Orlando's in full Bloom on LiveJournal

For Orlando Vacationer, I've been using a cool feature of Feedster: the ability to subscribe to an RSS feed, sorted by date, on a search term like Orlando. You can even use more intelligent searches such as Orlando NOT Bloom.

One thing Feedster can't do is filter out LiveJournal users who are on a first-name-only basis with the actor Orlando Bloom. A group that is horrifyingly large.

From the last 24 hours alone:


I wouldn't WANT 4 kids, but if I'm married to Orlando, we'd be shagging enough that we'd end up with that many.


I'd sell my soul to have that kiss at the end with Orlando.


Orlando ... topless Very, very nice....


Orlando does well, and handles being what amounts to being Depp's straight man with aplomb. And he does look good swordfighting.


Hi there,

Actually we do support this. Just search for:

Orlando not Bloom not weblog_domain=livejournal.com


That would work, but at the expense of the LiveJournal diary where Orlando the city is being discussed.

I just wanna say what a stupid ass RACIST your beloved Orlando Bloom is. He doesn't even date beautiful Black girls. He's a stupid,STUPID,UGLY,DIRTY ASS RACIST, and WE HATE HIM!!!!!!

I'm Shelly Locan's best friend,Cara,and Orlando Bloom is an UGLY,STUPID,IGNORANT ASS RACIST. We may be girls, but we really HATE Orlando Bloom. We don't wanna like an impulsive, downright Racist Brit! And we don't think that anybody else should give in to this DISCUSTING FREAK either. They're FOOLS if they do. A large group of our friends really support the way that Shelly and I feel, and WE ARE NO FANS OF THIS UGLY ASS RACIST BRIT CALLED Orlando Bloom!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we'll start respecting him when HE starts respecting Black girls.

I just have one thing to say....I Love Orlando Bloom as an actor and I think he does an awesome job...but I never knew he was a racist.... when did you guys find out he was racist?

He's not racist. These people are either trolls or really,really stupid. His father worked with Nelson Mandela and went to prison with him for Gods sake. How is he gonna be a racist?

Orlando Bloom is racist? I have never heard such crap...

Good actor or not he has made more money in his young life that any of you can EVER hope to earn, he's a real nice guy, and of course a Brit, a proud Brit at that - and so he should be.
So when you call him a "DISCUSTING FREAK" (note: it's spelt 'disgusting' you dumb arse), think over what you are saying, tool. All this fuss because he doesn't date black girls? WTF. He doesn't date men, so is he homophobic? I think not, you are the racists by that implication - oh, and try turning off caps lock once in a while. Channel your anger on someone who has actually made racist comments or gives a shit on what you racist twats think. 'Nuff said.

I agree the last couple of posts, Orlando Bloom has never shown any signs of racial hate, nor have these issues ever even been raised towards him.

well orlando is just another reason for you muckin' brits to celebrate.heck with him but he looks like a sissy sheila to me.

Ive never heard of him being a racist either and ive read loads of stuff about him!!You can force him 2 date black girls!!Just cause he doesnt, doesnt mean he is racist!!I know lots of boys who havent dated black girls and theire not racists!!U just like 2 invent stupid things about other people so dat u feel good wid yourself!!do u konow wat i say 2 u!!GET A LIFE!!...and stop annoying every1 else!!Orlando Bloom seems a very good person for the type of work hes in!!I will always support the amazing work he is doing!!

i didnt meanU can force him,i meant u cant force him!sry

Now to jump in and say i never thought that he was a racist either and I'm half black and american indian. never once have I ever see him make racist comments or show any signs of racism. I mean look at the movie Haven he made with the BLACK actress Zoe Saldana in that movie he was kissing on her and everything. All I'm saying is you guys really need to check yourselves because this is how rumors get started. Now I don't know if it's just me but I visited London a while back and I saw was black and white people togther Couples). I don't think you would probably find a lot RACIST men in london, since its pretty diverse, but i'm not saying there's not any I just havn't met any yet.but who knows maybe we will see him with a black girl someday, look at Colin Farrell most of the women he has slept with have been black and his babys mother is.

Orlando Bloom is not a RACIST!!!! I met him quite a few times, and he is far from it. PLus, the man he thought was his father was from South Africa!!! That would be highly hipocritical, not to mention downright mean.

It's funny how a ton of people who don't even know eachother are having an arument over the internet about whether OB is a racist or not. What's also funny is that a ton of you are speaking for him, saying stuff like "He is a racist." You don't know whether he is, or isn't. Only he does. So my advice to all of you is to stop arguing over a matter that will never be solved, and go get lives that don't involve 'posting comments' on internet sites. Because all that happens is everyone shows their disagreements of opinions.

Is Kim Bordenave black ? really i couldn't tell.

I realy LOVE!!!! Olando Bloom!!! you people get a life and stop making hate sites

When I read these comments for the first time I laughed my ass of and now when I've read them for the second time I even laugh harder. I mean we are all making this big hassle about a boy (yes boy) probaby non of us will never meet let alone talk to. So what I sugest we do is find ourselves a boy/man that looks remotely like him so we can get a life. :)

big grammatical error it's laugh even harder. srry

I really LOVE orlando bloom, he is a very good actor and plays in alot of my favorite movies. I don't like him only because he's handsome, but because he is a wonderful actor. I don't belive he's racist. He's still one of my favorite actors no matter how many stupid comments people make about him. He seems really sweet. I hate hate sites! So get a life and stop writing them, get lives HATERS! lol.

*Laughs* You think Orlando Bloom is racist just because he doesn't date any black women? *laughs even harder* You really have to be stupid to put that in there. In fact what you said was the most stupid thing I ever read!!!!! You are both stupid and arrogant!!!!! Please get smarter and study more...YOU NEED IT! You should do that instead of writing the most stupid things people have ever heard of. My friend and I are laughing so hard at what you two prats said. I didn't know anyone could write something so stupid!!!!! *laughs*

Sorry I had to let that out!!!!!

hi and u look the best in the lord of the rings

peeps, haha that is funny, cus i've not seen or heard anything that even remotley suggests racism with orly. get a clue and shove it! yo orly fans, comment on my lj! ciao!

Orlando is not a racist he is a wonderful person and a great actor so you two pratts can shut up!!

hi. we'd just like to say, that Shelly and Cara are stupid bitches. are you fat? because you sound SOOOOO fat! you sound like fat dumb bitches! orlando once said, in an interview, that he actually had an affair with a fat dumb black bitch, so you're all looking like REALLY GOOD CONTENDERS at the moment! why don't you just EAT SHIT AND DIE, Shelly and Cara! you're both sexless slags!

orlando is the hottest guy in like the WHOLE PLANET and you girls are just too fez to EVER have a chance with him. GET A LIFE!!

I just want to know what interview you read that at? I want to read it. And why say Dumb Fat Black Bitch, I mean I'm black but Im not fat but I took that as offensive anyways. term BLACK BITCH just keeps echoing through my head. but your right they do need to GET A LIFE though. this is how rumors are started.

im shannon im not surporting olando
blooms rasism or anything but i think hes an aw sum actor and hes fuckin hot

I agree that Bloom shouldn't be judged - but to the girls who said fat dumb black bitch - calm tha fuck down. Ya'll probably just a little too hyped tha fuck up. Its alright. Use ur words carefully cuz one day a black bitch might whoop yo muhfuckin ass.


No Girl not girls need to calm tha fuck down, I was just as insulted as you are but only one girl mentioned that and I said that it was uncalled for. DUMB FAT BLACK BITCH was uncalled for I realize your upset but dont put that on me OK, I'm not hyped I'm just pissed you know what =why am I even here anyways peace.

you guys are like all totally getting it TOTALLY wrong! we don't mean to offend black people, i mean, we sponser like STACKS of black children through world vision and stuff, and they're like NOT fat. they don't even have enough to eat.

we think you guys are getting WAY to hyped up about it, i mean really, this is supposed to be about ORLANDO! so why don't you just go running back to your mummys you fat bitches, coz orlando is NOT racist. only an fugly slag would make that up, so we just think that you are all FUGLY SLUTS!! so don't go dissing orlando.

you girls are FEZ!

I dont understand why you girls have to be so competitive about your opinons or remarks. One thing i know- is Orlando is my inspiration, but not because i am in love with his looks.. but his acting. I am in the making of being an actress.. something which was inspired by orlando.. and i would love to meet him. Oh.. and like i said - thats my opinion.. i posted it.. and i dont expect anyone to remark back about it

First, who cares if he doesn't date Black girls? If you haven't noticed, he is WHITE. What is wrong with a White male dating women of his own race? That would be like saying Black guys should date "beautiful White girls" and Black females wouldn't like that AT ALL. Most of them have issues with interracial relationships anyway, esp. between Black guys & non-Black girls.

Dating White women only does not make him racist. Lots of Black people love to call other people names, esp. "racist", and this really needs to stop. Haven't you noticed that most of them constantly complain about racism at times when it is unnecessary, like this forum?

You said he doesn't date "beautiful Black girls". There's plenty of pretty White girls, too, and the fact that he's probably never had a Black girlfriend doesn't mean he hates Blacks. That, my dears, is what racism is...the belief that one's own race is superior to all others. I'm sure that he doesn't hate Black people. Open a book sometime & learn something worthwhile. Don't judge people by the color of their skin or who they date. You don't want it done to you, so don't do it to others.

i think that u r all in desperate need of getting a life!!!!! Why do u fall into the rumour patrol crap! that's all that it is rumour. period. none of u know him at all. why cant everyone just keep their nasty ass opinions to themselves. just enjoy the man and his extremely handsome face and totally bodacious bod. enjoy his acting too because he's fabulous. oh ya he's definitely not a racist ya arseholes

how can you insult orlando he is cute and cool. also he is the most hansome guy on plant earth.dame you guy must have some mental problem.

well, I am black myself and I don't think he is a rasist at all.
Just like some other girl said someday he might date a black girl.
We don't know..And in case you haven't noticed Orlando hates the internet.
So i'm not trying to judge anyone but I don't think Orlando likes it having people talking about him on the internet.The man said it himself he hates the internet, I mean come on! isn't that clear to you..

Don't get me wrong (Cause I like talking about orli on the internet myself)

lots of kisses to all my girlzz out there who love orlando just like I do..Peace!!!xxsandra

Holy crap. I can't believe all you ppl are obsessed over one guy. One guy you can't even meet. Whats the point of wanting to marry him? wanting to meet him? It's not going to happen so grow up! Like he already has a girl friend. Hell he even does things with other woman. And he wouldnt want to go out and marry some teenager! The point is your not going to get him so grow up!


Actually I met Orlando and I'm black and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and hug and an autograph. He even rubbed my hand he told me my hands were cold and he rubbed them. He was really a sweet guy and i don't think his racist in the least. he is incredibly sweet and he smells good too.

this is just crazy...

well actually, we've both been on dates with orlando, and he has told us how much he hates fugly slag fans like you girls. he gets like SO sick of all of you saying that you're going to marry him and shit, cos its like NOT GONNA HAPPEN! he just thinks you are all complete fat bitches with nothing to do with your lives.

you all needs to grow up and realise that fez girls like you are just not hot enough to get a total babe like orlando. its just sooo not ever gonna happen. are you fat? because you sound SO fat, you sound like fat ugly bitches! we think you're all total slags.

goodbye bitches!

hey "weheartorlando" i think u have a serious problem. why are you so determined to slag everyone of in such a clique way? what has become of the world today? why do people have to be horrible to each other over such petty things? with the world in the state tht its in today, we should be drawing closer with or allies, black or white, unite us against terrosim. if orlando bloom were to read this im sure he would be absolutly appalled and ashamed of you all.you are all mean spirited people who really need to get over the over obsessiveness of orlando, coz its obviously turning yourselves against each other, and that not cool
do us all a favour and focus your energy on making the world a better place

I'm with you on the greenpeace are you reffering those things to me weheartorlando or you talking to the girls who started this. Personally if Orlando thinks that which I doubt he sure as hell hides it well. Anyways I'm not that much of a huge fan of Orlandos sure his gorgeous but his just a guy you know, when I met him his was really sweet to me and it was a random chance that I met him for those few minutes thats all I'm saying. I don't want to marry him and have his children and all that other crap but I'm not going to say that an ordinary fan doesn't have a chance with him either there are a lot of stars who fall in love with ordinary woman and have there kids too. these people these stars are just ordinary people if you take away the movies, cars, money, jewelry there just like you and me just with lots of money. they eat they sleep they take shit just like the rest of us. all I'm saying is going around calling each other names isn't helping and the fact that you said Orlando said those things just really sucks big time. And the whole fat thing was just really mean,and how can someone SOUND FAT that is ridiculous you can't sound FAT you can only look fat, but if they are so WHAT everyones not going to skin and bones. all I'm saying is we all come in different shapes and sizes and we need to learn that being big boned and skinny or whatever you maybe doesn't change the person you are inside.

I think Orlando Bloom is awesome..He looks like a very nice person and I don't think that anyone should judge him since he/she never met him..so stop acting like you know everything about him and go live your own lives....

Tell me this, if your bestfriend was white but just didn't like to date black women and thought that white women were hotter, would you think he is racist ALTHOUGH he loves black girls as bestfriends, I think not, so go review yourselves before saying anything about Bloom/Orli cause i'll always be here to defend him....muah ..muah..to Orli...and Good Luck...one more thing, I think that ya'll should just "have a nice life" in the words of Hillary Duff.....peace out Ya'll...........I'm out..this is coming from Orlando's BIGGEST fan...!!?



Aye, and me you.

Orlando Bloom is a likable guy with androgynous looks. But he ain't Burt Lancaster. Maybe the Master had that one in mind when he said, "He hits from both sides of the plate, he's amphibious."

People should be able to have a preference...this is America. I don't date "white men" but that does'nt make me a racist. I prefer black men, shoot I love everything about them. I don't blame O.B. He should date whomever he wants as long as he does'nt hate a race while doing it!!!!!

you girls are try-hard fugly slags. enough said.

On the contrary, we are neither for you or against you. We love HIM.

iabsoulutley love orlando bloom and i think that he looks gorgeous. i am orlando's BIGGEST fan and so are my friends sophie, rhiannon and ruby

hi orlando bloom how ae u today

i think orlando bloom is very nice and cute

i love orlando bloom and i think he is a hot

i love orlando bloom and i think he is a hot

i love orlando bloom and i think he is a hot

orlando bloom is a pretty boy and a FAG

jesus..youre all idiots.

*reads comments*

*dies laughing*

Jesus fucking Christ you people need a life...

hehe these comments are rediculous and dare I say pathetic.thanks for the laugh

oh and may I add that sounding fat thing is hilarious, how in the hell does someone sound fat anyways.

its not hard to sound fat when you're a fat ugly slut! you guys are seriously retarded and fugly whores. seriously, get a life. you are NOT orlando's girls. we are. so just FAG off you slag bitches!

Who are you talking too? Its not possible to sound fat girl. only look fat that sounds so immature. I'm not even that much of a fan of orlando but I do like his movies. but there is know way ion the world that you can sound fat, theres just know way that is possible.

What does SLAG mean? Is that a european slang word that you use in the U.K.?

OMG get a fuckin life orlando bloom is not ugly, he is so hot, Please if you hate orlando its your opinion but stop annoying us with it. Bcos I think Orlando is a gr8 actor so is johnny depp by the way Ciao


LOL erm.... i Don't you should be saying eny of those horrible things about him cause he could see these things eny time and i don't think he would be happy. If you call him cute fine but if your younger that 18 then i think he might get a bit worried and before write things about him not respecting girls i soggest you do a bit of reserch first hun okay..

Orlando Bloom is hot. And he's an awesome actor. But he's to old and most of you won't even get to meet him. Unfortunatly. And some of you guys shouldn't judge him.

hi well orlando is fine and if he dosent date black girls thats fine cause am black i have white friends who say that white girls are cute and they like black girls much better just like theres white girls who love black guys and not white and whites that love black girls so just shut up you sound so stupid.

he is an incredible actor and unbelievably sexy! i love his movies and have before i noticed how sexy he is! you crazy girls need to get a life. find something new to say! you 3 and 4 lines are getting quite old and unorigional! i have serious doubts that you have even met the man for a second, or even caught a glimpse for that matter. you're just no life internet junkies with nothing else better to do. you probably sit watching his movies playing with yourself and are posting these obnixious comments out of jealousy and rage that you'll never be good enough to get a man like that! get over it and get a dildo!

I've never been on this message board/website before, this is my first time...

And perhaps my last time.

I'm a black woman, born and raised in South Central LA. I only just discovered Mr. Bloom's talent and good looks. This man really, really doesn't seem like a racist to me. And it's A-OK for him to appreciate his fellow white women. Until I, myself, read that he has racist tendencies and is showing REAL hatred toward Black ladies, I plan on continuing the wonderful love affair that is going on... in my head... with this lovely, seemingly humble, english gentleman. I hope that I can revisit this message board in the future, you know, when everyone is feeling better. This Orlando business is a thing of fantasy. It's fun to like Orlando, so let's lighten up and talk about how nice and HOT the man is! Whoa, hope I could meet him one day. I have met a few famous people due to the fact that I live close to all those movie star folks. That would be really nice!

Let's start over from here and have a good time...

"Peace is in BLOOM" Ta.

Christ this has been scary yet also very amusing. I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard. . you people are all out of your minds. To think this whole giant chain of comments started from one persons oppinion like three years ago! People are such fools. I hope you all get some mental help and soon. My faith in the human race has decreased a lot, but it's been fun!

P.S. Just to prove people are all sheep and will follow the crowd I shall too leave a comment!

Orlando Bloom is sexy. . ok done now bye!

WHY in God's name do you love that JACKASS! ORLANDO BLOOM IS SUCH A STUPID SPIOLED BASTARD,he always wants his way. he always wants to be the guy who kisses, loves, has a relationship with. PEOPLE WHO LOVE ORLANDO...I'LL TELL YOU ONE THING HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU.

okay first I would like to make a comment about the comment that said the one persons opinion started 3 years ago it started last year actually not 3 years ago. and I can see why people are pissed how do call a person a racist and you don't even know them. Stereotypical thinking is such bullshit. just because he hasnt dated a black woman his a racist? WTF kind of crap is that.Thats like saying I only date black men cause I hate all white guys I mean come on now. Personally I dont know if his a racist and quit frankly I dont give a shit really. All I know is that his a good at what he does and thats acting so until the day he rises up and comes out and says I HATE ALL BLACK PEOPLE(in which i doubt) then I will continue to be a fan of his.

If you dont like my comments tough, but I always tell it like it is so there.

omg we totally cannot BELIEVE how seriously messed up you all are. you are fugly, and you are dumb fat ingnorant bitches. seriously, get a life.

orlando would NEVER go out with you girls so seriously, just STOP talking about him. he does NOT like you, he thinks you are all fugly slags, seriously.

we are the only hot ones here, and the only ones orlando will ever love. i mean SERIOUSLY. think about it.

orli doesn't love fez girls, so give up.

you cant tell people what to do weheartorlando I'm not trying to jump down your throat but your really being mean to people who are fans of his and if you do know him he probably would be ashamed at what you are saying and as you may know we are defending orlando because we are fans doesn't mean that we are in love with him I know that I'm not I respect him as an actor but I dont want to date the man not everyone on here is in love with him calling people names is uneccesarry. And he would never go out with us you dont know that, are you him NO. I cant believe people get off on insulting others like that. I'm not trying to start an arguement with you weheartsorlando but sometimes people have a right to say what they want and how they feel just like you.His okay in the looks department but I've seen better as far a British guys. and his with Kate now so people really need to grow up and get a freaking life and stop wasting there time on a board he obviously knows nothin about and really doesn't give a shit about.

weheartsorlando are you talking to the girls who started this board or the people who visit and make a comment. If you are then I agree woth half the people on here when you come here you always have a negative comment about others why is that? I'm notrying to get on you either but my sister came here and you insulted her. You obviously are a person who needs help and who is obessed with orlando if you do know him its a damn shame cause I've read your post and everyones elses and you the only one who seems obsessed with this man his okay his not that great looking to me either but I dont doubt that his a great actor and i doubt he would say something like that about his fans and your the only hot ones here. how the hell do you know that? I'm sure half of the girls on here are beautiful and I dont doubt that you are too but your personality stinks big time and that makes a person look ugly on the inside. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings but you sound like some crazed lunatic who says shes knows him but stays in her room and cuts out pictures of him and paste them on photos next to your own pictures and tell people that his your boyfriend. thats exactly how you sound and thats kinda scary and what the fuck is a SLAG? anyways. Maybe your the one who needs to get a life.

am i the only person here who can tell that weheartorlando is taking the piss?

this is so stupid , i don't even know whay the hell am I here anyway but i really have to say that i loveOrlando, not 'cause of his looks but because he acted in the lord of the rings and i love every lucky bastard that had anything to do with LOTR and i would die happy even if i had to clean their bathrooms and their shit. anyway i never heard of orlando being racist and i really think that shelly and all the other idiots that say that are just IDIOTS!! I MEAN , do you even know 'im???? I DON THINK SO, so please make us the favor of getting a life if u don't have one and don't say the very stupid first thing that comes to your mind. and PS: im mot a stupid fan girl, i just feel the same love for him a i do to dominic, viggo, elijah, ian , ian,david.... sorry i'll stop now shure you don't give a damn about what im saying and this is about orly. ok xau! and again the people that say orly is racist without even knowinghim are: weones conxasumadres de mierda like we say in my country.

there goes the smartest comment. Im being ironic obviously.

...and one more thing :(He's a stupid,STUPID,UGLY,DIRTY ASS RACIST, and WE HATE HIM!!!!!!^)???????. Imean wath the hell is this ??? hey you stupid ROGERS CADENHEAD WHY DON'T YOU SEND US A PICTURE OF YOU AND WE'LL DECIDE IF YOU CAN SAY THAT ORLANDO BLOOM IS UGLY AND DIRTY, OK?

and the last thing, i promise..................................hah! you thought i was going to say something more.


and i love Jamie Bell wich i know doesn't comes to the matter.

I just want to annoy(if this isn't the way it spells, don't judge me, im chilean) you!

I didn't knew that orly was white and blond,hes like, brunette. am i wrong???

im really expecting a nasty anwer comment

sorry in the third comment i wrote where it says rogers cadenhead, i meant to say shelly locan. is just that i didn't ralised that the name of the visitor is bellow the comment.hahhah i don't need for someone to tell me im stupid, i know it.

u all are stupid don't judge a person u don't know


vim robots.txt
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Just think how peaceful it would be :)

*pours hot sauce on all the haters*

I read all these comments and LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! Hilarious! Utterly hilarious! Thanks to all of you for entertaining me for the past half hour. Oh, and congratulations to the people who actually know how to spell and use English grammar to a proper extent. Good job! What the bloody hell is a 'slag' anyway? Whoever came up with that is deprived and mentally unstable, why don't you get a life and try going to school? And another thing, I highly doubt that Orli is racist... If you think he is just because he's only ever gone out with light-skinned women, then the stupidity of you astounds me... what ever happened to intelligent members of the human race? And 'Winter', I have one thing to say to you... YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I wouldn't have minded meeting Orlando... make my year... Anyway, Orlando Bloom is hot compared to you Bloom-hatin' stooges sitting at your computer desks all day picking your noses, so don't just go around saying he's an ugly fag. In contrast to Michael Jackson's multiple face jobs I think he is quite lovely. (Not insulting Michael Jackson who was so hot before he went insane and screwed up his face. Long live the King of Pop!) In any case, to all you haters, get lives and boyfriends, you are in desperate need of both.

I bid you all farewell! Adieu!

*runs off into the horizon wearng a flame resistant costume*

Disallow: /

And miss a three-year long, 90-comment debate on the racial proclivities of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean?

I don't want this to end -- I want it to expand in scope like an Independent Counsel investigation.

I'd like to throw out these questions for discussion:

1. Does Orlando Bloom believe in original sin?

2. What's his opinion on stem-cell research?

3. Where does he stand on circumcision?

wow there's some intense drama going on here! i pretty much laughed my head off at the whole orlando's a rasist thing. very entertaning. i think those girls got the point that practically half the worlds girls were trying to point out. im proud of you.

who could hate orlando bloom anyways???? he's a good actor not to mention down right gorgeous! am i right or am i right? ;) later!

btw who uses 'fugly'? clearly some one got a little too involved with mean girls!!!

hate to burst your bubble, dani... but half of the teenage girls in the world use 'fugly'. more than half, quite frankly.

and for those of you who have not been properly educated on pop culture, etc. 'slag' means slut, skank, etc. if you're a slag bitch, you are basically a slutty bitch. it's funny how you don't know any slang from orli's country of origin.

Orlando rating

looks : good
skills: good
voice : good

Commenters rating

Bloom defender/lover :good
visitors : ok
weheartorlando : sorry no marks, but the closest is SUCKING

*reads the comments*

* dies laughing*

you people are still fighting? I am very amazed that you people have bothered to sit down and insult orlando and then again defend him for three years . I confess that I like orlando. and i am consern that you all have some mental problem. No offens but it seems that there is gonna be another world war being born. you people have to get alot of things that have I have writen down

1: get a life
2: get real
3: get a love one
4: get your mental proplem cured
5: leave orlando out of this

here you are the most important 5 points that should looked after.

you guys need to get a life. really, orlando bloom is not a great actor after all. he is just a jerk and an arrogant freak. i don't usually comment on things like this, but you people are mentally ill. i mean, let's think about all the different characters orlando bloom has played. let's see, a warrior, a another warrior, a boxer( aka. a fighter/warrior), and lets' see, many more warrior. every movie he plays in he is a warrior. and what kind of guy has a sun tattoo on his stomach. stomach????? explain this. and don't give me any stupid comments about how he's "original" and "special", cause he is not. And let me suggest. you should admire better role models. ones that are not arrogant jerks that are full of themselves. i met orlando bloom once on an interview, and he wasn't like i thought he was. i am sorry you mentally disturbed people, but in the near future, you may be in for a shock. (aka. he is gay.)

hey, cheer up. i know he is gay. it's all right. we can all move on. hey? how about hayden christensen. he is sooooo fine. i hope i meet him someday. and how about leonardo dicaprio. he has various amount of charities, and is a good rolemodel for us all. hey, maybe he can sponsor your guys's organization. The mentally challanged and emotionally ill foundation. huh?

hayden Christensen I think I'll pass he is not all that good looking to me, and you have your opinions and thats good. now leaonardo dicaprio I can get with you on but Hayden I think not, sorry. Orlando is great but not that great. I like that new actor from Four Brothers Garrett Hedlund his pretty hot.

hayden is hot. and thank you for being so mature and appropriate. but yes, i did meet orlando bloom. and let me tell you more about him. in the interveiw i was talking about i was interviewing him for Troy. he was a little arrogant and rude and uncooth a little too much. i asked him several questions about him just because i was(aka. was) a fan then. but as time pressed on, he started bothering me, and him constantly putting down other actors such as jake gylennhall and ian mckellen, i started to see the true orlando bloom. i was dissapointed for a long time. but i got over it. and i found another crush. an actual strait one!!!! so all of this comes to show that you can never judge someone until you meet them. and beleive me girls( and maybe some guys) i was madly in love with orlando bloom, but then i found out how much a jerk he/she was after i met him/her. and now i hate him for the jerk he is. i know him. i met him. you guys haven't. i know you guys think(aka. think) that he is attractive, but once you meet him, you will see is nothing but an arrogant, pompous, selfish, self absorbed, gay, and bi jerk. have a nice life mentally challenged people.

Is anyone else aware that this conversation has been going on for like 3 years lol.

People if ya'll were big orlando bloom fans you would have seen that in elizabeth town his character spreads his father ashes where martin luther king was killed. I'm pretty sure he's not but I'm half black and white trust me i can change his mind.

I think he's a fag collin farrell is a sexy sexy man orlando looks like a girl
please get over it he sucks a big one
by the way have you seen elizabeth town it's a crock of s***.lololo
you guys act like he's justin timberlake or somethin get over it

sadie you sure your not mentally ill!
I think your mad because he turned you down sorry we can't all be beautiful huh!!!! lolololo

he didn't turn me down. i interviewed him remember? Or is your mental brain messing you up??????????? well i have to go and get on with my life, while you guys are still here arguing about someone you have never met. buh bye.

hahaha a three year convo (on nothing)... you people need to get a life

Orlando Bloom can't be racist cause 2 years ago there was an article in the newspaper that he dated a black girl who was a student at middlesex university. He had met her at a gig in Finsbury Park London.

i met orlando bloom today and hes soo nice (and better looking face to face) i nearly died wen i saw him lol hes so nice and really friendly. i love him!!!

lol @ lj drama tbqfh.

remember, girls - internets. serious business.

This is Orlando Bloom.. shut the fuck up..

I'm proud Nigerian and I love Orlando bloom. I met him during the POTC2 primer and he was extremley nice to me and my sis expect my sister flirted with him and made him blush. So there he is not racist or have any racist tendecies. SO STOP WITH BULLSHIT ABOUT HIM.

Actually you are all wrong! ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE SEXIEST GUY THAT EVER WALKED THIS EARTH! I WOULD LIKE KILL MYSELF TO MEET HIM! but then again how would I meet him! He is not racist. I think at least so you people need to get a life saying how he is racist. Maybe you are racist, so you just need to check your Conscience at the door sweetie.

Love B!


I heard ORlando had a son named adam

he hotter than a the sun baking in a oven

I have a question for one of the previous messages left by 'sara' or anyone else that can answer this. How were you able to meet him?


i already love zoe so i can't grudge against her but she's so lucky to work w/ someone who seems really kool as an actor..not to mention hot lol

i really want to see his long-awaited new movie haven. it seems really interesting and i have a thing for different, dark movies like that plus it has the same producer as crash so whoot. i kno ur idiotic racism convo should be long and done by now so i'm not even gonna waste typing on that. gallery.zoe-saldana.com

Orlando Bloom is sooooo hot . But the bad part for the rest of you girls he is mine so back the hell off got it good Back to orlando bloom he is sooo hot with his shirt off and so is Johhny depp I thought that they were both hot in Pirates of the Carribean Dead Mans Chest ......

so just cos he hasnt dated a black woman he's a rascist?
Okay well I'm half african and half english and I've never dated a black man. Does that make me a rascist? I think not! It's just about who you connect with so lets all just chill and get along and stop up stuff about celebrities. Whether or not it's true haven't u got something more interesting to observe than what celebrities are dating which race?

First off, the man from what I've heard hasn't even been with that many women, I doubt he's racist. and second he's not even fully white, he has dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. he's probably mixed with Latino or Italian or something.

I'm Southern Italian and I have really dark skin they call us the Hannibal Children.And they say we're mixed with black.

This is the most rediculus thing i ever read orlando is a reall y sweet person and ppl have no rite saying shit like dat if they dont knw him so wise up!!!!!

Okay i dont kno if u guyz r saying that hes racist cuz uv never seen him with a black girl, but if thats it then, ur jumping 2 conclusions. If u hav sum evidence 2 support it then i would love 2 kno, cuz i need something 2 make me like him less. And some of u r just downright obsessed you all need 2 get a boyfriend and get over him, cuz its just not gonna happen. I think hes the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you need 2 kinda just let him go. AND i highly doubt that any of u hav met him cuz hes a buzy dude. and if u hav well great, no one cares about it unless u hav a way of contact ur just gonna get ppl pissed.

I presonaly don't think he's racist. Is it such a crime that he doesn't date a black woman. I don't date black men, but it's not becuase their black. I live in the country. There are like no blacks. So what's the crime. I think you guys are just finding stuff to piss us Orli lovers off. Because he is not a racist! So if you are going to call Orli a racist call me one too.

Who cares if doesn't date black girls!!! We BLACK girls are not hurting for love or men...there are plenty of men to find us attractive without worrying about some white boy who lives in Brittan anyway, we got enough white boys over here to date if we want....He can just jump his Brittish ass off the flipping plank for all we care...Besides, us BLACK girls prefer Italians and Frenchman anyways, the Brits are BOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNGand not really packing anyways. So, when were in the mood for vanilla instead of chocolate, we ain't buying it in Brittin anyway.

I just have to say that just because he hasnot had a Black girl friend dosenot mean anything. Im black and i dont feel that he is racist at all. A lot of other white men haven't had beautiful black women. And lots of black men haven't had a beautiful white woman. I say all this fuss about this is CRAZY. I still think that Orlando is FINE though.

First of all, MZCherrie you need to chill out with that talk about he's not packing cause you don't know him,and all that other British crap you were talking about...
and can we please get off the rascist comments for a second and talk about something else.Like his new movie Haven where he is kissing the hell out of a black girl???!!!

I assure you, O.B. is not racist...!

I have to agree with the person who wrote on how silly you all sound. First off NONE OF YOU KNOW HIM! Get a great your going to bat for a man who doesnt know you exsists. lol He may be what they say or he may not be. Oh and for the record if you limit yourself to only dating one kind of person than yea some part of you is racist whether you want to accept that or not. Oh and for the record Zoe Saldana is dominican not BLACK as you wrote it and yes theres a difference..just cause your skins brown doesnt make you black not all pale people are irish right? But honestly you all sound stupid..your talking about someone you dont even known ..GET A LIFE!

You guys are the funniest things I have ever read..."He's such a sweet guy..blah blah..honestly HOW THE FLIP WOULD YOU KNOW!"hahaha Yea he's hot thats all you know...theres a word for women like you guys who just know hes a little sugar plum...NUTTS

Why do people think Orlando is racist?! I've never heard that nor have I ever thought that. Why does anyone care who he dates? I'm black and I could care less who or what he dates? Why? Because he can live his life how he wants and my opinion wouldn't matter to him, anyway.
And for people who say he's never dated a black girl, he has. I saw it on television once. Can't remember when, though. Anyway, I love Orlando Bloom and I wish him the best, whomever he dates or marries.
So, unless he publicly says, 'I hate races that are not my own.' I will not believe he is a racist person.

I think that people shouldn't worry about what or who he is dating. I am a black woman and I don't think he is a rascist. I think that it was just a movie and all it does is show that they have done their job in the movie and that is all to it. As for her race she is mixed with Dominican and Latino. She does consider herself as a black woman and just because she made a movie with an white male and she is attractive,it shouldn't matter what color she is, did it matter before the movie?People need to stop and think why it is important anyways!

orlando is so hot!!!!!!! you cant explain it

i suggest that you stop makin stuff up about orli b is a racist



I Just have to say that this is the most amazing thing! That so many people can talk about the same subject for so long someone should call the Genius book of world records and see is this makes it in.

I've never met Orlando Bloom and i dont wanna sound pompous but im british and dont see why Shelly and Cara are holding THAT against him. Oh and i dont wanna burst your bubble of hatred but i think he dated a black MTV presenter whilst fiming 2 towers.

Ok, i am a black girl and yes i LOVE orlando bloom. maybe it is just me but orlando don't come off to be a racist.im sorry but he don't. if he really is racist than that is some fucked up shit for all the blacks and other non-white people that like him, but until some shit pop off i will still and always love him.

hey, weheartorlando you say youdon't mean to offend black people but think of watdafuck you be saying. you wonder why B/ppl don't like W/ppl (SOMETIMES) you are the fucking reason why. i mean HELLO WE GET AFFENDED TOO!!!!!! Watch what the fuck you are saying . And about callin those utha girls fat ugly black bitchs?....YOU NEED TO CALM YA GOT DAM NERVES CAUSE I AIN'T UP FOR THAT SHIT AND IT AIN'T COOL SO WHY DON'T YOU AND YOUR WHITE PIG FRIENDS TAKE YOUR RACIST ASS ELSEWHERE CAUSE THE REST OF US DON'T WANNA HEAR SHIT FROM YOU. AND YEAH, I AM BLACK AND PROUD OF IT, STANKING ASS BITCH.

I would firstly like to say that how come everyone is saying I'm racist? I have dated a black woman in my life once, but she moved to Africa. You cannot force someone into dating someone because of your culture. And for my fan's out there, I just wanted to say that I'm standing as a star today because of YOUR SUPPORT! So thank you and I love you all!

That was not Orlando Bloom you are fake. and how racist are you anyway whoever wrote that--- She moved back to Africa. Racist!!!
All black people aren't from Africa!!!

my name is heidi and orlando bloom i just want to say you are hot
and i am young but guys you got to be kidding orlando bloom is the
hottest person in the world and if i was older he would be my husband ,you know what he is when i get older but he doesnt know it yet, and i wish he was right now when i daydream all day

Well. This is interesting.

I feel like everything has been covered here. That said, a debate concerning an individual who is likely ignorant to the proceedings here lasting over two years is downright... I can't use a single term here without understatement. Here's a bunch for you to play with: senseless. Irrational. Witless. (Here's a phrase for you:) Indicative of global society's general intellectual regression.

I should be ashamed of myself for adding to this small mountain of intellectually limited cognitive masturbation, but I couldn't resist.

Now that we've moved on past THAT particular verbal furball... If this man's nose was ripped off tomorrow, how do you think this pathetic worldwide cult mostly comprised of pre- teen cum dumpsters would react? His fanbase, if you will?

Sadly, I doubt this horde of celebrity- stalkers understood anything I said transcending the realm of the monosyllable, so I'll stop now.

I think most of you could also stand to maintain a little less of your homeostatic function. Call it environmental prioritizing: you are wasting the planet's most valuable resource: oxygen.

John, will you stop pissing off the the world's population of rabid fans and COME BACK INSIDE?! I'd rather not have another mob like last time. And that undergarment-throwing arsenal of theirs is just plain disturbing.

Yes, dear. I shall.

It's completely safe, though. It's like trying to read Othello to a rhinocerous.

Although I do have to mention; I tend to agree with John. Would "Orly" be half as attractive (and therefore, half as nice, according to some of you) if he managed to find his face on the wrong end of a porcupine? You adamantly defend your Bloomish Prince from those who say that he's racist, and yet it seems to me that half of your proclamations of his excellent character stem from the fact that he has a pretty face. (OMG he must be nice 'cause he's HAWT.)

....Just leave it, people. It's not worth it: he's not likely to be surfing the internet, see your passionate defense of his dignity, and ask you to marry him.

Hi I am Keira Knightly can you let Orlando Bloom know I want to marry
him I'm kind of to shy to tell him in person or over the telephone.
Will you make sure he got that?Thanks!

Keira Knightly

Who is Orlando Bloom? LOL jk

I saw HOT and GORGEOUS and SEXY all over the page but I didn't once see Channing Tatum's name!

People, people, people. Orlando is hot.... and so is Channing >>> Channing!!!

Haha! My best friend is a OB lover like no other and it is almost as entertaining as this 2 1/2 year long convo!!

Well Happy New Year!!!!!! And peace and no more arguing and name calling please!


I'd just like to say stop slagin off the best country in the world you dick heads england rules dont forget it. by the way i,ve laughed my arse off reading all this i've spoken to orlando and he thinks you lot or a bunch of tossers!

I happen to love Orlando Bloom and yes I am african american and the same girl like you who wishes that prince charming can come and sweep you of your feet.I love him but i've always wondered if he is a racist cause he appeared on the oprah show.But if i meet him i wonder if he'll like me cause im black and i want to marry him but there could be a minor or big chance he is a racist.If he is then that will be so sad that 1 of hollywooods biggest stars doesn't like black people.

I don't care if OB is racist I just would love to met him and get to know his character. Oh! ya I would to sleep with him and I'm black
lq peace


fuck it I'm black. Orlando's hot. Racism is stupid.


and it has nothing to do with him being british

if you've actually been to london its like the most multicultural place ever only idiots think race has anything to do with it

orlando's white and he's hot i'm black and I know and I'm hot so if we met and we got on we'd mash and no one could say anything

Orlando BLoom is very attractive but he is quite full of himself and arrogant.

Someone needs to tell him he is no Johnny Depp!

LooK Orlando iss pretty hot. And ii truly don't believe tht he is racist I mean come on he IS british and not to classify british ppl but they aren't racist. Britian is like half black, and british guys are more prone 2 dating a woman of another race particularly black women than guys from America.
And itz true I've never heard of him dating a black woman b4...maybe he has... who knows...and a few of you have sed he's dated like 2 ....who are they? (If u don't mind me asking)
Newooozzz those dumb dumb ass bitches who jus conjured up this idiotic idea tht Orlii is racist (jus cuz they've never had the pleasure 2 turn on the TV at the right moment 2 see him jumping a black girl) are crazzy u don't kno him....the only romance he's had publized is the one with the anorexic kate chick so u cud also say he doesn't dat any1 besides kate lol!
And I AM A BLACK GIRL...and I'm NOT Racist I have a mixed heritage with all tht aside I prefer White Men ...idont kno why but I do...I'm not racist I'll date a black dude....but thtz jus my preference does tht make me racist...NO...don't think sooo....I LOVE it wen I see white men with black women (because it shows the major progress of racial intergration which I think is sooo fukn awesum)


hi I think orlando bloom very sexy although you guys says he's a racist. he's my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay people stop name calling first of all Orlando Bloom is hot. He could be a racist maybe. Maybe he isnt just because he hasnt dated a black girl doesnt mean he is a racist. People you dont know him and he os 30 years old you are too young for him. And he looks hot for his age. And anyways he doesnt know you at all.


leave him alone give ppl privese
u ass wipe

i think hes sexy but he does have his own live ?
so ppl should back of and give him some space?


I'm sorry to hear that. How many hit points did your friend have?

Orkando Blomm is NOT RACIST! He's dating a black woman as we speak! He cant be racist.

Legolas is totally not a racist.

He's dating a Drow Elf as we speak.

Spud heard he once went steady with Oread too.

So there.

Be Well.

PS: This is one odd thread!

Is Tiger Beat paying extra to keep this one open or wot?


this is to the weheartorlando bitches....

first of all we all know that yall 2 have never dated orly because as far as i know as nice and non-racist as he is he would never go out with two girls as horrible as you.and if by chance he impossibly did, im sure he broke up with u as soon as he found out what 2 lil snobbish asses u guys are. yall all out here sayin people fat and ugly. thats probably what orly thinks of u 2. i mean, half the people on here probably look better than yall. oh and by the way i have his mailing adress and im black and he dont care so peace out.



I thought Naomie Harris and Orlando Bloom are simply very good friends.

Clearly this discussion is old, but for the "Group of Black people" who don't like Orlando... Shut up. LOL... Seriously. That man is NOT racist... far from it. Not only is he dating the BLACK actress from the Pirates films, but he kissed Sheila E. (who is BLACK and MEXICAN) on her cheeks 3-4 times because she gave HIM a set of HER PERSONAL bongos. I'm BLACK and I LOVE Orlando Bloom... I DON'T Love ignorant BLACK people who make the rest of us look insensitive and mentally stagnant.

And to the individual who said you thought they were just good friends, I believe that is correct, but ANYTHING to make the crazies who started this mess look foolish.

I cant believe you guys you know, u lot wont even meet him.
and he is soooo not racist. 'weheartorlando' i have only 3 words for u.
Orli is so lovley and caring,just because he DOSENT date BLACK women
dosent mean his racist!And im talking to the people who think Orlando IS racist.
Earlier on this year I was looking in a magazine and he was dating the 'BlACK'woman from POTC.FACT.

To the people who luv Orli take care of yourself and I luv u all!

Hey,his not racist u know!
So you can SHUT UP!

'Angel of Orlando' is true GET A LIFE,AND FAST IM WORRIED ABOUT YOU!
It dosent cost anythin to get one!

People get a life please! Stop debating over the issue. This topic can't be proven and ta ta ta this is a rumour. Rumours tend to be full of shit. Calling someone a racist is a touchy subject. So be careful.Perferance for certain women doesn't constitute racism. I am black woman and I honestly can careless that Orlando dates white women. Whatever, deal with your personal life.

I mean congrats to those of you who have met him, it must have been an amazing experience .... one that most of us will never get to have. I think he is extremely sexy and an amazing actor, but I am also 26 and engaged ... and have a "real life". All you crazy teenagers that think he is "yours" and obsess over him day and night need to get a serious reality check! He will never be yours! I guarentee it! I had the same "obsession" with heart throbs when I was 16 .... but the I grew up. Trust me, in about 5 years, you will have pretty much forgotten about Mr. Bloom .... in that way. Seriously check yourselves before you get carried away. It's cool to have a crush on a hot guy in Hollywood, but keep it a crush, not an obsession. Cheers!

HEY EVERYBODY! it's shelly and cara. WE'RE BACK!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! we just read everybody's comments and laughed our asses off LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! you guys are RE-TAR-DED! can you say idiot?? and by the way, did you really think we were black? LOL!! so sorry about that..we're WHITE. straight white ALL the way...but we have friends that are black that were very offended by orlando bloom and you know what? we back our friends! so if THEY feel like he's a racist then he's a FUCKING RACIST!! so that's for our friends' behalf......now for OUR behalf, we personally don't like orlando bloom and we'll tell you why. because we don't like ARROGANT ASSHOLES who are so full of themselves and thinks that they're god's gift and the best looking things in the world just because they're actors, that's why! we were NEVER orlando bloom fans from day one, and we're not some poor little teenage girls who are all hopeful and want so much to be with him and can't because he's so famous HOW GROSS!!! WE....DO NOT LIKE HIM.....PERIOD!!!!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR STUPID SKULLS! WE.DO.NOT.LIKE.HIM.! if you think we have some kind of serious problem because of that then we proudly give you the "double up" MIDDLE FINGER! and for the note, orlando bloom is....BUDDHIST! "GASP" did you guys know that?? he does not believe in GOD! and you know what? he's going all around hollywood buddhanizing EVERYBODY. every celebrity you've ever known, every celebrity you've ever fucking loved,....BUDDHANIZED! naomi harris, buddhanized, courtney love, buddhanized, his last fucking girlfriend, buddhanized, dominic monaghan of all people...buddha-fucking-nized! shall we keep going down the list?? so, what do you think of your precious orly, i mean "orgy" now? hm? me and cara, we don't like buddhists...we should know.....we used to BE buddhists. and those people are SICK fucked....they are arrogant and dillusional and very brainwashed...me and cara HAD to get out. buddhists. are. BAD. and that describes orlando bloom! now let's see, what else have we heard? oh yeah, orlando bloom tries to kill his passengers in a car crash and gets away clean with it...hmm, he also throws a tantrum on the red carpet toward photographers, he cusses out a paparazzi...and he's rude to his fans who waited outside for him for 2 hours straight just to meet him now hmmmm...from what we hear, his an ARROGANT PRICK...typical buddha nature, what can we say? HAHAHA! so, if you REALLY like that kind of guy, then by all means..be our fucking guest. we feel sorry for you though HEH! NOT!!!!!!!! besides, we LOVE SEIFER ALMASY!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEIFER ALMASY!!!!!! HOT BLOND GUY WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! seifer almasy is HOTTER than orlando bloom ANY fucking day of the week. WHOOOOOOOOOO SEIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! isn't it sad when a video game character is WAY better looking than you are? i wonder how faggot bloom feels about that............. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! and for the bitches who called us fat....we have big boobs, small asses, and VERY nice curves......now go suck your mothers' dick CRACK WHORES!!!!!!!

Actually Orlando did date a black girl before. however the relationship ended briefly. I forgot her name, but she was very dark skinned and gorgeous. They both claimed they were "just friends" but..isn't that what they all say, when they're caught with their significant others? some of you however are ridiculous. I am a black woman and I don't see how Orlando not dating black women would make him a racist, when they are many black women (and you all know this is true) who would never date him because he's white. black women are more prejudice then anyone when it comes to dating, most of them only date black men exclusively. People know this, which is why many men of other races don't usually ever approach black women, because they assume they'll face rejection. don't go crazy and yell blasphemy just because the man may possibly be attracted to white woman exclusively. He is white too! do you need some reminding? of coarse he'd find them attractive. so why should that be an issue?

Ok, I get confused. You people realize hus background is made up and he's actually NOT English correct? He's FAKE for ---- sake. His history is just made up. Several famous people make us they are from other countries and a past. He was taught hs English accent in Buffalo (WNY). His boyfriend Michael was taught an Australian accent. I learned a English) British etc. We took lessons. Everything is Fake. It's an ACT and cover-up wake up you --------

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