Why Eugene isn't interested in Valerie

Eugene Volokh's explanation of why he isn't covering the Valerie Plame Wilson story on his weblog is refreshingly honest -- exposing the offenses of his political allies is no fun:

All things being equal, I have more fun pointing out the seeming warts of those who are generally more or less on the other side than of those who are generally more or less on my own.

Can anyone imagine getting an admission like that from a talking head in the professional media?


First, I've never understood the sort of idea Volokh is putting out there. I've always found it just as much fun to make fun of people on my own side. I know I take someone more seriously if they're ripping on Ann Coulter and Michael Moore than if they tell me they only focus on one because of their ideology.

As for the statement, it is barely worth noting in relation to Volokh's blog but would be an outright scandal if Dan Rather said it.

I wouldn't expect Dan Rather to say it, since he's covering the news rather than offering opinions on it (don't laugh), but it would be nice to hear occasionally from the Peggy Noonans and Paul Begalas of the world.

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