Dive into dead-tree publishing

Apress, a relatively new computer book publisher started by several authors, has signed Mark Pilgrim to create a new print edition of Dive Into Python, his popular online tutorial:

I'm writing a book. Or rather, have written a book, or at least part of a book, Dive Into Python, the book I've been writing, or not writing, for years, the book I said I'd never work on again. Except that now, Apress is paying me to work on my book again, expand it, and hopefully finish it. And if all goes well, they're going to publish it on actual paper sometime next summer, by which I mean fall, by which I mean "God willing before 2005."

As a computer book author myself, I figured it was only a matter of time before a publisher would find Pilgrim. His technical writing is always worth a read, and there aren't many first-time authors who come into computer book writing with a built-in audience and a recognizeable brand. I wouldn't be surprised in two years to prowl Barnes & Noble and see a half-dozen Dive In books on programming languages and Web protocols.


FYI according to mark pilgrim's web site his book just published:


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