Radio UserLand: This way lies madness

For Chapter 21 of Radio UserLand Kick Start, I'm working on a gateway tool that posts weblog entries via HTTP POST to any Web CGI script, even if it requires cookie-based authentication.

As a demonstration, the tool is mirroring the last five Workbench posts to my Metafilter user page (login required to view).

Radio gets knocked for being maddeningly complicated when you venture beyond the "five minutes to first post" features, and in some ways working with the software promotes Apocalypse Now-style "oh, the horror" moments. However, the fact you can do stuff like this in a few hours' work with under 50 lines of code is really amazing.


Radio/Frontier/Manila/UserTalk are amazing rapid web application development tools. Too bad UserLand doesn't seem to have the money to hire one developer for each platform (Frontier, Manila and Radio) and the right number of support people, because if they did there's no way MovableType or anybody else could keep up with them.

Actually Rogers, anyone can view your userpage without a login, it is only required for posting. (oh, and I keep your location, email, and other bits away from non-members, but they can see your blog just fine)

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