Displaying random XML data with UserTalk

Peter Backx has created a UserTalk script that displays random pictures on the homepage of his Radio UserLand weblog.

I created a modified version of his script to display random text links and am using it here on Workbench.

If you're new to UserTalk, Backx's script is a nice short example that demonstrates how it can be used to read XML data.


worked like a charm... right now, I'm using it for 'random dog quotes.' and I'll add the site urls later... thank you very much... your script creates the quotes on the bottom of the page. I put it there, just in case I blew it... the bottom of the page is more unobtrusive... You can have the file if you want it... gotta rename it though... it's in my gems folder with the same name as your original file... cool, just what I've been saving the quotes file for...

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