Onward, Christian soldiers

On a recent drive from Dallas to Jacksonville, we saw several trucks and other vehicles with a military-looking U.S. eagle logo and the name Air Land Emergency Resource Team (ALERT). We hadn't heard of the group but figured it was securing the homeland in some nebulous but expensive capacity.

Looking into it on the Web, ALERT is a private youth academy whose members head to the scene of disasters so they can offer physical and spiritual assistance. As one member explains:

When an emergency happens, the mayor or other government official call ALERT and an ALERT Unit is deployed to the scene of the disaster. While we are there we work in cooperation with the city or government officials and provide aid in any way that we can. We try not only to meet the physical needs of the people who are suffering but also the spiritual needs as well. We do our best to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.

With their attire and titles, ALERT looks like a paramilitary youth group. One of their leaders, 2nd Lt. Joel George, describes them as a "cross between the Jesuits and the Marines."


Known these folks for almost a dozen years, and they're good people. Working hard right now to help government agencies all over LA, TX, and other parts of the US to care for the citizens of those areas--at no cost to the government. A finer bunch of folks you'll never meet. The "paramilitary" is a misnomer. The uniform provides cohesiveness, but they've never been trained in combat or martial arts techniques, or how to fire a weapon. They're only resource is prayer and faith in God. I'd encourage anyone who feels so led to contribute to their efforts to help. Check their web page, www.alertacademy.com for updates ontheir work.

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