Coming soon: Radio UserLand Kick Start

Now that the book has been announced by the publisher, I can finally start talking about what I've been working on lately: Radio UserLand Kick Start will be published this summer by Sams Publishing.

The book is for Radio users who want to move into the advanced Web authoring and programming features of the software. A draft of the first chapter, Publishing a Weblog, is online.

There's an amazing amount of stuff you can do with the software -- I can't think of another $40 program that supports Internet content management and publishing, information aggregation, programming, object-oriented database storage, and a long list of buzzworthy acronyms: HTTP, HTML, XML, FTP, XML-RPC, SOAP, and RSS.

I'll be talking a lot about the book here in the next month as I poke around Radio and find interesting things in several thousand pages of documentation on UserLand's various Web sites. This will be the first book on Radio (and the first on any UserLand product since Matt Neuberg's excellent Frontier: The Definitive Guide).


I'll buy at least one copy!

Go, Rogers!

Excellent news! I'll definitely buy a copy when it comes out. I've been hoping for such a book for awhile now.

let me add my kudos to the chorus, Rogers. you've broken the blog-book barrier now, with the first book about a single authoring tool. great milestone. i look forward to reading your book.

Way to go Rogers!

I can't wait to get my copy.

absolutely, dave. as you know i've been tracking this market pretty closely and i think this means the days of general-level "gee whiz" books on blogging is drawing to a close.

hey, this turned into a really long reply so to avoid hogging this thread, i've just posted it over at RFB with a link back to this comment page.

I cannot wait until this book comes out. I love Radio and hope to get a better understanding of it through this book.

I need this book now! Add me to your first flock of buyers.

I'm subscribing to this comment's RSS feed and hoping to know when your book is pre-released on Amazon. Nice one!

There's this O'Reilly book "Running Weblogs with Slash":

I don't know if one would consider Slash a tool per se, I took a look at it and it looked more like a big wodge of Perl code, but this book may be a prior instance of a single-tool weblog book.

Thanks, everyone. Though it looks like the Slash book deserves credit for being the first single-tool weblogging book, I'm happy with the distinction of publishing a book about Radio. My publisher approached me first about doing it -- there's a lot of enthusiasm these days for weblogging as an emerging topic for computer books, and the Google-Pyra and Moveable Type deals will accelerate it further.

I'll update this discussion when the book has a release date. I'm also offering a Radio UserLand Tips category that will include this news once I know more.

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