Microsoft offers free Manual of Style

The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, Version 3, is being released as a free download in CHM format (Microsoft HTML Help) for several versions of Windows.


Everyone is saying the download is available and free, but appears that Microsoft no longer offers an electronic version of the product as a free download.

It seems that it is no longer on Microsoft's site, but it is still available from:

As a technical writer I am desperate to have such file. However, it is not available for free download.

Many web sites are advising that the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications is free download.
But that is not true.

The Guide so essential for Technical writers.

It will helpful if the download is free.

Get it at the above listed address, and stop whining.

I wnat know about detail of
and many user guides

Is verion 4 downloadable?

I downloaded it from the link, but all the pages say, "Page cannot be displayed."

Can someone please share this with me? My email address is Thanks.


You can download the file you request by clicking "Link" in the above post of Razvan.

Thank you very much for forwarding the link to the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publication! I tried for ages on the Microsoft download page.

Thanks again for posting this link!

Thank you for sharing!

Hi - I downloaded it from the above link but I can only see the left tab with the table of contents. I cannot see the actual content on the right tab.

Folks, I downloaded it earlier and was having the problem described by FLOYD and JENNIFER. I'm on XP on an office network that's, er, rather secure...

Just now I checked the downloaded file's properties - it was marked as "blocked" because it came from another computer. All I had to was click Unblock and the content is visible.

Not sure whether this was XP or the way my company has set it up, but I suspect you guys are having the same problem - hope that helps.

A xxx

Thanks Andy, I did the same thing too. Unblock the file from file properties then it works fine.

Do you know where I can find Microsoft User Interface Design guidelines?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the posting of the link. As a relatively new writer, I wasn't aware that MS published such a guide. We have a online style that we adhere to at work but don't use the Microsoft standards.

Delia, check this link.

Thanks for such helpful comments. I was also not able to see the actual content on the right tab. But then I tried unblocking the file from file properties and now its perfect! Thanks!

The "link" referred to in the preceding is NOT for the CHM version of version 3 the of printed Style Guide (2004) but is a link for what is called version 3 of the Printed Guide (1998).

Why doesn't MS make it available on their Web site?????

PS There is a PDF version of the 3rd print edition on the WinWriters/Farkas Web site, but printing is not allowed with its security settings

What I downloaded from the famous "LINK", was a php file. And now it wont open. Can someone help?

Thank you.

Thanks i just downloaded Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications

Hi Rogers,

many thanks for including this information. Needed to download the guide in a rush and found what seems to be the only available link on your site.... wonder why Microsoft have ditched the free download.

thanks again.

I am SO grateful for this link. I might not have time to find & buy the book before my tech writer position interview with Microsoft. If I do get the job, I owe this website a BIG donation or purchase.

Your website says that the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical publications is available as a free download from Microsoft. That is no longer true.


Can anyone tell me how to unblock the downloaded mstp file so as to view its contents?

Thank you

To unblock:
1. Right click on the CHM file.
2. Select Properties
3. Look for Security; click the Unblock button adjacent to it.

Can't thank the person enough for providing the link.

could someone tell me how or just email me the maual for microsoft xp? that would be great. its

It is really working after unblocking..Thanks Andy

Razwan, thanks unblocking the .chm doesn't seem to work on xp. any ideas?

Thanks Andy for the unblocking thing!

Can anyone tell what does this CHM and php file mean?

Rasvan and BS... thanks alot.

Hi Rozvan,

Thank you very much. I got the book from your link.

I think this is the same thing? I found it in Google...

Can anybody forward Microsoft Stlye guide to me? This is my email ID:

I don't think, from my experience, that the guide is for free download. If it is so and if any of you has downloaded it, pls share it with me. My ID:

Can somebody please mail me the Microsoft style guide at or simply forward the link from where i can download it?

Can anyone, please mail me the Microsoft Style Guide to


Is there any link where I can download the same?

Please let me know the download site for Microsoft Manual of Style I tried the Razvan's link but doulc not download. My e mail address is

If you look you will find a copy of it online. Try different combinations of search terms.

I found found the Microsoft Manual of Style here:

Download the Microsoft Manual of Style (Third Edition) for free here:

No where I could able to get the MSTP link for downloading the chm file. Can someone help me?

Hi there,
The link doesn't work anymore, can someone be kind enough to mail me the printable version of the guide:

Thanks in advance!


I am not able to download the .chm. Can someone help? Would greatly appreciate if someone can send it to me at Thanks very much!!


Go to navigate to TC407 class, and then click Readings. Scan for "Microsoft" and you have the PDF!

Folks, I just downloaded it from here:

Hey Guys, i just downloaded a pdf file of MSTP from for free..Its there..Just check it out.

Thanks guys!! I've been able to download the manual from above given link.

Since none of the links on this page lead to an existing web page, if any of you actually have the microsoft manual of style, please please please email it to me at:

Hi. I would like to know where would I get the link for downloading the various styles of writing user guides (mainly MSTP). I tried to find it but couldnt get it. Please email me at

I went to, navigated to TC407 class, clicked Readings, and then scanned for "Microsoft" and I found the book title. However, it is not a hot link for downloading. Can anyone send me a copy of the PDF or CHM to my email at Many thanks!

Can anyone who's succeeding in downloading this manual e-mail it to me?
May e-mail address is:

I will be most grateful.

Thanks in advance

Here you are. took about 20 seconds to locate and no i cannot email it to you.

Danozano, I had tried to find that too--thank you for the timely post. What search terms did you use to find it so fast?

Thanks a lot DANOZANO! And for those that try to get to the manual, don't try to open the link straight (you get redirected to a "this page does not exist" page (thanks a lot MS), but try right-click on the link and save the target as pdf-file. That worked for me...

go figure why Microsoft does not want the manual found any longer? It's still very useful and has been written using the Information Mapping method if I'm not very mistaken... good stuff.

Hey thanks a lot Danozano.....I've been searching for this and finally I'm successful in downloading a copy. Thanks once again!!

Hey Guys,
Need your help. The link did not work for me. It gave me an error. Can someone e-mail me a copy of the Microsoft Manual of Style or send a link where I can down load it. My e-mail is

Many Thanks,

I just found the PDF here:

Yossid, thx for posting but I got an error telling me it was invalid (maybe Kprice no longer works there??)

Anyway, here's the URL from which I just saved the pdf version:

I have the link to MSTP V3 .CHM on my web site. Please visit and check my About Us page. Np, you're welcome. If you want to join my team please contact me! I welcome all Technical Writers on my teams!

Would like to be able to view the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications. Where is the link?

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