Cursing the Eye of Argon

The current issue of the science-fiction newsletter Ansible uncovers more details about the origins of The Eye of Argon by Jim Theis, often described as the worst science fiction story ever penned.

Theis was interviewed for a subsequent issue of OSFAN. He was 16 when he wrote the story in 1970, receiving a derisive award from fellow club members:

OSFAN: I am personally proud of your story for OSFAN10, in the sense, that it is more than I could have done. Also the fact that when they were kidding you about it, you took it so well. I think you should be given a pat on the back for such good sportsmanship. You showed real character.

THEIS: I didn't know that. I mean, it was easier than showing bad character and inviting trouble.


Mr/Ms Cadenhead,

I would like your comment on firewalls and virus scanners.

Simply, do you think firewalls could be effectively used without virus scanning. Seems to me, as a novice, that there is redundancy because a constantly updated virus scanner rarely, if ever, actually never, identifies a virus. So my impression is that the firewall is so efficient that it virtually negates the value of the virus scanner.

Would a perceptive person notice the effects of a subtle virus by a change in performance and therefore not need to run a scanner and a firewall because they would address the performance change when it arises?


I should add that I rarely allow for java applets or activeX controls when visiting websites/pages.(whatever the apps. and Xcontrols actually are.) I also use some "host file" trick which keeps my spam to virtually nill. I use no auto-update features that I'm aware of and run a couple of freeware scanners that look for spyware and browser hijackers. I also erase/compress my dat. files regularly and my swap files(again, whatever they are?). So maybe I have limited my system so much as to make it less functional but less vunerable to viruses...?

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