90 words to name your album

The Launch.Com recommendation engine has decided today that my personal station doesn't play enough Fiona Apple, which turns out to be correct.

I didn't realize that she had released a second album with a 90-word title:

When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King; What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight, and He'll Win the Whole Thing 'Fore He Enters the Ring - There's No Body to Batter When the Mind Is Your Might, So You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand and Remember That Depth Is the Greatest of Heights, and If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land, and If You Fail It Won't Matter Cuz You'll Know That You're Right


It's a really great album too, but man, what a title.

fiona apple sucks almost as much as you sir

Not much of a morning person, are you, Everyone?

I like Fiona Apple. It's too bad she hasn't gotten a break from the music press after for that MTV Music Awards speech where she called celebrity worship and the industry "bullshit," but it seems like the recording industry would rather introduce a new out-of-nowhere female musician every year rather than promoting the existing ones into solid careers (Tracy Chapman, Alicia Keyes, Norah Jones) Apple's first album has aged pretty well.

I agree, fiona and norah suck.
everything that is on the radio sucks.
fiona has a terrible voice ..and her songs are not that good.
she has marginal talent.
just becauue she has some talent doesn't mean she should be signed on a major label.
fioan has very limited talent.
I don't care if i hear hear anymore.
her music doens't do anything for me..
and i don't think that ten years for now..fiona will be that much better. .because people are feeding her ego and she isn't developed.

when the shit hits the fan no one will care about mrs. apple shit box music cult, shes a slut with a powerful entertainment family, maybe a scientologist, will not eat a turkey like the common man pesants because it is murder; eats the souls of naked elephant zombie cronies over produced generic femme rocker liberation theroy; im a total charlatan, fuck the working man, buy my album, listen to it in yuppie chain coffe stores and download some bonus tracks on wifi, and die; suck monkey penis:2 endgame the movie.com

hows that for an album title?
not exactly 90 words, but close enough.

I'm so glad this site came up. I searched Google for "Fiona Apple sucks" and this site was the first to come up.
I listen to XM satellite and my two favorite stations routinely play her crappy music. I can't switch channels fast enough when I hear that ear piercing garbage.

thank you everyone for those great comments! wish there was a huge screen to expose these leaches for the hell they have put us through and the resources they have stolen broadcasting in their living rooms chained down with their eyelids forced open watching their own crap fiona apple,creed,korn,kid rock all these surban spoiled actor producer pornstar
children that are ruining us with a fake drama self-hating destructive agenda for you to enjoy while they go home to saunas lush lawns therapy good nutrition surrounded by love and nice things dont spend your rent food money on this shit anymore america

if you listen to Fiona Apple and actually like it, I feel sorry for you. Save yourself now and listen to some real music like The Beatles. Fiona Apple sucks, big time.

i'm getting dragged along tonight to go see her in concert. i'm not crazy about her music but we'll see if it's a good show. $50 per ticket

The only reason that someone would decide not to like Fiona Apple is because their fat ego can't accept that she is smarter than they are and they can't stand the fact that she doesn't use words like 'sexy', 'pimp', 'bitch', or 'fionalicious'.

Sure, she may be a little intense, but she has a lot of talent with writing and piano playing, and an undeniably unique voice (which might be a big contributing factor to people not liking her, because for me she's one of the easiest people to sing with, but for most people, it just doesn't work because her voice is so different). I mean, although I get frustrated that a lot of people don't recognize her talent, I do realize that she plays a very specific genre of music, and it's never just a generic pop tune that everyone can just forget. I guess I'm proud that her music at least has such a strong flavor that people either have to love it or hate it.

In the end, musical talent assessments and derived emotions are all relative to the listener, and nothing anyone can say will ever make me have anything other than respect, devotion and love for Fiona's music. I mean, I'm sure all the people who wrote those nasty comments listen to music that I think is TERRIBLE, so in short...respect variety!

In my experience;first you listen to maybe death metal , malmsteen and post-grunge, eventually when you more mature then you will land on stuff like tori amos , fiona , or maybe going back like Cream , dont worry if you don't appreciate her now almost certainly you will later.

The reason I don't like Fiona Apple has nothing much to do with her music

"I'm so glad this site came up. I searched Google for "Fiona Apple sucks" and this site was the first to come up.
I listen to XM satellite and my two favorite stations routinely play her crappy music. I can't switch channels fast enough when I hear that ear piercing garbage. "

That's exactly what I just did!

her voice is so dull in her cover of across the universe, she is not talented just really boring. i can't stand that stupid criminal song because the beginning is stupid and ugh there is so much better music out there!
regina spektor ftw!

The people at the top who said Fiona apple sucks and cant sing are retards. You probably listened to all those bands and rappers who auto tune the shit out of everything and cant even judge who's a good singer and and who isn't. Fiona Apple is one of the best singers out there and has the biggest range i have ever heard. So shut the fuck up! You don't know what the hell your talking about. :D

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