Joshua Marshall revisits his mother's death

Talking Points Memo author Joshua Marshall, who is visiting his California hometown, takes his political weblog on an unexpected personal detour:

Twenty-two years ago, late in the evening one night in March of 1981, to be specific, my mother was killed in an auto accident on Foothill Boulevard in a town called Claremont. This was one town over from ours. She was on her way home. She was killed instantly --- at least in every meaningful sense of the word.

This entry illustrates one of the things that makes Marshall's weblog a pleasure in a crowded field of politics-obsessed webloggers who are indefatigable ideological machines. He's a person first and a pundit second, and a lot of other people seem to have that order backwards.


Rogers, I concur. Weblogging is most interesting when we share all of ourselves without pretense. The human condition despite attempts to fog it remains the human condition. No sense denying or covering. Just be and just blog. Thanks for the reminder.

random walking finds me here. i was following links out from my refer list through others lists, etc.

two comments:

1. metablog: at what point does "sharing without pretense" becomes self-indulgence?

b. small world networking: i know of TPM because someone at work pointed it out to me. now i find out he's from claremont/upland area. i've been here for 3 years because i'm working at one of the claremont colleges. now i comment on it b/c of the coincidence.

1. metablog: at what point does "sharing without pretense" becomes self-indulgence?

After the first graph.

I read one such rant last week, retched and began to respond when I realized I was writing my exwife. No joke. We need blogging certification requirements now!

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