Friends over a 73-year age difference

N.R. Kleinfield has a feature story in today's New York Times that reads like a real-life Harold & Maude, describing the fast friendship of 20-year-old Elvis Checo and 93-year-old Margaret Oliver at the Jewish Home and Hospital nursing home in Manhattan:

The woman who sits near her at dinner has Alzheimer's, sometimes curses a blue streak. Her ululations the night before hit Ms. Oliver like stones. "I feel like I'm part of a street gang," she said.

"You can't let it bother you," Elvis said. "She can't help it. You have to be open-minded and just ignore her." Well, here was Elvis giving her words of wisdom.

Twenty years talking to 93. She had to admit: 20 years was right. She cooled off.


I think it is a wonderful thing what Elvis is doing, however people are not always what they seem.I think the title should be Elvis' double life and how his relationship with Ms. Oliver has no affect on how he treats people.

There should be more people like Elvis around. Not only does he go beyond his duty at work but outside of work he is the most beautiful person I have met. He treats people he doesnt even know with respect and kindness. His family and friends know how great he is. As his girlfriend I just want to thank him for all he does not just for me but for everyone he encounters on a daily basis. Without him my life and so many others would be bleak. He's endured alot in his 22 years and he deserves all the success and praise he gets. To know Elvis is to love Elvis. Go get the book - you wont want to put it down!

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