Reform Party still going, if not strong

The Boston Phoenix has caught up with the Reform Party. Those of us who cast a vote for Ross Perot, as I did in a weak moment to my eternal shame, have left quite a legacy on the American political scene 12 years later:

An evangelist who has run unsuccessfully for just about every available Mississippi office (including once for US Senate against his own father), [party chairman Shawn] O'Hara persuaded the party to hold this year’s convention in his home state. "It took 13 days to broker the deal to bring it here," he says, adding that the deciding factor was the $49 room rates at the Ramada Inn Diamondhead Hotel.

The Reform Party Web site is everything you might expect of a group that attracted 100 to its national convention. There are catchy slogans -- "Reform Party: If you want reform, vote reform" -- and a platform built on well-reasoned principles such as "get a consensus."

Who am I? Why am I here?
-- Admiral James Stockdale

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