UserLand offered an object database API

Snappy the Clam challenges UserLand on the subject of open standards:

Ask UserLand sometime how many competing UserTalk implementations there are. Also ask them where the documentation for the Frontier "object databases" are, so that you could write programs in a different language that access the root file.

UserLand offered an object database API with the release of Frontier 5 for MacOS and Windows. There's no telling if it still works today, since it was released more than six years ago, but you can't fault them for not trying to open things up.


No news to report. I've been scrambling this year with paying work, but I intend to get back to it. When I last puttered around with it, I was having some crashing problems running it reliably on the old Mac I bought.

Thanks for the correction. I've posted an update to the entry on the blog. My bad.

Rogers, speaking of UserLand's openness, did you ever make any headway with MacBird?

When will your book on 'Radio Userland' be released? If you need another proof reader, I volunteer. Myke

It's coming out in July, I think. When I need some readers, I'll let you know. Thanks!

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