Looking up the Bad News Bears

When I was 10, I saw Bad News Bears in Breaking Training in the theater and thought it was the best picture ever made. Kids my age traveling cross-country on their own swearing like sailors, scamming Playboy magazines, and playing baseball in the Houston Astrodome.

I caught the first half of the movie this evening and decided to look up the cast. None of them did much acting beyond the Bad News Bears films, aside from Jackie Earle Haley in Breaking Away and Jimmy Baio in Soap. Even Chris Barnes, whose performance as the foul-mouthed violence prone 10-year-old Tanner Boyle will be remembered forever, had a forgettable acting career.

One player, the bespectacled nerd Oglivy, lived up to that stereotype. According to a fan site, Alfred Lutter III became a software developer, CEO of the application service provider NetChemistry, and now teaches Java and Oracle classes.


El Hefe, who plays/played guitar for the band NoFX, was in at least one of the Bad News Bears movies...

I read that, but I didn't recognize the names NoFX or El Hefe. He played one of the two Hispanic brothers who asked their parents for "four dollars -- for the both of us" to finance their trip from California to Houston and back.

So, Rogers, based on the description you provided, I guess this means....

YOU are Alfred Lutter III!


Yup. And here I was hoping to be Carmen Ronzonni when I grew up.

El Hefe's real name is George Gonzales, and he did play with NOFX, and was in all three BNB movies; he played Miguel Agilar.

Check out my Chris Barnes website; it wasn't the career per se that was forgettable as much as it was the parts that Chris was hired for. If life were fair, The Bad News Bears would have been a springboard for a career full of top billings in well written and directed features, because it was obvious that Chris could handle it; instead, it appears that the role of Tanner hurt more than helped.

dude...el hefe's real name is Aaron Abeyeta. I dont think that he was in the bad news bears

Brandon Cruz who's with Dead Kennedys now was in bad news bears too. He was in the courtship of eddies father too. Lotsa punks in that movie. They probably just wanted to be more like Kelly.

he's right, el hefe didn't act in this movie.

Yes, I meant to say did not.

Jackie Earle Haley has been on an acting hiatus (voluntary or otherwise) since 1993, but looks to be back to doing films again, at least temporarily. He's got a bit role in the upcoming Sean Penn, Anthony Hopkins, Kate Winslet film "All the Kings Men" and appears to have a more prominent role in a film called "Little Children" with Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly. Check Jackie's bio on www.imdb.com for more details. I'm glad to see him back in front of the camera again!

hmm, nofx talk about it on the commentry on ther DVD
fat mike says "that was after bad news bears"

el hefe says "thats right, i couldent get anymore work after that"

Does anyone remember that tune in the Breaking Training film that has the chorus "Life is looking good for you and me?" It plays while the bears are truckin' down the road in the van on their way to Houston. I'd love to know who sings/plays it and how I may get a recording of this tune and others like it (any catchy tunes from movies of this era).

if you go on fuse.tv and search "NoFX" and click, "Clips"--- some video links will pop up. click on the one with the subtitle as "bad news bears" . they talk about hefes acting career. and him being in the movie.

who sings that song "life is looking good for you and me"?

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