Singing the praises of JSP taglibs

Joshua Marinacci has become a convert to Struts and custom Java Server Pages tag libraries, using them to make it easier for his HTML-coding sister to maintain a weblog implemented with JSP:

.... now I've discovered custom taglibs. These are brilliant! From my sister's point of view there are now a few magic tags she can use to do something. My scripts are no longer code, just extensions to HTML, as if there was a new version of Netscape with support for a magic <blog> tag.

These tag libraries get even better with the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), a set of custom JSP tags and a new data-access language that enable JSP-based Web applications to handle presentation without ever resorting to Java code.

My August Java Matters column for Linux Magazine covers JSTL and should be appearing online within a month.

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