Happy birthday to us

Celebrating birthdays today: Cameron Barrett, Damien Barrett, Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg, Christopher Feyrer, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Beckett, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Eudora Welty, Ricky Schroder, Peabo Bryson, Lou Bega, Garry Kasparov, Ron Perlman, Don Adams, Al Green, Baron Davis, Ricardo Rincon, Mark Leiter, and that old guy on the left.

There are several efforts to make this day a national holiday, which I think all of us can get behind.

Alan W. Bock:

I'm renewing a suggestion I've made before that Jefferson's Birthday, April 13, be made a national holiday.

Lowell Ponte:

Jefferson's April 13th birthday should be a national holiday for taxpayers.

American Atheist:

Atheists need a holiday. If it was on the 13th of the month, we could stand in the face of superstition about the number 13. If it was in April, we could jokingly tie religious foolishness to All Fools Day. If it was the unrecognized birthday of a towering American historical figure in the battle for the separation of church and state, that would help us gain its approval as a national holiday. And if was the birthday of one of America's most famous atheists, we should seize the opportunity to embrace that day as our own holiday.

April 13 is all those things. April 13 should be our day.


It is also my psycho ex-gf's birthday (name withheld), may she live a long and happy life in the mental institution where she belongs. Good riddance.


what a good day for blogging! hoppy bird day!

Is lack of background-color for body intentional in your new look? white-background images suggest this.

Thanks. And yes -- are you seeing some other background color than white?

before it was my default browser window color (tasteful grey or pink, depending on which machine I'm using) but now I see the white you are setting in the CSS file.

I always set non-standard colors in the browser as a testing measure, to prevent myself from omitting background-color and color, or from putting only one of them and not the other. I know I've messed it up in the past.

Happy birthday.

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