Complimenting CompUSA

I returned a 14-month-old Nintendo GameCube to the local CompUSA store in Jacksonville Sunday because it was having trouble reading CDs -- new CD-based videogame systems are not as kid-proof as the old cartridge systems.

My expectations for computer-related customer service are extremely low, so I didn't even try to return the defective GameCube for months.

CompUSA's customer service department found my lost two-year extended warranty, replaced the GameCube instantly with a new one, offered another two-year warranty, and treated it like a new sale -- giving me a chance to choose a free game. I didn't even have to find the sales receipt.

I'm guessing this has something to do with the cheapness of GameCubes and their likelihood of breaking down, but this unexpectedly pleasant experience with a chain store leaves me a little weepy and proud to be an American.


Gamecubes are fun. Mine had trouble reading discs as well, but I broke it in two pieces. It now plays discs with the lid open (those tiny discs spin uber fast!), and I voided my warranty. :>


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