Laid-off tech execs go years without work

The cover story in Sunday's New York Times Magazine was Commute to Nowhere, a profile of three laid-off and desperate New York tech executives who have been unemployed for several years.

One of them, Jeff Einstein, is an '80s computer book author who wrote several Einstein's Guide titles. He went on to become an interactive marketing guru, serving most recently as a vice president of the 300-employee Rapp Digital. Today, he's working retail at The Gap.

How is Einstein coping? He seems to have put a lot of thought into the difference between feelings of shame and guilt:

Shame is much more existential. It's about who or what you are or what you are not. I felt guilty about losing my job and shame about not being able to support my family.


Agh! The story has been archived and I don't feel like paying $2.95 to read it. By any chance did you download/save it?

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