Rob Enderle is a real 'Softie

Rob Enderle, a Forrester Research Microsoft analyst who claims the "most widely quoted" world championship belt, takes a oddly personal position on why Linux is ill-suited for enterprise computing: Linux advocates are big meanies. In a piece for Internet Week, he writes:

Some avid Linux defenders make statements that are unprofessional, and filled with words we wouldn't accept in the workplace. ... Public "debates" about Linux contain behavior that could easily violate HR rules as the arguments drift into language that has become unacceptable in the enterprise and has little to do with the topic being debated.

I suspect that this is just empty chatter from Enderle, an extremely accomodating quote mill for the press. But if he really doesn't know by now that Microsoft has its share of hotheads, what kinds of things has he been saying about that company over the years? (Via RC3.Org)

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