Iraq's Most Wanted copyright violation

The Iraq's Most Wanted playing cards released into the public domain by the U.S. military and mass-produced by every huckster and spammer on the planet aren't actually public domain. They include a tiny Hoyle joker, which is a trademark of U.S. Playing Cards.

Thanks to the error, the company ended up with an exclusive license, as it states on the product's Amazon page: "We are the only company licensed to print this deck, complete with 'Hoyle Joker' cards, as it appeared in the original 200 decks given to Coalition soldiers. No other company in the world can legally produce the exact deck given to Coalition soldiers."

In other Iraqi playing card news, it appears that business is slow. The publisher of IraqiCards.Us is now offering a new product ripped from today's headlines: the world's ugliest Alabama Ten Commandments monument T-shirt.

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