Honoring the mighty wingman

As a Dallas Stars fan, the best thing I enjoyed about this year's NHL Stanley Cup playoffs was the Coors Light "Wingman" commercial, which features a hilarious song about a guy enduring a bad date so that his buddy can "live the dream" with her friend.

A Google search reveals that the song is performed by Chris K of the band Goldspot, which is working on a full-length version of their ode to the wingman.

The Salted Wound weblog has lyrics and a discussion of the commercial that features a response from one of the writers, who answers one of its enduring mysteries -- why the mighty wingman's unpleasant date is so good-looking:

... when we cast the commercial we knew that we couldn't make her a dog (sexist/political reasons) So we gave her an unattractive personality. Besides, it would have been too easy (BudLight) to make her a real barker. i've been with plenty of "hot" chicks who I would have gnawed my arm off to get away from, because they were too dumb or salty.

There's also a AVI video of the commercial on Noah Blog.


Had to swipe this one!

You might also check out Maxim's Wingman Training Manual and Jim Fleigner's Wingman at ifilm.com

i was wondering where on earth, if i even could, download the wingman song.
if you have any info on how i could do this, Please email me at snapplelid@yahoo.com ! goodbye.

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