Bryant's accuser outed on the Internet

It only took around 15 minutes of research on Google to find the name, address, phone number, and college e-mail address of Kobe Bryant's accuser. None of those facts are being revealed here, but it makes you wonder whether the media's policy of shielding the name of alleged rape victims can long survive the Internet.

In this particular case, the media's decision to hide the name is unusual because her identity is common knowledge in the 3,700-population Colorado town where she lives. The media is camped out on her street, news reports have described her as a former cheerleader and listed specific roles she played in high school drama productions, and it seems like half her graduating class is giving interviews.


Those paprazzi cockroaches have been using web research for years.

SO what's her name

That's a really scary thought. It's entirely possible that a new brand of paparazzi, working from search engines, will emerge to sell private info and web photos to the media.

As yet, Google News reports no media mentions of her name. But there are now photos of her on various websites. Despicable.

I deleted a comment about a site that has been offering photos and personal information about Bryant's accuser. I'd like to ask people to refrain from that here; I'm not interested in joining the growing number of Web sites that are revealing these details.

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