Weblogger beauty contest launched

I'm holding a weblogger beauty contest on Workbench for Jon Gales and Alexander Payne.

The first people to send verifiable photos of Gales and Payne that are of sufficient quality and detail to judge their beauty will win $10, plus $1 for every week from Oct. 5, 2003, that the prizes go unclaimed.


If you took a look at the archives...


heh. Do I get $5? :P

Oh and here's one of Alex via his FOAF (how hard did you look... first place I looked):


Not the best to be judged. But it's a start.

Your trackbacks appear to be b0rked, so you can find my comments on your contest right about here. Your blog is, like, totally the HotOrNot of, uh, Jon and I... So congrats on that.

so who now has the difficult task of asessing their respective beauties?


Al3x would be the one with the flaming red hair.

Just make the PayPal payment to my given email address... Thanks!

Ok come on, I sent you two nice and clear pics of al3x. Don't I atleast get recognition? Not to mention my $10.

Patience, please. I'm working on a magazine column; the $20.00 and change this contest is costing me doesn't grow on trees.

found these while looking back the IM logs:


And today,
[23:36] Jon: http://www.n3rd.net/images/us.jpg
[23:36] Jon: http://www.n3rd.net/images/jon.jpg

Because Jon ain't ugly, yo.

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