Two degrees from Cold

Driving out of Orlando on Tuesday, we gave a ride to a woman who was walking back to her hotel after lunch and couldn't make it because of the heat.

She told us she was in town with her grandson Kelly Hayes, a guitarist whose band was playing at the Hard Rock Cafe that night. "Have you ever heard of Stupid Girl by Cold?" she asked. We hadn't. She bragged about his recent appearance in a guitar magazine and described her unsuccessful efforts to stop him from getting more tattoos. When we wouldn't accept money, she asked for our names so that she could pray for us.

When we got home, I googled the band, expecting to find something horrible, and was pleasantly surprised. "Stupid Girl" ain't bad grunge, and you gotta like a rocker whose entourage includes his grandma.


Funny, right after reading this I clicked some link to and got this ad in the right gutter:

I had never heard of them either, even though without so much presumption I would assume I am closer to this kind of rock or whatever than you, Rogers.

That's probably a good guess. I'm 36 and rapidly moving towards the point where I am old enough to have fathered anyone who turns up on the cover of Rolling Stone. My musical tastes appear to have frozen in 1994, so I'm still geeked up about grunge.

The ClearChannel affiliate here in Fargo plays Stupid Girl at least once an hour (sometimes it feels like more than that)... I now have a bit more respect for the band, knowing that the guitarist brings his grandma on the road.

Visit the band's web site, Cold is a great band. The 2nd CD, 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage, is much better then Year of the Spider, which features Stupid Girl.

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