Andrew Orlowski is no friend of the blogger

Metafilter member Chris Wetherell has posted a funny analysis of Andrew Orlowski's loathing of weblogs based on his past coverage in The Register:

Orlowski has an interesting take on Google and weblogs. He has said that weblogs "might ruin [the] creative process" for writers. [1] That author William Gibson "having 'forsaken' his blog" will be able to "preserve his mind." [2] That weblogs "discredit" Google's search service [3] and that the "world of bloggers" is a "diminishing" group of "'WA's (Weblog-Lobbyists)" with a widespread "supplicant mentality." [4] Also - that Google's PageRank mechanism engages in "semantic ethnic-cleansing." [5]

To repeat, though differently: Google searches can be compared to ethnic cleansing. As writing: that's impressive.

Update: Tom Coates has written more on the Andrew Orlowski experience.

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