Some webloggers have class

Jill Walker has been teaching a Web design and aesthetics class at the University of Bergen in Norway that required all students to publish their own weblogs.

Subjects of class inquiry included the who invented weblogs debate, how to determine if a web page is authoritative, and dealing with abusive comments. She writes:

[M]y students are all blogging, but they're mostly not blogging very critically. They use their blogs as learning logs, which is good, and they write about what we've done in class and how they've read X or tried that, and what they're trying to do with the design of their blogs and what their project group's planning and so on. They link to each others blogs too, which is excellent, and many of them have clearly established their blogs as their own spaces.

So this is all good, but I also want them to blog critically. To link to relevant articles and websites and write about them and consider them and connect them and so on.

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