Security expert fired after Microsoft study

On Wednesday, technology analyst Daniel Geer told reporters he was staking his professional reputation on Cyberinsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly, a report he coauthored that alleges Microsoft's monopoly on operating systems and its penchant for tight integration of software constitutes a huge security risk to the world's technology infrastructure.

Later that day, Geer was fired by @Stake, where he was chief technology officer.

Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Labs, a co-author of the report, said several researchers were skittish about associating themselves with the study: When we were conceiving and writing the report, a surprising number of researchers said 'No,' because of the fear of Microsoft. Dan was not talking for @Stake. We were speaking as researchers. The fact that @Stake couldn't get around that shows the pressure that Microsoft brings to bear.


Well, it looks like mr. Geer lost his job stating the blindingly obvious. No need to get all scientific about this, everyone sees the downside of MS's dominance at every other Outlook virus.

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