Friend defends Ron Martz from hostile fire

Jim Flowers, who knows Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ron Martz, objected to my characterization of his God-spared-me report:

I know Ron Martz, Cadenhead took his quote out of context and in the process painted Ron to be something he is not. That's a problem with "mouthing off at the blog", unless you are there, you don't know the whole story.

As I said to Flowers on his weblog, Martz may be a great guy, but what I'm seeing in that piece is a journalist who either freaked out (understandable) or needs a serious lesson in humility.


With your explanation, I understand your consternation, that is a heck of a thank you. On the other hand, I read the column from the point of view that Martz was indeed very thankful for both divine and human intervention. I guess I didn't see him cheering on God to place two other humans in harms way for Ron's benefit. But, that's that.

BTW, I like your blog. It's accidental meetings like these that make web logging a really worthwhile activity.

I also know Ron Martz and thank Jim Flowers for coming to his defense. I've also spoken to Ron extensively about his experience in Iraq and he has nothing but the utmost respect and concern for the soldiers. For him to give thanks for divine intervention was not his way of being glad someone else got shot of instead of him. It was just his way of being grateful he didn't get shot - for whatever the reason. It was not his only near-miss and Ron is not an atheist. Crediting God was the natural thing for him to do and I credit the AJC for taking a chance in allowing him to express that sentiment. The piece was written as a personal experience piece - no one logically expects a personal experience piece to be unbiased.

Mary Warren is Ron Martz's current wife. No wonder she supports him! As his ex-wife of 25+ yrs. I think I know Ron Martz a bit better. I lived with a man who was self-serving, interested in furthering his career. I must say he did his "homework" and used it to continue in his position. He always told me he "didn't believe in organized religions," but decided to join the Catholic church when we seperated. (I was brought up as a Catholic.) His article was touching but I believe Ron put a bit too much "dressing" in it to gain sympathy and readers.

AS for 'Cynthia Martz' comments. I taped her cheating on Ron before thier divorce. Nuff said. Best she keep her 'opions' to her self.

Michael Schafer:
Interested in your comment as is my lawyer. We'd like to talk with you. You portrayed yourself as my friend, telling me what a SOB Ron Martz was, a hard person to live with, etc. How dare you judge me for wanting more? I've never denied Ron's ability to write truthful, well researched articles. He was my hero in that area. Lived my life in his shadow. Just couldn't condone his betrayal and disinterest after bearing three children and financial support to further his career. Phone me sometime...I'm listed in the Atlanta area.

It's a little difficult to take Michael Schafer's extremely inappropriate remarks seriously. Learning to spell might give him a little more credibility.

So weird to come upon these kinds of comments TWO YEARS after this string originated. My comments stand - wife or no. As I recall, the original comments in this string were directed toward Ron's journalistic judgement more than toward his personality. The article in question won Ron first place for Print Overseas Reporting (circulation greater than 100,000) from Military Reporters & Editors, Inc. Incidentally, this is not the only national award he has received as a result of his embed coverage. It's clear that his professional peers think he's one hell of a reporter.

Geez -- I didn't mean to start such a chain!

Have no idea what any of this means, but you're right, this thread is more interesting than anything offered on "Days of Our Lives" lately.... come on people, feel the love. Get together and hammer out a screenplay about your tempestuous lives, split the proceeds - EVERYBODY WINS!

If you want some real dirt - here it is. Rogers Cadenhead was my roommate and Rogers is a closet fan of polka music. He went to the Westfest Czech festival in West, Texas for I don't know how many years running, listened to Brave Combo the nuclear polka band (his favorite was the People Are Strange Polka, with Jimmi Hendrix Purple Haze Polka as a close second) and he has been know to lust after women as they do the Chicken Dance. And believe it or not, about 90 percent of all this is true. He's probably going to respond by saying that when I wore a "Kiss Me I'm Czech button" at one Westfest where a very large blonde woman planted a liplock on me cleaned my tonsils in a way that only sandblasting could top. Thought I would just get that out of the way now.

That was no blond woman, J.R. It was me in a wig.

Good times.

Bloody Gloves, Five Years Later

In case anyone's still interested, this is from the horse himself...

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