Camille Paglia, the first weblogger

Camille Paglia claims today in Salon that she invented the weblog:

Now and then one sees the claim that Kausfiles was the first blog. I beg to differ: I happen to feel that my Salon column was the first true blog. My columns had punch and on-rushing velocity. They weren't this dreary meta-commentary, where there's a blizzard of fussy, detached sections nattering on obscurely about other bloggers or media moguls and Washington bureaucrats. I took hits at media excesses, but I directly commented on major issues and personalities in politics and pop culture.


With Paglia, I get the impression that every remark she makes could be refuted by a person with actual knowledge of the subject. Such as her belief that Mickey Kaus is the first weblogger, if she's not given the title. You'd think all of her idiotic pronouncements would winnow away her potential audience by reducing the potential number of people still willing to take her seriously.

Urgh, Paglia. Dreadful woman. Thinks she knows everything about everything, and expresses it in an amazingly smug manner to boot.

I don't like her ;-)

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