Looking for Mr. Goodnetwork

I tried out the career networking friend-of-a-friend site LinkedIn yesterday after learning about it from Russell Beattie, but I didn't get very far because I had no connections to other members (heavy sigh).

After inviting Rafe Colburn today, I'm now part of a personal network that includes 95 job seekers, 124 contractors, and 187 deal makers, 36 percent of whom are in Japan.

If anyone else would like access to this crowd of go-getters, join LinkedIn and invite rogers@cadenhead.org into your network.


I can't join one of these sites without remembering the reaction of my friend Jonathan when I gave his name and e-mail address to SixDegrees. He went totally apeshit, believing that I had forever sullied his e-mail address by feeding it to a computer database, since it would then be fed to others in a sequence that could never be stopped.

He told SixDegrees we were not friends -- they had a check box for that -- and signed up Fuck You and Fuck Off as new SixDegrees members, knowing the mail would come to me at prefect.com.

He was right to fear the site. Very quickly, the e-mail addresses escaped SixDegrees and were adopted by spammers. Occasionally it was funny to be addressed as "Hey, Fuck You" or "Want a larger penis, Fuck Off?"

Oops. Those addresses were Fuck You (fuckyou@prefect.com) and Fuck Off (fuckoff@prefect.com).

I need to switch these comments over to a Manila discussion board clone I've been working on. That'll give me a chance to reinstate images and support message editing.

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