Restore a Radio weblog from a server backup

I'm working on a Radio UserLand Kick Start chapter about backing up a weblog and restoring it over a new installation of the software.

I ran into a Catch-22 problem: You can't restore a weblog without updating Radio.root so that it is current, and doing that prevents the weblog from being restored correctly.

As it turns out, Radio creates a new www/backups folder when Radio.root is updated. When you try to restore a weblog, Radio sees this folder and uses its files, rather than looking on the Web server for the last real backup.

To fix the problem, update Radio.root, delete the new www/backups folder, and then restore the weblog.

Note: All Radio users should turn on nightly backups that upstream to the Web server. Otherwise, there's no hope of using this feature after disaster strikes.


The checkbox on the "backup" page you reference says that files will be copied to "the public server." Can you write a post on where exactly these files go, with mention for those of us who use Radio's FTP option and use our own server?


If the files are in www/backups and upstreaming is turned on, they'll be in the backups folder of the Web site (in other words, the home page URL with /backups tacked onto it). This folder will only be browsable if directory listings are permitted on your Web server.


My laptop died two weeks ago(hence why my site has gone stale) -- and while I have a backup of the entire radio directory -- I am not looking forward to the re-install/restoration (if HP will ever deliver my replacement !@##). Your note on the subject is very timely to me.



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