Octopus giganteus in the hizzouse

A "huge mass of slimy flesh" washed up on a Chilean beach last week and may be the first sighting in more than a century of a new species of giant octopus.

The last sighting was in 1896 on Anastasia Island near St. Augustine, Florida (home of Workbench). A local legends site tells the story:

The enormous carcass was found partially buried in the sandy beaches of Anastasia Island of the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, on November 30, 1896. The exposed portion of the corpse was measured at 18 feet in length, and 7 feet in width. Upon digging and excavation, "arms" ranging from 25 to 32 feet were located, which increased speculation that the corpse was that of a giant octopus whose total length would have been over 100 feet.

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