had pictures of my Mom who passed 4 years ago & could never replace....They said "sorry we have done everything we can". If I want, I can send my hard drive out to see if anything is left on it - but at my expense. They did not take any responsibility for their error. This store is in Coral Springs, Fl. But I am sure this happens with the GOOF SQUAD all over! Thanks for nothing. Linda Krkuc





I work at a local best buy, and we hire an employee specifically to answer phones. You may want to check out your facts before you go to making false comments.

Customers that call the store are POTENTIAL costumers. In business you do not throw away this potential. That translate to possible higher sales. HELLO Circuit City. Or should i say goodbye. They suffered from this lack of vision.

Thats not true every bestbuy has a person specifically hired just to answer phones. When you call a local store you press like 1 to get store hours 2 to talk to geek squad and 3 to talk to someone on the floor. DUH

yeah i find it funny how so many people complain about the phone answering situation, let me jam you in a section of laptops and desktops with 25 rude customers complaining how they arent being helped cause you have to wait hand and foot for some rude customer complaining how they cant use a computer over the phone,even though if you took one minute out of your day to google your issue it would be solved, and over and over again they tell you the same crap instead of coming into the store when they live 1 mile away, worked their, put up with your crap and honestly if you want good customer service dont call and be a baby over the phone, get off your lazy aXX and go into the store and look at the crap your wasting your money on yourself. Is the public really this lazy, its a joke. no wonder 3 quarters of America are over-weight, cause you mindless drones cant think or do for yourself. we live in the age of technology, use it and stop bxtching on a forum, how pathetic. i heard less crying at a nursery with screaming children. dont use the technology if you dont know dxck about it. mindless idiots. last word, cant believe people are so childish to think they can always have their way, yeah people dont put up with that shxt in the real world you think posting it on a forums gonna get ya anywhere, like i said dont use the product if you dont understand it, make your own choices and learn something for once instead of grabbing the chips and sitting your axx on the couch and being a lazy dxck. thank you, and grow the hxll up. (not posting swear words on the net, cause i actually realize you can be sued for that, good job cry babies)

Yea...You Go James..!! You Hit the Truth on the spot!!!

Best Buy is the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH, they are customer driven. ALL customers are treaated with the white gloves (best respect).

People slander that what they don't understand. And that what they don't have. The negative critic is jealouse of the positive attitude.

Try smiling at someone instead of trying to make someone upset with your evil eye. Life is so much sweeter. Try it! I dare you!

Okay seriously. I LOVE the people who are trying to say that working retail means that you only help the customers who walk into the store. That's so interesting to me. EVERY job I've had my entire life you multi task and help people who walk in and then answer the phone...AND if the customers on the floor can't seem to handle that they have designated people who JUST answer the phone and direct calls, which all the stores I've ever dealt with do. Why is that so hard?? They won't be getting my service anymore...I've called several times, just to ask a simple question and have NEVER had the phone answered by ANYONE...NICE! RIDICULOUS

i worked at a bb store for a couple months basically they have a hired person who trys to get you to steal and if you do they have this whole thing to get you set up so basically i had a iphone and i had bestbuy mobile put a shield on it and it was closing at the store and i was going to miss the bus so i grabbed my phone and when i got hoem it turned out it wasnt my iphone it was like a scratched up 3giphone that wasnt brand new so when i called about it they said i stole it and all this shit and now want me to pay the whole price for the phone. I called my laywer and sued for 300,000 dollars for the embarrasment of being fired arrested in front of people and shit and i won the case. im only 17 aswell. BB is a piece of shit the #448 is true the geek squad will try to get rid of customers with genuine problems they as int he geek squad dont wanna fix they call them penny pinchers or dickheads and shit so yeah. fuck bb festering anal hole

Ha I found this gigantic list of complaints 764 posts strong by Googling the phrase, "Best Buy fucks customers" true story. The reason I would even try searching this term is because I was on the phone unable to speak to a real person through all the garbage their phone system puts you through. I was calling because I received a notice in the mail stating that if I didn't call them within 2 weeks to reject it that my interest rate would be changed to a variable rate that Best Buy could change on a monthly basis. Its not like the 20.99% was a good deal to begin with but I wasn't about to let them just charge me whatever they felt like. So I called the automated system to reject the change and was told by the machine that does all the phone work for them that if I rejected this change my card would no longer be usable(fine I hate these bastards by now anyway)AND that I would have to pay my balance immediately. Keep in mind Ive only had my card for less than 6 months and only used it to buy a computer/monitor/useless warranty totaling $2200. I realize now that I could have gotten a much better deal and not had to deal with all this bullshit. Like most of you I don't just carry $2200 in my wallet so I'm sitting here thinking that Ive pretty much just been fucked by Best Buy... More like the WORST BUY Ive ever made. If you haven't gotten caught by Best Buy yet then my advise is DO NOT SHOP THERE!

Yes this places sucks with a capital S.They need to teach tere customer service reps english.I will never step in that store again.

First off, I know that millions of people have fantastic customer service in Best Buy. The only reason you always hear bad stuff is because only the people with bad experiences are the ones who say anything. I had a customer just yesterday say that every single experience in customer service had been fantastic.
Also, about the people working at Best Buy. I had to work my ass off to get this job. They don't just hire every Tom, Dick, and Sally that waltzes in the door. It was a requirement to have at least a year of experience, and to have some college education to get in to the one that I work at.
And another thing. Everyone knows that Best Buy doesn't have the best prices, and that Fry's has the best deals around, with the exception of online retailers. However; think about what kind of customer service you get at Fry's. Sure, Best Buy doesn't answer the phone, and it's even annoying to the employees trying to get a hold of their boss, but how about not even being answered while in the store? That's Fry's in a nutshell.
Lastly, why would you wish for a company as big as Best Buy to just go out of business? How many thousands of jobs would be lost, when every single position is valuable to a student trying to work his way through school, or maybe someone who is trying to turn their life around from a bad decision earlier in their life. How about a girl who was abused and has a kid she's trying to support. These are the people who choose, or are forced to work in a job like this, where we try to have patience and tolerance and understanding when people walk in with thousands of dollars to spend on tv's that we can only dream of having and help them with the sale. Thanks to every customer who has yelled and screamed and insulted us throughout the years, making us bitter and hate ourselves and our jobs. Help us help you, and have some patience.

There have been many complaints listed here that attack the employees, yes there are employees that just plainly don't care. This is a problem no matter where you go and what your job is. Think about going to a restraunt and the crappy service that you recieved or the food that was cold when you got it. Also think about the co-worker of yours that comes in late and puts in a half days work while you bust your ass. Their is also another point of view that needs to be taken into consideration and that is how you interact with the employee, if you present a hostile nature to the person they are going to react with a fight or flight reflex which as cited above may be percieved as "taking it personally". This is explained by basic psychology and could also in fact drive some of the "unprofessional attitudes".

Good point but customer service shouldn't be conditional; because when it is the store loses money. So stores like the ones who have consitently high ranked customer service should mimic them/hire better employees/ training.(I know at wal-mart we really receive no customer service training whatsoever) Regardless if its logical or fair that customers are hostile, that an x number of customers will inevitably complain, a positive reaction by the customer service rep will obviously yield an enoromously better experience than one who reciprocates or gets emotional. In fact if best buy teaches "selling techniques" then their employees should know conflict management which applies to non-violent situations and how to calm a person in any situation. I work in retail and I have worked in very hostile enviroments(half-way house) where with little leverage I was on constant occasians able to persuade angry people or to prevent continued outrage, then someone with all the comparable advantages of retail should EASILY be able to do it. (Public setting, most angry customers aren't mentally insane or previous convicts, lack fo drug use, et cetra)

Then again, that x-factor of angry customers could just go to hell. LOLLERSKATES!

I work for the Best Buy in my area as a Sales Operator. All calls to local Best Buys go straight to the store, and we will direct your call or try to assist you.

I'm not sure about when you call Corporate though, and if anything you always have the right to ask for an American Representative.

Reading some of these really makes me question how many of the experiences are true on here. As a Best Buy employee I can tell you 1) phone calls are answered at the store and not by a national call center unless you call (888) BEST-BUY and 2) that policies in the store are a generally accepted plan, we will make exceptions to the plan if deemed reasonable, which means being polite to the employees in front of you at the store is normally key. A front line customer service representative will not have the authority to make an exception for you, you must speak to a manager on duty. When talking to them, they will do what is mutually-beneficial for you and the store, which may mean an exchange opposed to a refund but it is still better than a defective product. When it is a situation that they cannot back up a decision to make an exception ie user dropped and damaged a camera, in the best interest of their job, they can refer you to (888) BEST-BUY which 3) has made numerous exceptions for returns and exchanges that in-store managers couldn't approve due to the fact it would be to much of a risk for the store. When corporate approves a return it is not taken as a hit on our store, which if anyone here has a general idea of business, it isn't smart to return something to a customer for say $500 and be unable to send it back to the manufacture and receive credit for it, in that case the $500 loss would be on that store individually reducing their overall profitability which if we made exceptions for every customer we would end up like Circuit City and be out of business.

We received inappropriate and likely illegal treatment at the Simi Valley store and by the Corporate office phone line. A group of us loyal customers, stood in line in front of the Simi Valley store on Wed. November 25, 2009, until Black Friday, November 27, 2009, in hopes of purchasing their advertised laptop for sale in the amount of $197. We were amongst the first 10 people in line who were guaranteed a laptop. We were advised the store had 40 more laptops on a first come first serve basis. On their website, it stated this was a ticketed item and only guaranteed a certain amount of customers to receive this item.

Come 3 am, when the employees were handing out tickets, we were advised that they were not handing out tickets for this item. One of the employees said the reason was because consumers have until 9 am, once receiving their ticket, to come and pick up the item. This allows them to receive their ticket at 3 am and go to another competitor store and do their shopping there before 9 am. By not ticketing this item, it prevents them from leaving the store, therefore, they will shop and spend more in the store.

We were advised that at 4:40 am, they were allowing the first 10 people in the store so they can be guaranteed their laptop, followed by increments of small groups every few minutes. Upon entering the store, we had asked the manager where could we find the $197 laptops. We were advised and directed by an employee to follow the red balloons and stand in line within the red tape. At 5 am, the cashiers would open and then we would be brought out our laptops. This way the first 10 would get their laptops guaranteed.

Little by little, people were flooding in and grabbing items, while we all just watched and waited for 5 am. At 5 am, we were called up to the register 1 by 1. I was the 3rd person who was to get a laptop and my group followed, along with the other families we got to know by spending two nights out in the cold, camping out in front of the store. When I got to the register I was told that they were all out of the laptops. Of course this caused pandemonium amongst all of us who sat out there since Wed, to be guaranteed a laptop! The management team was so unprofessional and advised us that it was our fault we did not receive the laptop and no one told us to sit out there since Wed. Of course this did not sit lightly with everyone.

The employees kept advising that they only guaranteed the first 10 people and the rest was at a first come first serve basis. We kept trying to tell them we WERE the first 10 people and had been sitting out there since Wed to guarantee our spot. The employees were not listening to us and were very rude and condescending, even one manager, Jason, jumped up on a stool and started yelling at us telling us to get out of the store. It even got to the point where they called the police on us.

Now, while sitting outside the store since Wed. afternoon, we got to know the police in the area. They had patrolled by and kept an eye on us, for our safety. They even would come by and have friendly conversations with us about our shopping spree, family, sports, etc. They knew we WERE the first in line. When the employees told the police of the situation, they just shook their heads at the employees and advised us that we had ourselves a civil action case and suggested we take the company to court. The police knew that some of us missed Thanksgiving dinner with our families to guarantee we got a laptop, as a Xmas gift for our children. We can not get that quality time back. Needless to say, the police were on our side and therefore, they just left the store.

A teenage boy who was standing in the line behind us for 2 days, happened to be in the area where they had the laptops and saw people who were at the end of the line outside, grabbing the laptops. He was lucky enough to grab one. He came over to where we were and heard the commotion. He knew we were outside the store for several days, he handed the laptop to a lady who was one of the first 10 people. He knew she should have received a laptop. This teenage boy knew Best Buy was wrong and that this lady should be getting this laptop, not him. For a complete stranger, let alone a teenager, to recognize that Best Buy was in the wrong, was just very upsetting and shows how their company has lost compassion for the American consumers!

When this lady went to purchase the $197 laptop she was promised was the price from Best Buy's advertisement and what was tagged right on the side of the laptop as $197, the employee tried to charge her $297. Again, we all were upset because this was not the price the advertisement announced. The employee advised us that they had optimized ALL the laptops, which is $100 extra, and if she wanted to purchase the laptop and walk out with it that day, she would have to pay $100 extra.

WHAT???!!??? Where in their advertisement did it say, "$197 laptop, $100 optimized - out the door $297". This is plain and simple FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! This was a scam by Best Buy!! Again, we were trying to argue this amount with the employees, which got us NO WHERE!

We were again told several times that it was not the company's issues and if we had a problem to take it up with their corporate office. When asked for the number, The store manager, Adelyn, rudely stated the number out loud and told us to leave. I had asked her to write the number down as well as her name. She rolled her eyes at me and wrote the number and her name on a card. She wrote her name so sloppy that we could not even read her name. She again told us she was not going to do anything and to leave the store. Of course we were very upset and appalled at the treatment we received from a well known store like Best Buy. We were treated like criminals and forced to leave the store.

We sat outside the store, trying to get a hold of the corporate office and were hung up on. We called back, and were advised it was not their issue, we had to handle it with the store. We even asked them what was the purpose of their corporate office, if they do not handle situations like this. We were even accused of being liars. After all this repetitive abuse, we decided to take matters one step further. We NEEDED someone to listen to us.

The family behind us, knew of a corporate attorney. She got on the phone with him and he advised us we had a class action case against Best Buy since there were several families involved in this matter and we had a store full of witnesses. Which by the way, these witnesses were pretty upset as well at the treatment we received and how this whole situation was handled that they provided us their contact numbers so they can be a witness if we needed them to be. The attorney advised he would take the case and file a class action suit against the company on ALL of our behalves.

We wanted to try to give Best Buy a chance to settle this without going that far. We were not looking to cause trouble, we just simply wanted to resolve this issue and receive an apology for the treatment we received. Again, we tried to call corporate. I spoke to a Shirley. Shirley had called the store to try to get their side of the story. She stated the manager of the store's name was Adelyn. She stated that Adelyn advised her that I had gone to another department to get another item, therefore I lost my place in line. Adelyn also advised Shirley that they only guaranteed the first 10 in line. Shirley got back on the line with me and told me what she was told by Adelyn. Now, this was very upsetting that Best Buy would hire a manager who would lie and try to turn things around like this. This not only makes her look very bad, but this is also a reflection on the company, especially with Adelyn being the store manager.

First of all, Adelyn did not know who was calling and complaining. There was a group of us who were there, we were all upset and we all got on our cell phones to complain to corporate. There is no way she would have known who was on the phone since she never once asked our names to identify us. The only way she would know I went to another department to get something else is if ALL 10 of us who were let in first, went to another department first together to get something else. Which of course was NOT the case! Shirley then advised me that it now turns into Adelyn's story against mine. I had advised Shirley that I know for a fact that I was not the only one calling in and complaining and the others would have the same story as I did. Shirley told me that no one had called in and there are no complaints against this store. Which again was a lie because I was standing next to someone who just got off the phone with corporate with their complaint and there were several others right next to me on their cell phones with corporate as well. I advised Shirley it was not my story against Adelyn's. I told her I know you guys have cameras in your store and if she wanted the truth to pull the video tapes, which will show we went up to the manager and we were directed to stand in a line within the red tape behind the cashiers. I advised Shirley that we had contacted an attorney, as well as the media, and I was calling to give their company a chance to try to resolve this matter before we were to meet with the media that morning. I was then advised by Shirley to do what I feel like we needed to do because there was nothing she could do to help me.

We met with Fox Channel 11 news, in front of the store, a half an hour later. We all expressed our concerns and complained about the customer service and treatment we were provided. We also expressed our concerns on the company's false advertisement. This was fraud, a scam! The news interviewed the store manager, Adelyn, who stated unfortunately they did not have any more laptops to provide us, but in exchange, they would provide each of us with a $200 gift card and a discount on another item in the store. The representative from Fox news approached us and advised us of the offer from the store manager and then left.

When the group (the 8 of us) approached Adelyn to accept her offer, she then told us that she was not giving us each a gift card, she was just going to give one gift card in the amount of $200. This was ABSURD!! AGAIN, we were lied to by their employee, a manager at that!! We, of course argued again with Adelyn and advised her that we did not just stay 3 days and 2 nights in front of their store just for a $200 gift card for the 8 of us. We each were purchasing a laptop. All 8 of us did not stand in line just to purchase 1 laptop!

After a while of complaining to Adelyn, she told us this was all she was going to do for us and we were not going to get anything more out of her. Adelyn advised us to deal with corporate. She stated that by us complaining to corporate, they can do more for us then what she could. Adelyn finally said she would just give two $200 gift cards to two of us and the rest could buy something else at a discount and then work it out with corporate to get something from them.

I was very upset and to the point where I refused to purchase another item from Best Buy! Regardless of how good the deal was, I was NOT going to contribute another penny to a company who has NO respect for their faithful and loyal customers! Therefore, I was NOT going to purchase anything else for a discount. This whole thing has been a scam to rip off the American Consumers!!

We called corporate again and advised once more of the whole situation, and were told there was nothing they can do and it should have been handled in the store with the manager. Corporate even got Adelyn on the other line so they can hear from Adelyn what she wanted them to do for us. Adelyn stated that she did not know why we were calling and she already gave us a discount and gift card. We reminded Adelyn that she was the one who told us to work something out with corporate because she could not give us all the $200 gift card. Adelyn denied ever telling us that. We kept advising her of the whole conversation that took place in the store to refresh her memory and reminded her that she told us to deal directly with corporate to get this issue resolved.

We have gotten nowhere with the corporate office and with the Simi Valley store management. We wrote a letter to the CEO of Best Buy and are hoping they provide us the $200 gift card and discount for another computer, that their manager had promised us on TV. We are still pending the results of this letter. I am so disappointed with Best Buy and I am hoping the CEO can restore my faith in this company. If not, I will boycott Best Buy every chance I get!

I work at best buy and we do have excellent customer service, annoying customers with too much help should be considered a good thing,rather than your local walmarts avoidance or the "uh.......i dunno man" response when looking for something, we are required to greet every customer and ask them if they need help,....pardon me for doing my job, but I think that is a good quality for a store to have. That is the problem with todays society is that no one has any manners anymore, people walk around with this dont talk to me or come near me attitude, and when greeted, its like they walked into a foreign country. People should appreciate the few retail stores that actually take the steps to make sure their floor staff are doing their jobs.......helping customers. Of course there always is the occasional douche who doesnt do his job correctly, and you know what...they get fired. I didnt realize just how much effort the store took into keeping on top of their employees to be helpful and knowledgeable until i started working there, They may cost a bit more but there quality of products,services, and customer service are top notch. Those of you who spend your spare time complaining keep this in mind.........who's making you shop there? Go to wal-mart and play hide n go seek with their employees. Or buy a tv shut up, eat some bryers ice cream and keep your soap operas limited to the shows you watch. Nothing is more pathetic than watching someone walk into a retail store looking for a fight, just because he or she wants to feel important, your boss spits on you all day, so your only outlet apparently is taking it out on your local retail store employees, those select few should be ashamed of themselves.......anywho, I hope the rest of the readers get another view point that Best Buy does try hard to keep their customers happy.

I work at best buy and we do have excellent customer service, annoying customers with too much help should be considered a good thing,rather than your local walmarts avoidance or the "uh.......i dunno man" response when looking for something, we are required to greet every customer and ask them if they need help,....pardon me for doing my job, but I think that is a good quality for a store to have. That is the problem with todays society is that no one has any manners anymore, people walk around with this dont talk to me or come near me attitude, and when greeted, its like they walked into a foreign country. People should appreciate the few retail stores that actually take the steps to make sure their floor staff are doing their jobs.......helping customers. Of course there always is the occasional douche who doesnt do his job correctly, and you know what...they get fired. I didnt realize just how much effort the store took into keeping on top of their employees to be helpful and knowledgeable until i started working there, They may cost a bit more but there quality of products,services, and customer service are top notch. Those of you who spend your spare time complaining keep this in mind.........who's making you shop there? Go to wal-mart and play hide n go seek with their employees. Or buy a tv shut up, eat some bryers ice cream and keep your soap operas limited to the shows you watch. Nothing is more pathetic than watching someone walk into a retail store looking for a fight, just because he or she wants to feel important, your boss spits on you all day, so your only outlet apparently is taking it out on your local retail store employees, those select few should be ashamed of themselves.......anywho, I hope the rest of the readers get another view point that Best Buy does try hard to keep their customers happy.

I work at best buy and we do have excellent customer service, annoying customers with too much help should be considered a good thing,rather than your local walmarts avoidance or the "uh.......i dunno man" response when looking for something, we are required to greet every customer and ask them if they need help,....pardon me for doing my job, but I think that is a good quality for a store to have. That is the problem with todays society is that no one has any manners anymore, people walk around with this dont talk to me or come near me attitude, and when greeted, its like they walked into a foreign country. People should appreciate the few retail stores that actually take the steps to make sure their floor staff are doing their jobs.......helping customers. Of course there always is the occasional douche who doesnt do his job correctly, and you know what...they get fired. I didnt realize just how much effort the store took into keeping on top of their employees to be helpful and knowledgeable until i started working there, They may cost a bit more but there quality of products,services, and customer service are top notch. Those of you who spend your spare time complaining keep this in mind.........who's making you shop there? Go to wal-mart and play hide n go seek with their employees. Or buy a tv shut up, eat some bryers ice cream and keep your soap operas limited to the shows you watch. Nothing is more pathetic than watching someone walk into a retail store looking for a fight, just because he or she wants to feel important, your boss spits on you all day, so your only outlet apparently is taking it out on your local retail store employees, those select few should be ashamed of themselves.......anywho, I hope the rest of the readers get another view point that Best Buy does try hard to keep their customers happy.

Well they do care about their employees enough to sleep with them at the Best Buy in Greenwood Indiana.

My friends husband is a store manager there and he has slept with at least 3 very young women that work there...

That according to very good sources is how he mets his women...

we have had our P.C. to the geek sqaud 3 times 11 trips and still have the same problem and after all that the guy had the gall to say it (must )be your wiring and try and sell me a battery backup deal>we are going to court i guess. we payed money for a worthless warrenty because they can't fix our computer.i am trying to find out how to file a complaint with best buy corperate to avoid litagation!!!!but at this point i am wore out with the lies and total poor response to our problem.i have not went to this store twice and had the same people working (howe ave. Akron,Ohio.)and the guy tonight told me that there geeks were the best in the Akron Area if so that is SAD,SAD and scarey please advise

My first comment is to Angela, with the Ivy league education. You leave alot to be desired starting your comment with you don't know your ass from your arm pit. May I ask at what Ivy League University did you learn that statement?

Secondly, dealing with Best Buy online has been a nightmare. Trying to order two GPS systems was almost impossible. Angela there are kinks in the system that have not been iron out yet (per your customer service dept). In the end thru customer service online 6 systems were ordered and they (customer Service) could not cancel the order. I was instructed to refuse the deliever when the UPS person arrived with the order. Now after being on the phone for several hours, my account being charged,(I now must deal with a bank)I am ask to sit around and wait for a UPS delievery. Wouldn't yoy think that Best Buy should iron out the kinks before launching an online system? And just tired of Best Buys treatment of paying customers.

I did purchase the same 2 GPS systems online from a different company, faster, cheaper, with free delievery and I did not have to wait to catch the UPS person.

Buy the way Angela, in order for us to keep our pay checks coming in, we must remember the customer is always right. This is a statment that most of our society has seem to forgotten.Maybe with your Ivy League education you feel you are too good to work with the common customer. It is really unbecoming to throw your education in peoples faces. You never know who you are dealing with, they may have been educated at several Ivy league universities with several degrees!!!

My first comment is to Angela, with the Ivy league education. You leave alot to be desired starting your comment with you don't know your ass from your arm pit. May I ask at what Ivy League University did you learn that statement?

Secondly, dealing with Best Buy online has been a nightmare. Trying to order two GPS systems was almost impossible. Angela there are kinks in the system that have not been iron out yet (per your customer service dept). In the end thru customer service online 6 systems were ordered and they (customer Service) could not cancel the order. I was instructed to refuse the deliever when the UPS person arrived with the order. Now after being on the phone for several hours, my account being charged,(I now must deal with a bank)I am ask to sit around and wait for a UPS delievery. Wouldn't yoy think that Best Buy should iron out the kinks before launching an online system? And just tired of Best Buys treatment of paying customers.

I did purchase the same 2 GPS systems online from a different company, faster, cheaper, with free delievery and I did not have to wait to catch the UPS person.

Buy the way Angela, in order for us to keep our pay checks coming in, we must remember the customer is always right. This is a statment that most of our society has seem to forgotten.Maybe with your Ivy League education you feel you are too good to work with the common customer. It is really unbecoming to throw your education in peoples faces. You never know who you are dealing with, they may have been educated at several Ivy league universities with several degrees!!!

Just had a very poor experience with Best Buy. They didn't even seem reluctant to send me packing. I won't be going back or shopping online.

Well to the lady or gentleman who was annoyed because Best Buy sales team members will approach you and offer assistance I will say this: It's our job to assist you with purchases. If you're perusing the aisles, you may be looking for something and have difficulty finding it so if you're looking for a fast, hassle-free experience we make it a lot easier if we can just direct you to what you need and send you on your way. Additionally, none of us work on commission so I believe I can speak for most employees when I say that we inform our customers about certain items that are on sale so you don't pass up the opportunity. You may not have come in looking for such a product but if it's a good price then you benefit by listening to us. Also, one of the fundamental things I like about Best Buy as a store is that we actually have employees out on the floor who are there to help make your experience easier. Often, if we ignore a customer who seems to be just looking around, we receive a complaint that the customer did not receive the assistance they expected. When we first see you, we don't know whether you would prefer to be left alone or came in with questions. The reason people shop with us that we're one of the few stores left who provide such assistance to our customers. It's a good thing that we do our jobs and try to help you instead of being lazy and waiting for you to ask us to do our job. Finally, I would like to add that I'm a temporary employee who will only be working at Best Buy for about a year or so until I continue my higher education so I have no personal gain from talking the store up since I'm not making a career out of it.

I haven't purchased anything from Best Buy in almost 10 years.

Shortly after '95 they began to move toward a more aggressive sales strategy that focused on extended warranties, turned the service center into a sales department, and put additional pressure on in-store managers.

When I worked there, the type of callousness that you get from employees and management wasn't nearly as extreme. It's impressive that they've done as well as they have considering the horror stories and the way they treat their staff.

Customer is always right... is wrong... sorry... but to many people now at day feel they are "owed" and have a sense of "entitlement".The phrase is outdated. I had a customer who didnt want to pay the taxes on her purchase... but the customer is always right.. maybe we should just give free products???

I used both and during the Boxing Day sale and have had a horrible experience with both. I ordered a hard drive from Future Shop which was shipped via Canada Post and they did not deliver for whatever reason and shipped it back to Future Shop. I called several times and they kept saying that I would get credited back the charge and I could reorder the item but they couldn"t guarantee I would get the sale price. I could not believe this is their policy, no wonder you have so many people complaining about your customer service. I also ordered a flatscreen TV from the Best Buy website on Boxing Day and they indicated that there was 100 units for each of the three territories but when I called because I hadn't heard anything they told me it was on backorder. I asked why if I was one of the 100 that got it on sale that they wouldn't have stock of them. I could not get a straight answer or even the same answer from any of the people I talked to. They indicated that the quantity that it shows on the website doesn't always reflect what they have on hand but in this instance it doesn't apply because if they have the 100 units that are on sale then they should have all 100 to ship. It doesn't say that we are taking orders for 100 and then we will order them once we receive all the orders which is probably exactly what they do.

I noticed that some of the Best Buy associates are responding to these complaints on here and trying to protect Best Buy procedures and policys so please post an answer to me and try telling me that my issues were handled properly, and don't tell me that it depends who you had talked to because I talked to several people on each of my complaints and did not resolve either. This will be the last product I ever buy from Best Buy.

To: Best Buy Corporate Office.

To Whom It May Concern:
On 2/24/2010 at 9:05PM, I have purchased a Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution, top of the line, keyboard & mouse set for $169.99 plus sales tax at Best Buy store # 599 located at: 8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11224. It was a 25th birthday gift for my wife. When she opened a box the next day, it was the whole bunch of different items, none of which belong to the item purchased. We brought this back to the store the following day at 1:00 PM, in less then 24 hours. While waiting on line to exchange the product, person in front of us has returned 2 products back to Best Buy. Store employee failed to even look at the boxes that were returned back to them. I have asked them a question how they are taking the item back without inspecting them. The answer was "The box looks Okay", after which I followed with my situation. At first she said to go, and get another set and called the manager. As soon as we came back to the counter with the replacement item we were met by the Geek Squad employees. As soon as we approached the counter one of the guys said that they can not take it back, and we should contact the manufacturer of the product. I made a phone call to Logitech right there in the store. Person on the other end listened to what I had to say, and going over the items in that box, suggested that the mix up happened at the store, because none of the items in that box belonged to that set. It looked like someone shoved old used display products in that box. In about 20 minutes waiting for the store manager Alexander (Refused to provide his Last Name) has arrived. After explaining to him what have happened, he advised us that there is nothing that he can do for us, and said that this is a Small Claim, and nicely asked us to leave the store. At that time I felt like breaking that old keyboard over his head. It was a 25th Birthday Gift for my wife, and here I felt so bad and low, it was not even a matter of $185.00 money loss. I came outside, and called Best Buy Customer Relations. They said that this situation can only be resolved by the store manager. My wife went inside the store to talk to him again. After the phone conversation with Best Buy I have decided to call my bank to dispute the charge. Charge was not even processed at that time. It was still in authorization process, and they advised me to call them back next business day. While my wife was inside the store talking to manager Alexander, he asked her to leave a phone number and he will call her back with his decision within a couple of days. We left the store feeling like s**t. I have lost $185.08. It was the worst birthday gift ever I could give to my wife, but the Best Buy will loose more then that on the long run. There must be someone in the Corporate Office that can understand what their employees are doing to their reputation. This is very unfair that Best Buy Corporation will allow their store manager Alexander (Refuse to give his last name - like he was hiding something), treat their customers like that. I wonder if top Management at Best Buy will agree with his decision at that time. How about good old Business Law: "Customer is always right!!!" And if Best Buy thinks otherwise, Shame On You!!! You will not last too long by doing business like this.
Best regards,
Gary L. Brooklyn, NY.

Fuck Best buy and their cheap ass products.

I called Best Buy with a problem and talked to a Manager names Drew at the Rochester, NY Store at Ridge Rd Ridgemont plaza. When I told him the problem he hung up on me. I called back and asked for him again and they left me on hold for 10 minutes I call again and was told Drew was in a Manager meeting. I hope it was a meeting to teach him how to treat customers. I will never buy again from this store again. I received a cd of crazy hearts for my birthday and when I opened the cd there was no cd in the package.
If this is what you hire to take care of customers you need to re think your hiring policy.