The joy of specs

Les Orchard explains how to experience really great specs:

In my experience, specifications are not about common sense, figuring it out, and connotation. Specifications are about declaration, clarity, and denotation.

Yes, I understand that no spec is perfect, and that many are steaming piles meeting none of the criteria I just mentioned, but that doesn't alter the goal. A spec can always be made better by revising with these things in mind, given the input of consumers of the spec. This is what a process of communication is all about, and specifications are intended as a form of communication.

I'm going to be learning a lot about this topic on account of my big mouth. Personally, I think the starting place for a good spec is RFC 2119. You SHOULD read it immediately.


You SHOULD read it immediately.

So you can delegate your torment to the next loud mouth? ;-)

Not delegation. Assimilation. We've already lured fellow author Christian Crumlish into the collective.

Hokay. I see resistance is futile. I'll read the spec.

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