Pycs offers weblog search engine

Phillip Pearson has added a search engine to the Python Community Server, an open-source clone of Radio's hosting server written in Python.

To support searching weblog entries, he's implementing a new XmlStorageSystem method, mirrorPosts, which Radio and other tools could use to add an entry to the search engine.

If you're a Radio user who is outgrowing the Radio Community Server or Salon Blogs, changing to the Python Community Server is pretty simple. I'm using Pycs for comments and trackback here and began Workbench on that server before publishing to my own server with FTP.


I just sent this to Phil:

on your page:

you have the link to Just go to the changeCommunityServer page set to:


at least on Mac OS 9, that doesn't work. this does:

Ahh, so there was a reason for using

On my Windows 2000 machine, was doing something weird, but localhost worked fine. Radio defaults to though.

I've changed the links in that article.

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