Blogrolling for missing persons

There ought to be an automated way for webloggers to googlebomb missing person and abducted children Web sites like the one set up for Heather Carpenter, a 22-year-old Redding, Calif., woman who has been missing since Aug. 4.


A rotating gif/jpeg system that fits into the toolbar would be great. The caption: have you seen this person? The link would go to a profile page. Info would flow to relatives and police. Perhaps it could be tied into the Amber alert system many states are running. That would place recently missing people at the top of the rotation list.

Somebody should build this and go for a grant and/or state/national funding.

I would put an advertisement like this into my weblog.

A drawback to using images would be Google's inability to index those links. Ideally, the name of each missing person should be part of the link, so that their site jumps up in Googlerank from being on all of the participating sites.

I thought it could be displayed above or below a blogroll -- a list of names linking to the site established for each of these people by their loved ones.

I've been thinking about it more this morning, and it seems like the best solution would be an RSS feed with a site that shows how to display it on Radio UserLand, Moveable Type, Blogger, and the other weblogging tools. Perhaps it could also be offered as a JavaScript script.

Javascript based ticker;=683

Java based image from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Where do you turn to get help with an adult missing person??????????

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