Back from two weeks of Radio silence

An out-of-town trip last week highlighted the downside of a desktop-based weblogging tool. Though I'm happy with most aspects of Radio UserLand, I was in Dallas and couldn't connect to Radio remotely or recreate Workbench over a clean installation of the software. Manila, Moveable Type, and Blogger were looking pretty good while I was maintaining Radio silence.

For my next world tour, I'm looking for the easiest way to publish a Radio weblog from any location. Chris Double's use of Radio under Windows emulation in Linux looks promising.


Hmm. You _could_ migrate to PyDS and run that on a server under Linux to be able to connect from everywhere. Of course you could migrate to any hosted solution, too, but migration to PyDS might be a bit easier than migrating to Moveable Type or something like that. Depends on how much of the inner power of Radio you use - if you make heavy use of the outliner or the static page stuff of Radio or other Radio tools, migrating won't be an option.

Or run Radio under Wine on a Linux host using the VNC-protocol based X-Server. But that's definitely a hack that even I would shy away from ;-)

If you have an always on internet connection that you can let run while on vacation, you should be able to set up remote HTTP connection to your Radio installation. That's what I do with my PyDS installations at home and at work.

It's also possible to remotely post to Radio and use the news aggregator. This is how I do things. It works hosting Radio from Linux or Windows. The only catch is you need an always on internet connection to run Radio.



Or you could email to your desktop.

Of course, you'd want to have a contingency plan for someone to handle a bit of on-site editing in the event of an egregious typo or error.

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