Internet routes around decency

This weblog is getting hundreds of hits from Google users looking for the name and pictures of Kobe Bryant's accuser (which have never been published here -- the issue was discussed recently).

The first weblog to reveal her name and photos has taken them offline after receiving 53,000 hits yesterday (compared to less than 100 on a typical day). The author's explanation for the takedown: "partly because it isn't fair to the accuser, and partly because people like to leech off my server."

Now that radio talk show host Tom Leykis has begun naming her, it's likely that others in the professional media will follow suit.

Searching the Internet for her name at this point is like wading through a cesspool -- wanna-be Matt Drudges, hucksters, and racists are all over it. The worst may be the site that's using photos and her home address and phone number to generate hits for these text ads (links omitted):

Increase size and sexual stamina now!
$150/hr. Online Work
Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys/Polls
Hot sexual stimulants for men and women.

Interestingly enough, Drudge is choosing not to reveal the name, even though he knows the information.


...and now with reproducing that ad your in store for a whole new slew of interesting hits!

Looking forward to reading some of the goofier combinations.

Today's Vail Daily claims (at the end) of this article that several Internet sites are identifying the wrong person.

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