My network is not working

Workbench has a new category, XP Networking, to document my struggles with a Windows network that is not working.

Up to this point, I've managed my home network with one problem-solving skill: Unplug the hub, count to 10, and plug it back in. I have now learned this technique has its limits.

Since Monday, our laptop can connect to the home Ethernet network, ping other machines, and ping Internet servers, but it can't browse the Web or check e-mail over a shared broadband connection on the primary PC. (Ping is an are-you-out-there tool that comes with XP: Open a command prompt and type ping followed by the domain you seek -- such as ping

After many failed experiments with the System Restore Wizard, Network Setup Wizard, and other false friends, I bought Microsoft Windows XP Networking Inside Out, a Microsoft Press book by Curt Simmons and James Causey.

As I read the 675-page book and learn more skills to supplement "unplug the hub," I'll be posting tips and observations in the category. I encourage other ill-prepared Windows XP network administrators to join me.


The ease of setup of the home networking wizard was nice in XP, but the network acess to the drives on other computers on the network is terribly slow. I'm still looking for ways to speed it but no luck yet.

I am having similar problems. The problems are only getting worse. Im talking 2 whole minutes to open a networked drive. Now THAT my friend is SLOW.
It used to be "somewhat fast" but lately is just gettin terrible.
I spose having 200 Gig drives does not help but even direct links to specific folders is no help.

I am browsing to a win2k machine from an XP machine. both are reletively fast computers.

Who knows. ive tried reg hacks that ive found on the web. Nothing thus far has made any difference.

Ive tried all sorts of things from reading web pages. Nada.

Even I am having problem to setup network now. Even after running network wizard the computer refuses to be a member of network. I nver had this problem while setting up net work



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