Sam Ruby's moderation policy strikes out

Sam Ruby undoubtedly means well, but in trying to encourage civility on his weblog, he has implemented a bizarre moderation policy.

If Ruby doesn't think you're playing well with others, he'll mark up part of your comment with strikethrough text or a link to his flamebait page.

When I post a comment on a weblog, I expect that it will either remain intact or be deleted completely by the site host, at his or her discretion.

I can't blame the first recipient of Ruby's help for being hacked off; if you're going to change comments in subtle ways and leave the authorship intact, why not take one more baby step and edit the flamebait into friendly, constructive language?

Radio UserLand is a piece of great software.

Posted by Bill Kearney at 3:30 p.m. 6/4/2003

Thank you, Bill! You have no idea how pleasant it makes me feel when you say that.

Posted by Dave Winer at 3:33 p.m. 6/4/2003

Before this is interpreted as a free speech issue, Ruby has the right to do anything he likes with the comments on his weblog. And I have the right to stop posting there because he has implemented such a condescending and obnoxious moderation policy.


Indeed it was, Rogers. You have no idea how pleasant it makes me feel when you say that.

Thank you, both!

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