Java.Com: Write once, Christina everywhere

For years, Java.Sun.Com has been Sun's official home page for the Java programming language, offering developer downloads, documentation, support, and lots of evangelization. The more obvious domain, Java.Com, was owned by a third party and no site was published there.

At some point, Sun got its hands on the domain, as shown by the new Web site launched at Java.Com to sell consumers on the benefits of the language -- one of which is apparently Christina Aguilera.

As Sun reveals, Java fulfills the promise of "Write Once, Christina Everywhere," keeping mobile phone users "on top of all things Aguilera." For whatever small part the Java in 21 Days books made this bright future possible, I'm of course proud.

Comments looks interesting. i didn't think much of the user experience at or especially let's hope this new site is a better.

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